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On this week’s episode of The Audit, Dave and Josh submit their supple minds to the mental libido of Dennis Prager, whose “fireside chat” video about the sexual nature of “men versus women” exposes the ugly truths about the many regressive cravings of modern conservatism. Joined by guests Will Menaker of Chapo Trap House and Kath Krueger of Discourse Blog (43:22), this episode will require that you too repress your urges — to laugh! 

Also discussed: The Joe Rogan anti-vax “debate-gate” controversy (5:10). Here’s the link to the referenced Naomi Klein article on RFK Jr. Here's the link to the PragerU article Will mentions.

PragerU videos viewed this week:
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What is The Audit?

In The Audit, comedian Dave Anthony and screenwriter Josh Olson audit a variety of online classes, docuseries, and other media products created by noxious political figures and boil them down to the good stuff. By which they mean… the bad stuff.

With the rise of MasterClass, TED talks, and celebrity biographies, the country’s political elite are bombarding us with information so we can be just like them. But who has time to devote to all that self-congratulatory navel-gazing?

That’s where The Audit comes in. Dave, Josh and a rotating coterie of guest hosts will consume depraved educational content for the time-pressed listener, then regurgitate a short-form review detailing the sociopathy and insanity baked into the messages. It’s like listening to someone present a book report — except all of the authors are deranged lunatics who are poisoning American culture.

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Dave Anthony 00:00
Oh, you only start you're listening to what's this one? Is this the old one? This is the audit with David thing. I honestly westwing thinks we're just talking about it but no, it's not the West Wing thing that ones could put. We took the life out of it. Shut it down as if we're studio executives and we started a new one that's less popular because we're studio executives it's called the lever it's we're on the lever it's called the audit it's this is your listen to the greatest podcast you'll ever hear

[MUSIC] 00:56
see those fools as a bag of grains or if they fail fast but I have to get warmed up. You got this agent Jamshed David this is a yacht?

Josh Olson 01:48
Yeah, I was talking to I don't want to work, but a filmmaker who's done some stuff that Dave and I both admired. film that we both brought together in a theater several years ago. And I'm not deliberately being coy. I just don't want to be a name dropping asshole. But yeah, talking recently, and she has started listening to all the West Wing things and really enjoying them. And it was just it was boggling my mind that I just I was thinking back like, we never thought we were gonna finish that shit.

Dave Anthony 02:17
The watching the West Wing thing. Yeah, that was really up in the air. Well, I didn't think we'd finish when we started. I don't think

Josh Olson 02:26
we get halfway through. I think he just gets it. And yeah, yeah. So you know, it's still out there. The folks if you're, if you've never listened to it, or you're missing it, I'll tell you something, there's something about going back to things you love and checking them out. Again, that's always nice. We just finished the entirety of Deadwood. I think it was my fifth time my wife second. You know, go back, listen to the West Wing thing. After you're

Dave Anthony 02:56
finished, I just finished my seventh time through Baywatch. Still don't understand the plots.

Josh Olson 03:09
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Dave Anthony 04:54
I think it's the world honestly. I mean it's kind of Twitter, just Twitter's gear to talk about this stuff, but I think that's everywhere. So here's what didn't start on Twitter. It started off Twitter was Joe rodecaster. Yeah.

Josh Olson 05:10
So Joe Rogan, Joe Rogan, Joe Rogan has this guy, Robert F. Kennedy.

Dave Anthony 05:18
The Thurs out of his fucking mind

Josh Olson 05:22
has had this guy who's running for president apparently doing very well, which is a testimony to how terrifying things are in the Democratic Party right now.

Dave Anthony 05:30
It's also testament how little people to pay attention to just see a name and go, Oh,

Josh Olson 05:34
is it really that? Are they real? But who are old people? Is that what's going on? Because young people are like Kennedy, like, What the fuck? They don't even remember the MTV VJ? Do you think they're

Dave Anthony 05:44
I think there's a lot of people that a lot of people that have learned to tune out all of election stuff until it's very close. And they don't really watch. There's a whole bunch of people that are also very in tune in, like crazy about it like it's a sport. But many, many more people don't and they just see a name. And they go, Oh, Kennedy, I like the candidate. But I also think you're right, in that Joe Biden and the CDC essentially turned their back on COVID reality, which is like it can spread after five days you need to wear a mask by all the stuff that just basic stuff, clean the air. Oh, some scientists are saying and they left a public health void, and that void will always be filled by the loudest dumbest conspiracy, guys, that's how it works. So when the government's not there, and the government is absent, that void will be filled in that void has been filled by people like RFK has a long, long history of saying the most Jackass he crazy what HIV isn't real shit like that. Like the guy.

Josh Olson 06:58
He goes back. He wasn't original. It's so funny. I mean, this is the terrifying thing that you knew was coming. He's he's an OG anti Vaxxer. He's one of those people who along with what's Jenny McCarthy? Who Oprah Oprah given enormous platform to were what was it like early audience? I feel like it's been it's been a while where? I think she notion honestly,

Dave Anthony 07:22
you think I think it was like late 90s. Right? It wasn't early. It's like tiny, so wild. Hurricane her kid, her kid was in a autism school with my friend's kid. And that's how I learned that her kid wasn't actually on the spectrum anymore.

Josh Olson 07:43
Right? Yeah, that's it reached full force. But because I remember do what we did something here on my webinar talking about the other night and you guys were were coming and patent in his kid who at that time was very young, we're gonna come they're all but semi in Oregon, this email from from Patton. And it was very like, look, I don't wanna seem weird, but just want to get through. I know, there's other kids that are like, are people taking their vaccines? And you're like, Yeah, don't worry, we're not that. But in LA, that was a common thing that would happen. It's like, Hey, we're doing a thing with some parents and some kids come on over. And you'd have to be like, because this shit took off big time. It took off big time in like West LA to like, get like Brentwood.

Dave Anthony 08:28
And it was mainly three doctors who were doing it. So all these people were going to three doctors. I mean, it was a cash cow for these guys. And it was mostly west side. It was Santa Monica. Some Brentwood. Like it was the really rich white communities that were not back. Yeah,

Josh Olson 08:44
I should know better. And they they were convinced off of this was an article that had been tracted by retracted by the Lancet, which is a genuine medical journal, which is wacko and suggested that vaccines cause autism. And of course they don't. And that was it. And now this guy comes back and he has not retracted any of that. And you knew he'd be like crazy on COVID. And he is and so he's taken off. Joe Rogan has him on the show, Joe, one of our keenest intellects. When you say Joe, Joe, Dave, you know, you know the guy. I mean one of the it takes a lot

Dave Anthony 09:19
you know, isn't him. Joe Rogan is one of the few people I haven't met in comedy. Oh really had a conversation with I've always when I've seen him, I've always avoided him. Since day one. I didn't like his energy in New York and I have never liked it. Before he wasn't, you know, a big star. I did not like his energy. So I always was just one of the guys that avoided and I would say the Comedy Store and I went there and I would avoid him so I've never

Josh Olson 09:46
talked to him buff comedians disturb me so 100%

Dave Anthony 09:49
it's always it's always bothered me the big buff guys, man. I'm just like, Nope. I'm gonna go talk to the weirdos. Could you

Josh Olson 09:56
imagine could you imagine like if if what do you Alan we're popping now rather than in like, you know 1960 If you would have to be

Dave Anthony 10:06
just Yeah, it's

Josh Olson 10:07
George Carlin had to work out to get to do a set of The Tonight Show. Yeah, he's the scrawny Lenny Bruce puffing up 20 packs a

Dave Anthony 10:20
day having the Dane Cook open the door, man.

Josh Olson 10:23
Terrifying. Yeah, it's bad. It's bad. But anyway. Yeah. So so we had RFK on and RFK managed to turn turn Joe around and the whole thing and,

Dave Anthony 10:34
and talking and the things he said, are absolute and total nonsense.

Josh Olson 10:40
Yeah, he's not a scientist, folks. This is the

Dave Anthony 10:44
numbers aren't right. Like even if you're not a scientist, and you want to use numbers and stuff, and you throw them out, have them be correct instead of just easily, verifiably false, right? Like humans talking about Ukraine, those numbers were all just garbage like everything. He just said stuff. He's just to say stuff guy.

Josh Olson 11:01
And how did this Peter Hotez guy who is a doctor? How did he enters into it somehow? Does he just call out Rogen for putting this guy on? And?

Dave Anthony 11:10
Yeah, he I think he basically said, Look, you know, if you want to have me on to talk about this, you know, we can talk about it. But this is like not correct. And then Rogan call them on. So we'll have you on. You know, you can come on and debate him debate.

Josh Olson 11:26
Yeah. And a lot of people Yeah, offered 100,000 to charity, and other people have chimed in to get this guy to come on and debate this, this wacko. And there are a lot of people in the leftist sphere, who are going Yeah, you should, you should do that. And it's frustrating. And it's depressing. And I've been kind of watching it unfold for the last few days. And then something happened the other day that made me think about this in a slightly different light. They've been horrified. I'm not changing my position on it. But But where some of these words are coming from. And, you know, I just I posted on Twitter and a guy that we know and respect kind of posted back and I was just saying, look, we've been down this road. This is how we got here is by demanding I mean this happened, especially under under Reagan where the press had been so beaten down and terrorized. Without us a accusations of being fully liberal and stacked against conservatives, that they started bending over backwards to to eradicate that impression. So what would happen is, they would do a news story. Climate change, I think is one where we pay the highest price, they would do a story on climate change, or the global warming, they call the back then or even just the environment. And then somehow it got to the point where they're like so we've got this scientist here is telling us what's going on with the planet and what we need to do to save it and you're like, Okay, that's a good news segment. And they'd be like and now here's a complete fucking lunatic who works for oil companies to point at the opposing opinion, which doesn't actually exist in science. To any measurable degree. There's always one or two people who are out there going the earth is flat. And you put those people on the air and the argument was well there'll be demolished in debate let their ideas air and what happened? Come on in Yeah, they get sorted, demoted, but they get demolished might, you know, I'd sit there and be like, yeah, you showed him but some clown who had never thought about this issue at all is watching and they're like, I like the cut of his jib. That scientist is just being an asshole. And now you've got no you've got a believer. And that's what fucking happens. And it's this and that helped bring us to where we are and then at the same time, of course, the which we call it the the Fairness Doctrine. Reagan eradicated that, which I know.

Dave Anthony 13:54
Clinton eradicated that, didn't he? 87 Okay, so Clinton, then Clinton got rid of the rest of the Yeah, how many how many stations you get on in one city and all that? Yes,

Josh Olson 14:06
exactly. So what happened is then you get other people like Rush Limbaugh who are suddenly free to cut loose without having to present opposing views. And whereas the quote unquote liberal media was just terrified of appearing to be you know, something it wasn't and was constantly trying to compensate right wing media was very happy not to have you know, opposing voices on and when they did it would every now and then be like God, who is the guy Sean Hannity had the one who died is Hey, hey, combs. Hannity cold. Who? I'm sorry if you're related to the late combs. Just skip 30 seconds here. You know, see what you know about Sean Hannity not. If he's like, he looks like a cartoon of like a frat boy. But Alan combs was zero charisma having do to look like I didn't have elephantiasis or something like you should not point a camera at this gentleman. Have no idea if his politics were any good. They didn't seem to be like, Why would you be doing the show, but his entire job was just to be like, get the shit kicked out of him every week by this fucking Claude. And so you had the liberal media bending over backwards to give all these people voices and the conservative media going Ha, fuck you, we're not going to do that. We're just gonna pretend to do it. And all these terrible ideas came out. And then you had all these shows? What was the one? Crossfire Right? Was that the one that Jon Stewart kills? Which

Dave Anthony 15:30
Yeah, that was that was a Yep. That was a debate show. Or essentially, it was a debate as Rachel

Josh Olson 15:34
every week. I'm on the right. I'm on the left and it was Tucker Carlson and who was the other clown it was

Dave Anthony 15:41
I don't remember that Novak who was Novak and Carlson.

Josh Olson 15:44
He was a conservative. It was

Dave Anthony 15:47
Buchanan it was Buchanan for a while. No back was in there.

Josh Olson 15:53
Paul Begala Allah and Tucker Carlson, and they would debate and nobody would ever change their mind about anything. And it was it was a fucking show. And you go to the right point of view, or the live point of view, and did nothing and you know, a lot of issues with Jon Stewart. But again, Google that video, it's kind of great. He goes on the air, and he just fucking abolishes them to the extent that they ended up teaching the show, because he made them look so bad, and called out. Pile of horseshit it was and I thought we got it, Dave, I thought we understood that and I have been watching the last few years is this kind of leftist spear lab, whatever, you know, the rising and rising and breaking points and all this. And it's like, you know, they're this left alternative media with some pretty good people. But they're doing the same thing. And now here for the left is so its own here for the right is so and so. And I thought we understood that that was a failure. And I made a comment about this on Twitter guys, I would argue much smarter, much better at talking politics than I am, but also much younger, wrote back like, What the fuck are you talking about? That never happened?

Dave Anthony 17:07
Yeah, it was pretty crazy.

Josh Olson 17:08
People don't know.

Dave Anthony 17:11
They don't know.

Josh Olson 17:12
They don't know what I was like when this happened.

