Ashen Snow

Our heroes continue to search for Bolan, but his obsession that nature is more important than humanoids. Now he is working with dark creatures and dark rituals that must be stopped!

Aubrey Knotts, @MadQueenCosplay everywhere on the internet playing Freya Abernathy half-elf magus.
Archedas, @Archedas2, ugtarchedas on Instagram / tiktok playing Varren - Human Amnesiac Thaumaturge
Misfit, @Misfit_Playland across all socials playing Mia Kitsune Oracle
Christopher Rondeau, @skaldstale across socials playing Vin Tien, the Dark Champion
Pete from Rise of the Rulelords as the Storyteller

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Bavarian Castle
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Original Compositions from Harry Scannell

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What is Ashen Snow?

Join Vin, Varren, Mia, and Freya on an extraordinary journey through the mysterious Missing Moment in the captivating Pathfinder 2e adventure path "Gatewalkers." Get ready for thrilling encounters, epic quests, and unimaginable discoveries. Don't miss a single moment of this thrilling show!

My, my notes for last session,
we missed every attack.

All right.

That sounds good.

Just make us sound more
heroic in your notes.

They're extremely analytical.

Uh, he doesn't mention the
fact that no one could hit a

fucking broad side of a barn.

How kind?

So we are starting this new session
with a variant rule in place,

and it's one of my favorites.

We'll be working with
the stamina subsystem.

From the Game Mastery Guide from this
point on, and part of the reason why

I have elected to use this is because
stamina just helps players stay up.

Longer, get up faster, have a little
bit more control about when they

recover without always needing
to have a ton of heel spells,

a ton of heel, potions or wand.

They're kind of just
able to pick up and go.

How do you all feel about that change?

I mean, I, I've never used it before,
so it's, it is a new, new thing for

me, so I'm looking forward to playing
with it and learning how it works.


I'm super excited.

I like, again, I really like the
Starfighter stamina system, and

this sounds similar, but different,
and I'm excited about that.

You're telling me a person who builds
characters for fun, one to 20 in

his downtime, gets to fight more
stuff easier and not have to spend

a bunch of downtime activities.

We're doing with this.


I'm getting, uh, fourth edition vibes.

It reminds me of like the pace of play of
fourth edition where all you have to do

is take a 10 minute rest and then you get.

A fair amount of HP bag, but
I think talking about fourth

edition d and d is like hearsay
in, in the Pathfinder community.

So, you know, we'll just
move right past that.

You said fourth edition and then
I just heard a loud ringing in my

ears for the rest of your sentence.

Ah, it's cursed tracks.

Ben Abode, 47 23, leaving
seven arches for the Wildwood.

We've been informed there's
possibility of awakened animals

entering the woods themselves.

It feels like there's eyes
watching us everywhere distance.

There's supposed to be a clearing massive
stone notches plus it around the gate.

Now, I suspect this is the real
seven notches, not the one.

We experimented with in town.

We were attacked by a group of Tema
gear, only two in number, some sort

of Fay, shadow hounds, eye sockets,
empty, able to eat darkness and jump

through shadows of living creatures.

I blasted the last one through
the eye and sent it flying.

I noticed in the direction it flew
dead grass was starting to move more

direction faster than it should be.

Physical, able to be
seen by the naked eye.

Let us move away for our time being
and get a chance to focus, reload

our weaponry, mend our wounds.

Something's going on and I intend to find
out what, hopefully a bit less violently

this time than with the TEMA gear.

But if it comes to it, well those
dogs will put down well enough folks.

We can put down more.

So we start this session with you all
having healed yourselves up, given

yourselves resolve points now to varying
degrees and reset your HP so that it's

divided between stamina and hip points.

Now Freya, you and Varien are
still wounded, but you are up

and you are able to now see the
hazard that is coming towards you.

All of the grass vegetation is
starting to die in a straight line.

It is like a wall of just
death coming towards you.

It's expanding out from the center of
the seven arches where you can see from

this vantage point there are fires.

Set up torches and some kind of
podium, but from this distance, you

can't get too clear of a view on it.

But that is far from your
immediate problem right now.

