On Black.

Alexis, Hamsata and Jeanine introduce themselves, establish the purpose of On Black., discuss guilty pleasures, and more. Welcome to On Black.

Show Notes

Alexis, Hamsata and Jeanine introduce themselves, establish the purpose of On Black., discuss guilty pleasures, and more. Welcome to On Black. Follow On Black. on Instagram. On Black. can also be reached at onblack.podcast@gmail.com.

Creators & Guests

Alexis Grant
Hamsata Mazou
Jeanine Ikekhua

What is On Black.?

A WKNC commentary podcast about living and evolving while Black, hosted by Alexis Grant, Jeanine Ikekhua and Hamsata Mazou.

Alexis Grant 0:01
Hi, I'm Alexis.

Hamsata 0:02
I'm Hamsata.

Jeanine Ikekhua 0:03
I'm Jeanine and you're tuned into WKNC 88.1 radio HD-1 FM.

Alexis Grant 0:18
Hi, everybody, welcome to the On Black. podcast. This is our first episode. Can I please get some snaps please from the audience? Snaps from the audience? *snaps* Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am one of your hosts, Alexis Grant. And we're just here to talk. Just vibing. A little background on me. I'm originally from Atlanta. I was in Knoxville, Tennessee for a little bit and now I'm here at NC State for college. Go Wolfpack. Yeah, that's really that's really it about me. You know, I like to play tennis. I like to chat and now I'm chatting with y'all.

Hamsata 0:59
Okay, I guess I'll go next. I'm Hamsata. I'm originally from the north, specifically Pennsylvania. I go to NC State as well, from African descent, you know, shout out to the West. Yeah, that's all I got to say.

Jeanine Ikekhua 1:17
Hi and I'm Jeanine. I'm the last host, and I am from Nigeria, born and raised. I don't play about my country. Okay. Okay. And I'm also a student at NC State and I'm a sophomore.

Hamsata/Alexis/Jeanine 1:30
Oh, aren't you a freshman? Yeah. Did she? *laughter and confusion* She's a freshman y'all.

Jeanine Ikekhua 1:33
Let me redo my intro.

Hamsata/Alexis 1:36
Redo? Redo?!

Jeanine Ikekhua 1:36
Wait! Okay, I would like to say I'm a freshman. And also I represent Niger.

Unknown Speaker 1:52
Okay, okay.

Alexis 1:55
So, you know, this is our first episode, let's talk about what is On Black.

Unknown Speaker 2:00
That's the question of the day what is On Black.? *laughter*

Alexis 2:06
Oh. So, you know, on a surface level On Black, it's just the three of us, some friends living life college lifestyle and we're black.

Jeanine Ikekhua 2:18
Yeah. If you didn't know. Yeah. Yeah. Three black independent women.

Purr, purr. Lead Yeah, with the crown.

Queens! We're queens~

Alexis 2:31
Stop playing with us stop playing with us y'all sleeping on us, that's besides the point though. But yeah, we're just gonna chat with y'all. You know, talk about different things talk about life, you know, y'all just gonna really go through life with us. And you're gonna see how life really is through the black female perspective,

Hamsata 2:47
from our lens, and not only ours, but like, other people, other people's as well. We wanna give a holistic view of black life outside of what is portrayed in the media?

No, it's not doing too well.

Yeah, bring some you know, nice things light hearted, you know, just vibes.

Jeanine Ikekhua 3:07
Be aware of the black community in North Carolina.

Hamsata 3:11
And hopefully,

Alexis 3:13
The world

Jeanine Ikekhua 3:13
Yes! The world. Introduce more people.

Hamsata 3:17
okay, yeah,

Alexis 3:18
you're gonna manifest so y'all can get to know us a little bit. We're just gonna you know, we're just gonna chat about ourselves. Some of our guilty pleasures. I know Hamsata got one ready for us? Talk to us Hamsata.

Hamsata 3:31
Put Me On the spot, girl. Okay, so my guilty pleasure is unfortunately, watching romance movies. Like, the really bad ones are cheesy like rom coms. Yeah, but like, I could eat those up at 14.

Unknown Speaker 3:54
What's your favorite one?

Hamsata 3:56
I don't really have a favorite one. I just watched them like it's just I guess more of a like a when I'm bored. I watch those. And I like eat it up. But like, I guess more. I don't know. I just enjoy watching them. Like, I'll be like, Oh, this is bad, but I'm gonna still watch it like,

Alexis 4:09
so. Is it like rom com or straight romance?