Dave Anthony 17:15
They didn't live through it the way we did. And watch it. Not just take form, but become the winning way to do things, watch it, start not very well chug along and then become the thundering hammer that it became, you're not going to beat the nonsense. It's also it's also a part of fascism. Fascism is the ideology of stupid it is. It is a dumb, angry ideology. And when you try to argue against it, you can't win because it just shifts and moves and is slimy. And, and and it's constantly shifting. So you try to make a point. And I've watched tons of scientists say this. And I watched this. And let me just say this. I watched what happened with COVID. I because I'd seen it before it happened with climate change. I watched the exact same stuff. Because I'm hyper aware of all this shit. I'm very always following the climate change stuff. I am always following all science stuff. It happened with climate change. And when I say exact same, I mean, when the Koch brothers decided to turn against public health on COVID They put their money in. And the exact same thing happened, as it did in 2007. With climate change, when they put their money in. They put the same machine to work. And the exact same thing happened. So when I'm saying the same thing happened, I'm saying literally the same people threw their money in and did the same thing. And you can't there's no debating it. We watched those debates. We were like Jon Stewart's a great example, Jon Stewart would go on and debate and win. Like he was very good at debating. And then nothing would change because

Josh Olson 19:13
well, the other thing though, is scientists can't

Dave Anthony 19:15
do it. They're not it's not their forte, they they're fucking oddballs and weirdos. They have never been able to there's a couple guys out there that can that can that can talk and do stuff. Michael Mann, who was who was a total douchebag like unfortunately, that voice is a cranky asshole. Like he's out there having arguments about don't don't say alarmist say alarming and everyone's like, okay, fucking weirdo. Not helpful. So you have people like that, but he's like one of the voices how there's the guy who's the fucking weird guy with the the glasses that I can't remember. So there's like a couple of scientific science guys out there to watch it. So

Josh Olson 19:58
the scientist with the glasses Is Davia

Dave Anthony 20:02
Bill Nye Bill Nye? Oh, so there's so there's all these guys out there doing it. But there's no fucking guy who's really good at debating a guy like RFK Jr. Used to be on the radio ages ago doing that ring and fire fucking show he's been talking forever now he sounds like he's gargling frogs and semen. But he's he can still talk and put his points together. And Joe Rogan has been doing this with Joe Rogan does for a living. This is what I do for a living I talk. That's not what scientists do. They're in looking at fucking beakers and shit. That's what they do. And when they read, it

Josh Olson 20:38
ends up needing to be a performer where it's all about, yeah, and your ability to convince with the force of your personality and, and your wit and all the rest of that. And that's not and I've seen people now, including the person who's talked about earlier who did not know what I was talking about, suggest, well, they should learn how to do it. It's unfortunate, but they should learn how to do it. It's like, Holy Fuck, yeah, let's take time off from like, being I don't know, scientists, which by the way, is a real job and an important job, I would say a more important job than anything any of us are doing. But yeah, let's take time out of doing that. And and oh,

Dave Anthony 21:12
so So let me let me also classes, let's say let's say this, let's say this what a common people making these people making these points. Yeah, these people talking about all the stuff have already been misinformed about COVID. And they don't know what the fuck is going on with COVID. They're sitting here saying we need to have informed people talking while they have sucked up the bullshit in spoonfuls. And they're acting like everything's fine. And we can go back about our lives. You're insane. That's like saying climate change is over. Let's go. It's crazy. So the scientists are all the scientists are either just like I give up, like, all of a sudden. And yet here you are making the point we need to debate when you don't even know what the fuck is going on. With the biggest event of our lives, you still don't have the truth, because it's so full of misinformation. Because there's levels of misinformation, right? There's there's the RFK level of misinformation. There's the Joe Biden level of misinformation. There's will Lensky for the CDC who was brought in to push misinformation. There's Leanna Wen's version of misinformation. There's Emily Austrias. So there's all these different levels of misinformation. And down at the bottom, there's all these scientists who study virology going What the fuck is everybody doing? What the fuck is everybody doing? And so, so to think that you can debate through that absolute morass of just hellish bullshit, like good fucking luck to you, like I've essentially stopped talking about except to my friends who I go, like, don't do this, do this, like, this is what's going on. But I'm not going to talk to anybody else. So I don't fucking fuck everybody at this point. Like, I'm just exhausted. I put up that that gif of a vision of the Body Snatchers when he points in screams because that's what it's like wearing a mask now, because everyone's out of their fucking minds. You know, we're just going to kill people in hospitals. I've to doctor friends, like, yeah, we stopped wearing masks. They work with cancer patients, like he just like, the fuck are you doing?

Josh Olson 23:19
What what's frustrating? The way to debate this stuff, the forum for this is for scientists to debate, and you do it via back and forth. In written essays. That's how you fucking that's not entertaining. It doesn't feel three hours of Joe Rogan and the sponsors airtime. And it really is not fundable breach generally. But the point is, and this is the real problem, or underneath at all. In those scenarios, what should happen the way the system was built to work is then the press would follow that stuff, they would understand that there is a you know, 98% agreement in this world on a subject and they would have scientists come on to talk about that, and not have to counter them with fucking whack jobs. But because the press fell down on the job, and also in the process, just eradicated any integrity most people don't trust the press anymore for good fucking reason. We don't have that anymore. So this is big goddamn vacuum of like what's supposed to happen in these scenarios? So you do you actually live in a world where a fucking medical doctor who studies the subject is being stalked in his own home. Apparently that was crazy. It being plausibly challenged to debate a fucking moron, right publicly. In fact, who's really got to do this presentational skills, doesn't know what he's talking about. And people Yeah, that should happen. That would be reasonable.

Dave Anthony 24:56
I look. As I said, I read a lot. I know a lot thought about it. I can't talk to people like Jimmy Dore about it. Because the falsehoods that come out of them, I stare at them. And I'm like, It's so dumb. I don't know where to begin. someone looks at you and goes, masks don't work. I don't know what to say to you at that point, because that's like saying, air is not breathable. You're a fucking moron. Like, I genuinely don't know how you got to this point, that you have been so misinformed about such a basic thing that is you're talking, like you don't understand germ theory from the 1800s. It's this is very basic shit. And they just say stuff and they're convinced they're right. And if you if you challenge them on it, they just start spouting all this crap. And you're like, I don't know what to say to any of this right now. So I don't know how a scientist can do that. Because remember, a scientist is already talking on a level way the fuck above you. They have to dumb it down to such a level just to start having a conversation with you that it is difficult. So with this COVID Shit I like I wonder about like how people like Carl Sagan, and and other people like that. They must have looked at us like ants, like we were the dumbest, stupidest fucking ants, and trying to explain shit. Because the level of stupid is astounding and the confident level of stupid. The people who think they fucking know shit, and actually are completely unread or completely misinformed. It's stunning. And I can guarantee you also at this exact point, someone is listening going, Man, this guy's totally off his fucking rocker and we'll get caught up, there's a man truth to that there's a million truths. And just like with this, you know, hundreds would go on and say something and they'd be like, well, here's the elite, the elite guy trying to be trying to back up big pharma and it's like, he fucking made a vaccine and gave it away for free to undermine Big Pharma. You fucking animals. He is everything you should believe in. He's the fucking guy. And they're just like, yeah, Big Pharma. Like, it's just crazy to listen to.

Josh Olson 27:22
It's yeah, it's I think it's it's the it's the it's annoying whoever it is. But my favorite thing is when it's like some dude with 12 followers and complete anonymous and No, no real name at all. No attempt to the real name is Yeah, yeah. You can't tell me five things. Jimmy Dore is wrong about like, oh, hang on a minute. Hang on. I got a kid. I got a career. I'm on strike right now. I'm marching. I'm doing a couple podcasts. But you know what, I am going to stop. And I am going to present you sir with written information on Twitter. As to five things Jimmy Dore got wrong because I know for a fact that there's a good shot that in convincing you of this which you seem like an open minded person, I will also eradicate the influence of dipshits like Jimmy Dore? Oh, my fucking God. Well, I

Dave Anthony 28:12
think you saw when I did that, and it had absolutely no effect. Right? I went through, I broke down every single one of Jimmy doors points, he put up this thing. I'm right, we're right about these things. And then he put them all down. And I slowly broke them down about why he was wrong. And how it's essentially a black and white heat world he's living in and there are a great example is like, well, vaccines don't

Josh Olson 28:33
actually cure transmission, they don't stop.

Dave Anthony 28:37
They don't stop transmission. Okay. So between 100 and zero, what exists are their numbers in there. There are numbers in there. So a vaccine may reduce transmission by 40% or 50%. So therefore, it is actually helping to stop the spread by eliminating 40% of people who could be transmitting it. That's the kind of shit that when you try to argue with an RFK, Jr, a Joe Rogan, they're going to stand and they're gonna sit there and look at you like apes. They're literally not, you're trying to explain basic math to them, and they're not gonna get it. They're just gonna sit there and go, No, it doesn't work. That's the level of shit you're dealing with. And that's why scientists can't do it. Because the scientist brain is automatically like, What are you talking about? Of course, it stops transmission, and they know people are getting it and you go 40% They go 30% Of what? What do you find a guy and you're like, What the fuck? Just? What just happened? I understand numbers. What's going on? I mean, it's just that over and over and over again. It's the same thing with mass mass. Don't stop it. Because it's too small. You're right. You're right. The virus as a form. It's too small, but it doesn't float in the air on it on its own. It attaches itself to dust and shit. You fucking idiots. So yeah, I mean, I can't like my brain like my brain breaks every time I cannot believe how stupid how stupid it is and how the level the number of people,

Josh Olson 30:13
but yeah, like shoved on vendor because it's people who for con seek You know, we spent we strive to find a nickel for every hour we spent mocking this notion on the West Wing things that was that was sore consulting thing is the great line, I'll play the clip here but you know, let that be our legacy we're gonna we're gonna raise the level of debate in this country. And it was just this clown car mentality that yeah, debate is how you're going to like, first of all, what happens if this guy goes on Rogen and debates? RFK? What's going to change? You know, what's

Dave Anthony 30:43
that? I brought that. I brought that up, too. I brought to this guy and a couple other people. And they were like, well, it might change some of the audience's minds.

Josh Olson 30:54
Yes, it No, no, it will, on both sides. That's the thing they don't get. And I think, you know, and we all a lot of these are people who rightly, you know, it would make me crazy, like during during the presidential debates. You know, 2016 was sort of a record a banner year for this where because, you know, say Say what you will about Hillary, Hillary Clinton, she is a very well educated. She's very smart. She knows her subjects. I mean, the one she studied, I mean her, Well, her subjects. But, and we'd watch the debates with her and Donald Trump and Donald Trump is he's skilled at something she hasn't played in media, but he's dumb as a fucking stump. I mean, that's just a reality. Yeah. And you would watch this thing, and you would watch this woman demolish him by all rules of debate that you would learn, say at Oxford. And guess what? It didn't fucking matter. Because he won. You know, he wanted to bait by lurking around behind her and looking like fucking lurch. Yeah, like that's, that's, you know, people liked that. They weren't listening to what she said they weren't going, Oh, my gosh, he's got a point there. Or she's trapped him in a rhetorical corner and there's no escape for him because he doesn't have it.

Dave Anthony 32:14
It's just, it's just like, they can't

Josh Olson 32:16
believe what we're talking about. We're watching it going. Yeah, and only people we're talking about who are watching it. We're like, they're watching it too. And going, Hey, dummies, she didn't win that debate. And that's not debates Don't fucking matter their title. And now some of those same people are like, we'd have to have this debate, like what has happened?

Dave Anthony 32:33
I watched I watched you and I both watched George W. Bush. Yeah. Not very bright. Clean. Al Gore's clock in two to three debates. Clean his fucking clock. Al Gore is much smarter than then than George W. Bush cleaned his fucking clock. We've seen it. We've seen it a million times. And I brought this up to another guy who was arguing this. I brought up Phyllis Schlafly and his response I said, one of the reasons we don't have an era, one of the main reasons is debating because, and Phyllis Schlafly is one of the first ones to do this. She would go out, say some of the dumbest shit you have ever fucking heard in your entire life, about women. And its freedom to be able to cook like shit like that. And feminists brains would break. And they would be condescending, cuz it was so mean to her cuz she's a fucking idiot. And then they would lose the debate. And the woman saying the craziest shit ever would win the debate. Yeah. And people watching go, why is that feminist being so mean to that lady. And they would side with the woman who was like, Let's just all bake pies

Josh Olson 33:59
about it. Let's win. I don't know that either of us could resist the urge to talk to her like she's a fucking idiot either. That's the amazing that's the great kid distracted.

Dave Anthony 34:09
I can't you know, I can't I will always tell them they're fucking stupid. Whether it's on Twitter through their fucking face, I don't care. You're an idiot. You shouldn't be in the same space as me talking to me. And that's a that's a losing way to do it. They actually put out pamphlets on how to debate the anti era people because they were losing so many fucking debates against imbeciles. Backwards, right wing, these crazy church going imbeciles. They were losing debate after debate. And I put I put that up. I said that on Twitter. And the guy was debating me was written articles and stuff said he just posted a link to why the era failed from What do you want me to do with that? You're talking to someone much older than you who has a history podcast who has read extensively about this shit. You just through a history dot org argument at me when I know for a fact, What in the fuck happened back then. I know why the era didn't make it. You're You're fucking wrong. A big big part of it was losing debates to idiots. Just fucking idiots.

