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What are Democrats hiding in Ukraine? What is George Soros hiding in Ukraine? What is Hunter Biden hiding in Ukraine? Turns out a lot. So much so that they had a game plan in place for when we figured it out and we are starting to figure it out.

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What are Democrats hiding in Ukraine? What is George Soros hiding in Ukraine? What is Hunter Biden hiding in Ukraine? Turns out a lot. So much so that they had a game plan in place for when we figured it out and we are starting to figure it out.

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jonathan_kogan: And we are live on everything are you you know what today is everybody today is january first twenty twenty three happy new year I hope you had a fantastic twenty twenty two but the truth is twenty twenty two wasn't the best of the years but it was a great year you know why because we lived it and that is why it's fantastic but now is the first day the very first day a brand new year a year where we could decide to be fantastic to be great and twenty twenty three is going to be the year citizen journalism mark my words the prediction of this year is twenty twenty three will be the year when citizen journalism explodes across the internet into your ears and i want to make you an offer i want to make you an offer of a lifetime here's the offer if i get one thousand subscribers by the end of january on my rumble channel which is ownership economy or you can search The Jonathan Kogan Show if i get one thousand bad boys and bad girls whatever that means on my rumble channel as subscribers by january thirty first twenty twenty three i will make a video every single day not like seven video s a week no no every single day from february first to december thirty first twenty twenty three zero days off garen ted hundred percent every single day you will get a new john the cog show burt excuse me okay so i thought that because i am predicting twenty twenty three to be the outbreak break through citizen journalism that we should start off by promoting other great citizen journalists who remind us what it's like to do real journalism to do real reporting and one of those people in the club on the side of truth on the side of the johnathcogan show oh yeah please subscribe where e e your podcast subscribe the rumble channel you tube channel and share with you know two friends for the new year a happy new year you want to learn some truth here's The Jonathan Kogan Show at your service um man it's crazy what is hundred and forty episodes it's bunkers so citizen journalism twenty twenty three the year Redacted News is definitely one of those places okay and they i thought this story they did is bomb shell i mean i don't you know i only use the word bomb shell when it's a true bomb shell this is a bomb shell story you know we go through event to alan and these simulations that the elites do and then all of a sudden it magically comes through many months later you know that they they're paying a big game of risk with our lives no big deal it's whatever you know it's peasant shut up so uh reacted found some breaking news about how the hunter but in lab top the ukraine war and our good friend george saros which i still can't believe that i got a text from I went to temple when i was a little okay i was forced to go to temple which is okayt'sfantast whatever i don't know it's not fantastic but it is what it is okay maybe it's a good thing to do and one of my jew friends there text me out of the blue a few podcastsago when i talked about a you know he says some crazy stuff but he said some funny stuff you know we can separate we don't just blank it a full conversation like we don't say you know like the whole in bad t s good now we don't do that this podcast is about wants this podcast is about maximizing information to then make the best decision possible for long term long term reputation okay we want to have the highest long term credibility ever and so to jump to conclusions stupid okay so and guilty bad for you an innocent bad for you we look at nuance okay so we watch ye go bananas on Alex Jones we go wow that's bananas he goes or like he's coming out he's coming on his face going or weird okay it's weird okay it's weird to do that over any man i love but that would be very strange okay start coming talking about a president it's weird okay like it's weird okay go back and like look at pictures of like carmen lecture from nineteen ninety eight or something you now what i'm saying um m but yeah he goes and he's like he's just foaming at the mouth it's weird okay but then he's got net and he's got ya you whatever and it's funny all right so i said the thing about ye hey let's address the question do jews run the world i do not know the answer i will never know the answer because this jew doesn't run the world so i can't know but i can address the question so i the question in a fair reasonable way i had some friends defend me and then i had past you friends attack me and he text me because yo should be ashamed of yourself you're a terrible terrible jew you should he didn't say this but he basically you should burn it out i said how dare you how dare you i address the question fairly objectively from a non jew lens and you should appreciate that i try to do that because most people want to jump and go we can't talk about this can't talk about this is terrible and they censor it or other people go oh my god yeah we love hitler those are very far extremes okay we don't go with eith of those we look at nuance and we took a part of the conversation addressed the issue and go oh my god maybe it's a half truth maybe it's a few families that run the world and the rothschilds are one