Bruins Benders Podcast

Bruins get a solid win in Nashville. Three things that win in the playoffs. Who is your bottom six? Hampus Lindholm is hitting his stride. Are we confident in Jim Montgomery? Plus, much more!

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Do you get any of that American rugby?

Do you know there's an

American rugby team like

right down the street from you?


They won the whole thing.

I just saw, uh, Patrick Chung,

I believe the former safety

for the Patriots is one of the owners.

Oh, is he?


Oh, I didn't know that.

And yeah, the New England Free Jacks.

I even know the name of the team.

How about that?

The Free Jacks.



I don't know.

That probably has something

to do with like a British.

I think,

isn't their flag like the something Jack?

I don't know.

I think that's what it is.

Union Jack.


I hope so.


The rugby, American rugby.

They, yeah, they won the whole damn thing.

I had no idea.

I guess people go to the matches.

I don't, I don't know where they are.


Quincy at the veterans Memorial stadium.

Oh, not a Marina Bay.

No, not on the Bay, not near the water.

You can't go and get a, you know,

an Irish car bomb and, and, uh,

You know, not on the boats.

No, no.

All right.

Can't do that at all.

But hey,

it's rapid review time here

because we talked the

hockey and the Bruins had

three games this past week at Tampa Bay,

a three to one loss,

which is kind of a snooze fest for them.

Didn't generate much offense.

And then they go to Washington.

They win 3-2 in the shootout.

And I'll tell you what, Kevin Shattenkirk,

of all people, snipes one home to win it.

I guess it was goalie Bob

Asens' pick was him.

Yeah, he's got some skill, Shattenkirk.

He really does.

I mean,

he's always been kind of an offensive...

offensive guy but he's I

think he's like almost 40

the shootouts 16 for 43 I

believe yeah so I mean not

a bad pick no listen to

goalie bob a little more

yeah sniped at home and

then how about this win

again at nashville three

nothing pretty good effort

throughout it was a really

solid win for them against

the nashville team was

white hot at home they won

like eight out of nine at home and

have been really surging,

and the Bruins just have a

really solid defensive effort,

and they get three goals in the third,

and they win it 3-0.

Yeah, 0-0 game going into the third,

and the Bruins in the third

turn it on a little bit to

score a shorthand goal on a

great play by Marsha and Charlie Coyle.

Uh, and then a fantastic, um,

200 foot play by pasta

knock wins a puck in his own zone,

carries it the length of

the ice finds Heinen at the back door.

And he has unbelievable

patience to get it back out

in front to Zaka who,

who fires into a wide open net,

an unbelievable play all the way around.

And then they get a late

empty netter by pasta.

And really a nice, nice way to finish,

you know, a nice complete game overall,

a great, really good defensive effort,

especially in the third.

And all those things are the

type of things that you

want to see at this time of

year as we move into the playoffs.

That's the type of game that

we've talked about how the

Bruins kind of have to win

that way in the playoffs is, you know,

play a tight game, you know,

play solid defensively,

try to bang in your chances

and then win the game in the third.

And that's going to be a

recipe for success if they can do that.

Can't on gun teams,

can't try to outscore teams,

can't be loose in the end.

Can't have subpar goaltending.

Can't have any of that.

But if they do this type of thing,

as they did against Nashville,

then they're in good shape

if they can win that way.


their defensive structure for sure is

going to be one of the key

recipes for their success

because they don't have the

depth of scoring that

they've had the past few years.

So they're going to have to

be more focused on the

defensive end and maybe

creating turnovers and

scoring and transition or

offer turnovers.

And, you know,

specialty teams is going to

be huge for them.

The penalty kill has been really good.

It'll have to continue to be.

And then they got to start

out their number one power play.

You know,

they have too much talent on that

unit for it to not come

through as much as it should.


And speaking of that trio of Heinen, Zaka,


the Bruins have outscored

opponents 12 to four in the

130 minutes in change of

five on five ice time with

that trio as a line this season.

Yeah, they've been really good.

I think Heinen fits in

really well with that line

because he can do a lot of dirty things.

And he really has a pretty good hockey IQ.

He might not have the same

type of elite talent as

those other guys do,

but he does have the hockey

IQ to create plays and create offense,

you know,

as was evident by the pass he

made to Zaka to score the

second goal against Nashville.


He fits in really nicely with those guys.

And, you know, we talked a little bit.

We haven't talked about it,

but a study came out about

turnovers across the league

and Pasternak was first in

the league at turnovers.

Marchand is fourth.

So I don't think those are

guys that you can really

play on the same line and

have a lot of success.

So I think splitting them up

is the right thing to do.

And this Hein and Zaka

Pasternak line seems to

have found some chemistry

at the right time.

I mean,

the Heinen signing has been just a big,

just a really, I mean,

it's really been an

important signing and I

thought it was just kind of an extra guy.

I mean, it started that way.

I mean, he, he didn't even get in,

get on the roster for a

little bit there and just

kind of was skating with

him for a while in the

beginning of the year.

