Build Your SaaS – bootstrapping in 2019

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Also: it's our 1-year launchiversary!

Show Notes

Justin and Jon are joined by Jason Fried to talk about:
  • The philosophy behind their new book Shape Up.
  • Does Basecamp's approach to 6-week cycles differ for smaller teams?
  • "Long projects destroy morale. When things don't ship, you get frustrated." – Jason Fried
  • Why projects ship late (it's human nature).
  • Why work is like a hill.
  • How they make product decisions at Basecamp.
  • How do you know what you should work on next?
  • Why they don't believe in backlogs.
  • "That feeling of 'there's nothing to do, but there's everything to do' shouldn't be happening." – Jason Fried
  • "You need a system at some point. When you have two people, you can hack your way to anything. But as soon as you grow, you'll need a system." – Jason Fried
  • "What we have is not a perfect system. And even if it was, we don't execute these things perfectly." – Jason Fried

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What is Build Your SaaS – bootstrapping in 2019?

Can you bootstrap a profitable startup in 2019? 37signals did it in 2004, and since then thousands of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and product people have tried to launch their own web apps. But with so many venture-backed startups now, is it still possible? Follow Jon and Justin as they build & launch their new product: