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Daily Boost - 10 Kislev

10 Kislev: A Peaceful Redemption

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Topic for Kislev: Chassidus and Moshiach

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Today marks the anniversary of the Mitteler Rebbe’s liberation from the Tsarist prison, where he was sent after being libeled by the opponents of Chassidus. Like his father, the Mitteler Rebbe was released while reciting the verse from Tehillim (55:19), “He redeemed my soul in peace…”

When Moshiach comes, there will be an essential peace that transcends the possibility of war. At that time, G-d’s essence will be revealed within the entire world. As a result, everyone and everything will be united with no possibility for conflict.

We can begin to experience this by revealing the essence of our soul, our yechidah. When we commit to G-d on this level, our entire being becomes G-dly. There is no room for internal conflict. The ultimate state of this perfection will occur when Moshiach comes.

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