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We talk with the organizers of Fight for the Fittest and learn about the workouts this week.  We also talk the Age Group Semifinals and make our predictions for Europe and Asia as they start this week.

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And for the second time today,

the music didn't work.

So we will just jump in live.

We're live, everybody.

Welcome to Sunday Night

CrossFit Talk on Clydesdale Media.

My name is Scott Switzer.

As you know, her name is Jamie Latimer.

And we're so excited to have

with us Sam and Kelly Krivit.


They are the organizers of

Fight for the Fittest in Brentwood,

New York.

How are you guys doing?


How are you?


I'm great.


Am I correct in that this is

on Long Island?

Yep, on Long Island,

and you said it right.

Some people say in Long Island,

but it's definitely on Long Island.

So my college roommate was

from Long Island, and it's more a hard G,


Long Island?

Yeah, yeah.

So my college roommate was

from Long Island,

and I used to go up there

on weekends to hang out.

Love it up there.

Yeah, it's a beautiful place.

So you guys have secured an arena.

You're doing teams of four,

a traditional CrossFit game style,

two men, two women.


And this is the second year

you're doing this in a row?

So this is the second year

we're doing the team.

We've done individuals.

We've done partners,

probably seven or eight competitions.

But this is the first time

that we're taking it out of

the gym space and into an arena,

really looking to expand it

to a legitimate competition now.

Nassau County Coliseum or?


I mean, Nassau Coliseum would be great.

So yeah, we tried.

But yeah,

Suffolk Federal Credit Union Arena.

So that's Suffolk Community

College out there in Brentwood.


So have you gotten

spectators in the past that

you expect this to be like

a really big event?


so with the team event that we did

last May, you know,

we had about 50 teams and

we had tons of spectators,

but the event was outside and in.

So that allowed for people

to be camping out.

There was a big parking lot

at Mufasa Tevi Gym and that

had tons of spectators.

This facility has no limit.

So, I mean, it's full bleachers.

The size of the facility is

the size of a regulation track.

And that's what they do.

They do track and field inside.

So it's a massive complex

with locker rooms, lots of bathrooms,

pools, concessions.

So it has the potential to

have that big stage.

So you mentioned move fast, lift heavy.

There seems to be a connection there.

Do you guys CrossFit yourselves?

Yeah, we do.

Um, you know,

we ran our competitions out of our,

our friends gym in, uh,

Rocky point called RX fit.

And we met with move fast, heavy,

and we moved, uh,

the competitions there for

the past two years.

And we became close with them as well.


their team there with Christian Harris

and Deb graph,

who helps us run the event.

Um, that's been a good, a good, uh,

partnership for us.

We've slowly over the years

kind of just been

outgrowing facilities one

after the other.

So the next natural step at this point was,

you know, moving it outside the gym,

like Sam said,

into an arena because we

want to continue to grow.

And the only way to do that

is to allow more teams and more space.

So Christian Harris is very

famous from that group.

And you have him doing your programming?

Yeah, so he does our programming,

which is really helpful

because team programming is

actually really difficult.

The individuals, the partners,

that was very doable,

but the team concept is difficult.

And since he did it for so

many years at such a high level,

that's been a big upgrade.


and to be one of the best to ever do it.

Yeah, I mean,

last year they finished fourth,

just shy outside the podium.

And to bring that now to a

competition on a regional standpoint,

he's really excited about it.

We love having him.


so I think you told me that the

workouts will be announced soon.

This week, we're hoping, you know,

we just finished shooting demos.

We've been testing these like crazy.

We want to get them out as

soon as possible for people.

So that way, really,

people can make a decision

where they stand.

But I'm looking at this week

to get our first one out,

which will probably be our pool workout.

And then every day I'll get

another one out.

So there's five and then

there'll be a final.

So it has swimming.

So it's a legit comp.

I appreciate that.

Yeah, that's what we hope.

This year,

what we did for the first year

is this year,

the RX and the elite teams will swim.

The scale teams will have a

version of matching stimulus.

And then we're hoping in

years to come that we can

add in different aspects

that the grounds has the

ability to do a trail run.

They have a turf field.

So there's a lot of stuff

that we can do with this

facility if we have the

backing that I think we

will from the community.

That is so cool.

Big questions.

Are there still spots

available for people to

sign up and register?

Yeah, absolutely.

So we we had an early bird

registration and we're

about at 50 percent capacity.

So for September being five months away,

I'm very happy with that.

The most people are still

waiting for to find out if

they should be doing our

extra scaled early.

So they can sign up.

They can go to conquest

events or they can go

through our Web site,

which is FFTF competitions dot com.


so they could still sign up for that.

But we do expect it to sell out.

The elites will fill in

later as we see what

happens over the next couple weeks.

But we have sold out every

event we've done so far,

and we're hoping to have

500 athletes there that weekend.

Wow, that's really awesome.

How do you prevent Christian

Harris and Christine Best

teaming up and doing a scaled team?

I personally bet every

athlete that signs up.

For the scale this year,

you're actually allowed to

participate because that is

more of a community division.

There's no cash prizes in that.

RX is regulated very carefully.

We have elite level restrictions,

so how many elite athletes,

and we have a definition of

what we consider elite over

the past several years.

I bet the teams.

I go through each person and

I look them up on CrossFit

Games and look at their social media and

I tell them no or yes,

and we don't have to do it that often,

but we've done it before.


our registration page has the

information as to, you know,

guide people if you've

competed at the games or at semifinals or,

you know, or at a higher level athlete,

which division you are

allowed to participate in

and at what capacity.

You know,

we do it because with cash prizes,

we want it to be fair for

the average CrossFitter to

come in and be able to have a chance.

You know,

it's not fun for everyone to have

someone come in and just

sweep the competition

because they signed up

lower than they really

should be competing.

So if Jamie would sign up in

the RX division,

she would have to get a

bunch of schleps like me to

compete with her to stay RX, right?

Well, you know,

we'll have to look at

everybody's scores and we'll see.

But we did,

we did take that restriction

off the scale division

because people like,

like best to have their,

she has a community, she has a gym.


and if she had members that wanted to

do it, that were scaled,

we did want to encourage

people to do that, um,

as keep it competitive,

but there's no cash prizes in that.

So we,

we were a little bit looser with

that and we want to try to

encourage that.


I think that that's like a

subtle thing that the

average CrossFitter wants to know.

You know,

they don't want to go and just

get smoked at a competition.

They want to make sure that it's for them,

cash prize or not.

And I'd like that you guys do that.


You know, and I've been in,

it's been nice.

I've been in the situation where, you know,

in my stalking or vetting

or whatever you want to call it,

I have reached out to

athletes and be like, listen,

you don't belong in this division.


and they've almost been in self doubt.

Like I belong better.

And I've talked people up, you know,

and I've talked some people down and,

and it usually works out to

their benefit as well.

You know, it's, it's interesting,

but you know, only once or twice,

maybe along the way we've

had someone try to sandbag it, you know?

So how well are you guys

doing on volunteers?

So that's a good topic to bring up.

So volunteers is always

tough because we don't own a gym.

So we don't have our

community of members to pull from.

I know a lot of people I speak to,

like Tim from Metcon Rush,

they have these communities and people

you know, get involved real quick.

We've built a community.

We're doing okay.

We always need more,

always tons and tons more.

And then we've also

partnered with the AFJ and

they're going to come and

send a crew to help us with

our elite level teams at

our RX level team.

So to help kind of offset

some of that judging,

they're going to provide

for us a little bit as well.

And it also creates an

opportunity because we're

not filling every judging

position from the AFJ.

So we still want to have

those community level

volunteer judges who have experience,

but want to learn more.