As the wall starts to get closer,
you start to hear this little bubbly

sounds almost, and as it gets closer,
you start to see what looks like.

Static as tiny pinprick sized
bits of darkness replace the

material plane before moving away.

And as each one of these appears,
the vegetation around it dies.

So how are you all reacting with extreme
confusion as I look around and try to.

Think of anything I might have
read back when it was at the arcana

that may explain what is going on.

Baron's mind is just going to Temi
Geba based in darkness, Faye relation

of sorts, they were found in the area.

Constant reports of these sorts of things
appearing must be tied one way or another.

And just going through his mind
and his notes of what could be

related, essentially creating
a mental red string board.


Uh, what about Vin and Mia Mia?

Kind of looks around and she, even
though she's in her human form, she

really, she gives the air a very good
sniff and VIN running in circles.


All right.

I don't have a specific one for you.

So Mia and Vin, let's have you
roll perception for initiative.

Well Fray.

You can roll Arcana and Verin.

Dealer's choice on the kind of knowledge
check to roll for your initiative.

In this case, if I can't do esoteric
lore, just trying to tie this to

something he might have on his person
to deal with this weird darkness,

that's probably gonna be nature just
to, all right, relate it to Faye.

I'm really good at
running in circles, guys.

I'm that 20 at running in
circles, so you want me to go with

esoteric glory nature on that.

If you're able to select esoteric
from the Initiative Tracker,

I can Yeah, absolutely do it.

That's a, that's three higher than
the Nature check, but I roll to

one, so it doesn't really matter.

I'm really lost in the
conspiracy board in my mind.

So Vin and Mia, as Frey and Veen are
walking throughout their mind, palaces,

trying to uncover information about this.

You are here in the real world.

And are able to react accordingly.

What are you doing?

Let's start with vin.


Okay, so this field is what
is what we're looking at?


Let, let, what I was hoping the
running in circles would prevent me

from having to come up with an answer.

Let's, you know, they, they
say that the best way to stop

a fire is to start another fire
and burn out the area in front.


So what happens if I light a fire
to meet this light in darkness?

What if I add lights to
this weird field thing?

So that's what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna light something on fire.


What kind of skill do
you want to use for that?

What is the panicking and
running in circles skill as?

I just light random shit on fire.

I mean, you are on fire.

I think it's just stop, drop and roll.

I know that's normally the
opposite of what you should

do, but in this case, yeah.

Could be crafting.

You know what?

I was just thinking of the stupid
magnifying class and just using,

or the middle of a dark forest.

I don't think it's gonna work.

I'm fire.

That's gotta do something.


I will roll a crap.

I guess I'll roll a survival check.

I think that that's applicable here.


All right.

That's a nine on the die
for a plus zero for nine.

All right.

You try to fight whatever this
is with fire and it doesn't work.

The death that is happening to all of the
grass and bushes and other vegetation.

It isn't because it's burning,
it's because the life is

being sucked out of them.

It's only in effect and
not the cause or fuel.

So that we'll go to Mia.

Oh, I'm not ready.


First off, I'm going to make a little
mad dash and try to find some cover.

That's what I'm gonna do.

You're gonna find cover.

I'm gonna find cover can like.

Oh wait, I'm solid measuring tool.

Whoopsie, whoop.

I'm gonna find cover right there.

Mia is going to pop
back into her fox form.


It's easier for mobility
purposes and she's much smaller.

So much smaller target.

All right.

As you do that, I will
give you a plus one.

To the fortitude save that
you will all need to make now.

I'm sorry.

How didn't you get to go yet?

The wave gets closer Until now.

The vegetation is starting to die
around you, and the popping sound

is becoming increasingly louder.

You can all feel that there is
negative energy impacting your bodies.

Then that is a regular success.

So you are unaffected and immune.


You are also unaffected and immune as
you succeed from your hiding place.

Whether Freya and Rin, you both fail as a
result, take five points of force damage.

And if we take damage, it immediately goes
from our takes from our stamina first.



Well that wipes out my stamina.

Baron just barely catching
himself from falling off his

feet as he feels this hit him.

Just still racking his mind
of what he could possibly use.

Not having come to a solution yet.

The line of negative energy
continues to flow, and we'll be

around you for a little bit longer.