Hamsata 4:13
Okay, back well, like what is rom-com? And what is romance?

Jeanine Ikekhua 4:16
So romance is more-- I feel like it's more like dramatic like

Unknown Speaker 4:21
I'm thinking like

Alexis 4:22
yeah, romance is romance. Rom Com literally is romantic comedy.

Jeanine Ikekhua 4:26
Oh, like just like they'd be laughing. Hahaha.

Alexis 4:30
Yeah, that's wild. That's so wild.

Jeanine Ikekhua 4:35
I'm thinking like, what's that thing that Jane Oliver what's her name? The old lady from the past? Jane.

Alexis Grant 4:40
There's a lot of people in the past.

Jeanine Ikekhua 4:41
No, her name is Jane something she's like, created all those novels.

Alexis Grant 4:46
Oh, Jane Ivory? Ive- Ive-. No I'm thinking of a book

Jeanine Ikekhua 4:46
What is her name? Jane...?

Alexis Grant 4:51
Oh, Jane Austen.

Unknown Speaker 4:55
She did all that stuff... Little Women...

Alexis 4:57
You're a Jane Austen type?

Jeanine Ikekhua 4:58
That's about saying is that what you like? Like olden days?

Hamsata 5:01
Not old, not old.

Jeanine Ikekhua 5:02
Not old? Okay.

Hamsata 5:03
Not necessarily old, I feel like the oldest I do maybe early 2000. Oh, like that genre of like romance. It's like sappy cliche but you already know what's happening in the plot.

Alexis 5:16
Those made me so mad, I be getting pissed off

Hamsata 5:18
I think it's the comfort of it honestly. it's just the fact that I know what's gonna happen in it and I know it has a good ending I think that's what oh like happy I like what we should be like a predictable I don't like predictable like when I'm watching something out of my own enjoyment outside of

Alexis 5:35
hello so you you hold on you like romance because it's predictable Yeah, you

Hamsata 5:41
don't but it's a guilty pleasure like I don't do this consistently. It's just like sometimes I just wanted to get the itch

Alexis 5:47
go You lost me no I'm sorry you and his romance like straight

Jeanine Ikekhua 5:53
that's what you like there's nothing wrong with that don't get me wrong

Hamsata 5:57
I wouldn't put anybody on guilty pleasure or sorrow it's just something I really like like I'm not proud of this

Alexis 6:19
is she's likes rom coms Lexie not rom coms. Just straight up. Because you're like, Okay, I have I don't know if I've I mean, I've been more open about it lately. My roommate knows. I kind of like sea shanties. What music you know, like, sea shanties is the stuff that pirates would see. While they're

Jeanine Ikekhua 6:55
different? Like, give me an example. Like are

Alexis 7:05
we gonna get more specific? I really liked the Irish ones. The Irish.

Unknown Speaker 7:12
Can you can you give us an example? Please? That sounds like

Jeanine Ikekhua 7:18
an Irish one. The Irish one. Yeah. Can play something. No, you do it. Oh, you do it. Oh. Oh. You know, you get a 12123 Boom. Oh, come on. Oh, no. Hey,

Alexis 7:40
y'all give me a hip hop beat.

Hamsata 8:12
Like how rhythmic it is. That's how we made it.

Alexis 8:17
Kind of made a trap.

Jeanine Ikekhua 8:22
Blacksmiths, okay.

Alexis 8:23
No, yeah, I'll put on some sea shanties. After I can't find my main playlist. I'm really upset. I can't remember why I titled it. So I'm gonna have to listen to like the Spotify Mitsi Shanti playlists?

Hamsata 8:35
But like, can't you find the playlists you made on your? You would think you can

Alexis 8:39
you would think I can't find it. I got like 280 playlists, I can't remember what his name. Honestly, that's a guilty pleasure to like when I started. Like if I, if I feel really good, like internally, but I'm stressed externally like work or something. I will sit down spend three hours making playlists.

Jeanine Ikekhua 8:57
Oh, we shouldn't do business in some type of way. Make money off of if you don't, you

Hamsata 9:01
really can't actually if you have a playlist that has lots of hits on it. You send it to this thing and they'll give you like ads to add in the playlist and then you get paid like,

Jeanine Ikekhua 9:09
Oh, I like that. We all okay, mine. Mine is real basic. I want y'all to judge me. Okay. I have

Alexis 9:21
two basic as in like, bad or like the app.