Josh Olson 35:17

Dave Anthony 35:19
they love debating. They love it. Because you're gonna get mad at them and call them dumb or they're gonna keep switching what the facts are and you're gonna be like, I mean, look, how can they also not remember Joe Biden and Bernie's debate Joe Biden. I've never seen in my life, a debater lie more than Joe Biden did in that last debate against Bernie Sanders. Never in my life by seeing any debater lie that much. There you go, How'd that work out? Yeah, it's not a thing. It's not a thing.

Josh Olson 35:50
Either. I would, again, the back of the written back and forth between actual professionals in the field is one thing. And then if you got to do it, you know, we stumbled onto a format where I would argue this is a vastly superior thing we've got you know, two people, I represent the far left and Dave represents the farther left and there are people farther to the left of both of us, I suppose. But they, there's no, there's an inch of daylight between us days crazy fucking wrong about a couple of things. But what we do is we dismantle stuff, we take it apart, and we do critiques of it. And we bring experts on to do critiques of it. And I'm happy to say, as dumb as a stump as he is Dennis Prager has got, what, 40 years in broadcasting, and he's obviously very good at it, which does not mean he's right about anything does not mean he's a good person. It's not like he's smart. You couldn't pay me to go now onto a stage with him and fucking debate him. Maybe Dave Dave's a great comedian. He's fast. But there's still shit the Prager understands about an audience. That it's, it's and I would argue, the difference being that your comedy Dave is based to a certain extent on finding people's common understandings of, of, of opening up doors where they feel okay to be intelligent, where it's okay to, like, know things where it's okay to, you don't you don't play to the worst elements of your crowd? You're not no, you don't go up on stage and try to drum people into into a rage of hatred against people beneath them. Right? And that's what prayer does. And and he plays to that audience and I'd be slaughtered in 30 seconds a day would be slaughtered in five minutes. And that's that, but he's a fucking moron. shits dangerous. Yeah. And the way the way you deal with it, if at all, is you do what we're doing. You break it down, you bring people in who are experts on a particular subject, and you have them break it down, you know, and if they get pissed, we know they're out there that we know they're listening. They're never going to do this. But they get pissed off and go like, let us debate you're like, go fuck yourself. No, no,

Dave Anthony 37:56
there's there's also something to be said about journalists on the left who have been and I'm just talking about known talking about like, the liberal media, journalists on the left, have failed. In a horribly miserably way. On COVID We have been set back with public health with everything the left has been completely defeated. for generations to come. It is an as an astounding defeat of the left in America, that nobody even realizes the boot that has now been put on everybody's fucking neck. And the liberal media fucking sat around a tidbit about kids in school and shit. As opposed to what was actually fucking happening, which is a vise grip. Of the right. And it's it so they failed. So watching guys on the left, who are writers who should be at that moment, writing a fucking long ass article about why RFK Jr. is out of his mind and insane about all this shit. Or instead going you should debate to a fucking scientist. Yeah. to fucking scientist. Come on, man. Do your fucking job.

Josh Olson 39:13
You Yep. Yeah, there's a Hang on. Let me find it. I'll cut this part out. Yeah, by the way, if you're interested, the great Naomi Klein, who has been on our show now I'm very proud to say wrote a piece in The Guardian. A little while the piece is great. It's on Robert Kennedy. It's worth looking at. It's called beware we ignore Robert Kennedy. Jr's candidacy at our peril. We'll put a link in the show notes.

Dave Anthony 39:40
He Is he is he is the he is the Democrats Trump. I don't think he'll get the same traction that Trump did. But he'll get enough. Biden already couldn't stand to lose 1% of the vote. He but he is and when I say that, I mean, literally he's going and doing an event with the mothers of liberty who are fascist terrorists, fucking with teachers and students threatening them. They are fucking the fascist nightmare that you don't want. He is doing an event with him. He is the fucking democratic Trump. He is a nightmare. Horror and don't get caught up in right wing populism dot masses.

Josh Olson 40:24
Anyway if you want a great example actually I think this week is a great example. It's pretty ridiculous example we've I think Naomi Klein, Professor Richard wolf was Danny Bester coming on and kind of dismantling these things from positions of great expertise. I can't pretend that this week is going to you're going to make you cringe folks, because we've got our good friends Catherine Krueger of discourse blog, and we'll medica of Chapo trap house. We basically did that thing where we tied him to a chair and forced him to watch them Prager videos. And I'll just spoil it a little bit because you might want to shower, either before or after this one because we do a whole bunch of listening to Dennis Prager talking about men and sex and

Dave Anthony 41:12
so can I can I also say something because we've talked about how to counter this but on like things like tick tock and like the Twitch kind of videos where someone stops a video and talks in the corner, and you can put it up on that model of responding to a video P everyone needs to be doing that with Prager you videos, you need to be getting facts, stopping the video explaining why they're wrong, and just throwing it up online and hoping that they get traction. Because that's how we're gonna if every for every Praeger video that someone wants to click on, there's another video explaining why this guy or this woman is out of their fucking minds, then it just totally undermines what they're doing. If we can saturate the internet with that shit. It's the only way to combat this really, you know?

Josh Olson 41:57
It's true. And we're actually working on a special one of those. That'll be out shortly, I hope. But anyway, yeah, this one this one is Jesus Christ. I mean, it had to be done right we had to. Dennis Prager is a man who spends by his own admission, wanted an extraordinary amount of time, reining in his sexual urges and he's going to talk a lot about that and he has a hard time

Dave Anthony 42:25
doing it. So yeah, it's a legitimate struggle like it's a struggle for him not to be grabbing women's breasts or walking by him on the sidewalk or just getting his face down and trying to put his mouth in their ass like he's really fucked up.

Josh Olson 42:40
This this is like this video that we're gonna break up with them the first one is such an amazing cell phone it's insane it's incredibly deep and honest dive into what's wrong with this guy on a fundamental level I can't imagine anyone would would feel safe walking around him but there you go. So enjoy this episode of the audit and our look at Dennis preggers sexual desires

Dave Anthony 43:15
What are you doing? Those people

[MUSIC] 43:27
if you finally had enough of him being college left wing, get yourself a real degree from Prager University

Josh Olson 43:46
there's one that popped up close to the last minute where I was like, oh my god, that is so up Will's alley. So you gotta pick Do you want to do the will one first? I mean, we'll all chime in but this is gonna be or then there's one on on fucking oh,

Kath Krueger 44:08
let's start with the fucking like I always

Josh Olson 44:11
fucking it. Yes.

Dave Anthony 44:14
We have two people here who are fucking each other. Well,

Josh Olson 44:19
they're Millennials Dave. And my sense is that the kids the kids don't like the sex as much as

Dave Anthony 44:25
that's what I'm reading. I'm reading those comments for

Josh Olson 44:27
the movies. You guys go

Kath Krueger 44:32
I hate all the explicit sex scenes in movies.

Josh Olson 44:35
The Babylon. Have you seen the Babylon? Yes, we have seen the bathroom. And I'm like, did you guys notice that none of the main characters actually gets it on it's like all this wallpaper no one's actually fucking in that movie.

Kath Krueger 44:48
I thought there should be way more sex and drugs in that movie actually.

Josh Olson 44:52
Yeah. It opens up there's Fatty Arbuckle peeing on someone I'm like, All right, here we go. Never the main characters they all do it Off screen there Chase.

Kath Krueger 45:01
Isn't that interesting? Yeah.

Will Menaker 45:03
You know, Catherine, I just started watching that at Perry Mason HBO show the other night, first season of it. And that that the first scene of that movie also has Fatty Arbuckle in a state Yeah. Congress with with a woman.

Dave Anthony 45:19
It's pretty great. That's a great scene. I really Yeah, he's he's,

Josh Olson 45:23
he's getting more action than he has in decades. And you guys know that he was innocent, right?

Will Menaker 45:30
Yeah. Oh, yeah. That makes that clear, or I mean, it's like, this is the second season video. Yeah, I know. We just watched we just started the first season because No, the second season is happening. I'm like, this is Perry Mason Show. Check that out. It's good. I'm enjoying it so far.

Josh Olson 45:49
So we're just gonna throw these kids into the deep end. This is the big dog himself, Dennis Prager. giving a talk I've edited some stuff out but not not for effect. Just when it goes.

Will Menaker 46:02
First of all, thanks for including me on this because Dennis Prager is absolutely one of the ugliest human beings who's ever existed both in terms of how he looks at things he says it's the loathsome person

Dave Anthony 46:15
I described him as is if somebody put a bomb and a ghost

Kath Krueger 46:23
that's pretty good.

Josh Olson 46:24
Here's Dennis Prager, the sexiest man alive on the subject of sex and human nature. This is one of his fireside chats.

Will Menaker 46:36
Oh, God, I can't I can't imagine watching this anything other than cold but

[VIDEO] 46:39
here's the point. This is not for little kids where it's almost every other of the fireside chats. I don't know grooms our seven year old watches this in fact I hope your seven year old does but this one is on sexual matters. It is about male sexuality as you will

Will Menaker 47:01
pick so ours Fireside Chat he's not as good a dancer as Franklin was That's right.

Josh Olson 47:06
That's right. And every day that happens this week but the dog wakes up and looks around every now and then that's

Will Menaker 47:11
even notice a dog there. Jesus Christ. You know,

Dave Anthony 47:15
if it's a fireside chat, you're supposed to seem relaxed but look he's like got his hand. Like sitting super weird. Like it's just he's

Kath Krueger 47:27
back. He's got a wire up his back holding up in the chair.

Will Menaker 47:32
He's still sitting as far as the clothes hanger on the jacket he put on?

Kath Krueger 47:39
Wish I wish he would

[VIDEO] 47:40
have a 13 year old would it be good. You have to decide maybe watch it first, then you will decide. I certainly think generally speaking given the world in which we live teenagers should hear about this. Certainly by 15 you One should not hide from from

Kath Krueger 48:02
reaching full womanhood

Will Menaker 48:05
once you're once you're ready to get married to Dennis Prager, and the rest of his guys are the daily wire at 15 Then you're old enough to supersede the parental advisory for this discussion about male sexual nature

Josh Olson 48:25
remember that wrote in like 2008 about how wives should just give into their husbands sexual desires no matter how old they are.

Will Menaker 48:33
We covered it on the show. Article. Yeah, we have a two part article for like or something in which I did a share his his thoughts on what to do when the wife isn't in the mood. And this is sort of like advice for husbands and wives. And his advice for wives are just sort of just Quizlet this, just lay

Kath Krueger 48:54
there and take a friend seated.

Josh Olson 48:59
The best the best thing about it is he says he compares it to a job. He says, you know if your husband didn't want to get it if your husband didn't go to work every day he didn't want to work. How would you how would you survive? How would you make ends meet?

Will Menaker 49:12
Just a little bit of background information. Dennis Prager has been married three times.

Dave Anthony 49:18
I'm since this is about male sexuality, I'm really hoping it's about 15 minutes on how to prep for anal

[VIDEO] 49:25
who knows. I knew this very early in my life what I'm about to tell you and for a whole host of reasons, but anyway

Kath Krueger 49:39
I was molested because I was molested from

[VIDEO] 49:41
Danny who's 18 Perfect. Sydney Australia

Kath Krueger 49:50
18 Perfect new bio. Young dumb and

Dave Anthony 49:55
how fucking pathetic you have to be to be an 18 year old and Sydney, Australia and to write the Dennis Prager shit

Josh Olson 50:07
yeah, I call for a there's no doubt that he's not received

[VIDEO] 50:10
me. Good day Dennis very cute. Very good. I actually goodbye. Yeah,

Dave Anthony 50:16
it's not. Yeah.

Will Menaker 50:17
Oh, he's got a little local working directory. What

[VIDEO] 50:20
are you doing the fireside chat on male nature. You mentioned a while ago, it would be very interesting to hear your thoughts on it. I don't believe I would have had to have told us. Excuse me, I don't think that I would have had to have told this to my grandmother. I think my grandmother and I mean this literally, I don't talk and hyperbole isn't real. I believe my grandmother both my grandmother's neither of whom went well. I guess my one grandmother did go to high school. Neither went to college. One grandmother never went to

Will Menaker 50:52
Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ. This is like the dead this is this like this whole this whole chat is like he recites this chat in his head about his grandmother's when he's trying to delay orgasm with one of his wives.

Josh Olson 51:07
What's fascinating to me is he's he's so he wants you to know that he's cool about sex. It's it's no big deal to him. He's going to spend 20 minutes beating around the bush until he gets to the actual subject. Listen to it. Oh, yeah, he's so afraid to go I

[VIDEO] 51:21
would never have had to have given this talk to my grandparents or their parents. I'm talking grandmothers, let alone grandfathers. How would you give a sex talk you grandma.

Dave Anthony 51:34
It's actually fun. You should try it.

[VIDEO] 51:36
Why would that be? In other words, I believe I am, I am close to certain that my grandmother understood male sexual nature than the average female PhD in Sociology

Unknown Speaker 51:56
let me say so crazy

Will Menaker 52:01
that Dennis is grandmother, both of them. Grandmother. They were, they were absolute dishes. And they understood the male sexuality way more than any of these sociological gender studies they they see the Praeger grandmothers, they had a way of way of milking a man out of all the pain in his life.