Freya, what are you trying to do?

I am going, I wanna spend the my first
action to make, make an acana check, like

recall knowledge or anything like that.


Got a 14.

You think you are on the right track.

You're looking at this and think
that there is some kind of strain

happening between the plains.

It's affecting living creatures
and the forest clearing.

You might be able to, will it back into
firmness and disable it for an hour,

or if you have dispel magic, you might
be able to end the effect permanently.

I do not have dispel magic, but do what
I know what is necessary to suppress it.

A good enough check would do it.

Okay, so knowing this, go back and sort of
say to everyone else, it's just, I believe

if anyone else can, you know, access
arc cane energies and knows anything

about them, I think we may be able to
suppress whatever this is temporarily,

at least until we can get rid of it.

And I'm gonna go back and I would like
to make an check to attempt to suppress

this, sort of gather up my arcane
energy and use that to suppress this.



For a 19 as.

You're saying this and encouraging
everyone else to join you

in helping to put this away.

You imagine putting this back into where
it needs to go and the magic dissipates,

but only temporarily, and you're able
to continue into the seven arches.

Just put it in the box and
it will stay in the box.

For a little bit and then
we'll put it back in the box.

I look in my pack for a box.

Me like makes a box shape with her paws,
like I make a box shape with my hands box.

I pull out the lunchbox.

Harry just kind of looks over.

I have a backpack.

He's got one hand in his vest
and looks like he's pulling out

what's essentially a massive key
ring that doesn't have keys on it.

It looks like it has a bunch of
different pulley symbols that are

just tied onto there, roughly.

It just puts it back away.

Well, it seems you handled that
nicely enough, won't be needing those.

Push forward.

See, see what is going on.

It takes about 10 minutes from the
time that you reach the outer diameter.

Of this effect to be able to
get into the seven arches.

Giving you enough time to refocus
or even use one of those resolve

points to get stamina back.



May as well get a resolve point.

I'm already getting slapped in the face.

Hurt a little bit.

Resolve as you get into.

The seven arches you see a terrible site.

The seven arches of gray, brown basalt
loom around the center of the forest.


In the middle is a crude
wooden altar carved with vines.

A unicorn is tied tight to the platform
and BLEs deliriously upon the altar.

Despite two lines of lit torches
around the altar, shadows

clog the area like thick mist.

Standing next to the unicorn is a dwarf
wearing similar garb to the rest of

the oak stewards that you have seen.

Next to him is a large goat sized spider
purple with yellow stripes all over it.

At the head is bolin man, that
you are here to stop you, has a

mask on Golden with leaves coming
out of it, looking almost like

a vegetative sun mask as he is.

Injecting something from
the spider into the unicorn.

He looks at you and
says, you are too late.

The ritual is almost done.

I only need a few more minutes and
I can course correct this madness.

Vin Vin Ronson weapon out.

Save the unicorn in run zone.

Yeah, I think I heard somewhere that.

Killing a unicorn is bad luck.

So definitely should do that.

I'm, I'm, I'm very much
with our fire friend, so.

All right, so you guys are
jumping right into initiative.


We're just gonna jump
right into initiative.

This man is murdering a
unicorn and it must not stand.


Alright, go ahead and
roll for initiative then.

Bolen begins saying, Doon.

Key, our guests distracted.

Soon the ritual will be complete and I
will summon an even more powerful curse.

The ritual is almost done, and I will
summon the curse even more powerful.

The abate curse one that will not just
target the elves, but the dwarves,

the men, the women, the lizard folk.

Y naughty, all creatures that ruin
nature will finally be put at rest.

Boland is a dwarf, right?

Elon is a dwarf.

We heard his name once and there's
only one other guy here, so I'm

assuming with that he summons a Faye.

I swear if I see a pug mpy up here on
the board right now, I'm gonna scream.

Oh, will you?

Now the worst enemy Paso has ever made.

The scars from first edition exist.

Well, okay then.

Thank you for letting
me into your nightmares.

As a ppy is summoned onto the field and
it'll take the same initiative as Bolen.

The next creature is the dream spider.

It creeps on top of one of the seven
arches and then shoots a web at Mia.