Jeanine Ikekhua 9:25
I mean, I had to I'm gonna let y'all pick on what we know. We're gonna talk about both. Okay, yeah. First one is I'm lactose intolerant.

Alexis 9:36
Now, but how is that okay?

Jeanine Ikekhua 9:39
Let me land okay. My guilty pleasure is like the dairy packed, dairy filled dairy induced dairy. Everything I scraped, it gives me bubble guts. And I don't really care. Like I will blow up the bathroom. But I don't really care like I Gonna give them the ice cream. Why is I want to and I'm going through because I can and I work and I pay for it so I'm eating.

Alexis 10:07
Okay, good. Yeah, I'm lactose intolerant. I just had ice cream two days ago. I got two scoops from yesterday. Yeah. From tallies.

Jeanine Ikekhua 10:15
No, it really is. I just

Hamsata 10:16
feel like people who have like allergies or just like things in general where they can't eat it. That's the one thing they go to eat and it

Unknown Speaker 10:25
is a chokehold. It really is.

Jeanine Ikekhua 10:27
You know? Whoa, no, you wild I can't like Okay, first of all, I love to learn tea. If you've never had to learn tea, caramel Cookie Crunch. You need to go ahead and figure that out

Hamsata 10:38
if you eat it. I never

Jeanine Ikekhua 10:40
says, but it's expensive. Oh, is it the one of the clear tubs? Yeah, if you like this much. That's what I mean by high target. Yes, everywhere. It'd be this much buy but it'd be like five $6 Oh, but like what flavoring? Hormone hormone Cookie Crunch. It's like I have that exact flavor. Yes. available anywhere.

Alexis 11:00
But I thought you're gonna hurt yourself over like I will space my lactose. Oh.

Jeanine Ikekhua 11:05
Back to back today tomorrow next week.

Hamsata 11:08
Okay. It'd be like because, like, I know it's hard

Unknown Speaker 11:12
it's hard it's

Alexis 11:13
hard but it's really not because no one really does what they're supposed to do. Like I got like two pills at the crib. I will take the money but I have those anything that are they sitting there at the crib? Like I think I was started taking them the only time I take them is if I'd be having like like dairy back to back home like I started to build up I know something might be coming soon that I might pop a little latte appeal hearing oh

Jeanine Ikekhua 11:35
man is instant like I take dairy like you first of all, you can hear it in my stomach. Like it's so you can hear it. You can hear it digested in my sternum you know, because you'll be hearing it digested my stomach and then like, I wake up the next morning. Hurt, not even hurt. It's just like, I literally wake up. And I'd be like, if I don't get up. I'm gonna do something. I just like get up and run. And if somebody's in there, I'm banging like you better get because like, I don't want to poop on myself. I'm gonna go into that bathroom and like, I'll be there for I like good couple of lights. One two hours, you know? Where you have I have really best I'm gonna just like

edit. So therefore like, just sit there. Just play life. Like

Alexis 12:38
do something I do when I be hurting? Because like, do you ever like sit there and be like, bro, I do this to myself.

Jeanine Ikekhua 12:45
No, not ever. I'm proud. I'm proud.

Hamsata 12:49
Even a guilty pleasure if you're

Unknown Speaker 12:53
honest with you. Like, I'm really good.

Jeanine Ikekhua 12:58
I feel bad, but like I was doing it. Because why not? I

Alexis 13:02
know. I'm gonna be feeling better in the moment. Like I'm never gonna do this.

Jeanine Ikekhua 13:08
I'm gonna stop eventually. No, no, no,

no, that's okay. It's okay.

Taking this in like I'm not judging I'm just

Alexis 13:19
saying she she on the outside. She's not lactose intolerant.

Hamsata 13:23
Like understand what you say like it's just your words I'm interested like this is new information to me. It'd be hard to just take an

Jeanine Ikekhua 13:30
AP her talking about Yeah, it'd be hurt my if Period Pain is up and they're like all the way up to the roof by good 10 Yeah, if you're a pain let me let me just make something that people can hear it period on a scale of one to 10 is a 10 I give lactose for me because I have really bad like stomach issues. I give it a good solid five, six, but I don't care. Okay, I'm gonna do it again. And I'm gonna keep on doing it. Why? Because I can because you can't because I can't because you're independent black woman because I'm an independent black woman. Yeah,

Alexis 14:03
okay, so what's the second one?

Hamsata 14:05
What is the second one?