[VIDEO] 52:22
Women's Studies or gender studies are a whole host of other things. It's an amazing thing. In other words, you were actually taught to be ignorant at college, on many, many subjects, this is one of them began with the lie that I was told when I was in college that men and women are basically the same. And I

Kath Krueger 52:50

Dave Anthony 52:53
Wait, what call just like men and women,

Kath Krueger 52:56
college and like you're upset that like, Gender and Women's Studies wasn't just about like teaching you how to have sex. Like you thought that was the syllabus.

Josh Olson 53:06
And were these guys teaching you that men and women are the same?

Will Menaker 53:12
I mean, Josh, you have to keep in mind though, like when he says here that like, oh, like we're all taught the lie that men and women are the same. What he means is we're compelled by the law to live in a society in which men and women are legally and politically the same. Right? So that's, that's the like women, he feels like he's being taught. And it's like dentists like women. No one's teaching you this. But you have to live in a society in which the laws reflect that.

Dave Anthony 53:39
Unfortunate right? So he's saying, He's saying like, women, that it's wrong that they that they can refuse sex? Yeah. That's it. That's really what it's coming down to for him like, right,

Josh Olson 53:54
he's still smart.

Kath Krueger 53:54
I actually actually minored in refusing sex.

[VIDEO] 54:04
The whole question is absurd. What do you mean male sexual nature, there's no such thing. Men and women have the same sexual natures. But when you when you realize, you know,

Will Menaker 54:15
Sigmund Freud that like the entire fucking field of study isn't like as basically established that there are differences in male and female sexuality. What the fuck are you talking about? Dennis?

Kath Krueger 54:25
Do you really think he's a fan of Freud? Well talked about his grandmother. I don't know maybe.

Josh Olson 54:35
I'll say kudos to his producer for not letting him smoke one of his giant cigars while he does. This easily does.

Will Menaker 54:43
Oh my god, Josh and Dave as you guys are aware, these guys love smoking cigars. Oh my God on their mouth. Those big brown guys.

[VIDEO] 54:56
To say now is to is to live life. On Premise A, and then believe premise B. It's astonishing to me no one determine if you believe that men and women have the same nature where he's getting

Will Menaker 55:11
the where he's getting an illness. I've not watched this video. I've not watched this video, but I'm going to predict where he's going with this is that male sexuality is like a bet that men experience is when you're horny and want to have sex. female sexuality is the opposite of that. That women aren't horny, nor did they desire sex, they put they merely must submit to to, to male sexuality as a reward for good behavior, or because they're virtuous in some way or they want to start a family like men,

Kath Krueger 55:44
women. sighs women can only exercise their sexuality by crying rape. Otherwise, just leave it on the shelf.

Josh Olson 55:55
Well, he's about to get into that. Yeah, there we

[VIDEO] 55:58
go. RASSMAN stuff and all this meat to stuff and all of that is all in it. 99.999% of it is all in one direction male against female. Why aren't 50% of the harassers female? How come females female abusers

Will Menaker 56:26
Okay, so what this is doing here is he's portraying like in his I mean, look what

Kath Krueger 56:30
affirmative action for female abusers just so we can catch up. You know?

Will Menaker 56:36
What this is going this is, it's like the same thing with like cat calling, right? Like, he's just like, Oh, if every time I walked down the street, like ladies are whistling at me and going like, hey, sweet cheeks where you go. And he was like, I would take that as a compliment or whatever. And like, he's just like, oh, like, Well, men would obviously love to be harassed. And it's just like, if Dennis even knew he were in like, cuz I know all homophobes think every gay man wants to have sex with them. But if Dennis were made aware that he was in the same zip code with an openly gay man, he would immediately start fearing for his life. So like, it's just like, I guess what this is one way in which male and female male and females actually aren't the same. And can't be so nice. He's the one applying the same standard here with this with his fucking idea that like, oh, getting harassed, there's no big deal. It's just when your boss says you're pretty,

Kath Krueger 57:22
also doesn't just not make any sense because his view of the world is like totally heteronormative, which is defining Stark gender differences. So if the idea is that we live in a world where there's no distinction between the sexes, I don't know, like, we're just transplant come in, then. You know, it's, like, totally incoherent to me.

Josh Olson 57:40
Why are trans women in

[VIDEO] 57:43
exactly orange just walking over to men and, and touching them in an inappropriate manner? Because they're there, they're more self discipline, please. You've got to you've got to have a graduate degree to believe something that's stupid. That's why no one

Will Menaker 58:03
you have to have a graduate degree to believe something is stupid, like a woman would approach a man in a sexual manner and like be like, this Iris Touch, touch his body and I will

Kath Krueger 58:12
I will get one thing to have. I will give one thing to him. And that's most people with graduate degrees are stupid.

[VIDEO] 58:21
It's because it's not it's not in female nature to do that. Gee, I you know, I really, I really, they're in all these men working in the office. And I really, I just want to tell them sexual things. Or I just, I really want to touch them all over them.

Josh Olson 58:44
I want you to stand face.

[VIDEO] 58:47
Well, I'm posing it as a question that isn't worth asking.

Will Menaker 58:56
Imagine being harassed by women. And like, this is a guy who has never never been desired by a woman ever, ever. Like he has never experienced like the lust or desire of a member of the opposite sex. And from now he hasn't. You're right. And you want to know why? Because it's not in their nature. It's like the fucking scorpion and the frog.

Josh Olson 59:17
Well, there's a bit of that, too. There's a bit of that overshare that, that Ben Shapiro like? Where you can't get wet and wet. It's like dude, ask a friend.

Kath Krueger 59:30
Yeah, yeah, seriously, do you have a single male friend who

Josh Olson 59:34
might use like a little younger, maybe more attractive at all

[VIDEO] 59:37
of untruth? That is told at college and told in the media, and anything else that the left the left you have to understand the left does not believe that the search for truth is a search worth making. They believe that the search She is for Utopia a place they imagine that men and women are the same and then they declare I don't

Kath Krueger 1:00:10
care to engage on on Utopia versus truth SHUT THE FUCK UP SHUT THE FUCK all

Will Menaker 1:00:15
I will say about this is that the only search that I think is worth undergoing at this point is the crawlspaces and Dennis Prager his house

[VIDEO] 1:00:21
whatever the that is about him

Kath Krueger 1:00:27
being able to search for his dick under his stomach

[VIDEO] 1:00:29
that is their reality isn't good extremely immature childlike thing. I believe in monsters so there must be monsters that's what that's what it is. I believe I want to believe men and women are by the way I don't even know why you'd want to believe that. It to me that is nuts hardly a wonder nobody believes that sex is

Josh Olson 1:00:52
going on for almost five minutes about a thing that people don't actually I think like one sexual advice I got

Dave Anthony 1:01:02
one guy said this to him in like, in like a class he was like No men and women should be equal in society. And this is what he has been doing ever since one of

Will Menaker 1:01:14
the know he confuse it like it goes go back to the same thing as like he confuses legal and political rights with human P shopping. And he is like the left doesn't want the left is denying the truth of women. Bishan not both.

Kath Krueger 1:01:27
Why not both?

[VIDEO] 1:01:29
Difficulty it's a challenge but it's one of the greatest things on earth that men and women are different. But that's where this brilliant observation that's the reason that I even have to talk about because of this and it's only the word lie is appropriate that men and women are basically the same

Kath Krueger 1:01:50
we got some dog movement still on

[VIDEO] 1:01:53
Johanna answer me how do you explain that all of this stuff? How many women are saying to men who work for them? If you don't sleep with me you know you don't get advanced at work it's there's there's just so different

Will Menaker 1:02:12
again what visibly horny visibly horny thinking about this

[VIDEO] 1:02:19
is probably the hardest. The hardest thing that I know of in among humans is for women to understand male sexual nature. Some do. Alison Armstrong for example. Does she's she has a tremendous

Will Menaker 1:02:36
give me your number. Where's it what's your number? What's their videos for Instagram?

[VIDEO] 1:02:42
Kevin only on the internet and I have her on my male female our four times a year and I have for

Will Menaker 1:02:51
the longest amount of time spent with a woman and one not ever. No, no

Kath Krueger 1:02:55
kids. Mommy and Daddy are having male female

[VIDEO] 1:03:00
years. She's a she's gifted because she she I asked her often why do you understand men so well, because I wanted to. That's all it takes. It takes a woman

Kath Krueger 1:03:14
that's the degree I want to get

[VIDEO] 1:03:16
to have the desire to understand men, but most women don't want to in this in this realm, not because they're bad or anything else. But because it's too frightening. It's not a totally understandably male sexual nature is frightening to women. And I get it. And by the way it went when uncontrolled male sexual nature is frightening. But most men know what the fight in our society thank God. But uncontrolled male sexual nature is truly a frightening thing to women. That if there were no moral rules, and no police, men would grab women and do what they wanted. As a rule, that is the way men are made.

Kath Krueger 1:04:16
He had to find a way to like bring in defund the police somehow.

Dave Anthony 1:04:21
So this is this is like a classic. Like there's always there's always this. There's always been dudes like I've never enjoyed strip clubs. I always have found them weird, but the guys who love strip clubs can't in their brain understand that you might not like strip clubs. This is what he's like. He's like, all men think like me. I would grab every woman that was around if I could. And you're like, No, we actually wouldn't.

Josh Olson 1:04:46
It's only because there are rules and police that I don't just rape random strangers on the street. This is more just like to me. None of us has empathy for other people and are enjoying this world and it's only because of laws and and God that we don't run around doing terrible things to everyone.

Kath Krueger 1:05:10
I'm just imagining like, if this was an episode of Law and Order SVU them like playing back his own words to him, just just absolutely nail him. It would kill ripped from the headlines.

Josh Olson 1:05:25
We were on international

[VIDEO] 1:05:26
facts if your man doesn't act that way is because he has been given a set of rules. And because he knows that he will be punished.

Will Menaker 1:05:37
Come we got we went Jesus Christ. So he said he's going to every wife and mother in America, like the man that they are with is constrained only by a fear of prison for raping and killing them.

Josh Olson 1:05:50
random strangers to

Will Menaker 1:05:52
Nobodies, he says like you talking about your man, the men in your life is

Kath Krueger 1:05:58
the case. This is how he makes the case against male sexuality is threatening to women. Yeah, that's that that's how he's rebutting that point is being like, well, there weren't laws, rape would just be happening in the streets constantly.

Josh Olson 1:06:13
It's so great. But this is like, there is a version of this on the sort of left where it like, you know, for obvious reasons, a little more sense of this stuff now that people are teaching, but there's people who like, raise your sons not to be rapists. Yeah, it's like,

Kath Krueger 1:06:28

Josh Olson 1:06:30
there's a way to handle it without trying to list every single crime he shouldn't commit, and then teach them let them do it or

Kath Krueger 1:06:39
not to be murderers. Okay,

Josh Olson 1:06:41
let me instill empathy in them, and they'll kind of figure the fuck out. Dennis. I've been saying I want to video I don't just attack random women and rape them in the street, because I know I'd be punished.

Will Menaker 1:06:54
And like, also, like, keep in mind, keep in mind as as like, sort of a vanguard of like, reactionary social conservatism in his description of male sexuality and like this supposedly utopian, like, imbalance that exists now with that being equal. There's a veiled threat here to like every woman in the country, right? Yes, he's saying like, Oh, could just as easily go the other way if our laws right, you know, blah, blah, blah. Like, I mean, like he's playing out the palpable fantasy and like wish fulfillment scenario, with his philosophizing here

Kath Krueger 1:07:28
on saying like, that's male sexual utopia is just you know, read both on

[VIDEO] 1:07:33
just enough that he has the set of rules and the fear of punishment. He's not even necessary. But rules men know this and we we males, I am one of them I am male out our sexual nature

Will Menaker 1:07:51
you are you are not in the human species to male down when we're talking about you're just a male human, I don't believe gelatinous Changeling

[VIDEO] 1:08:02
it's it's made clear to boys in the vast majority of instances at a very early age, and it is a good thing. That is the reason a woman will not want to know is because she she wants to believe the feminist lie. The left wing lie, and I hate using such strong language because the word lie to me you have to reserve it for really, really severe moments, but this is severe that men and women are basically the same is a spectacular lie. And so what happened by the way, I

Josh Olson 1:08:42
have lived a wait so he's gonna have to feminist when I was an injury to organs whole thing that all men are rapists. He's based. He's like a great,

Will Menaker 1:08:51

Kath Krueger 1:08:54
next up on the weekend, do not misunderstand who was a man and who was a woman, you know,

Will Menaker 1:09:00
next. Next up on the male female hour we got a wonderful author I think you all going to enjoy her book is called The scum manifesto. Who's responsible for getting rid of a very nasty gay artists who've been corrupting our children.

Kath Krueger 1:09:16
And it's about as incoherent as this long enough

[VIDEO] 1:09:18
to see the results. So all these young women go to college they learn this lie. Oh, you have the same sexual nature as a man. So they act out on it you're as happy with with non committed non emotional sex as males are. So a lot of girls say oh, yes, I'm just like a guy. I could sleep around just as much as guys want to sleep around. And this is not true for every female clear, like I recognize that. But for most, that is not a road to happiness.

Kath Krueger 1:09:53
You can always you can always tell when someone's a sex however when they say females like All right there.

