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Daily Boost - 19 Teves

19 Teves: Spiritual Maturity

The Daily Boost is a podcast, created by Tut Altz, to help inspire your day with a daily Moshiach-related Torah thought.

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Topic for Teves: Celebrating Miracles

What is Tut Altz - Daily Boost?

A 2-minute daily Geulah lesson to inspire your day.
It's short: it's quick, its insightful, and it's bringing Moshiach!


In the future, mitzvos will become nullified. (Niddah 61b)

A mitzvah, a command, can only be to a person who is an independent entity. He can, thus, be commanded to follow the will of G-d (and not his own). When Moshiach comes, we will stand in complete unity with G-d. Then, we can no longer be commanded to fulfill a mitzvah, since our will and G-d's will will be one. (Paraphrased from Sefer Hasichos 5752, page 31)

The Torah’s laws guide and instruct us in every aspect of life. Moshiach will not, and may not, change any of these laws. Instead, Moshiach will teach us their inner reasons so that we not only understand these laws but also experience them. Moshiach will bring us to a state where we will appreciate that they are the truest expression of our essence.
To perform mitzvos joyously, simply because this is who we are...this joy is the joy of Moshiach.

Sefer HaSichos 5752, Kuntres Mitzvos B'teilos L'Asid Lavo