Jeanine Ikekhua 14:07
I forgot Oh, no, I'm a weirdo. I like to dance him or I'm not proud about it. Just because like when I Yeah, but like nobody dances like me. I'm the type of person that when you dance are you behind this do I be jumping? I jump on the bed off the bed. I'd be punching a wall

Alexis 14:31
oh so like right like you on that parkour? Like yeah, it's

Jeanine Ikekhua 14:37
like do you know how rock people like yeah, I'd be in there be blessed but

Hamsata 14:42
I thought does live in within your inner child energy.

Jeanine Ikekhua 14:47
To practice if I do out in public somebody for

Hamsata 14:50
me? Yeah, that's a good guilty pleasure. That's guilt.

Unknown Speaker 14:52
Oh, she

Alexis 14:57
was like yeah, that would be very Guilty

Jeanine Ikekhua 15:02
not so I called me out call me out

Hamsata 15:07
Oh, hold on I was trying to say was good. It goes within the topic because you actually feel some type of way about it. You was proud to be a

Jeanine Ikekhua 15:19
I'm ashamed now oh I'm trying to make my people find me for a while.

Hamsata 15:43
Yeah, I was just thinking about this logically, but instead of like

Alexis 15:46
in the states of like us just dancing. I think it's a cool thing. No, I don't I would like to invite people to do it. I don't stop around like you and jump on furniture. Okay, that's all she does. Is she made ideas but like, so I'll be dancing my room like I'll be dancing anywhere. Actually. Forget keep it a buck.

Hamsata 16:19
Obviously the things I suppose. Well, I

Jeanine Ikekhua 16:22
mean, you're so active on social media really isn't saying, Oh, I wish congrats to you. Because it really you gotta have some strong hand strong heart like you got to be able

Alexis 16:34
to storm. People don't affect me like that. So yeah, it'd be whatever, but I used to dance in my room like I was like, like the freeform dancers. You know how they'd be like, expressionistic dancer and they'd be like twirling in ballerina. Arms food. Yes. Like dancing to the words of the song but it's all fluid motion. I used to do that.

Hamsata 16:54
No, I still couldn't do that now, but I kind of like did to my room but like to the word sometimes

Jeanine Ikekhua 17:00
might be embarrassing. I don't know. Like

Alexis 17:02
she says she on the walls. Yeah, like mommy

Jeanine Ikekhua 17:04
like, shall I be jumping in like backflipping but I can

Hamsata 17:08
barely do movies like dramatic.

Jeanine Ikekhua 17:12
Movies and my face be matching it to but they don't match my body. Like it's kind of weird, but it works.

Alexis 17:17
Oh, sounds like you belong to radio rebel. That's the energy. Ryan Yeah.

Jeanine Ikekhua 17:23
Hi. Welcome

to radio rebel.

Alexis 17:26
Hi, this is radio rattle.

Jeanine Ikekhua 17:29
Oh my god, Debbie. Debbie. Poor Debbie.

Hamsata 17:33
Okay. Oh, she's doing well.

Alexis 17:36
Yeah, but I think that was a good little, little tidbit. Yeah. Now y'all know us a little better. Just loving

Hamsata 17:43
it a little better. I would like to also mention, I have now watched rom coms in a minute though.

Jeanine Ikekhua 17:49
She takes it back. No shame.

Unknown Speaker 17:54
No shame to Oh, no, you're not. No, no.

Jeanine Ikekhua 18:01
No, I'm not. So good. I gave to one and a half. Yeah,

Alexis 18:08
one and a half. We'll take it though. But yeah, I know. It's a little better. Now. If y'all got guilty pleasures, you know, hit us up on Instagram. Let us know your guilty pleasures.

Hamsata 18:20
But yeah, I mean, honestly, I don't think anybody got anything worse than me. So you should be clear.

Jeanine Ikekhua 18:26
It's not that bad. Yeah, it's not romcoms

Alexis 18:27
Oh, oh, that's what makes it worse. So they keep it a button. It's the fact that it's straight romance. Oh, that's kind of why you will have sought to plug the Instagram real quick.

Hamsata 18:39
Okay, if you don't already know. We have an Insta okay. And Instagram. Black. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 18:50
a follow up.

Alexis 18:55
Okay, but we'll see y'all next episode. Thanks for tuning in. This has been the first episode on black podcast. We'll hope to see you in the next two weeks when our next episode comes out. Okay. Goodbye everybody.

Jeanine Ikekhua 19:09
Bye everyone. A

Hamsata 19:30
podcast. Like I messed up a little bit. Oh, okay, Doc, podcast. Oh, hey. Oh, and that's when doo doo doo doo doo

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