It's just rude, man.

Just rude.

That totally.

Oh wait, is it?

That's a crit.

That is a crit.

26 is a critical hit.


That hurts.

Which will not do damage to you.

However, you will become
immobilized and I believe actually

restrained with a critical hit.

I also need a fortitude saved from you.


Put my life down.

I say 12.

This is my life.

Some of the venom.

Of the spider travels along in the webbing
and causes you to become stupefied.

One can't cast spells fudge knuckles.

You can.

There's a flat check for it.

Yeah, that's it Makes it
very hard to cast spells.

That's awesome.

It also hurts your wheel save.


I love this for me if while stupefied,
if you try and cast, you have a DC five

plus your stupefied value, flat check.

That if you fail, you expend the
spell slot and do not cast a spell.



Awesome, awesome.

For reliving this.


It then starts to lift up your body
in the webbing 15 feet into the air.

Varien, seeing this thing start to.

Just grab Mia immediately.

Balin, we could have talked this out.

You would've had a chance to explain
what you were doing, perhaps gain

more allies, but you've immediately
gone to tactics of attack.

I know more about the, you guys were the
ones who wanted to jump into initiative.

Shut up.

No, no, no.

I said nothing about charging it, and
I'll have, you know, save the unicorn.

It's just like un unicorn.


Something, I'm sleepy.

Your allies seem to be far spread
and many, but unfortunately

it seems like you've decided
this to be your ultimate goal.

I, there's so much I would wish to learn
from you in this event, but as it so

happens and just level the gun and fire
a shot off at the spider and we'll do

a, we'll do an exploit on that first.


We'll see if we can figure out
what's going on with M as I'm

trying to monologue this guy a
little bit to get him talking to us.

That's step one, an esoteric
lore on the spoiler.

For a 20, you know exactly what this is.

This is a creature called a dream spider.

They have a iridescent cue to their
webs, which are infused with the

same hallucinogenic compound as
the creature's toxin originally

denisons of tropical jungles.

Dream spiders have adapted well to
tempered environments, particularly

thriving among the rooftops of city
where shady alchemists use their venom

to produce a drug known as shiver.

It doesn't have any particular weaknesses
as a spider, but you don't want to

get hit by the web as it seems to have
caused Mia to become a little high.

I'm not, uh, it'll just get the
personal antithesis, which just means

I get plus three damage on the sink,
essentially triggering a weakness.

But it's one that I say it has,
which is it has a weakness too.

As this gun comes up, the other
hand comes with it and just hangs

a dream catcher off the side of his
thumb where the gun is being held.

Oh, dream spiders.

They can get caught in webs too, and
fires off the shot at this thing.

This thing hits a weakness too.

Bullets, dream catchers.

Everything has a weakness to bullets.

You take your first shot and it
ricochets off of the ancient elf arch.

It's just gonna take
another one at this thing.

It's got m a, he's just gonna
unload as fast as he can to

try and get her out of there.

But a four on the die for the second one.

Just two quick shots off.

No luck.

Alright, VIN, saving the unicorn.

Are you?

Ah, I run to unicorn.

And it, it's being held down by vines.

You said, or you said a vine table.

Vines and rope.



Vine table.

But vines are a good way to hold it down.


I run to the table and
I start cutting vines.

As you do, you enter an aura from the
little gremlin that has been summoned.

I'll need a will save from you.

You must roll it twice
and take the worst result.

This is why I hate these little bastards
enrolled in 18 and a 12, so it gets a 12.

All right, so that will fail
the save, so you become unlucky.

While in the aura.

You will need to roll twice on all
checks and take the worst result

as long as you are in the aura.


Putting myself right next to how,
how large, how large is the aura?

The aura is 20 feet around the pug wapi.


It's pretty big.

I will be in the aura as I'm
trying to free this unicorn.

So I guess my third action is
interact wildly fling vines.


I'll have you make two unarmed
attacks and you'll take the worst

result in 18 on my low roll and,
and if the 18 is the low roll.

That is still good enough
to get you one success.


The unicorn struggles against
the vines and you can see that

its eyes are wide and wild.

I might regret Mia.

Me Mia, like has this whole time
been spewing just incoherent, babble.