And they're going to be

working alongside the AFJ

judges and kind of getting some, you know,

on the ground training and

some assistance there, which is nice.

And, but volunteers,

especially at a facility

this size with the athletes

that we're hoping to have, you know,


we always need bodies for the

whole weekend.

So yeah.

And it's anything.

If you have no experience,

it's like the perfect opportunity.

We have this, you know, anything available,

whether it's scoring or, you know.

Ticket sales and things like that.

Pit crew, anything like that, yeah.

i love about that is um I

came up through the

volunteer ranks in crossfit

before I did this and I

always wanted to be a judge

but I didn't know what I

needed to do to get there

so if you want to be a

judge and you go just do

the community event but

you're working with the afj

you get to kind of see what

you need to do right to get

to that next level and

there's a ton of people out

there that want to move up

through those volunteer ranks

And that's exactly what we

have planned with the AFJ.

So when the scale division is going,

we want to use those new

judges that are learning

and the AFJ is going to be

there to support those people.

So it's going to be kind of

a good opportunity for them

to learn and to connect

with them because they're a

growing association as well

and they need more bodies to support.

my first job was handing out

t-shirts to volunteers and

then by the end I judged uh

regionals before they went

away and so you just got to

figure it out and work your

way up and it's awesome the

best the best way to learn

to do something is to do it

and we've had volunteers

who've been with us from

our first competition and

done almost every

competition with us and

that's exactly what it is

you know they come in and they're

handing out, you know,

the swag bags and they're

checking athletes in.

And then by the last event or two,

they're on the floor judging and,

you know,

some of our best judges because

they've been around,

they know what we expect

and we've worked with them.

They've worked with other people.

It's just a great community experience.

So they can sign up for that

through the same website as

registration and spectators.

And if anyone has questions,

they could DM and I'll

answer personally if

they're not sure if they

should be doing it or they're afraid,

I'll talk them into it.

You say prizes.

You're actually giving

prizes for both Elite and RX,

which is very unique.

Can you talk about that a little bit?

So one of the big things

when we started Fight for the Fittest,

you know,

the first year was that we felt

like the average

CrossFitter who puts in so

much time and effort to

train for these local

competitions weren't getting, you know,

that feeling of being what

the elite get with all the

prizes and the swag.

So from our very first competition,

we actually went out of

pocket before the first

event and bought tons of prizes, barbells,

weight vests.

We just wanted to spoil them.

And that's kind of just been our...

The way we do things ever since.

And when we decided to add elite,

this is the first time

we're actually opening an elite division.

We did not want to take away

from our RX division.

We wanted to, and even our scaled,

we want to give them that

same experience of working

and being rewarded and

feeling like a high level athlete.

So for the elite and RX,

we do have cash prizes.

We definitely were toying

with the idea of cash for scales,

but again, just for, you know,

people obviously not wanting people to go,

you know, to compete down, we ended up,

we're going to be doing a ton of stuff.

It's going to be like

difficult to walk away in one trip with,

with all this stuff that our sponsors,

we have fantastic sponsors and they,

they hook us up with tons

of prizes as well,

but the elites will have, um,

cash, $4,000, $3,000, and $2,000.

And then the RX first place is $1,500,

and then the cash prizes go

down as well from there.

So we do want to really grow

this elite level

competition for teams that

maybe just missed out on the games,

that missed out on semis.

There's not a ton

of team competitions

especially in the northeast

uh I know that because it's

hard to do you know

logistically equipment wise

spacing timing it's hard to

do um so we're hoping that

we can kind of become a

staple for for teams going

forward awesome

Well, guys,

it's been awesome having you on here.

I'm really interested in

doing some media coverage

on some more local

competitions this year.

So I'd love to reach out to

you and maybe come up to the show.

We would love to have you.

Do a behind-the-scenes.

I would love to have that.

We have Lauren coming out

and we have a great media

team with Be Relentless.

I'm great friends with Be Relentless.

They're awesome.

He's a good dude and we're

so excited to have him.

So that's our first time working with him.

So yeah,

let's talk more and we'd love to

have you.



what I'll do is I'll cut this as a

separate clip later so you

can use it to promote and

share it wherever you need to.

That'll be within the next day or two.

I want to thank you so much for being on.

You guys have been awesome.

Thank you so much.

I'm glad you're feeling well.

Yeah, thank you.

And good luck with the competition.

Thank you so much for having us.

All right.

Thank you.

Bye, guys.


All right.

That was Sam and Kelly

Kivett from fight for the fittest.

I want to thank them so much

for being here.


it was awesome getting to know them and,

uh, yeah,

that sounds like a great competition.

Yeah, that sounds awesome.

It is.

There are not very many team opportunities,

so that that's really cool.

They've added that.


And you know,

there's some bigger

competitions that don't

give out the cash prizes

they're giving out.


So support local.

Good evening, guys.

Good evening.

How's it going?

Not too bad.




Third show today.

Just log in at it.

So how has you were going to

do a mock this week, right?

I did do a mock.

I'm sore.

My legs are sore.

Jamie did the real thing.

We'll get into that in a minute.

But I had to ask Jamie, you know,

Welcome to Wrexham came back.

Have you been keeping up?

No, we haven't started it.

Is it amazing?

Oh, it's just as good as always.

Just as good as always.

You'd love it, Carolyn.

Have you seen it?

No, you've got to watch it.

So it's it's Rexham is the

soccer team that Ryan Reynolds bought.

And they were like out of

the Champions League in

England and trying to get back in,

try to get promoted.

And that's what it's all been about.

But what you'll appreciate with it,

along with that,

when they bought the team,

they bought the women's team as well.

And in season two,

they really started to

feature them along with the

men's team in the season.

And they were trying to get

promoted as well.

And I don't want to spoil

anything for anybody on the

first two seasons.

It's on Netflix?

It's Hulu.

It's actually on FX is what it airs on.

But Hulu has the streaming rates.


Andrew hasn't even watched the new


It's not just me.

Yeah, I'm three episodes in.

Guys, come on.

Let's go.

I've been busy.



it is like watching a season of a sport,

this show,

because they climb and fall in

the standings,

and then they show game

clips and your heart's

falling when another team scores,

and it's just crazy.

But it's as good as watching sports.

Kenneth is making a snide remark.

They have Hulu in Canada?


I'm not sure.

I think so.

I think I get it.

I probably don't have it.

That's why I don't.

But I don't really watch

even much Netflix at all.

Lex does more Netflix or shows.

So, like, for me, there's a Disney bundle,

which is ESPN, Hulu, and Disney.

And we got that a long time

ago when my daughter lived here.

And it's because I like ESPN.

My wife liked that weird something tale,

The Handmaid's Tale.

Oh, yeah.

I was on Hulu.

So she got Hulu, Corey got Disney,

and I got ESPN.

And it was a nice bundle.

Less than Netflix charges now.

No, Andrew,

you can wait till after the show,

then go watch Wrexham.

But yeah,

I just had to bring that up

because I got Jamie hooked

on Wrexham last year, last season,

and now it's back and I

wanted to see if she was catching up.

Lana Marcin,

it's on Disney Plus in Canada.

Jamie, happy Mother's Day.

Thank you.

What'd you do?

Workout four.

Ordered in our Marley spoon box.

I had ordered like the

Mother's Day brunch kit and

it was waffles.

It was like this really

in-depth recipe of waffles, though,

like had yeast and you had

to make it the night before.

So the boys,

they did that last night for

me and then cooked them this morning.

I was so full and I was like,

got to the gym and I was like, oh, my God,

I need like an hour before

I can even like think about it.

So, yeah, I had that for breakfast.

Then we just went out to dinner.

I was rushing back here just to make this.

The restaurant was so packed tonight.

I mean, we knew it would be,

but it was just insane.