Dave Anthony 1:10:04
So, most women, if I'm understanding this correctly, if they get a lot of Dick, they're not happy. Right? That's what he just said. But ladies tend

Josh Olson 1:10:15
to do that only because they go to college and college tells them that they're just like men. So they think right,

Dave Anthony 1:10:20
so they so they don't want to, they don't want to get a lot of a lot of sex and, and they only do it because college tells them to. And then they're like, well, this isn't great. I fucked a lot of people. And it's a bummer.

Kath Krueger 1:10:34
They don't want to have a lot of sex because they want to wait, they think that their sexuality is just like male sexuality. And then, you know, at the risk of agreeing with Dennis Prager, so cut cut that line. The rest? No, no, I'm just saying, like, do you remember will and I've talked about this? Do you remember that whole tick tock thing around West Elm. Caleb, do you remember that kid? I mean, I certainly do. No. Oh, it was basically just like this really middle of the road looking like 20 Something guy who worked for West Elm. And he was absolutely cleaning up. You know, just like fucking all the time. And all of these women got together and we're like, oh, I realize that we've all gone on a date and put out to Westone Caleb, and now we feel like love bombed. And it was just kind of like a really odd moment. Like it was this collective moment of embarrassment. And I felt embarrassed for these women. Because they were all like, you know, in trying to cancel Westone Caleb, it was kind of not exactly coming from a position of power. Right? Like they were kind of yielding the idea that oh, well, I wouldn't have you know, had sex with my son Caleb had I known that he wasn't going to ask me on a second date. As opposed to Yeah, I don't know. But I you know, I do think there is something to like the without going too long to the Sex in the City lie about like, yeah, constantly funky around is what makes you happy? What if just being a person and figuring out what works for you is what makes you happy. Just being an adult moving through the world. And not letting yourself be influenced by fucking Dennis Prager, or Sex in the City? Or, you know, like no, no piece of cultural media?

Will Menaker 1:12:20
I would, I would say, Katherine, I think women do. As well set it all women to be loving having sex, but only with Dennis Prager in the context of an emotional committed relationship where there's like, eye contact, deep kissing, sensuous touching and fireside lovemaking?

Kath Krueger 1:12:42
Well speaking for myself in particular, I kind of agree with that.

Dave Anthony 1:12:46
Think about how white think about how white his caucus were was for men

[VIDEO] 1:12:52
for happiness, but it certainly isn't a row to unhappiness. Men are very happy to have women say Oh, I'm just like you. Let's sleep together. Oh, I'm

Dave Anthony 1:13:04
so this is. This is also a

Josh Olson 1:13:06
guy nicely. Yeah, go ahead. I've I'm a very I've been happily married for a long time family man. Now I had I had a flagrant youth. That lasted way too long. As Dave can attest. I've engaged in sexual congress with a goodly number of women in my day. Oh my god. I ever said, just like, you know, more than it ever occurred to me to go, Hey, you're just like me.

Kath Krueger 1:13:42
That must be the East Coast West Coast divide. I probably you know, East Coast women, they're much more intellectual. They're trying to make an intellectual case up front, you know?

Dave Anthony 1:13:54
I will only I will only fuck a woman if she says I'm just like, you.

[VIDEO] 1:13:59
Men. Men are very happy to meet such a woman who has that attitude. But one of the reasons that

Dave Anthony 1:14:08
Okay, wait, wait, wait, he has never turned down a woman for sex. He has literally never had a woman that he didn't want to have sex with offer? And he said no, that's never happened

[VIDEO] 1:14:21
there is this all lie another lie that colleges are a rape culture and I could prove to you it's a lie because parents would never send their daughters to a rape culture. People

Dave Anthony 1:14:33
that what do you first of all, they're not called rape colleges. You're right. A parent would not send their kid to Southwestern rape College.

Josh Olson 1:14:45
You're right culture. They wouldn't tell their kids know but he just said rape

Dave Anthony 1:14:49
College. Okay. So you should read called he did okay. So. So he's saying that if his his way of proving that there is no rape culture or colleges? Is it no one would send their daughter there? Yeah, because they would give us

Josh Olson 1:15:05
a culture of rape their break? Correct?

Will Menaker 1:15:08
I don't know people still click church

Kath Krueger 1:15:15
you want to talk about rape culture flourishes?

[VIDEO] 1:15:20
Would you send your daughter to a place you thought had a rape culture? Of course,

Josh Olson 1:15:23
yeah. If I had a daughter we live in America. I'm having a heart attack here. This is a rape culture. Anyway, it's it's a place where it's like we're working on it, but Jesus fucking Christ, but

[VIDEO] 1:15:43
it's not. Would you go if you were female? Of course not. So that's a big lie. By the way to get me to

Kath Krueger 1:15:51
listen, I'm trying to get a middle middle level media jobs. So yeah, I'm going to rape university, you know, analysis to you know, get a B suite office.

Josh Olson 1:16:06
The notion that women because they're smart, will just simply never go anywhere where there is possibility of Jesus, it doesn't mean this department should all wind up responding to the stupid shit. And so a rational human being said it

Dave Anthony 1:16:22
all movies, all movies would be like, plays back in Greek times of just all dudes.

[VIDEO] 1:16:30
As it should be fan colleges, shows I'm committed to truth, because I can't stand what colleges have become. And this so anyway, they this is the this is the argument. So a lot of the women why don't you call it again, a rape culture, because a lot of women do have a fair amount of sex with different men, and then feel very unhappy about it afterwards, even depressed. It's not been a road to their happiness. Are there some women who love it? I have no doubt there are some women who literally the

Will Menaker 1:17:01
only sexual experience he's ever had is now being applied to everyone and everything.

Dave Anthony 1:17:08
Why? Why couldn't a woman like, but it's such a fucking crazy blanket statement. Like there aren't women who just enjoy fucking a lot, and other women who don't like

Will Menaker 1:17:20
Dave has been bought the big lie, folks, The Big Lie, like sex.

[VIDEO] 1:17:25
Love it. I can never account for everyone. If you have to account for everyone. You will never understand life. You have to be able to make some real sick. Seatbelts save lives. Does it save everyone's life in a crash? No. Sometimes people are killed by a seatbelt. But the statement seatbelts save lives is accurate. So to whatever statements I'm making about sexual nature of men versus women, so Okay, so

Kath Krueger 1:17:57
here, here's my generalization. Anyone who watches or subscribes to Prager, you should be on a kind of police sex abuse watch list. Yep. That's a generalization. I'm willing to make.

Josh Olson 1:18:10
100% I think if you've watched Dennis Prager sex videos, that is true. Yeah. Yeah, I would agree with that.

Will Menaker 1:18:16
Do you think he's basically not all Prager, you subscribers are burgeoning Sex Criminals, but you know, a fair number. So

Kath Krueger 1:18:24
we have to make generalizations we have to.

Will Menaker 1:18:27
I cannot account for every Dennis Prager. But you know, we're talking about the truth here. But some

Kath Krueger 1:18:33
are definitely

[VIDEO] 1:18:34
order of importance. One vast difference is that this sex is on males minds a lot. Or as a friend of mine, said to me in high school, and he was a religion. What do you have to say she came over to me one day, you know, Dennis, I did a survey of the guys in our class. And I came to the conclusion that one out of every 10 thoughts a guy has is not about sex. That was a brilliant line. That's why I didn't forget it.

Will Menaker 1:19:11
That was really high

[VIDEO] 1:19:12
school yesterday. And I remember. And I thought, that is really funny, too, because there's so much truth to it. Women would be stunned. If women got a male brain for a day. They would be a lot of reactions. First of all, they would be they would be astonished at how little is going on. It is that would be one of the major where they would go oh my god, free free up last. Whereas if men got a woman's brain for days, I think they would shoot them.

Dave Anthony 1:19:40
I think this is what happens when Dennis hires sex worker he just sits and talks to her like this.

Kath Krueger 1:19:46
Oh easiest hour of their life. I shouldn't I shouldn't say that. This is shouldn't

Dave Anthony 1:19:54
suck me my God. Yeah,

Kath Krueger 1:19:55
really. This is This is worse than anything.

[VIDEO] 1:19:59
Don't do We would not allow them to have access to a weapon, because they would probably kill themselves. So much is going on in the female brain at one time. So they're very different brains, which there's a very few.

Kath Krueger 1:20:13
That is true, that is true.

Josh Olson 1:20:17
One hour, tell us everything's going,

Kath Krueger 1:20:19
Oh, God, well will will is wills goes out of my brand. Yeah. Too much

[VIDEO] 1:20:27
thing on the internet about a guy talking about the male brain and the female brain and he walks over to a male sculpture of a male head in this sculpture of a female head. By the way, there, there are so many hilarious, so many hilarious things on the internet about male female differences. And they all resonate to the exact same ideas that I'm talking to.

Will Menaker 1:20:51
A couple of those websites, there's

[VIDEO] 1:20:52
a famous one about two boxes, there's a female box, and a mailbox. So the female box has got knobs and dials, and it has lightning diodes. And the mailbox has an on off switch. I don't know what to do with any famous one on how to how to seduce a woman are very famous things bring her flowers, say nice things. Talk about what's on her mind, perhaps stroke her tenderly, like 1015 things, the other one

[MUSIC] 1:21:38

Dave Anthony 1:21:42
walking up, stay nice things and maybe stroke her tenderly.

Will Menaker 1:21:48
He's like, give her a nice if you're an apple every now and again, the Salt Lake. bed down on

Josh Olson 1:21:58
you put a horse to sleep.

[VIDEO] 1:22:01
Show up near a carrot that should

Will Menaker 1:22:04
eat it out of your mouth. So

[VIDEO] 1:22:05
why did they do why do people put these things out shoved naked because they resonate with real life? That's why. So of course men think about it more than women. Are there some women who are preoccupied with it? Yes, there are some women. But again, it's like the scenes are irrelevant. For the vast majority. Look, I'm so open on this.

Will Menaker 1:22:25
It's so relevant because he's never encountered one. He has never experienced female sexuality in any enthusiastic sense. He has never experienced that. He knows it's out there. So he keeps qualifying these generalizations he's making by saying, I can't account for every woman. I'm just going off my own life experience. By the

[VIDEO] 1:22:42
way, I'm open about this because my father was no, my father spoke about sex with the ease with which he would speak Oh God as a very rare home in that regard. And he was I think, was a religious man. He was a Jew. And yet he spoke again with the ease with which and therefore I can I got this from him. And so the difference only is He spoke to me about talking about this with any ease and all this is like it's like dental. This episode. This episode would be about fucking he hasn't really talked about sex at all. Yeah. Yeah, no, he has talked about it at all. Yeah. Yeah.

Dave Anthony 1:23:28
So what happened was is young dentists, seven year old dentists would be sitting, you know, playing with blocks, and his dad would come in and be like, so I just went down on your mom. And I really made her come. And, and then I flipped her over and I fucked her the way a horse fucks a horse. Sure, anyway, son.

Kath Krueger 1:23:55
That's what he means when he says my father talked about sex with ears. I'm sure that's what he means. Oh,

[VIDEO] 1:24:02
the millions of people about it. So it but it's really sort of a conduit to my father, who taught me it's part of life. Recognize it?

Will Menaker 1:24:12
I mean, Hello, Dr. Freud. Hello. Are you there? I'm in a way my father's penis penetrating my mother.

[VIDEO] 1:24:24
Control it, but recognize it and God made us this way. There's nothing to rebel against. You just have to learn to control it which is not easy. He's he would sometimes he would actually sit

Dave Anthony 1:24:37
at it is easy.

Kath Krueger 1:24:41
Well, because there are laws

[VIDEO] 1:24:44
that our Sabbath table where we did hours and hours of talking. That's where I learned a lot about life at that table every Friday night and Saturday afternoon. And he would say you know, I have one question for God. Why did he make the male sex urge so strong? And my mom There was present. And she

Kath Krueger 1:25:02
that's your one question for God in front of

Will Menaker 1:25:06
your God when

Josh Olson 1:25:08
you're sitting there with your kid and your wife and you go, I wonder why God made me so horny all the time?

Kath Krueger 1:25:15
Well, there weren't there were original legacy TV shows on HBO Max. Yeah. There was a lot

Josh Olson 1:25:22
of time to kill. Yeah.

Dave Anthony 1:25:24
How was How was this Sabbath for you? Well, my dad was just really clutching the fork and talking about how he didn't get to fuck enough.

Will Menaker 1:25:36
And also, in addition to not actually talking about sex, it's all Dennis's. Like he's he's talking about his grandmother, his parents, kids who write to him comfortably as knowing about sex. The one thing he's not talking about, or any of the actual marriages

Kath Krueger 1:25:49
on sex live. Yeah. Lady. Yeah.

[VIDEO] 1:25:53
She loved them. They were married 69 years and together 72 years, 73 years. And, but he was totally aware of the of the male sex urge and spoke about it. So they're the first. You're

Will Menaker 1:26:14
like, Dennis goes to school, and he's like, making fun of the other kids. He's like, I bet your dad isn't aware of the male sexual urges. Mine is. Dennis's dad is hornier than yours

[VIDEO] 1:26:26
fought about it. And it takes it takes almost nothing to trigger that thought. The if. And that brings me to number point number two. And that is the power of the visual. Why did they know they're there? Like the screen? Yeah.