About liking being in the sky and
how it feels comfortable, and she's

kind of used to it, but will try to
retract her claws and kind of like

scratch if she can her way out.


Just make me a, either acrobatics,
athletics or unarmed attack

to try to escape from the.

The webbing, we're going
to do acrobatics 14.

A 14 unfortunately does not beat
the escape DC for the webbing

as you remain tied in the webs
and dangled close to the spider.

It's just that I can do this all day.

It's fine.

I'll get out.

Like I said, be in the sky.

Are old friends.

We, I spend many time up here.

It's cool.

It's whatever.

Try again.

You can try again.

You did not critically fail,
so you, you didn't try again.

It does have, have the, yeah.

Multiple attack penalty, so you'll
have to do it at a minus five.


I would recommend using, probably if
you have unarmed attack, unknown attack

might actually work pretty well for that.

It still has the penalty either way.

Yeah, true.

Well, but I mean, uh, you, you're
untrained in acrobatics so that that is

your rolling at a minus if you do that.

Yeah, we'll do.

Do an unarmed change.

'cause right now my unarmed is
at a five, like a plus five.

I didn't even realize that.

I hadn't looked at 21.

You scratch out of the webbing,
falling the 15 feet, taking five

points of bludgeoning damage
as you land prone, but free.

She just kind of like shakes her head.

I don't that spider's
jerk will beat you up.

Still kind of do easy.

All right, well you still
have one action left in.

So instead of standing, can I just
kind of like scoot back first?

Yeah, you can crawl.


Like a five foot step.

Yeah, definitely.

Uh, you'll remain prone.

That's fine.

All right.

Go ahead and crawl away.

All right, Deon, the DN oak
steward is not so fast bloody.

But he also has to make a will save for
the pug, swampy, critically succeeding.

He rolls twice and takes the worst.

That's right.

That's true.

He could do it again.

And 18.

That is still good enough
to beat the DC at least.

So on a successful save, it's temporarily
immune for un unlock aura for 24 hours.

So you'll not need to take a penalty
as he throws an acid flask, actually.


Going to have him cast shale.

On himself, giving his staff the benefits
of a plus one striking weapon, and then

he tries to hit you with a staff vin.

Oh, as it is a natural one.

Critical failure.

So we move on to Freya.

I am going to look over at Baron and
just being like, do you have the spider?

I'm doing my best.

I don't want to get in the middle
of things too quickly, but seeming

like me, I may need some help that
we've got plenty to deal with though.

I, so I'm using my first action to
start running up with my blade at the

ready, and then once I hit that first
action, my second action is, is gonna

be to dive into dimensional assault.

To move behind.

So the first section is to move, and
then going to move half my movement for

dimensional assault right behind Daon.

All right, so you have also
stepped into the unlock aura, so

go ahead and give me a will save.

Cool, cool, cool button.


There's the button for a, I know this
is roll twice and take the worst.



That'll be an 11.

All right.

And 11 will also fail.

So you are also impacted
by the unlock aura.


So I'll make my sword strike twice
and take the word roll against Daon.

You now see why a rational
hatred of these things.


Does a 15 hit.

15 is so close but does not hit
ah, flatfooted because of flanking.

He is flatfooted.

He, so yes, a, his
flatfooted AC would be 14.

Yes, a 15 would hit, and that is
going to be three damage to him.

And I will spend my last action
to go into arcane cascade.


As I pull this swirling.

It's sort of almost blade of
leaves that is circling around

me, right is now Boland's turn.

He can see that this is not going to plan,
so he is going to move here 20 feet away

and is going to do a two action conation.

For thorns around him, all of
the dead plant life that has been

caused by whatever effect this
ritual is causing turns into thorns.

Those who move through it will
need to make a basic reflex save.

That is all for him.

The dream spider doesn't wanna let
its prey go so fast and is going to

strike at you Mia with a web attack.

Of course another critical hit, so
I need a fortitude saved from you.

Don't think the problem
that we're rolling so bad.

I think it's just Pete is rolling.

So good.

So good.

All right.


Is a failure against the fortitude save.

And so you get stage two where you
take one D six poison damage as

well as continuing to be stupefied,
and it spends the next two interact

actions that it has to pull the web.