Our food was so slow.

My wife boycotted Mother's Day.


I honestly thought we were not doing it.

Like, last weekend we had said, you know,


kind of out this weekend with

semifinals and...

And then, I don't know,

yesterday we were getting

texts trying to figure out

what we were doing.

I was like,

I don't even know what I'm

going to be done working out.

But we made it work.

Yeah, Corey's going through some stuff.

And she was like,

I just don't want any

pressure on her to feel

like she needs to be here.

So she goes,

I'm just boycotting it so she

doesn't feel the pressure to come home.

Fair enough.

And so we had a nice weekend,

just her and I. Did some

errands yesterday and took

her out to lunch.

But last thing before we get

to the CrossFit,

Lucas had prom and he was

sporting the pink tux as

well as anybody could.

You should pull that up.

We should have had that

ready to bring up on.

I thought he looked so good.

Like, he really went all out.

His friends wore black, but I was like,

come on, guys.

It's Barbie theme.

I know.

And I kept telling him, like,

because I had ended up ordering, like,

six of these suits for him to try on.

And I was like,

ask your friends if they

want to try one of these on, like,

before I send them all back.

I don't know.

I don't think he asked.

There he is.


He looks so good.

So good.

So jealous.


He was, he was a stud.

He said he got lots of compliments.


Well, and this is going to sound bad,

but like, I love the print in it too.

Like it's just not.



Like the first one we had

ordered had like flowers in

it and it was like real sparkly.

It was like a bit much.

And then the one that he

said he liked was a

straight up plain pink suit.

And it was just not as like, I don't know.

It just wasn't as unique as this one.

And then when this one came in,

this is what, this is what he said.


I was really happy with it.


And he had a good time?


I don't know how much he dances.

I feel like those boys just stand there.

But he said he had fun,

and he said he did dance a little bit.

It was at MSU's stadium,

up in the press box area.

I've never been up there,

so it sounds like it was really cool.


That's really cool.

Anything like that.


I had a conference one time at the

Kansas City Soccer Stadium

in their press box.

And we had a work conference

overlooking the field.

It was awesome.


Well, you had a busy weekend.

It was age group semifinal weekend.

We did a little show with

some guys this afternoon.

All the ladies I'd reached

out to were like,

I'm doing a workout right at that time.

Yeah, when you said the time, I was like,

that's when I said I'm going to the gym.

But I did get Ryan Redkey, Corey Leonard,

and Dex Hopkins to jump on.

And whenever you have Dex and Corey on,

they're the Chatty Cathy

doll that just pulled their own string.

It was so good.

It was a cooking show too, Scott.

It was.

Dex was meal prepping for his workout.

I loved it.

But I had a blast.

They were so, so much fun.

Wasn't sure Ryan knew what was going on,

but he seemed to be playing along.

He did great.

It was off the rails.

So, so they,

we talked about a lot of

things and I want,

I want to get your

impression of some of those.

And that is, first of all,

where you sit right now is

a little tenuous.



You're currently in 43rd,

but your weakest workout is

that it was out of the way.



you've said on here before that the

torn labrum,

it hurts most or your

shoulders most unstable in a snatch.


And that could be mental too.

Like I just, yeah, I don't know.

We talked about that off air

and that can stay private or whatever,

but, um,

But yeah,

but you got it out of the way and

you didn't fall clear to the bottom.

You're still middle, middle of the pack.


I mean, there was like 50,

50 people who also didn't

snatch that final bar.

And I think I was sixth out

of those 52 people who

didn't snatch that bar.

So I made tie break was pretty good.


It became a tie break

workout for a lot of people.

I had,

we had two people at my gym in the


One's a 14 and 14 year old boy.

And then the other one is a 65 plus.

So really both end of the spectrum.

But then I started looking

at their leaderboards and

sure enough like there's

like just a chunk of people

at you know whatever

weights where people don't

lift at that weight and it

just becomes a tiebreaker

there's like 20 people that

were tied and for your

division there was what 50

you said I think it was

yeah I think it was 50

people maybe 46 40 I don't

know um at that final bar crazy yeah

So if people know you're sitting in 43rd,

they pick 40.

But you have two pretty good

workouts for you coming up.

I hope so.

So I have confidence that

you will be well above that

40 spot after the weekend is over.

After seeing Rudy do his and

seeing your times,

I'm confident you will be

in really good shape.

Did you redo any this weekend?

I have not.

I may redo number three

tomorrow just for... That's

the ring muscle-up one?


but it would probably just kind of be

for training purposes more

than anything else.

Or position-wise on day one?

I don't know what they're...

what they're uh how they're

setting that up I doesn't

that doesn't really bother

me honestly so it's a long

it's again and we talked

about this with carolyn and

the in quarterfinals and

you in quarterfinals it's a

really long weekend for

four workouts it's so long

I and I don't like that

because I don't like the

testing two, three times.

And, um, I don't know.

It's just not, not my thing.

I think while I think one, one, three,

and four are totally redoable.

I think two is too much volume to redo.

Um, so I, if anyone redid that, holy cow,

props to them.

There was no way I was

redoing that workout.

Um, well, but minus the three,

the three minute setup and, um,

10 seconds of jumping rope.

Uh, I see McCannons says, uh,

I think chase said that too,

and it would have been nice

for a flashy fifth workout.

There totally needs to be another workout.

I'm shocked.

We only have four workouts to be honest.

It's always been five, right?




I was surprised quarters was four.

Like with that much time,

it easily could be, it could be five.

But, um,

so then there was the leak that it

came out.

I didn't even know about this.


Neither did the guys on the show today.

Like they're like,

we're two days in when we

learned about it.


Some people had the

movements in the order they

were weeks before this happened.

That's insane.

I got a bone to pick with Tristan.

He needs to be in that crowd

so we know these things.

Yeah, I just saw that.


I had just heard that Taylor Self had

it just because I saw it on

Taylor's video that he was

doing about it.

But I didn't know that.

I mean, I'm assuming if it goes to him,

there's a community of

people that would have it.

But I didn't know how many

people would have access to that.

It's crazy.

Like Taylor said,

people hate his guts and he had it.

And he said that on Club and Scribble.

That's where Hiller took that.

But who else have we heard

that actually had it other than Taylor?

So Masters Chatter talked about it,

and there were other people who had it.


So what kind of disadvantage

does that put athletes in

that don't have it?

Or do you just not care and

you're just going to move on?


It's really tough to... It's

really tough to, like,

just knowing the movements is one thing.

It's really tough to

anticipate what the time

frame would be and... Like,

you don't have the weights.


just because you knew you were rowing

and snatching,

how do you know exactly

what you're doing?

And you don't know that it's

a 20-minute AMRAP.


I suppose you could have practiced

some combinations of things

and maybe had a leg up, but...

you don't know what the long workout is.

So you don't know which one

is the one you probably

want to test so that you

don't have to have a redo later.

I don't know.

So this is the podcast I saw

talking about it.

Jason Grubb had a podcast

and Bob and Joe ripped into

Taylor without naming him

saying he had a lack of integrity.

Who has the lack of the person reporting?

It has a lack of integrity

or the person who leaked it.

I feel like he at least was

honest in saying, hey,

I got these workouts.


Reporting is one thing.

That makes no sense.

But, like, what was he – I mean,

I guess he could have reported it earlier,

but then you also don't

know if that's the real

thing until it comes out.

And it's like, oh, I guess these were it,

the text message or whatever he had.


maybe they felt that if once he had it,

he should have put it out

versus after the workouts were released.

I don't know.

Is that what they meant?

Cause I didn't see that podcast.

I only saw clips from it to

know that the leak was

bigger than just Taylor.

Here's my, here's my thing.

