Breakdown - A Gravity Forms Podcast

This episode of the Gravity Forms podcast features interviews with two developers who have created new products for Gravity Forms.

Derek Ashauer discusses his new plugin Conversion Bridge that allows users to easily track conversions from forms and other actions in alternative analytics platforms beyond just Google Analytics. He highlights how most users don't utilize the full power of Google Analytics and alternative privacy-focused platforms like Fathom provide good enough analytics for most use cases.

Johnathon Williams talks about his new Gravity Forms Global Search plugin that allows searching across all form entries, fields, notes, etc in one place. He built it to solve pain points he experienced when managing large datasets in Gravity Forms. He also discusses his process for rapidly developing and launching the plugin publicly in just a weekend.

Key Takeaways:
* Conversion Bridge plugin enables connecting conversion tracking data to 12+ analytics platforms beyond just Google Analytics
* Alternative analytics tools like Fathom provide good enough analytics for most users without complex setup
* Gravity Forms Global Search allows quickly searching across all forms, fields, notes, and entries in one place
* Useful for managing large Gravity Forms datasets with thousands of entries
* Johnathon built initial version of plugin in just 2 days and launched publicly in 1 hour
* Rapid validation by engaging community publicly on social media

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