of those families in their jewish but then you got the rockefellers who love ugenics and they were the funded the nancesand all that stuff and what you know that they and you know they're funding this trans humanism approach going on right now so they love eugenics they love it's like their thing but they're not jewish so it's a half truth you nowhati'm saying here o have truth so Redacted had a great piece right now and the point a bout that up is because he defended he defended george stacey you probe up george saros and you're going to give a reputation of this conspiracy that he's part of a cabal that runs the world he's a bad person or something i'm like well here's the truth george sores is a terrible person i played that sixty minute clips where he literally said on sixty minutes and i i yes i stole the goods from the jew they were being round up to go to concentration camps and burn in showers and i took their goal and all that stuff and they go wow that sounds like you need mental help like that had to be really really tough and he goes now it didn't affect me at all someone had to do it what what he was disguising as a son of like some christian would round up all the jew's goods and then made a fortune off of it and then became and he's a terrible human being and he loves open borders and he loves all the stuff that's being funded right now is all him who's the biggest fonder of b l m black lives matters george sores number two bill gates you got it nderstand the facts george saros sure he's jewish or he was born jewish but he's a self hating jew he's a terrible human being and if you want to defend him just for the sole fact that he was born jewish you need to understand nuance in you if there could be jewish people that are very bad guess what there can be christian people that are very bad there can be atheist people that are really bad and guess what there's very bad people that are the above okay so get it in your head that has nothing to do with the religion has nothing to it the way you look nothing o t te wy you're born has to do with decisions that you make and the decisions you make in life is what creates your reputation your credibility and if you decide to make terrible decisions throughout the course of your life george sorosthen you will be known as a terrible human being forever and that is what he has chosen to do has nothing to do with judaism and has to do with his terrible decision making capabilities okay now we're dating news it is in journalism ukraine george sorrows hunter but in simulations like like exercise two o one will guess what your sorrows ran on they ran even more we came across more Redacted News came across more documents that they were running even more exercises when we found up at the hunter bit left up and ukranethis is unbelievable reporting we're going to break it down we're gonna go through it this is journalism let me remind you what journalism is this is it here we go take it away guys m m ye yeah yeah ye yeah oh ye yeah m oh oh yeah what yeah yeah yeah yes ah oh yah ye yeah yeah practice makes perfect m huh fitting wait doesn't that make you think by the way we're having this horrible energy crisis for the first time since the late seventies this energy crisis is the worst energy crisis this world has ever seen and hunter bid and who's the cur president son is the foremost energy expert in the world why are they not consulting him isn't that weird we should have this guy on all the main stream media channels asking for advice for wisdom like for strategy right for game planning out we're in the energy crisis and it's going to get worse and we have we're so fortunate to have the president's son the number one voice the number one mind all of energy policy and we're not even consulting him how dumb are we peasants we really dumb m oh yeah oh oh yea oh yeah yeah oh oh ye oh yeah oh oh m oh ye ah oh yeah yeah oh um yeah oh oh m oh oh yeah my uh you can't make this up oh yeah oh m m i need to pause for a second are you being a conspiracy theorist because you need to shut off your brain stop using your analytical skills and just listen and do no i repeat do not think for yourself this is dangerous to think for yourself you cannot handle this information remember that you cannot say it with me i can not handle this information and i will dismiss this as a conspiracy once it finishes and and then i flashed the light in your eyes like a man in black and then you forget everything continue oh ah yeah oh oh oh oh yeah oh oh oh oh oh m yeah yeah oh m yeah yes oh oh yeah oh yeah ah m oh uh h oh they did it m yeah yeah yeah yeah oh what oh m oh ah oh ah oh yeah yeah yeah oh yeah oh ye yeah m yeah yeah yeah ye yeah ye yeah is that not crazy and speaking about that they mentioned compliance you know they want your compliance how good is compliance do you remember when albert bola i wish i was a little bit too ah the co offhiza said this at the world economic form about compliance oh yes so oh oh the compliance isn't it amazing with the technology and the innovation the compliance we can get out of this the compliance we all the powers that we care about is your compliance that you do not think for yourself and that you listen and you do as you're told and if you do anything other than what you are told yeah you're done you're going to jail all right that is called citizen journalism and that is what we are going to see an explosion of in twenty twenty three again this is the first day of the year so if you subscribe to The Jonathan Kogan Show if you follow or subscribe to the rumble channel ownership economy of The Jonathan Kogan Show and that gets up to a thousand subs by the end of January I will post a video every single day from february first to december thirty first