I really disagree with you, Andrew,

and I'm trying to get upset.


Here's the deal.

Being at Legends back in the athlete area,

talking to athletes,

it was obvious to me that

some of the athletes had

more information than other

athletes about that competition.

And I'm not naming names or

accusing anybody of anything.

It was obvious to me in the

questions I asked and the

answers I got that some

people knew more than

others and knew more about

what was coming with the

age group CrossFit games than others.


So there is someone leaking

information to some of the athletes.

If you want to be a legit

sport moving forward, that has to stop.

Or you need to make your

announcements way earlier for everybody.

CrossFit almost needs to

hire like a few athletes

that are good that could basically like,

you know,

semifinal games level athletes

and be like, Hey,

we're going to pay you a contract.

And like, it's a paid job.

You're on the team to test

and you're not part of any

training camp or anything like that.

Your job is to, you know,

test the workouts and

you're part of that little tiny circle.

It's almost like you need

someone that's not actively active.

within the community, even,

even like people that are programming,

like they're still friends

with people that are

competing and stuff like that.

Like, it's just hard.

We live like, it's,

it's just an unprofessional

sport in terms, like in general,

these leagues happen every competition,

almost like almost every competition.

There's people that know the workouts, um,

or movements or something like that.

Like, I don't know.

I don't even know if that

would even work to, they don't,

they wouldn't have the money to do that,


I don't even know what the solution is.

Cause you still need some

sort of high level athletes

to test the workouts,

but almost everyone is

connected to someone.

So it's like,

even if you were to hire them

to test workouts or it's just hard.

I think there's just a lot

of people that lack

integrity in general and

I just, I don't know.

It's just frustrating.

It's really frustrating.


I'm to the point in my belief system

that the late announcement

of things is just,

we just have to go away from it.

You just have to, you know, the workout,

you have it finalized,

you announce it to the

world and then you do the

password stuff if it's,

if it's online or.

you or it's live and

everybody has the same

advantage you should always

do the password online

because if you had access

to it prior you can't film

it prior you need to

release that password so

that you're still executing

whatever workout it was on

that day or that weekend

like the password thing was

a great idea when they when they had that

But yeah,

I think that they just almost

have to release the

workouts early because

there's just too much

information out there.

Once the workouts are finalized,

it's almost like, okay, release it.


Seema, you're making excellent points,

but I don't want to name names.

So I'm not pulling up your comment,

not because of I don't

believe you or respect you.

You are making excellent points.

What Andrew says here,

society in general has a

problem with integrity.

I agree.

But like you're saying,

just because Taylor heard it,

he shouldn't share it.

I actually think that is the

issue and it in line with

what you're saying.


I kind of think he has that he has

more integrity to try to

put it out there and let everyone,

everyone else be in it.

Like it's,

it's unfair.

And so he's trying to level

that playing field by

getting that out there.

Like he shouldn't be one of

the few that has it or for people,

if he like is aware of where,

where it came around.

It's just tough.


Cause like he'll like,

he coaches age group

athletes or if he got the

information for himself for

the semifinals, right?

Like it is an advantage for

him to know that as an athlete,

like when he got released

the movements of the

individual semifinals, um,

except for like two or

something that weren't in there.

Like that's an advantage for him to know.

And it's like,

it's a tough situation that he's in.

He didn't ask to be put in

that position to know that information.

So it's, I mean,

good on him for being

honest with what would you say?

Shut up and scribble.

So the Jr.


But yeah, it's just a, it's tough.

But why should he have it?


You can't just yell at the screen, Jamie.

Come on.

Here we go.

So Andrew said,

but he doesn't know who has it.

I don't think he's, and then he says this,

I don't think he's assuming

everybody has it.

I think he,

if you heard Brent Fikowski on Savan,

he said if he had it,

he would be the rat that

told everybody because it

needs to be a level playing field.

And he goes,

everybody would call me a rat.

And that's what I would do.

And that's why nobody shares

anything with me because

they know I'm going to rat it all out.

And the one year at the games,

like there's a, I think it was like 2022,

I think.


I feel like so many athletes knew so

many of the workouts.

Like I was on the bus and I

had a male athlete tell me, oh yeah,

the next one I heard

there's cleans and yokes

and heavy deadlifts.

And I was like, okay, yeah.

I mean,

we're going to find out soon at the


And like, I didn't, and then sure enough,

they're like doing the briefing and then

The clean, the deadlifts.

And I'm like, are you kidding me?

I'm like, how long have people known this?

And I was like, this is ridiculous.

I was happy with the workout

because I like those movements.

But I was like, people know this?

This is not a fair game.

This is not a fair game.

I completely agree.

So my last age group question,

now that we've hammered that quite a bit,

is I'm confident you're

going to qualify after this weekend.

I've seen your scores.

You're going to be fine.

You're going to make it to the games,

and then you have a really

long time before the games

because your semis are before elite,

and elite to elite games is

a shorter window,

and then you have another

month after that.

So how do you, like,

do you just stop training

hard and get your body

recovered and then start

building back up as you get closer?

Or how are you going to

handle that long window?

Because I asked Rudy Berger

the same question.

I don't want to hear your answer.

I don't know.

That's a tough one for me.

Like, I'm not somebody who likes...

resting or even like down,

down regulating in my training.

Like that's been really hard

for me over like the last four years.

Like I would honestly say I

could show up to any

competition any week of the

year and would perform

exactly as I do any time.


and I know that's not even close to ideal,

ideal, but I, I don't,

I don't know.

I just train the same year

round pretty much.

So nothing will really change.


You have a shoulder injury.

Well, yeah, I,

right now I should probably

try to like figure the

thing is there's really nothing I can do.

Like, like you said,

I have to have surgery.

So I don't know, like,

and maybe this isn't a topic for here,

but another CrossFit

athlete reached out to you

and said they tried something different.

Do you have time to try that

different thing,

or do you think that wouldn't work?

Like the court zone shot?



it was Carleen Matthews reached out

to you because she had the same injury.


I think she just did a court zone

shot too.

Yeah, I thought she did PRP.

Oh, yeah,

I don't know if I want to do that.

don't know if because of the

extended period of time

would you have the time to

try something and recover

maybe maybe I don't know I

don't know enough about any

of that stuff like I don't

you have to like not work

out for a while after prp

like isn't it kind of like

a stem cell type issue like

and you're supposed to not

work out so like that it

can heal I think it's your

own red blood cells it's

your own platelets

I don't know.

I'll just keep working out on it.

It's whatever.

I'm just going to rip it off

and then we'll get it fixed afterwards.

Like I, it is what it is.

Would you get surgery after the games?

Yeah, that's kind of on the plan.

And that's why I just like train up.

Like it is what it is.

I'll work on it until it

pops out of pops out of the

socket completely.

And, and it's useless.

And then we'll get it healed.

I don't know.

I'm not smart.

I just work my body until it

doesn't go anymore.



I'll rub some dirt on it, Ken.

You're spot on.

I'm just here to ask the question.

We'll see what Tristan has to say.


And you're working with a doctor.

You could talk to them as well.

I guess I haven't seen him since.



So I haven't seen him since

before the open.

Cause you don't want to hear

what he has to say at this point.

I, yeah.

I mean,

he told me I can work out on it and

I will probably try to get

the quarter zone shot.

That's like,

that's going to be what I do

and see if I can, I don't know.


All right, cool.

Well, good luck the rest of the way.

Um, if you redo good luck with that.

Um, and I,

I'm confident you'll be in there.

So, um,

we're a week out from the elite

semifinals already.

It seems like the season is so compressed.

Is it just me?

We're like, bam, quarterfinals.

Bam, age group semis.

Bam, we're into the elite semis.

It's just nonstop.

I don't know.