Will Menaker 1:26:50
Because like whether I have whether I have Dennis's brain or my own I'm considering stopping it right now.

Kath Krueger 1:26:56
I want to hear what women are stimulated by

[VIDEO] 1:27:00
men. For men, the visual is the most powerful and that does not have I've done the show often on my on my radio show. I haven't national radio show you even people around the world. Listen to it, it's on the internet. And every Wednesday the second hour of my show is about men and women and it's very honest about it. And I've learned an immense amount because I have had 1000s of people call in and send me emails. This is not just stuff that I knew on my own This is stuff based on taught me so many men and women

Will Menaker 1:27:36
he said 1000s of women call in an email to his man woman hour to tell him that they are not turned on visually by him when they see him visually they experienced no arousal zero but that's because women you know, that's just not the way their brains work.

Josh Olson 1:27:55
Imagine if it's just dentists as engineers sex

Dave Anthony 1:28:03
he's got an engineer like Tom like it's just doing different voice

[VIDEO] 1:28:09
for men the visual is the most powerful and that does not have I've I've done the show often on my on my radio show. I haven't national radio show you even people around

Kath Krueger 1:28:25
each each time you think he's going to say something about his own like life or his own like sexual preferences? He says radio show

[VIDEO] 1:28:33
because they don't understand. Yeah.

Kath Krueger 1:28:36
So I keep imagining is showing sexuality on my radio, otherwise

[VIDEO] 1:28:41
they would they wouldn't argue. So I have a whole host of proofs. What's the most well, I don't know if it's the most obvious proof but an obvious proof is what what men watch on the internet used to be in magazines. Now of course on the internet. I mean, he's you guys

Kath Krueger 1:28:58
are watching this.

Josh Olson 1:29:02
Proving that men and women are different. So I almost feel like it's like we've we've beaten this horse to death at this point.

Kath Krueger 1:29:13
How long do these typically go his fireside chats on? Like one

Josh Olson 1:29:16
time half hour? This one? This one's about 20 minutes, but

Kath Krueger 1:29:19
oh my god, it felt it feels like he could go for hours. He probably could.

Josh Olson 1:29:23
Well, you know he could. Yeah, well, yeah, in some ways,

Kath Krueger 1:29:27
but not others.

Dave Anthony 1:29:29
But it's I mean, we definitely learned how fucked up he is. The dad shit is just creepy as hell like that's really bad.

Josh Olson 1:29:39
Yeah. And that combined with his beliefs about how women should some I mean, it's and this is part of theoretically this is where they just stop pretending. These are these are exclusive to Prager University. This is theoretically an online college where I guess what the head of the The head of the school is now always now lecturing you about important life lessons. I can't even

Kath Krueger 1:30:08
well, so his test for his test for I don't know accredited universities was are they teaching you about sex? And so by his own by his own criteria, Praeger, you fails, he is also not teaching people how to have sex.

Josh Olson 1:30:23
Correct? Correct. Yeah, he's also the three Ds any huge he's against sex ed in in, in schools. So except Yeah.

Will Menaker 1:30:31
No, because he wants kids that like, Oh, he wants one source of sex had knowledge to be extant in our society. And that's his fucking fireside chats and male female hour on his nationally syndicated radio show, which I believe they're currently using to torture people in Guantanamo Bay.

Josh Olson 1:30:51
Well, they're also like at the apartment clipped out the beginning, but he talks about how he had given much more detailed lectures at a synagogue about 15 years ago, but they're recorded on his website. They're several hours long, and in his own words, they're very important. They're very important.

Kath Krueger 1:31:07
Yes. That word is so misused these days.

Josh Olson 1:31:17
Leave right into because the next the next one also, in some way connects to male sexuality. But I think in a moral way,

Will Menaker 1:31:25
I would love to go the next one because I'm pretty I'm about to fucking throw up looking at this is what we'll talk about sex like the last

Kath Krueger 1:31:33
five minutes it will need a five minute break. Yeah, gotta go. The only thing I'm gonna remove. This is like a three minute break.

Josh Olson 1:31:43
While I'm sure who am I kidding, we're hoping that we get a bunch of your listeners. But keep in mind these are not a lot of people listening to this are not familiar with the cast of characters on Chapo traphouse. So you're gonna need to do a bit of a primer for them you'll understand what I'm so I'll

Will Menaker 1:31:59
do my best. So Leslie, I want to say that this video is like the links when she goes to talk about how like male sexuality needs to be like controlled and restrained, like we are seeing in this video. Like his strategy for controlling his own sexuality, which is channeling it into our long Fireside Chats he gives to a fucking synagogue full of 80 year olds, but like but like under the guise of I'm just spinning a wrapping with some teenagers about sex. Like I said, like he wants he wants all sexual knowledge to be controlled by Him. And He wants all women to be sexually controlled by him. And like these Fireside Chats this is like this is a visual manifestation and like just like the the way he's holding his body in the shot is like in the tortured twisted way. This is like a visual manifestation of him attempting to swallow the sex demons that are just like, clawing at behind his eyes every second of the day.

Kath Krueger 1:32:59
If you follow the line of his body, he's leaning away from the dog it's a female dog because

Josh Olson 1:33:09
the dog is asleep alright, I feel like I've been dipped in shit let's let's let's move on you got this is this is the next one this is shorter Don't worry. Okay. And the time will come when you're gonna have to explain someone to our listener All right, well, and I think you'll derive much pleasure from that but let's

Unknown Speaker 1:33:28
This is called the war on reality. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a very special guest on the show today. He just finished up filming a five minute video here with us at Prager you. Now a bit of a backstory. So every year Prager you has an employee retreat Oh no, we all know employee retreats now the name of that book was live not by lies a man Okay here we go dance written by all right. Got a rod in the house. Okay. We got Roger here

Josh Olson 1:34:02
explain Roger

Will Menaker 1:34:03
Rogers in the house being being interviewed by one of Prager us child soldiers, whatever there is not enough for their soul. But um, okay, like so listeners to the audit, who are maybe not familiar with Rod Dreher imagine? Like I like I'm okay, like, imagine if you will in your head, like the very easy stereotype of a wildly homophobic southern dandy who is himself like was just say betraying a great deal about what his own intersects demons per Dennis Prager and there's another man in constant battle with the sex demons climbing underneath his flesh every single second of the day. He is one of the most histrionic lunatics has been like a source of cheap comedy material for me for years. But like imagine, social conservative guy who see I look, I'll just say I won't know anything is hard, but like, you'll you'll know Well, when you hear him start talking, okay? Like he just, he's like, he watches

Kath Krueger 1:35:02
a lot of gay porn for a straight guy. He's talks about it.

Will Menaker 1:35:08
He's a guy who's like the vet, like, like, he's a sort of Orthodox Christian and he's very into like, you know, religion and, like culture war stuff, but like, the main, like, like most of what his like, intellectual output is dedicated to is describing in detail, rigorous gay sex practices. And then like we're, you know, then heading to the fainting couch in horror, as he as he relates to you, the reader, the horrors of gay male promiscuity, promiscuity. So like,

Josh Olson 1:35:44
I will say, he's only on two videos. He's on two videos here. What is this interview and the other he does actually one of their lessons on totalitarianism? Can it happen? Oh, and also, at least one

Will Menaker 1:35:58
rod currently divorced and living in Hungary.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:01
It's so great to be here. Oh, fantastic.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:02
Now, I want to start off by reading the first sentence in chapter one of your book. Sometimes the stranger is deeper and farther than the crowd appears to warn of trouble coming. Now I love a KGB defector who was talking about the influence of propaganda and communism in America. And for a lot of people, you're now that stranger who's who's bringing the warning. So let's assume you're the stranger for everybody listening right now. What is your

Unknown Speaker 1:36:31
warning is that in the west today, we are slipping into a kind of totalitarianism that is similar but not equivalent to the totalitarianism of the Soviet Union, the heart totalitarianism. And the message didn't come from me. It came.

Josh Olson 1:36:49
Dave, you're nodding.

Dave Anthony 1:36:50
Oh, no, I was just gonna agree with everything you're saying to me,

Unknown Speaker 1:36:54
from people in this country who had escaped Soviet Union escaped the communist during the Cold War and thought they were coming to freedom in America. Well, what they're now seeing happen in America today is the emergence of conditions like what they left behind. When I first started hearing that these people I thought, surely they're exaggerating, not here in America. This couldn't happen here. But the more I realized that they were actually couldn't see in part because we think it can't happen here. And mostly, we're talking about canceled culture about wokeness about people being afraid to say what they really think just just

Josh Olson 1:37:35
like in the Soviet Union thing,

Kath Krueger 1:37:41
the Communist Manifesto, the Edit there's there's a large section on canceled culture. One of the stages.

Josh Olson 1:37:50
Yep. I'm pretty sure again, I'm not the expert that some of you guys are but the thing the thing that these guys always seem to leave out is that the stuff they're railing against them comparing was done by a state to its citizens. And over here, their their issue is it's being done by people on Twitter to them. Yeah, about

Kath Krueger 1:38:14
an awful podcast house as well.

Josh Olson 1:38:19
Also, I just did apropos of nothing, I just Louie CK just played Madison Square Garden a couple of weeks ago. So just Yeah, well, there you go, I think is not a thing that happened to people in the Soviet Union after they got canceled, but

Kath Krueger 1:38:34
I don't know about there's only one garden,

Unknown Speaker 1:38:36
but like they want to worship and so on and so forth. These are things that came to the communist world this was the first wave of communism there. But it wasn't the last and what these people are telling trying to warn Americans and Europeans is that wake up it's happening right here you guys remember the

Josh Olson 1:38:55
was a guy on Howard Stern the clamp which guy No hidden clan who would come out and just go

Will Menaker 1:39:04
Yeah, people wake up God people Yeah. Usually as a foil to angry black or king of all blacks. But you know, to be fair, I was wondering about canceled culture back in the 90s

Kath Krueger 1:39:18
way ahead of the curve

Josh Olson 1:39:20
is he not using that I mean, what's rods connection to I mean, obviously the to the far right, is there any kind of white supremacist overtones with him as he wants?

Will Menaker 1:39:28
Well, I mean, look, he up until very recently have a well paid finisher sinecure at the American conservative. He recently just lost that job because the one person founding his entire salary decided that all of his extended all the inky spilled on anal sex has just gotten too weird for him. So the rod sugar daddy is cutting off his credit card. But you know, the American Conservative is, you know, I don't want to like do like there's actually like some pretty good like I like dangled There isn't a lot but like the American Conservative always has that kind of like paleo con Pat Buchanan thing going on which is really just not too far away from outright white supremacy.

Josh Olson 1:40:12
And Kathy, you do you share wills obsession?

Kath Krueger 1:40:15
Oh, I get to I get to hear about him a lot. I regrettably though, I had never heard him speak on video before. So this is really adding adding another layer to an already textured palate

Josh Olson 1:40:30
is love his glasses?

Kath Krueger 1:40:32
Also, what's what's going on with his little is it to see if to handkerchiefs in his pocket. Like he was like one isn't enough. Some people won't get the idea if I just wear one.

Will Menaker 1:40:43
It looks like he has a canary Stein to his breast pocket.

Josh Olson 1:40:47
Oh, no, no, it's too so I'm looking at here. And he Yeah, no, it's just, it's just a big yellow handkerchief. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:53
You continue to just sit by passively and watch things happen.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:57
Right? Absolutely. And I think it's become so pervasive in our culture now that you nearly can't avoid it and people are trying to call it out and call attention to it. But still people fall sort of it falls sort of on deaf ears. And why do you think that is and and are you optimistic about us sort of breaking that barrier when it comes to that conversation?

Unknown Speaker 1:41:15
I think a lot of it goes ignored by people in our country because so much of what's been done is there you know, if you look at George Orwell's 1984, which was the literary equivalent of Stalinism, you know, here we go.

Will Menaker 1:41:35
Yeah, they get paid by the order we're

Kath Krueger 1:41:37
living we're living in freakin 1984 is freakin hell world look around.

Josh Olson 1:41:41
Oh, no, he's gonna go to the other place though. The, you'll see

Unknown Speaker 1:41:44
that was dystopian totalitarian society in which the state and the powers that be enforced their ideology through pain and terror. Well, we don't have that here. So we people think that what is he talking about? totalitarianism? I think about us is Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. 20th century Oh,

Kath Krueger 1:42:08
yeah. The other the only other book they've read.

Josh Olson 1:42:13
All the way through. I have not had the nerve to watch it yet. They do a book club on Prager, you.

Kath Krueger 1:42:18
Oh, god. No, it's

Josh Olson 1:42:21
it is. They have some very special guests. But I believe what is it? Maybe 84? Or? Let's say they have Dave Rubin on 1984.

Will Menaker 1:42:33
Oh, my God. What's it that's a book level.

Josh Olson 1:42:38
But guess who does Brave New World?

Will Menaker 1:42:41
Oh, without Ben Shapiro.

Josh Olson 1:42:46
Senator Ted Cruz.