twenty twenty three zero days off not a thousand subs not every day so i'm kind of worrying if you guys do that if you share it and it happens this is what the world needs and i think people are recognizing that the corporate media is corrupt and that the whole thing the whole house of cards has fallen apart and that you'll never trust them again ever ever how can you ever trust the main street media after what they have done the past three years it's impossible it's done it's over the business model is done and that the sins journalism is about to serious load reacted news is a trustworthy source that my friends is real journalism and i wanted to start off twenty twenty three by reminding people what real journalism was and is and that is a perfect example so again if you want to subscribe to john of the coganshow if you want to donate patroon dot com for its ownership economy or listen wherever you get your podcast i appreciate it i love it i think this is going a be the break out universities in journalism brake out here for The Jonathan Kogan Show and thank you for everybody in albania making us the number one news commentary podcast and all of albania i don't even know there's like four million people hart's amazing number like eight over all news but number news commentary you guys are awesome you're amazing finally we got ranked in india one of the biggest markets where bullion in the next ten years because everybody in india is about to get online they're building amazing infrastruct in india over a billion people are about to have internet access and most people in a write type in english or can talk in english but when you know with the internet and you you know respond comments and communicate english you can't tell someone has an accent or whatever it's all it's all the same playing field and india is going to be a massive market so there's so many people in india that aren't on line that could be subscribers and fans and part of the community and you know it's amazing so we're super pumped to be on the a top charts because i can't tell ou bullishiam in india i'm very bullish on saudi arabia we got a lot of listeners there those are massive massive markets in the west is kind of going downhill but gonna take a long time for such a massive massive conglomerate of developed countries to really fall apart but energy crisis food crisis all manufactured and again what henry kitchener said control the money control the world central bank digital currencies you want to stay up to date on everything you need to know that no other main stream outlets definitely not covering but it's great to see Redacted covering great news they were behind The Jonathan Kogan Show with the great and most people were not a lot of people had the cohonans the bulls to talk about that stuff back in i talked about in may of june of last year and now everybody's talking about it we were the first to break it well not the first overall obviously but one of the first people to talk about it regularly on the podcast before it was widely accepted and so if you want the real news no bias no itical affiliation anti politics objective view no emotions just truth whether it's good whether it's bad where you can use your decision making skills your analytical skills your brain to make your own decisions this is the podcast for you we don't affiliate with politics we don't affiliate with republicans democrats or independents we don't believe in politics we think it's all theater it's all fake and we just believe in truth all we care about is the church for the truth nothing more that's it all i care about a cerchfor the truth and that's all we should care about and then if you want to add your little emotional spin to it god bless you that's fantastic all right everybody first day of the year seriously have a happy and healthy new year make this year better than twenty twenty two probably won't take much for that to happen do i think twenty twenty three overall macro canomically be a better year in geo politically than twenty twenty two no i don't i think it will be worse i think the famine are gonna tart later in the year in africa and now it's part of europe but that's neither here nor there i think we could come through this together and just like the soviet union fell by people building parallel economies creating a new because eveything was centralized and everything sucked right people created a whole parallel economy that's what we hav build now we got to rebuild we can't trust our institutions anymore the CDC everything is corrupt okay and so it's up to us the people the peasants to build parallel structures and organizations and community it's to defeat this ridiculousness that's this clown world going on around us and we will win if we support one another and this is gonna be amazing year because this is gonna be the year of citizen journalism of community s localized you know you can vote with your money don't go to walmar don't go to target go to some local store go to jeffrey subs and buy one of his shitty subs over subway whatever just do that stuff support your local market that's how you make a difference you can't you know during the pandemic had to do that i algorithm people you know wall market stay open because i don't know the virus doesn't go there but you know joe's salon couldn't stay open or kathie's nails and salon could stay open it was also put small business out of business okay but we are going to support small business year and we're gonna make twenty twenty twenty twenty three the year of the peasants you i us we peasant life for life this is the ear of the peasants god bless you have an amazing day have an amazing start of the year and let's get off on the right foot even if you're left all right G-d bless bye