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Daily Boost - 14 Shvat

14 Shvat: Lifting Our Eyes

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Topic for Shvat: Women and Moshiach

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The effort to build the Tabernacle, the first sanctuary to G-d, began by collecting donations of the necessary materials:

The men came along with the women; every generous-hearted person brought bracelets and earrings and rings and buckles, all kinds of golden objects, and every man who waved a waving of gold to the Lord. (Shemos 35:21-22)

“The men came with the women.” The women gave first and foremost, while the donations of the men were secondary.
(Ramban, ibid.)

Although the Temple service was ministered by male Levites and priests, women led the effort to donate materials for the Tabernacle in the desert. They also wove the tapestries that covered the Tabernacle’s wooden frame.

Every Jewish home is a miniature sanctuary of G-d. The holiness of a home depends primarily on the woman. Only after they lay down a strong foundation of holiness and purity through careful observance of kashrus, Shabbos, family purity, and the education of the children, can the house become a sanctuary for G-d. Likewise, these mitzvos will have a special connection to Moshiach when the Holy Temple will be rebuilt.

Sichos Kodesh Yud Shvat 5716 Seif 22