I felt like it was like this last year.

I had a lot more time to do

semifinal interviews last

year than I do this year.

Because the quarterfinal got pushed back.

That's the issue for you.

Because the quarterfinals

almost two or three weeks

after what it was last year.

Like there was a lot of time.

There was still somewhat a

lot of time between the

quarters and the semis.

This time around,

it was like quarters got

done and less than a month away.


you already have the first semifinal.

So that's why it's probably

like more jam packed.

It feels like a quicker

turnaround for sure from

the quarters to semis.

I prefer like last year's

version where it went open

one weekend off and then we

had the quarterfinals and

then a little bit more time

to build for the semifinals.

I prefer that over the

schedule of this year, I guess.

But it is what it is.

So, so they're here anyway.

We're here.

They come last week on barbell spin.


they had a dream Bosman on who did

clarify some, some things.

First is the running on the workout.

One is not going to be on a machine.

How excited are you for that?

Or are you not?

I don't know.

Like I like the machines.

I get the direct feedback of

like if I'm slowing down,

if I'm picking it up versus

like on the floor.

But in terms of the race,

like you just know where

you are in the race.

Like it's hard to you can

like a lot of times you

could see just the lanes

beside you last year on the

flip cards that they were putting.

But you couldn't see all the

way down the floor unless

the commentary or the.

person talking was announcing.

And most of the time they're

like behind on what they're saying.


so in terms of like knowing where you

are in the race, it's much better.

Um, you, again,

we kind of are like last

year where you can't

compare between regions at all.


kind of like the magic carpet from last

year where one, you know,

North America had

the floors that were like super friction.

And then you had other places that,

you know, it was sliding much better.

So like you,

I always like after the end of

the semifinals,

just to see where I would be worldwide.

And I think that that takes

that out now because you cannot compare.

routes that different people

will be running.

And it just leaves a lot of

room for interpretation.

Is it going to be like 200 meter loops?

Is it going to be one long 800 meter loop?

Is it outside?

Is it inside?

So I'm looking forward to

seeing a little bit more of

those details.

But I mean,

I think running on the ground

will just favor the better runners.

I think the machines help

um certain athletes because

every machine is better if

you are a little bit taller

weigh a little bit more so

yeah I what I think is if

they would broadcast it

which they have chosen not

to it would make it a

better spectator event

because you could actually

see who's winning

There's nothing more boring

than watching Air Runner

and a little tick thing

going up than that.

Vi asks a question.

And she typed a long time,

so we want to give her her due.


there are some games athletes who

are saying they're

considering doing the

individual games if they

qualify and the Masters games.

Do you have thoughts on this?

Is it good for the age groups?


I think it's great for the age groups.

I think keeping some of

these age group names

relevant is only going to

draw bigger crowds to the age groups,

to the Masters.

So, yeah,

if you can have someone go to the

games and do well and then –


and what if that person shows up at

their 35, 39 and doesn't win?

Like that just shows you a,

it probably shows you a

little bias in the programming possibly,

but like,

there's just the qualifying

process is just,

it's just difficult and

everybody's different at

different stages.

So, um,

I think it'd be cool to see

something like that happen.

And probably added

motivation for the age

group athletes trying to

beat that games qualifier.


For sure.


And exposure is exposure, right?

The more you get, the better.

And the age groups need as

much as they can get.

And I think you'll probably

see them even more in team athletes.

Like you'll have some team

athletes who then come and

do the master's.


And Kenneth, that's what I was saying.

If it was streamed,

it'd be a better spectator sport,

but it's not being streamed,

which is a travesty.

It is a travesty.

yeah even like see even if

they don't get the run

because it's like outside

and they come back in and

they don't want to have

like a drone or something

like that but just seeing

the athletes enter every

round do their 10 clean and

jerks run out see the you

know who's coming in and

out where people are going

touch and go singles are

they making up any ground

just any type of broadcast would be good

So I was in the Coliseum for

the 400s with the cleans,

the clean ladder,

one of the most exciting

events I ever watched.

And I couldn't even see the run.

Well, regardless,

I run that I could not see.

And then the clean,

when they were entering and exiting,

it was so much fun.


And this is a longer run.

Like there's going to be some change.



I'm so upset that they're not doing that.

So the other clarification

is that the lunges are farmer's carry.

Thank God.

And then he was very coy

about the handstand walk.


Because he was asked straight out,

is it a straight down and

back handstand walk?

And he said,

I'm going to save that for now.


that one I'm just really having

trouble visualizing.

I don't get the 96, 120, and then 72.

And the 72 is the same

distance as the last event

with the lunges.

But, like, yes, they can go into –

like a 24 foot sections, uh,

spin was saying like, you know,

one round would be 48 down

and back then 60 down and back then a 72.

But I just don't see that

like where you'd have a 48, um,

foot line.

And then the next round you're going for,


I think it would be so confusing to

have different colored lines.

It's like, no,

this time you're going to that line.

I don't know.

I think it's just 24-foot sections.

Maybe with like a pirouette

or something in the middle of a box.

Like we had at semifinals last year,

like a pirouette in the

middle of each 24-foot section.

And it's just like a 20-foot,

one pirouette.

And then you come down at the 20-foot,


Kick back up in the middle.

You do a 360.

Just because I don't see them bringing...

The ramp and like having

that at every semifinal.


I agree.

I just don't see them having that.

Could they do a zigzag?

They could.

I don't see that.

The easiest thing is the

pirouette that they had last year.

Totally agree.

Like, I just don't,

I don't even see them

having plates on the ground

where you go over and.



I think it'll be the 24 foot sections

with one to three pirouettes.

Something like that.

I just don't think it's like a 48, 60.

Like, I don't know.

I can't.

I can't picture going

different distances every time.

You would just keep adding a length.

But yeah, I don't know.

So it was also announced

that they were changing the

formula for strength of region,

and they were only

including those individuals

who are going to semifinals

instead of the whole thing.

Which is what I thought it was, right?

That's what I was trying to say last week.

It was not that way before.

I know, but that's what they're doing.

It's like the 40 that signed up,

that makes the strength of field, right?


So we had to wait until 42nd cat got it,

whoever declined.

And that's what I thought was happening.

So it, it was not announced though,

until Wednesday and then

released on Friday.

Um, cause if you follow like Halpin,

like he changed it

repeatedly through the week

as more information became available.

Um, and like, at first when he said that,

I was like, okay, that's a,

that's actually a good change.

to represent, you know,

the actual athletes that

are competing and people

that are going team that

tried to do the

quarterfinals for their regions.

Like they shouldn't count

technically because they're

not in the field.

So I'm like, okay,

this is actually a good move.

And then when the numbers came out,

I was like, Oh no.

I was like, yeah, I don't think this is,

I mean,

clearly it's somewhat performance based,

but I was like, Ooh,

So here's my beef with this whole thing.

And then I'll let you guys,

I'll pull the string.

We'll let you guys go.

Jamie, when this was released,

Jamie said to me,

there's no way that the

third place person from

South America beats,

I can't remember what number she used,

like the 40th person from

North America East.


Or Europe.

I think the first place

person would have a hard

time beating 30 of the

people in the North America East.


I was just, yeah, being very extreme.

But yes.

I'm going further with it.

And yet they did a next,

like I see Oceana with the men.

The men are on the come.

And with Bailey and Jay Crouch and Ricky,

like that needed to be boosted up.


And the women,

they have a bunch of young

women coming out of there too.

I'm not sure it should go to four,

but... Not this year.

In regular years, yes.

It's already like they got a

spot added because Tia's not there.

Now it's like they got two spots added.

When Tia's not in the field,

that's a spot for someone.


It really is.

Same thing.

