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Daily Boost - 7 Tishrei

7 Tishrei: A Teacher and A King

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Show Notes

Topic for Tishrei: Essence of Moshiach.

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The unique quality of Moshiach is that he will be humble. Though he will be the ultimate in greatness, for he will teach Torah to the Patriarchs and to Moshe Rabbeinu (of blessed memory), still, he will be the ultimate in humility and self-nullification, for he will also teach simple folk. (HaYom Yom, 1 Menachem Av)

Moshiach will serve both as teacher and king. As a teacher, Moshiach will help every individual cultivate and develop his/her unique talents and strengths. As a king, Moshiach will help us all transcend our differences and serve Hashem as one.

We, too, need to address both of these concepts as they exist within us. As a teacher, we must learn and understand as much Torah as we can, based on our unique, individual capabilities. As a king, we must dedicate ourselves to a higher purpose with a depth of conviction that transcends reason.

Derech Mitzvosecha, Mitzvas Minuy Melech
Sichos Matos-Masai 5746
Sichos Ki Sisa 5728
Sichos Acharon shel Pesach 5738
Maamorim Ani L’dodi 5739, 5740, 5742