Back towards you and up can, can
you just answer me a question?


Am I pretty?

She just looks at the spider
like, why do you like me so much?

I don't understand it.

What did I ever do to you?

And the spider talks back to you.

As you see that it has these big
googly eyes that the sky above you

is no longer dark and twilight, but
it's kind of oily rainbow color.

It says, oh, I just love you, Mia.

I want you to be close to me.

I don't want to be close to you.

Danger, danger, danger.

Real Robinson, get me outta here.

So that'll be all for the spider Verin.

Seeing everyone just sort of wavering and
acting a bit odd in response to this weird

creature that just kind of showed up.

Aaron's gonna briefly have already
been turning his aim and being ready to

fire at it as Mia is getting grabbed.

Again, just going to fire off the
first shot at this weird gremlin thing.

A 14 will hit all righty
for eight points of damage.

Pug WPI is shot in the shoulder, pretty
badly impacted, but is alive still.

He just kind of grunt seeing Mia get
grabbed and starting to be pulled

up, but he's got that one injured.

He's gonna try and put it down.

That can shock going off.

Uh, that's a four on the die.

That one, you might not be in the unlucky
aura, but it feels like it as the bullet

just goes way over where you were able.

And lastly, I think he's just gonna
look over at a bowling over here.

I was trying to be cordial earlier.

You could have asked for parlay.

You've seen what one of these shots
does to you, A little minion at once.

I'd rather not put one
or two in you as well.

Lay down your arms and
we can discuss parlay.

All right, VIN, you are
unlucky, surrounded by thorns.


Well, I'm very fortunate to have reach
as this pole arm swings at this weird

gremlin creature deciding that that is
the most important target for my sanity.


And thus we swing for a 14 to hit.

14 does not hit.

It says it hits a 14 hit for me.

The pug py.

Oh, the pug Swampy.


Hitting py.

I thought you were aim at boing.




A 14 will hit the pug
swampy for 11 damage.

The pug wone goes down and as he
does, the unluck aura ceases on both.

Freya and Vin okay with seeing this dwarf,
that same weird energy wraps around vin

As the purple fire expands out, I'm gonna
attempt to demoralize check on this dwarf

who tried to hit me with a club, but using
my intimidation beat that I don't need

to speak words to be able to intimidate.


Rolling eight there.

But I will attempt a second strike as
my third action, which will also miss.


And because you are still within
the vines or the thorns, Need

you to make a reflex save.

Oh, I thought I just
had, didn't have to move.

Yeah, I thought it was if we moved
in the affected area or those who

moved through an affected area.


Oh sure.

Moved reflex save 23.

That is a success.

You'll take half of 11.

Damage for five.

Next is Mia.

I'm, I wanna escape.

Yeah, I really wanna escape,
but I'm also like me is starting

to feel a little defeated.

It's just like I got
out and now I'm back in.

I don't understand how this happened.

I don't wanna be near this spider thing.

It's kind of scary now,
unlike last time you were only

immobilized rather than restrained.

So you can do more things than
just try to escape if you want to.

That is fantastic.

Can I attack this thing?

You can indeed.

Right as Mia's frustration co like
sadness and scared and, and whatnot goes

from being sadness and scared and, and
kind of leans more into frustration.

Her feral side starts coming out.

She starts kind of like bearing her teeth.

Her claws get longer and she
just kind of reaches up and tries

to slash the stomach of this.

Or like at the CLO or the face, whatever.

The abdomen.

Bit of abdomen.

Thank you.

Whatever bit of body she's looking at
at the moment, she's just screw this

because I know our very intelligent
listeners will probably correct us.

The section in front of the abdomen.

It's called the cephalic,
thax, the thorax.

Well, I don't hit it.

This thing has a really
good, like exoskeleton.

That's what bugs have.


All right.

Well that was just one action or
how many actions did the power up?

I, I didn't do any power
up, so it was just one.



She's just gonna like, frantically
just claw at this thing because at

this point fear has turned into feral.

All right.

Do you just want me to make two more?


Okay, go ahead.

A 14 will not hit.

That's not gonna hit either.


Another 14.