I mean, I would say typically for when,

when Carl was competing,

like if she was not there,

like it's the same thing.

It's like earning those spots.

But so it was already like

they had that extra spot.

Cause Tia switched regions.



Your guy.

So only eight women in the West.

which we kind of talked about.

I think you guys are good

with that last week.

I thought it was going to be

somewhere like around seven or eight.

So that's basically where I

thought it was.


Were you shocked Europe only got 10?


In my opinion,

Europe should have like 14

or 15 for the women.

I think I would have them have like 14,

the East 14, the West like 18.

Seven or eight.


Sahar... What's her name?


She's good.

And Chung Young Choi is back.

And Choi is good.

It's like max two there.

I don't understand the South

America one where they got

the extra spot.

Me either.

And the Asia one, really, too.

Maybe I just haven't been following it,


I get the Asia one with Sean

Young Choi and Zahir Kaya.

It's because it's because

Choi wasn't in the field last year.

So she's getting back her

points from the year prior

and someone else from the

year prior that had qualified.

So like,

that's like one of the ways that

you could get more like spots,

but I don't know.

I just don't understand the extras.

Like I, like, like you're three.


south america but lynn says

it best in the comments

linda jiri europe was the

biggest surprise of only

getting 10 yeah at least 12

like at least 12 to 13 for

me like for the east and

europe and like the west I

think is fine at eight

that's fine but it's like

some of the other regions

that got more I was like oh

I tried talking to Lex about it,

and she's like, hey, these are the spots.

You can't do anything.

And I was like, I know, but let me vent.

And she's like, nope.

She's like, top 11.

It's all set.

She's like,

you don't have to worry about

any other region.

And I was like, I know, but still.

To me, Europe got ripped off.

I completely agree.


We ready to do our exercise?


I'm going to try my best.

I need to pull up my list.

So we are picking the people

we think are going to make the games.

And I have a frog.


So let's start with Asia

because it was the hardest.

Who do you guys have for the men in Asia?

It's two spots.



I mean, I, I feel like that set of got,

wasn't he, wasn't he qualified last year?

And he ended,

he was the one who backed out.

Which one?

The one that's in second?


He's a set of got.

I feel like he was qualified

last year and something

happened and Ant took his spot.

I'll take the Ivan guy.

Yeah, I would take.

Ivan dominated quarters.

Yeah, he did.

So I've been Kirkus of.

I have him going and Shung Young Kim.


with Aunt Haynes being the dark horse

to get a spot.

I just don't know enough about that.

The man on that side.

I still think I think said I

got it's going to get one

of the spots personally,

and I think it would be the sleeper.

I think Ant will get in as

one of the two spots.

I'll pick Ivan.

I'll do Ortiz as a third place.

On the women's side,

I think we all probably

have the first two.


Sahir Kaya and Chung Young

Choi will get two of the three spots.

Who do you have on the third spot?

Evie Hollis.

That's what I picked too.

That's just because I...

That's like the one name

that I would recognize.

That's who I have.

And I couldn't come up with a dark horse.

I'll be honest.

I did not know any of the

other John Young.

Do I want John?


So, yeah, I don't,

I don't know enough about

the other athletes to come

up with a dark horse there.

Me either.


All right.

So then we go to Europe

where it's going to be a lot easier.


So we'll do this systematically.

Jamie, who are your men for Europe?



Like, like all of them.


Just hit,

hit the 10 and then your dark horse.

Koski, BKG, Feibig, Hoffer.




What am I at?


I wasn't counting.

Yellow hosta.

And I'm going to say my dark horse is...

I wrote that down somewhere.

Is this the one that has the, yeah,

my dark horse versus boss hard.



Caroline, are you going to go with her?

Do I need to count as you go?

No, I have my 10.

I'll pick the dark horse after.





i think the brother

qualifies especially with

that running event I think

the brother qualifies

especially with that

running event I think the

brother qualifies

especially with that

running event he'll do well

in that first one he'll do

well in that first one

he'll do well in that first

one hosta hosta hosta hosta

hello hello hello uh henrik

kapalinan uh henrik

kapalinan uh henrik

kapalinan and my tenth is

luca vunyak okay okay okay

this and I actually put

them in the this and I

actually put them in the

this and I actually put

them in the order I think

they'll finish order I

think they'll finish order

I think they'll finish okay

Yonikoski, BKG, Moritz Fiebig, Yella Hosta,

Lazar Jukic, Enrico Zanoni, Victor Hoffa,

Enoil Akai, Heinrich Heipelainen,

and Fabian Benito.

And I actually have Luca as my dark horse.

My dark horse is the Nika.





Go with the women.

We'll go Carolyn first this time.


Laura, Gabby, Manon, Emma Tall,

Emma McQuaid, Freyova, Dahlstrom.

I'm going to go with Gluck, Fuliano,


What am I at right now?

One, two, three.

You told me I didn't need to count.

I guess Kringle will be my last one.

I have Laura Horvat, Gabby Magawa,

Emma Tall, Karen Freyova, Emma McQuaid,

Mano Anganese, Elisa Fuliano,

Elena Caratal-Sanahua, Andrea Sober,

and Moram Yvonne Rohrer.

Dark Horse, Lucy McGonigal.


I have Gabby, Laura,

not necessarily in that order,

but possibly.

Gabby likes to beat Laura at semifinals.

Emma, Tal, Karen Freova, Turi, Manon,

McQuaid, Van Roer, and Wittesen.

And my dark horse is Solberg.

Yeah, just outside for me,

I have Turi and Solberg.

So Lynn asks me, wait, Scott,

you don't have Bronislaw?

This is classic CrossFit this year.

Last year was heavy, pulling a sled,

heavy snatches.

Bronislaw doesn't have that this year.

And so that's why he's not in my 10.

He just has to survive the

first two events, damage control.

And then I think he can make

up some stuff.

But like number three is what,

rope climbs?

He's not very tall, right?

Some of the taller Europeans

might have an easier time

on a 30-inch box jump, legless rope climb,

and the echo bike.

Really, if you're tall on that one,

someone like Brent should

do very well on that event

when it's his turn.

Bronislaw's not short, but he's not tall.

I think it's mostly that

first event for sure.

Then after that,

he can win the snatch one.

And the reason I have Andrea

Solberry there is if she's

going to ever make it to the games,

this is the programming she needed.

Yeah, I agree.

And she's been on the verge for so long.

She's good.

And like anything handstand walk,

she's going to crush.

i think she's gonna crush

that event I think she'll

win that one so yeah that's

where and I find in europe

like you have like gabby

and laura and I might be

like maybe one or two other

ones and then there's like

so many that can just fight

for the rest of those spots

it's gonna be very exciting

and it's just like

depending on execution

really and how they're

gonna be feeling that

weekend it's gonna be close

So Lynn says,

I have it on record that

Bronislaw has been running every day.


But it doesn't matter if you run every day,

if you run really slow every day.


It's just tough.

Cause like Europe are so

known to have aerobic capacity and,

you know,

most of the workouts that

they've excelled in

throughout the open and quarter finals,

like they've done so well

in any type of aerobic work.

So yeah,

I'm sure there's going to be

some freaks on that first

one with the run.

That's just going to be hard

for him to get those points,

but he can even up by winning the snatch.

Yeah, exactly.

And like when you have a

home run in these type of semifinals,

it's huge.

If you can get those top five points,

like because it like the

points kind of like

decrease at a certain amount.

It's like in the East last year,

Most of the time,

those top four or five

girls were just getting top four or five.

So the moment like Sydney

Wells got a first place on

that run and got a lot of points,

it helped for her last

place because it just,

it brought her way back

into the mix versus like,

if you're just getting

middle ground the whole

time and it's just kind of

fighting between those bubble players,

like the moment you can

have that home run, it's,

it's huge in that kind of weekend.