Kath Krueger 1:42:49
is perfect. My God. Just Just as an aside, it would be really funny to me if one of these guys you know, or anyone who talks about like, oh, 1984 If someone just really leaned into Animal Farm. Oh, it's like we're living in animals. No one does that one. And it wouldn't make any sense. But I would respect the

Will Menaker 1:43:08
bit. I mean, that was an allegory for Soviet totalitarianism. Yeah, but no one. No one talks about it. Animal Farm is the name of a bar in Louisiana that rod Dreher has staked out every night of his life. But with night vision goggles and

Kath Krueger 1:43:21
audio recording, he's a reporter. He's a reporter he has to

Unknown Speaker 1:43:25
totalitarian world measure what is expensive. Materialism is enforced not by terror, but my managing people's comfort and pleasure. So I think that's why we don't understand what's happening to us. Because the the new totalitarianism is done in the name of compassion. The idea that if you object to what then you must hate people, you must hate sexual minorities, religious minorities, racial minorities, and nobody wants to be a hater. You

Will Menaker 1:43:51
do read it. Yeah. I mean, like, Rob, like you plainly do, like you're, I mean, like his hatred and fear of gay people is all that he writes about. And like when gay people or people who you know regard Gay, gay people as human beings read and read your stuff, right? Or see you speak about gay people in the terms that you do they rightly conclude that you do hate them. And like, there's no way out of that for you. I mean, like, and you're literally saying that compassion towards other human beings or sexual minorities is Allah terian ism is akin well, they're the pain and torture inflicted on people in 1984.

Kath Krueger 1:44:28
Their way out is always, you know, like, like JK Rowling and the turf crowd their way out is always just being like, point to the line where I say, I hate gay people. You know, like, I didn't write those words. So like, you know, it's not in there. But you can't read any of our rod Dreher his body of work and not come away with how he feels about gay people in particular.

Josh Olson 1:44:50
So yeah, have you guys read any of the books?

Will Menaker 1:44:53
of rods books? Unfortunately, not.

Kath Krueger 1:44:54
God? No.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:56
So they stay silent and they allow our liberties To be taken from us and what the people who grew up under hard to Tala terian ism

Will Menaker 1:45:04
you are literally to asking the government to take away people's literal liberties, right? Like literally that is when you've dedicated your life to doing under threat of the law to is to take away civil rights and liberties from racial and sexual minorities. That's your entire project. That's what He's dedicated his life to.

Kath Krueger 1:45:21
This is not an obstruction anymore, either, you know, like, the state is doing this stuff right now. So like the idea that what we really need to be worried about is you know, someone tweeting pig poop balls at you, Rod is pretty low.

Will Menaker 1:45:37
We're right is saying is what we need to be worried about is that people are too comfortable and their lives are filled with too much pleasure. Yeah. Because like, Yeah, like that, that's, that's worse than, you know, torture and repression in a way that it's a form of oppression.

Kath Krueger 1:45:54
Also, like, don't these people, you know, even if it's not what he writes about, like they would claim to love the free market. So basically, like, the, the market has decided that your ideas are repugnant, and not popular and quite bad. So rod

Will Menaker 1:46:08
has turned against the free market. I mean, Rod rod, and his co capitalism is woke now and like they've made their stand against the market, because, you know, Pepsi or Coors Light does, like a pride month or whatever.

Kath Krueger 1:46:21
Right, right. So the government should regulate capitalism only in barring Pepsi from or Exxon from sponsoring the Pittsburgh gay pride parade. Yeah, that's it. Okay, great.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:34
This is real, what we're seeing happen now. And it's sneaking up on you, because it's all done in the name of making America a safe space for a compassionate space.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:45
Yeah, you're absolutely right. I often say that woke ism is sort of this beast that's borne out.

Will Menaker 1:46:49
What's the like, what's the alternative here that America is like, not safe or compassionate? I mean, like, there's leaving,

Kath Krueger 1:46:55
we should be striving against compassion, like, Yeah, I'm sorry. Like, isn't that Isn't that a pretty good rubric by which to move forward? Or perhaps like the only marker for progress is moving toward a more compassionate future as halting and imperfect as any, you know, governmental, or congressional effort is like, I'm sorry, you're you're saying like, that's a bad thing.

Will Menaker 1:47:17
He's just he's leaving it unsaid because like, all the Dum Dums are watching this, like, you know, they've just everyone's reading from the same book. So they're just like, Oh, yes, compassion. Because in their mind, like compassion has just been made into a synonym for, like, their oppression. But here's the crucial thing you have to understand about conservatives and like, all like in every branch of conservatism be it like social, national security, or economic, what they did what they what they conceive of as freedom and liberty is their freedom and liberty to dominate and oppress other people. And to the extent to which the state removes that right from them. They begin to they like they get on the fucking cross every time about how oppressed they are about how they're like so in each and in the fucking gulag, because yeah, people like society has moved on you rod and people like him are a moral minority. And they're, they're acutely aware of that fact. And like that is what they perceive as oppression. Right? And like when they're loudly demanding that to continue like their continued and untrammeled right to oppress other people

Kath Krueger 1:48:17
through minority rule

Unknown Speaker 1:48:18
out of empathy and wanting to sort of shelter people from suffering and oppression and perceived suffering and oppression I guess that is now

Will Menaker 1:48:26
unlike yours unlike rods suffering and oppression which again is like entirely self imposed

Josh Olson 1:48:34
Yeah, this is also this is this is a woman who has about 47 videos on how there's no such thing as systemic racism so well she's a Black Lives Matter tattoo to prove that once she believed otherwise,

Kath Krueger 1:48:48
man what she'd love to hear how she got here. Oh, she just says she has it.

Josh Olson 1:48:55
Yeah, am I right Dave? Like every time it's come up, it's like you can see a tattoo on her arm she's mentioned that she is a Black Lives Matter and we're like, I would like to you know, not to be creepy old guy but can be seen

Unknown Speaker 1:49:06
by a lot of intellectuals that progressivism has now become a religion of sorts. Dennis Prager says that it's a religion that has more sins than any other. And I have this quote specifically from you in your paragraph in your chapter progressivism as religion, social justice warriors believe that human nature is constructed largely through the use of linguistic conventions. Can you explain that sort of idea a little further?

Unknown Speaker 1:49:30
Sure. That's why they care so much about which pronouns we use and the language we use to talk about reality. They believe that language, simply describing creates and that's why for me, it's crazy that they would care so much about the language we use.

Will Menaker 1:49:50
You're not normal ride, you are not normal. Imagine

Kath Krueger 1:49:58
living out by lies ups. Right is also the funniest fucking name for a book that he possibly could have written. Take your own advice read

Unknown Speaker 1:50:09
exactly, just what constitutes their reality, the reality of their identity and reality everywhere. But it's kind of a form of Hocus Pocus, you know, then the rest of us laugh at it. But here's the thing. The people who

Will Menaker 1:50:24
you literally this guy literally hired a fucking exorcist for his wife's friend, I believe, possession. Hocus Pocus you believe in ghouls and witches.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:41
On our institutions, now, I'm talking about universities, media, corporate America, even lately, the military and the CIA. They've all bought into this wokeness they've all bought into the idea that language creates reality, and so on and so forth. And if they are if all the people who who exert power in this society believe this sort of thing that we all have to believe it to

Josh Olson 1:51:07
so tell me Suzanne, aside from pronouns, and whatnot, using the N word, what are the what are the linguistic demands being made on us by this

Will Menaker 1:51:17
land acknowledgments or some shit like that? Seems like it's basically just,

Kath Krueger 1:51:22
I think he's basically like, like, they all are just obsessed about pronouns. And again, like really giving that's really giving up the game, like to use someone's preferred pronouns doesn't inconvenient to in the slightest, and is simply the compassionate I live in a society thing to do. But for people like rod it's like, you know, tyranny on the march

Will Menaker 1:51:41
and like, here's the thing about this, like woke is because like, here's the thing they have to like, they have to they're saying, oh, like progressivism and liberalism have become now woke ism, which is like a religion and look like, I know, like, there's all these like, you know, meta debates about what being woke really is, look, I think we all know, like, like, it describes a certain kind of like, I don't know, condescension, or people who are like hysterical in a certain way. But here's the deal. The, the reason that they have to invent like NAFTA to have this new term, is because it is like, what it actually means to them. And what it really means to everyone is really no different than the entire project of American liberalism or progressivism, like since the New Deal, or maybe even before that, probably since the abolition movement to the present. Like, like, into any attempt for that, like, that's why it has to remain in this vague feeling. Because any attempted like, like, like, how would they like how would they describe like the civil rights era, or like the civil rights and voting rights act, in these terms, and it's wokeness. It's worked as though it's, it's a group of people like deciding that they're oppressed by society and seeking legislative redress for those problems that favors their group over the over the majority. And now everyone is forced to go along with like, oh, like, you know, now there's no more colored drinking fountains in the in the south anymore. Like, it's all this, it's all this act of like obfuscation, because they're probably not with like, woke ism, or these new standards and languages, it's the same old standards, that they've been pissed about their entire life. It didn't just happen like that over the last couple years, in terms of like, yeah, like the annoying excesses of a certain kind of liberal discourse that I think we're all aware of, like their problem is the whole project, from soup to nuts, from the 1860s to the present day.

Josh Olson 1:53:24
However, however, if you watch there's about 17,000 hours and Prager videos that will explain the very patiently that the war against slavery and the battle for civil rights was, was fought primarily by Republicans. Yeah.

Will Menaker 1:53:39
Well, so technically, in the Civil War, that's technically true.

Josh Olson 1:53:45
Of course, it is. Yeah. But but it's hard to wrap your head around the fact that on the one hand, they will argue we are better because we're the ones who supported those things, as though there's been no historical change. And at the same time, as you say, they would be objecting to those things as woke ism at the time.

Kath Krueger 1:54:02
Yeah, they just they just know that, like, were the Civil War fought today, they would be on the wrong side.

Josh Olson 1:54:09
Right? Yeah. Yes. And opposing slavery would be would be woke.

Will Menaker 1:54:14
Yeah. And like, and just like, just like, just more on that, like, and that is why I think like, they have chosen trans people as like, their newest, like, the group of people to demonize in society because it's the thinnest wedge, because people like Ron, once again, like I go back to this idea of them being a moral minority, ever since gave the Supreme Court made gay marriage legal, like in in our lifetimes, and the last, like 10 or 15 years, American society did literally overnight, wake up to realize, hey, we're fine with gay people. It's not a big deal. It's not a big deal at all. And we have moved on. Like, and, you know, the Supreme Court did it like Obama back then was even pretending that it's a state issue or whatever. But like, yeah, even when politicians are pretending to do that, society as a as a whole, like had already collectively realized that there was nothing morally wrong with being gay, or to have gay people as like, the relationships and open and normal part of our society rod note like, they will never accept that. But rod knows that they're fighting a rearguard retreat on these issues and they're using trans people and particularly how vulnerable they are to crack their that door open again. And believe me for anybody out there who is like, you know, oh, I'm gender critical or whatever. Take a fucking take a long hard guess about who they're coming after next. If they do away with trans rights in this country think real fucking hard to get bashed.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:37
This is how it was in the Soviet Union. Over there, they whatever the government said, whatever lies it had to tell him the name of Videology whatever language it used to mask its lies and sell its lies. People had to agree with it, or they would go to prison. Ultimately, though, this can't last Soviet Union

Josh Olson 1:55:56
who's going to prison over here for

Dave Anthony 1:55:59
if you didn't agree with the government, you went to prison? Have you ever read about the Soviet Union? Literally anything they said, if you said the opposite, you went to prison, Josh,

Kath Krueger 1:56:07
these people want women to get abortions to be jailed. So you know, to me a fucking sad song about about how bad Prov dough was, you know, like this is now

Unknown Speaker 1:56:17
finally collapsed. Because reality is real. It's not just a linguistic construct or any other kind of construct. But there can be a lot of Ruin in a nation before reality reasserts itself. And I'm afraid we're going to live through time. This motherfucker

Dave Anthony 1:56:31
moved to Hungary.

Kath Krueger 1:56:33
Yeah, exactly. This is like you don't even go here anymore.

Will Menaker 1:56:40
He moved to Hungary, but he left his wife and children back to in this country to suffer the effects of woke ism.

Kath Krueger 1:56:49
Yeah, if the revelation book of Revelations is about to happen because of woke ism, shouldn't leave them in the escape pod also.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:00
Case and that honestly leads me right into my next question is even in the conservative and Christian realm, there seems to be a lot of people who have adopted adopted that sort of rationale, who are sort of abandoning reason in logic and adopting more progressive thought. Now, what can we do as conservatives and Christians who are against that to sort of speak to those people and start a conversation?

Unknown Speaker 1:57:20
Well, I think a lot of Christians shout slurs, instead of doing it for the best of reasons. They want to be compassionate. And there's nothing wrong with being compassionate. There's nothing wrong with it, who was Christians, and they want to at least not make the struggles of people who are dealing with transgenderism with same sex attraction, whatever, they don't want to make their lives harder. These are things I admire. On the other hand, we cannot see other, we believe it's untrue. It's true. And I think if you go back and look at the experiences of the persecuted church, whether it's the persecuted church of the past, and the communist countries, or the persecuted church, today, too

Will Menaker 1:58:00
many good ideas shut

Unknown Speaker 1:58:01
off. Shut up. People tell you that.

Kath Krueger 1:58:05
So on one hand, we have compassion. And on the other hand, we have truth and so you know, if you can only choose one, you know, you must choose truth, obviously.