She's just scrambling and like
all of the angry like fox noises.

You're just slashing at this thing.

Fon is going to step out of.

The vines and then throws
an acid flask at Freya.

He's still stepping.

So that's still moving through, right?

That is, and you know what, I'm going
to attempt my eerie flicker again.


As I try to, with my reaction
slide through this ethereal play.

And so this thing that might hit me
wouldn't, and so this has to make

a flat check DC five flat check.

God dammit.

That's a 17.

So this critical hit will get you.

You will take two points of acid
damage, two points of splash damage,

and then I will apply one D six
persistent acid damage unto you.

So we've used one of his flasks is then
going to reposition his staff so it's

not just one hand, but being held in
both hands, he hitting the Bonker Freya.

Okay, so I am going to spend my
first action to move and sort of

move out of this thorn area and as.

Kind of behind this person who just hit
me with the flask and made me very angry

and like look at him just being like,
oh, you really shouldn't have done that.

As I pull my sword and I'm going
to attempt to spell strike again.


I'm gonna do a gouging claw spell strike
as I run my hand along the blade and

it sort of grows these primal fangs.

Please be nice dice for 10.

10 Does not hit Deon.

Uh, foundry.

Why do you hate me tonight?

I gotta roll our recovery check.

So you'll take three and continue to be.

On, on acid.

Have acid on you, I think is
the better phrasing there.


There we go.

I have tripping hard man.

And now I have another
question for you, Freya.

What are your clothes made of?


I am cloth wearing explorers clothes
because as a, as a laughing shadow magus,

I actually get bonuses for being unarmed.

So natural clothing.

Yeah, from plants, cotton, hemp
grass, probably more like animal

fibers and stuff, but you know,
there's definitely some of that.

Please don't let this
man steal my clothes.

He isn't going to steal your clothes.

However, that scarf that you love to
wear, Uhhuh, he has an ability called

vengeful fibers What, where a piece
of clothing animates and starts to

attack its W wear at his command.

He says choke the bitch.

Hey, I resent that remark, so
I need you to make a fortitude

save as it starts to choke you.

He's not gonna steal your drip.

He's gonna make you drip from
your drip and it continues.

This is a 10.

I have not rolled above
a, not rolled above a 10.

It's a 10.

Total level one.

And you're down.

Someone saved me.


I would if I could, but I can't.

Fray as spider again,
you go up to dying two.


What, what do resolve points?

What resolve points do I spend to not die?

So Resolve actually has a really
cool ability where if you spend one

resolve point on your turn while you're
unconscious, on your next turn, you

will come back with one health point.

How much that's, you
are in extreme danger.

I am ex in extreme danger.

Yeah, I'm in danger.

You even with resolve points,
you have persistent damage.

Yeah, that's the big problem.

If you stand up, you go down
at the end of your turn.

Alright, so we're gonna have to
figure out something about that.

But not me.

I'm the one trying to take you all down.

VIN directs his attention at vin.

I die.

I am coming back as a fricking healer.


That's what I was thinking.

Casting tangle foot on you.

So he's gonna make a spell
attack roll against you, VIN.


So that is a 28 on the dice.

Your ac vin is 18, so that
will be a critical success.

So you'll be immobilized and take a
10 foot circumstance penalty to your

speeds for a minute unless you are
able to escape the spell DC Uh, okay.


Next is the spider.

It tries to bite you, Mia.

It's just rude.

Could it not bite me?

Could it like that?

What is up with your rolls?

Oh my goodness.

I don't know.

Literally this be fourth.

Chris, roll this.

Oh my gosh.

I'm gonna die y'all.

I'm also gonna die hila.

Roll the damage though.

Minimal damage.

Doing just two points.

God fuck.

Thank you.

Of damage.

Two points on the grit.

Uh, its second bite also hits doing
irregular three points of damage.

And the final strike misses God as Mia.

You see this dream spider's sake.

Come, gimme kisses.

God, I wasn't, I punched
this thing in the throat.

Jared, save yourself bearing.

I can't move in to assist with attacks
of opportunity because that thing is

15 feet high and I can't reach it.

It is exactly five feet outside
the range for me to be able

to possibly at all hit it.

