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In this episode, we explore the impact of labels on our lives. We discuss the concept of "fact versus story" and how it affects our emotions. We encourage listeners to embrace empowering labels and shed limiting ones. Ultimately, we have the power to shape our own narrative.

Show Notes

In this episode, I, Joey Massio, delve into the profound impact that labels can have on our lives. I assert that while people may attempt to categorize and define us, it is ultimately the labels we adopt and apply to ourselves that truly shape our reality. To illustrate this point, I recount a coaching session I recently conducted with a 17-year-old client who was grappling with the anxiety and impatience that arose from waiting for a text message from her boyfriend. I introduce the concept of "fact versus story," wherein facts are objective realities devoid of personal interpretation, while stories encompass our subjective opinions and interpretations of those facts. Through a careful analysis of the situation, I guide my client in recognizing and distinguishing the facts surrounding her waiting for the text from the story she had constructed around it. This distinction proves instrumental in alleviating her anxiety, as she realizes that her emotions were stemming from her own narrative rather than the objective reality. Building upon this revelation, I challenge my client to examine the labels she had imposed upon herself, specifically the belief that she was a "needy person." I emphasize that labels can either serve as limiting barriers (red labels) or empowering catalysts (green labels), depending on how we choose to embrace and embody them. Essentially, I underscore the fact that although others may attempt to ascribe labels to us, it is ultimately up to us whether or not we internalize and integrate these labels into our self-perception. I encourage listeners to shed the red labels that hold them back and consciously craft green labels that empower and inspire them. I acknowledge that this process may require effort and conscious intentionality at first, but I highlight the transformative potential inherent in these green labels. By wholeheartedly embracing and believing in these new labels, we unlock our ability to become the person we aspire to be. In essence, this episode serves as a captivating exploration of the significance of labels and the agency we possess in determining the narrative of our own lives. It is a call to arms for listeners to shed the limiting labels society assigns and instead manifest their own powerful and empowering green labels.

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Joey Mascio
Teen life coach & creator of Sidekick to Hero, a gamified mindset training app that helps teens build confidence, develop social skills, and achieve their goals

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