Will Menaker 1:58:16
Here's, here's, like, let me translate for you the listener what, what you're seeing here with this idea that like, oh, like, this is like, objective truth and that like, you know, compassion is getting in the way of that word. Broad means about like, reality that there's only reality and reality can be changed. But like, reality is not so much like oh, like does gravity exists, there are social realities that are created by people that are the process of negotiation and power, and like the culture that surrounds the culture that you live in, Rod like, you know, those with power if not a little bit on right side, because now the reality in our society is that two men can be married and start a family together, vice versa for two women that gay relationships are real, that like you can be a man married to a man and start a family and live a normal fulfilled life that is like thoroughly within the mainstream of American culture. Rod is like, that's a lie. And like, like the attempts to force society into thinking that that's real, or like are very dangerous. What he's really talking about here is that if like if reality of social reality has changed to the point where now the vast majority of people accept gay relationships as real, then that means rod has wasted his whole fucking life. Make of that what you will?

Kath Krueger 1:59:31
Yeah, like if his reality his you know, who's whose dream casting what social reality should be here. And because it's so out of step like what informs our social reality is what people who agree to live in a society agree on. And so the social reality he's trying to construct is totally out of setup,

Unknown Speaker 1:59:50
but things are very, very different from bourgeois middle class American morality. I was just in Europe and met a Christian from Egypt, you know, the Coptic Christian He's over there. I've been persecuted for 1200 years. And he told me that he actually feel sorry for us Americans, because he said, as we know, from our from our from the Bible from our faith, that it's more dangerous to lose your soul than your body. You know, and he, American Christians are

Dave Anthony 2:00:18
no, no, no, you know what, you can't actually say that because no one can talk to the people who lost their body. You can't ask them

Unknown Speaker 2:00:32
or losing our soul. Because we're so afraid of the world, we want so badly to be thought about well by the world, who's really afraid of the world more than we fear God. And I think that if we recognize that to be a Christian, is always to be out of step with the world, what of whatever world you find yourself in, and whatever era you find yourself, and we have to do that.

Will Menaker 2:00:56
Okay. Okay, pause, pause, pause. Like, God talks about this a lot. And like, it's the core of his book, The Benedict option, his idea that like, traditional Christianity, as you know, he admits is is out of step with the society that it finds itself in IE the West and America. But like, this idea that Christians are always going to be this like, besieged minority, and that they need to kind of make peace of that and that like the draw strength in their faith from being like, you know, fed to the lions, or whatever. But it'd be it'd be all well and good if he stopped there. But like, no, like, he is asking now, like, there wants to use the power of the state to compel people to live according to the moral beliefs that he subscribes to. It is not just about like, Oh, we're just a persecuted minority that like everyone thinks are weird or whatever, we'll be fine. And here on our own, no, he's demanding that like, the laws that like that the culture that exists in America today be violently changed through the force of law and minority rule to compel people to join, or at least live under the dictates of the club that he is assigned himself who

Unknown Speaker 2:02:06
can't. There's a great book that I read recently by a Protestant pastor named body Bolcom, African American evangelical pastor who talks about wokeness as being anti Christian. Good brothers and sisters in Christ like him, we have to listen to them because they are seeing things that the rest of us

Josh Olson 2:02:27
so you say Jesus would have dead named Caitlyn Jenner, I guess. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 2:02:34
either can't say are too afraid to talk about. Last point, there was a Christian academic named Rene Girard who taught at Stanford, he was one of the great intellectuals of the 20th century. He died a few years ago. Gerard said that in the end of days, that when the Antichrist comes, he will be like a false Christ, He will try to be more compassionate and more just than even Jesus Christ was. Girard said before he died, that he could see and what we now call wokeness, the word didn't exist, then sees perhaps the present moment of the Antichrist, because the woker trying to be more just and compassionate than even Jesus.

Will Menaker 2:03:17
It makes it you should give rod credit here because like what he describes him, as wokeness, does indeed present an existential threat to his worldview, and like his identity, and I say more please, and faster. Wow, you know, my goodness. Wow, when

Dave Anthony 2:03:35
Jesus when Jesus was crucified, the last thing he yelled was his pronouns.

Kath Krueger 2:03:40
That's right.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:42
We're using things that you must have heard through these interviews must have altered you in some way, even though you're very gruff, not enough. Nice beliefs. How have you changed through the work that you've been doing for this book?

Unknown Speaker 2:03:55
You know, I'm so glad you asked that because I live a pretty comfortable life. I'm like a hobbit, you know, I like to know what a Hobbit is read my books. But in talking to the people in the former Soviet bloc, about what they went through, especially those who went to prison, and I realized how important suffering was for our faith. I talked to a Baptist pastor, an elderly Baptist pastor and

Kath Krueger 2:04:23
try doing some that.

Will Menaker 2:04:26
Oh, he is I mean, yeah. He's living his faith. mightily. Yeah. I

Josh Olson 2:04:33
know that I think these are. He lives by

Unknown Speaker 2:04:37
the eyes and said, You go home, and you tell the American church that your faith means nothing, if you're not prepared to suffer for it. On that same trip to Moscow. I talked to a man who had spent years in prison of Russian Orthodox man for evangelizing and his face is partially paralyzed from the beatings he took. He actually told me that he had visions in prison where God said Angels to to bolster him and tell him that you're not in vain that people are being.

Josh Olson 2:05:07
It's just I hate this reasoning. It's like it's like when I was 11. You know, I told my mom I met a guy who was on the Bataan Death March and it was just like when she made me eat broccoli.

Will Menaker 2:05:18
Yeah. Dear American Conservative forum, I never thought it would happen to me.

Kath Krueger 2:05:24
I also love the idea of like, he's he's meeting, he's meeting with someone who's who's like, half his face is paralyzed because he's been been so much and is like, Oh, wait, don't wait till I tell you what's really going on in American schools. They're trying to say Rosa Parks, didn't sit in the back of the bus, or did sit in the back of the bus

Unknown Speaker 2:05:45
and will be saved for all eternity. Because of the things you've been you've been willing to suffer. Now. This is radical stuff for us, Americans, the church today whether it's Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, whatever, we are so accustomed to thinking that the faith is all about feeling good about ourselves and feeling comfortable. Here we have these believers saying that's not it. If you think that's what the faith is, you're going to collapse when the secret police come to take you away. This was so people can rod rod with like,

Will Menaker 2:06:18
this. This is what I mean, is it I mean about like, like you're getting a good, a good sort of keyhole glimpse into the rod Dreher oeuvre, because like the way he talks about these supposedly nightmarish scenarios, just like with Dennis Prager, the none of these guys can contain their essential Glee and joy that they get out of imagining a scenario in which to rough sort of slightly sadistic men with mustaches come into his bedroom in the middle of night and Dragon black bag them and throw them in the back of a bucket.

Kath Krueger 2:06:46
It's Justin as nightclothes. Yeah. I mean, it's like, it's like how evangelicals like talk about the end of the world. You know, like, if you're a true true blue Evangelical, and the world ends after or, you know, you don't get to see the apocalypse. When you die, you have to be pretty disappointed, and that you wanted to see unbelievers and lakes to fire.

Will Menaker 2:07:07
And like I go back to like an interview with Vincent Bevins author of the Jakarta method that we had on our show. And something he said to me that always stuck with me is that if the Nazis had won World War Two, there wouldn't be like a holocaust memorial in Berlin, there would be a memorial to the victims of Judeo Bolshevism and like all these people like everything that they're that they think is oh, that they'd like to like advertise is happening to them secret police carting Christians off to like Gulags in the middle of night is just wish casting what they are going to do to everyone else if we don't fucking stop them. Because like, I don't know, if you check the fucking news lately. It's not people like rod, having the full force of the state come down on them for living their life. It's it's women seeking to obtain a reproductive health care. It's fucking trans people. It's gay people. It is like the go down the list of who is being the target made the target of our state's fucking carceral apparatus and secret police forces. They're literally like Texas is offering bounties to people who will turn in women seeking abortions. So fucking like, I'm getting too tilted here. But Rob, and everyone like him really makes me fucking sick.

Dave Anthony 2:08:16
Well, you're you're, I mean, I agree with Jonathan Chait. You're a little bit much.

Unknown Speaker 2:08:24
I'm often because of his faith, you can't help but get into your heart.

Unknown Speaker 2:08:29
Wow. Wow. So that's a lesson right now sort of put yourself out of the scope of your own life and try to learn about others and how they practice faith and just simply how they live. And you'll have this deep appreciation for the freedom that you get to have here in America and for your faith itself. Rob thank you so

Kath Krueger 2:08:45
much, then you might you might accidentally develop compassion if you actually you know, someone shoes

Will Menaker 2:08:51
I will give I will give Rob This though he's absolutely right. Like a Christianity as a project that demands self sacrifice and humility is a fucking no sell in America. And if Christianity involves, like any suffering on the behalf of its believers, it has absolutely no shot in America and nor will ever

Kath Krueger 2:09:10
if you have to forego any treats to make your Christianity real than Christianity is beyond dead in America for being on the show.

Unknown Speaker 2:09:18
It's a pleasure to be here. You know, I should say before we go I dedicated this book to the memory of a Catholic priest named Father Tomislav Calaca, which by the club's nature is a Croatian Jesuit who was doing work against the Nazis in 1943. He heard they were coming for him, he escaped to Slovakia and told the people there the Christians there are going to lose the bad news is the Soviets are going to be ruling this country when it's over. And the first thing they're going to do is persecute the church. He began to prepare the church for this persecution. His own bishops told him Father Stop scaring people it will never happen here, but he knew better. Sure enough, everything he predicted happened, but because Father Calaca He saw what was coming and found people, Christians who were willing to lay the groundwork for the resistance. The underground church in that country survived for 40 years of communist oppression. We are in a Calaca which moment in America now. And we Christians and all our allies had better get ready for it.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:17
You're absolutely right. And that's something we try to focus on on the show is just, I know it sounds scary. It sounds like we are just being alarmist. But these things can happen. And they do happen. They've happened historically over and over. And to think that they won't happen here is just not rational. So that's a very valid warning. Rod, how can people support you and this?

Will Menaker 2:10:38
They can I love don't send the articles he's writing for the American Conservative to the one guy who pays his salary.

Kath Krueger 2:10:48
Oh, yeah, here's how you can support him you can you can be the next weird rich guy to support his his job.

Josh Olson 2:10:56
I can't think of a better way to support Ron that's more loving and compassionate, but it's gonna require a very, very handsome and very self sacrificing gay man. Yeah, just just, it's the part. It's the borrower somehow. They can never they can never actually, you know, there's so many. They can never find that state that was run entirely by aggrieved minorities that, to the best of my knowledge. Joseph Stalin was not neither trans.

Will Menaker 2:11:23
Nor was Georgia.

Josh Olson 2:11:26
Georgia. Okay. All right. You know,

Kath Krueger 2:11:31
so well love that last, that last thing he was saying about about the priests, you know, like, the basic premise was, yeah, he was fighting the Nazis and the Nazis were bad, but what was coming after was way worse. And it's like, okay, so like, is Nazism so bad to you?

Dave Anthony 2:11:48
Or the second worst?

Will Menaker 2:11:51
Well, I mean, like, yeah, Rod constantly invokes like why Mar Germany to talk about contemporary America. And like, it's very clear from him that he's just like, oh, like the Nazis had no choice because there was too much like gender going on in Berlin of the 1930s. And he's saying like, why am I was bad. He says like, like, why Omar was why Mr. Germany was evil because it like not because they failed to confront like the looming specter of fascism. It's that they like people were doing drag show they were saying like the Nazis like they had to put a stop to the drag shows. So sort of like understandable to rod like, Yeah, but it

Kath Krueger 2:12:25
all comes out in the wash. Basically.

Josh Olson 2:12:28
Jesus, well, that that is Rod Dreher, folks. Thank you. Thank you for the Crash Course. Willing, qith. Instructor at Prager University. That's, that's the important thing to take away here. He does have well, thanks. Thanks for coming on guys. That was you seem to have survived it relatively well unscathed. There is a video I should just send you the link on how you're better off not having sex before you're married. And I don't want to pry but I'm hoping I can get it to you in time. Oh, that ship has sailed No just kidding. I mean, not with each other. I'm happy about it. Oh my god. Well, seriously, thank you. Thank you for coming along on this insane journey with us. We only have

Kath Krueger 2:13:25
towards no one I'd rather suffer with you know, we got to watch the West Wing together now we're doing this I can only answer what your what your next venture would be. This man has

Josh Olson 2:13:37
started thinking about what's next. We need to we need to survive this but yeah. Anyway, working working people here you find you obviously Chapo traphouse. You're both on the twits right will your

Will Menaker 2:13:47
will Medicare test and

Kath Krueger 2:13:49
what I'm at Cass Krieger Cath underscore Krieger and we'd love it if people subscribed to discourse blog. There you go.

Josh Olson 2:13:57
And once you can find a link to on her Twitter page in the profile, guys. We appreciate it. And that's it for this week. We'll be back next week with another episode of the audit. And if you're very good children and eat all your vegetables, we might even tell you about the trip we took to the studios of Prager you, considering how much work they do to ensure that no one knows where that is. They were very surprised to see us. Good morning class.

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and also Colin McCoy who does all of our music. You can also find him he out there and music world He is known as diesel boots.