So we're just gonna try
and shoot the spider down.

I appreciate that man.

And that 18 becomes a two.

Can I roll physically?

D no, I'm, I'm, you all know
you have hero points, right?


I'm using a hero point on that.



We're just gonna keep on firing off.

See if I can roll higher than a 14.

Nope, that's a 16.

16 hits.

Ah, that'll do it.

Kill this thing.

Kill this thing.


I'm not gonna kill it.


That's seven.


Uh Yep.

'cause I did get it on the spider.

Alright, for 10.

The bullet goes into its abdomen and
you see greenish goo come out from it.

Mia does not even care.

Still biting and hanging onto Mia.

It is still biting, but
it is very badly injured.

I have to do the worst thing in
the world in Pathfinder second

edition and attack three times.

I am just hoping for a 20.

Just quit fish.

That's what I'm doing.

That's a 12.

Alright, so next we go to vin.

VIN tries to escape.

We'll roll the athletic strike.

Get me outta here and you're restrained
and we'll hear a point that net one.


I know we're supposed
number one path everybody.

We're all supposed to be these sort
of badass, paranormal investigators

just being taken out by everything.


11 will probably not meet the
spell DC of Tingle Foot, but

it will not critically fail.

So that's a plus.

Two actions left.

I, I'm just going to accept my fate and
I'm just going to swing at the dwarf.

All right.

Run in a swing and it forgot to
click the token bef 15 to hit.

Is he technically flatfooted because
I'm laying on the ground behind him?


Oh, you're down.


I go, yeah.


It would've been, oh boy.

But a 15 does not hit daon.

Go for broke.


20 a 20 does though.

Or minimal damage.

Take take.

Even when we hit, we can't catch a break.

God damn it.

It's not our night.

So M everything was going so great.

Last session, so me
previous recording session.

We're all rolling so well, to run
away from guard, we are doing so good.

And now we are just, we're not wanna
have a word with whoever programs dice.

Luck for foundry.


All right, what am I doing?

Am I dying this round?

I hope not.

No, it's my turn.

It's my turn this round.

That's fucking awesome.

I don't even know what to do.

Mia feels so defeated.

She's just like, I've
got this green goo on me.

I haven't been able to get away.

The stupid spider's.

So creepy.

I just wanna punch it in.

Its stupid little spider mouth
saying, come over here, get angry.

Get sw.

Yeah, she's going to just,
she's just gonna attack.

She's just so much rage and
this tiny little fox body.

What are these roles serious?

I mean, that That was better.

That was better.

I will say that.

A 14 does not hit.

No, 14 does not.

But do again, is she
still technically prone?

'cause she's been pulled up.



That's super.

Not gonna do it.

Is this one gonna do it?

No, please, please do this please.

For me, 21 does, that does not include
your minus 10 penalty, so that is an 11.

Oh, damn it.


I, yeah.

Got so exci.

You just said in her delusion, Mia
just thinks Shely the coolest hit.

Deon runs up to Veen.

Oh, hey guy.

You know what you did
while running up to me.

It's called Walk into a Gun.

Please say, please
implements, interruption.

Don't talk to me or my gun ever again.

Please crit.

I want to blast this man into Tuesday.

That's a four.

You already spend your hero point.



Does anyone want to give him one?

I mean, you could have mine.

I'm probably not gonna need it.

I think you're going to, 'cause
if you keep going down persistent,

you're just going to die.

I mean, I've got, I've
got the resolve points.

Stand up.

Go down.

Stand up.

Go at your dad's.

What's gonna happen?


Unless I like succeed on
my next recovery check.

I will gladly give you my hero point.

If you want me to spend it,
I will spend it like, because

you've got the best chance.

Not really.

You've got a better chance.


That'll hit.

Yep, that'll hit for seven Damage.

Deon is running up to
you as you fire at him.

Shoot him in the head, and the
inertia causes him to kind of do

one of those comical, cartoony
fall downs where he just.

Woo woo woo onto his back.

We need this today.

This man falls into the
family guy death pose.

So Deon is dead.

So with our heroes, battered and bloody,
will they be able to survive this assault?

Save the day.

Find out next time on Aston Snow.

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