It'll be interesting to see.

I just... It's never been

easy for Braun to make it to the games.

Every year is a struggle.

He's not going to go in as a podium.

It's going to be... He's

going to be in that 7 to 13 range.

So... Any other comments

about what's coming up?


And we'll get the coverage

of Saturday and Sunday this

weekend for both of those,

probably in the early morning hours,


I just think it's

unfortunate for the week

one to not have all the details.

And like, we had the same thing last.

I mean, I I've never,

I've never not been in week one.

I think every time I've been week one,

but like,

it would be nice for them to

know like what kind of

handstand walk it is like just the,

the layout, the flow.

at least know that you know

the week of um I just

because the rest of the

weeks we're going to know

how what the floor layouts

are and everything else so

I don't think that it's

fair for the week one to

have the adaptability also

be a factor like for us we

have you know we have more

time I guess that like that

like that's one thing but

like week one has the least

amount of time and they

also have to adapt because

they're finding out

floor layout like why not

just release like what they

used to do a few years ago

those videos of someone at

hq going through the flow

of what the workout looks

like I think it saves a lot

of stupid questions at the

briefing and I think it

makes it fair for the week

one I i like that idea so

kenneth asks who does andre

who day coach he coaches a

lot of people now

Uh, hyperline and the medicine, right?

I'm not sure.

And I know Mano for sure.

Um, but yeah, he's growing in Europe as a,

as an elite coach.

So there's a lot,

he has a lot of athletes.


talked about north america

versus the world earlier in

the week um carolyn you

brought that this up in the

notes they announced that

they're going to have

several formats at water

palooza california socal

water palooza socal my

first question to you is

north america versus the

world do you think this is

the out of box thinking

that crossfit offseason needs

Yeah, I think it's, I mean, it's cool.


this is what we talked about before

the format was out that

they should do something like this,

where the athletes after the games,

the volume can be a little bit lower.

Um, you know,

you have the one-on-ones or two,

you pick your two athletes

for this workout so that

they're not getting crushed by the bond.

Cause they're coming off the games.


So I think something like this is cool.

You saw a unique format in,

what was it called?

The fittest?

fit fest fit fest that like

that worked well um people

will say that this is kind

of like the grid league

type of format too I'm not

familiar enough with how

that runs to I don't think

that it's kind of like the

grid league but I think

it's a great idea um

something unique and I

think it's going to draw a

lot of people to come there

plus it's california so

So I think calling it grid league is lazy.

Grid league movements are

very different than CrossFit movements.

What they allow and what

they don't allow in grid is

what makes grid grid.

Just because you start

different people and

specialists doesn't make a grid.

So here are the formats.

First is individual,

all for one and one for all,

all eight versus each other.

Second one is all hands.

Um, because we go, we go further together,

all eight as one United

front spotlight showcase,

the team's expertise,

one male and female on

behalf of the team.

Um, Miami team, uh,

with love for the teams of three,

same gender.

So three women, three men.

And then we have a CrossFit Games team.

Two men, two women repping your squad.

And then captains.

True test of leadership.

Teams captains go toe to toe.

I love it.

I do too.

That's awesome.

And the captains will be

voted on by the fans.

That's cool.

Should the teams be voted on by the fans?

Or just becomes a popularity thing?

I call it heavy hitter.

I like that.

The heavy hitter format.

I think it hits all the

spots it needs to hit.

It's reduced volume, like you said.

You're just coming off the games.

You cheer on your teammates.

You can pick who's good at what.

And you can split it up so

not anybody's doing too

much in the weekend.

And just...

And again, I said it last week.

We used to do like a

barbecue the day of the invitational.

And it was just an all-day watch party.

And we would have a blast.

I cannot wait for this.

And that's not going to rain

like in Florida.

This is California here.

And the television coverage

should be better because

you don't have a 30-wide lane here.

field to try to cover this

is just two teams I'm

excited for it uh Lynn's

asking is SoCal happening

before after Rogue it is

happening before it is at

the very end of September

and Rogue got pushed back I

think to November next year

or this year right because

normally it's in October

this time yeah SoCal is

definitely the end of September

Um, so yeah, so I'm excited.

Something fun to watch.


we'll go ahead and finish up with a

couple other little details.


I wanted to talk a little bit about

CrossFit media.


and this may be my riff for the week or


but I found out that we had

approved media credentials

for Clydesdale media on Monday.

Two weeks from an event in California.

Try to get plane tickets and

accommodations in two freaking weeks.

And that was verbal.

I didn't even get the

written approval until Thursday.

We've got to do better.

If you're not going to have

your own media department

and you're relying on third-party media,

they need to know if

they're approved or not

well before the event so

they can make the

accommodation plans just

like an athlete does.

What did you find?

The first hour it was available.

Which was when?

A couple months ago.


It took this long.



It was during the open, I think.

I'd have to go back and look at my email,

but literally the first...

And I reached out to both

Syndicate and West Coast

Classic on Monday.

They both gave me a verbal,

but... And basically,

it was like with an attitude, like,

why didn't you reach out sooner?

I've applied.

That was me reaching out.


Oh, Trish.

Trish says,

they have to watch all of your

videos to make sure you

don't have the wrong tone.

Here's my thing.

I've been respectful.

I show up at every press

conference at the events.

I do all the things I'm supposed to do.

I'm a rule follower by fault.

Once I've proven that,

I should have a blanket

approval and not have to go

through an application

process every single year.

Now the size of my team may

differ this or what I can

bring as in photographer, videographer,

whatever may change year to

year based on the venue and the space.

I get that,

but the organization as a whole

should have an approval

once you've proven yourself.

waiting till this last

minute has made me pivot

completely on what I'm

doing this season because I

just cannot afford as a

small company to pull this off.

Here's the other part.

I'm going to say the fact

that they deny Andrew

Hiller as a media person is

you can love him or hate him.

He brings eyes to the sport

that I love and,

When you start restricting

people who have the ability

to bring people to the table,

you're going to lose the

sport altogether.

And then I'm going to have

nothing to talk about.

Is he my competition?


But he deserves to be there

to report on what's going on.

He has proven that he has

the journalistic chops to do that.

with his visits to Mayhem,

with his 48 hours with Haley,

the visits to Affiliates.

Hate is no rep videos.

Hate is attack videos on HQ.

Whatever you want to do, fine.

But he deserves to be there.

I'm so sick of this.

I'm sick of them because

with personal vendettas

doing certain things and it

goes back to the days of

the vendetta against Matt

Frazier and not letting him

go to the invitational.

They do it to athletes.

They do it to media.

Whenever there is someone

who speaks out against them,

they blackball them in ways that

that is not fair to the

sport and you're going to

screw over the sport.

And then I'm not going to

have anything to talk about

in the venue that I love.

And it's got to stop.

I just think, and riff,

I just think more media, the better, like,

especially if they're not

going to be investing that

much in their media.

I don't understand why they

restrict the lenses,

like the lens length.

I don't,

I don't know anything about

cameras and stuff, but like,

why not allow people to, you know,

show like showcase their media side and,

and promote the sport

through their channels.


I think that that would only help

grow the sport.

I don't understand that part.


I do understand certain aspects, right?

You can only have so many

photographers in the pit.



And the frog is back.

But you mean like anyone.

If I bought a Spectre Pass,

why can't I bring in a

camera lens and shoot from the stands?

I agree with you.

Why not?

Who cares?

People are still going to

watch the broadcast.

People are still going to

listen to the broadcast.

Are they that scared that

people aren't going to

watch the broadcast?

People are going to watch the broadcast.


There are lenses though that

are and I can't even show

it on the screen because it's too small.

Right, right.

You do have to limit the

lens in the spectator area

or people are going to get

hit in the head.

Okay, true.


But it can be more reasonable.


All right.

But anyway,

we need as much media coverage

as we can get.


I mean, we don't even have day one.

The teams get half of their competition.



Cause the teams only compete

two days and you just cut

one of their days off.



I mean, and things like this happen, like,

like Dave saying after the fact last year,

when nobody was covering masters,

except for an iPhone from

the rafters and it's still

frame out where nobody

could see anything set on

as we can review.

to people that said, oh,

I would have covered it,

which I would have been one of them, said,

well, you should have.

But your media agreement

makes it so we can't.

Like, left hand talk to right hand.

But anyway.

It's what nobody,

there's no official stream

to compete with when they don't do one.

Like you would think if you

would think that on day one,

they'd be like, do you know,

we're not going to stream.

However, feel free to stream it, you know,

on your own platforms.

Well, and you know, everybody's brother,

sister, partner,

whatever is IG living it

from the stands anyway.

Like who did it last year?

Was it chase?

Was it,

was it get with the program or was it, uh,

the cross CrossFit podcast?

Like, well, what, what platform was it on?

think is the crofts fit

podcast yeah it was chase

and um adrian conway but I

think it was chase that

kind of started the the

movement are they like they

should be at least allowing

that and allowing them to

do something well chase is

doing the recap show so now

he doesn't want to cut into

his own other ratings and

then bring back jason

kalipa just getting so

excited off of everyone yeah


and so they're having Adrian and

Chase do the recap show.

So they'll be busy setting up for that,

and they can't do their own stream.

But if they're going to be

doing recaps and already

have some footage of the event,

why not have, I mean,

I'm going to say the standstill camera,

but then I'm thinking about

the game's age group

standstill camera and how bad that was.

And it was like, okay,

don't even show it because

it was so far away.


I don't know.

Something is better than nothing, I think.

I still think something's

better than nothing,

but the age group one at

the games was pretty competitive.

I think so many people said

something's better than nothing.

They tried to prove us all wrong.

Yeah, they literally were so far away.

Literally, though,

if you parked an iPhone in

each corner and used just

this stream yard and

bounced between the angles,

you could do a better job

than a lot of things.


Riff's over.

I just had to say that.

So we need to go to east and

stream is what you're saying.

I don't know.


Well, I talked about a pivot,

so I did want to make this announcement.

So what I've been doing is

reaching out to really cool

local comps that are bigger

than just a local comp.



to offer my services to come

in and do like a behind the

scenes of their competition.

And one of the first ones I

did that with was Fresh Coast,

which is on Lake Michigan,

up in Michigan.

And I knew of it because

they came on the show last

year and Jamie has competed

there for the last several years.

And it got kind of famous

because now Rich Froney

goes and competes there with a team.

reached out to them.

They have given me approval

to go in and do a behind

the scenes of that event in July.

And so I am super,

super excited that we're

going to be able to do and

highlight local competitions,

local athletes that bring

in some more because Jack

Rosema competed there.

Rich Froning competed there.

There's semifinal athletes

and other athletes that do that.

And we can kind of

feature them and give them

the highlight they deserve.

So we're going to do that this summer.

And I just offered my

services up to fight for the fittest.

So we'll see what we can do there.

And maybe go up to New York.

Haven't been to Long Island

in about 30 years.

So go check that out and see

what's going up there.

Maybe we can go stop in at Jethro's gym.


could do that so I'm looking

for stuff like that like I

think the norcal classic is

a cool one that'd be fun to

go do um things like that

you should do the norcal

classic that was fun yeah

so um lex is asking no

semis for you scott will

you go to the games this year

I actually booked hotel

rooms the minute Fort Worth

was announced.

So I actually have those hotels booked.

So I have a better shot at the games.


I would have to like stay quite

a bit out of Knoxville to go,

but it is drivable.

So that one is possible.

But California is just out

of the question with this late notice.

at this point.

And I am committed to the Masters Games.

So I think that's a good place for you,

because I think that

there's a lack of coverage

of people with the age group.

And you've done by far, you know,

the most job covering the

age group athletes for the

last few years that you've become that,

that person,

right for the age group athletes.

So I think it's great that

you're going to be there.


And if I get the access I had at Legends,

I could probably get some

really cool content.

By the time I figured out

kind of the flow of it,

at the end of the weekend,

I was getting really good stuff,

like Jen Ryan laying on a

therapy table talking to me,

like really good behind-the-scenes stuff.

So that's what I'm hoping to

get at this one as well.

So that should be fun.

So if you know of a local comp that,

what I'm calling them now

is those mid-majors, like Metcon Rush,

Crash Crescendo,

those ones that are really

highlighting semifinal to elite athletes,

I want to come cover some of those.

So shoot me any ideas you might have.

And then finishing up,

I'm back to around the

whiteboard this week.


I'm going up against Will Branstetter,

and it's a level one guy.

I didn't know the name.

A red shirt.

I'm sorry.

So he's a level one trainer.

Jimmy Jones?

I don't know.

Something like that.

But yeah, that's this Wednesday, 3 p.m.

Eastern time.

Back in the ring.

Take another swing.

You came in heavy the other time,

so the bar is set now.


That's the only way you

score points on that show.

You have to come in hot with

everything you have.

In one minute.



the thing is I practiced it

at one minute and then when

I was on the show I talked

so fast I did it in 45

seconds so I gotta I gotta

factor that in this time so

excited about that you guys

got to go anything going on

this week no now it's just

back to regular training

it's just feels like it's

going to be so long being

the third week for semifinals.

Like I'm just looking

forward to seeing week one

and then getting a visual of, you know,

the layouts of stuff and

then playing around with

different pieces of, of the workouts.

I got a taste of them this weekend,

lots of room for improvement.

We'll look at some of the

next couple of weeks and

then hopefully my best

execution is on game day.

Like you don't want your

best execution to be right now, but,

If you're going to be making mistakes,

you need that right now.


It's so much different than the games,


Because the games,

you don't really know the

workouts as much.


Unless you're in that right.

I was just about to say, I was like, well,

sometimes you do.

But Carolyn never knows.

Yeah, we're not there.

I'm just not a part of any

training camp or any, like,

I just train literally on my own.

I program, like, I'm not a part of that.

There are people that know.

I'm just not one of them.

Yeah, I'm just not one of them.


All right.


good luck tomorrow if you redo

number three.

Thank you.

And we will be looking on the leaderboard,

fingers crossed,

that everything is all good.

And then hopefully you get

at least a week off or a

couple days off this week.

Start recovering that shoulder.


And hopefully get ready for that game.

I predict a top three for

workout four for her.

No way.

Yeah, way.

No chance.

You're like Patrick Midgley.

We were,

I was messaging with him and he was like,

guarantee your number one

with your score for workout two.

And I was like, no way.

I was like, maybe top 10 and we bet.

And I went, I won that bet of course.

Cause I was right.

I know, but it's,

and that's going to be my best workout.

So number two or four, two.

Are you going to have a celebration?

Do you already have

something in your mind in

case you qualify for your first games?

Are you treating yourself to a meal?

Are you... What is your... I

guess we can talk about it

when it happens.


I don't know.

I mean,

I guess... All the changes just

take all the...

like joy and earning it out of it for me,


I don't know as bad as that sounds.

I just.

Well, on that note,

I'm going to leave you with these wise,

wise words from Kenneth to lap.

Sometimes, you know,

to bring a beat a jump rope.

Sometimes you don't.


we just hope to know we're trying to

get in that in crowd information.


Thank you to everybody for

being here tonight.

It's been a blast.

We'll see everybody next

time on Sunday night.

CrossFit talk.

The original.

Bye guys.