And I thought it was just a

guy that not a lot of teams

around the league really,

really showed much interest in.

And it was a little strange

and last year didn't have a

great year and I

the Bruins kind of pick them

up because they're familiar with them.

They need some depth.

They have young guys in there.

They're not sure what

they're going to get from them.

And all of a sudden, I mean,

the guy has just been,

this is the best year he's

ever had with the Bruins.

I mean, he's just been terrific.

And now he's a, you know,

pretty much a top line guy.


He'll stay there.

He'll stay there for sure.

Cause he's, he's played too well not to,

I mean, he's,

he's up to 15 goals and 16 assists now,

I believe 31 points.

which, I mean,

other than either his rookie

year or his second year in Boston,

has been his best year here.

So, you know, if that continues, you know,

and hopefully it does into the playoffs,

you know,

it's a really good sign for them.

Yeah, of course,

his defensive awareness and

that type of thing is also

in Zaka as well.

And playing those two guys with Pasternak,

you know, could make him better.

And as you said, you know,

he had a great – maybe his best –

Well, his most noticeable defensive effort,

Pasternak, 200-foot effort all season,


I mean,

he really stood out defensively in

an all-around game against Nashville.

And maybe that's rubbing off

on him with Zach and being

in there with him.

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And Sherp number one,

what are the top three

things that win in the

playoffs in your opinion?

Okay, number one,

and I think we probably can

all agree on this, is goaltending.

You have to get good

goaltending or you don't have a chance.

Number two,

I would say good specialty teams.

You have to have a good PK

and you have to have

opportunistic power play.

And then number three, I would say,

you know,

a strong defense that is able to

get the puck out of their own zone.

This is Bruins wise.

I think around the league,

it might be different team to team.

But I think for the Bruins,

it's getting the puck out

of out of their own zone

and transitioning to offense.

If the Bruins can do that,

then they will have success

in the postseason.

Yeah, I mean, I would say goaltending.

I would say, you know,

specialty teams is an interesting one.

In 2011, you know,

the Bruins had a terrible

power play in one.

But I think penalty killing

is definitely important,

more important than the power play,

in my opinion.

You have to be good 5-1-5.

That team in 2011 was excellent 5-1-5,

dominant 5-1-5.


and then the resiliency of being able

to handle the ups and downs

of a seven game series.

Can you bounce back after losing five,

one in game two, like that type of thing?

Like you need to have, uh,

need to be a resilient bunch, uh,

to continue to play on.

And I mean, you could,

you could win the cup like

the Bruins did and still lose, you know,

11 games over.

I don't even know how many it was.

It was a lot of games they lost.

Yeah, I mean,

we were in a lot of Game 7s that year.

Right, a lot of Game 7s.

Three of them, I believe.

But those are definitely the things.

And goaltending is definitely number one.

You saw it with Florida last year.

I mean, you know, Alex Lyon in there,

and then Bob comes in and

settles them down,

and they make a run all

over the cup final.

Yeah, it is.

It's a huge thing.

And one thing I'll say about

the power play is I think

there are a lot more

penalties called now in the

playoffs as...

opposed to 2011.

There are.

I think it's becoming more

important these days than

it has been in the past.

But I agree with you.

I think penalty killing of

the two is much more

important than scoring on the foul play.

Right, for sure.

And hopefully that's

something the Bruins can...

can do well a chirp too how

confident are you in jim

montgomery montgomery come

playoff time because last

year he even admitted

himself made some decisions

that probably were uh

negative and caused the

bruins to slip up in that

first round well hopefully

he learns from his mistakes

I'm not uh ultra confident

until he proves that he can

do it and the team proves they can do it.

I think they've obviously

underachieved the last few

years and he's been a part

of that with making some

mistakes with different

line combinations and guys

playing and goaltending and

just a lot of the decisions

weren't the greatest.

So I think he does have to

kind of prove himself here.

So I'm not super confident

in him going in.

But they always say, too,

the first round is the

toughest one to get through

so that they can finally

figure out a way to break

through here in the first round.

I think they could, you know,

they could be a tough out for teams.

Sure, they could be.

And the thing about

Montgomery is he's a tinker

with the lines kind of guy.

And one thing about Julian,

when he was with the Bruins,

he kind of rolled his four

lines and kind of kept them together.

And even through the ups and downs,

just sort of had more

patience in that way.

And you saw it last year in

Game 5 where Montgomery –

you know,

unexpectedly and really unexplained,

just kind of change his

lines around up three, one coming home.

Like, yeah,

that was an adverse situation there.

So, you know, I, that,

I think that lately he's been doing some,

he's been making some good

moves like the Heinen,

the Heinen Pasternak Zaka line, you know,

he's been playing Wotherspoon and peak,

like he's not been just

rolling out Grizzly, you know,

and all these other guys

like continuously just, uh,

trying to beat a dead horse

with different guys.

And so he has been doing,

doing that and making some,

some decent moves lately.

I just hope that he doesn't

get into a situation where

they lose say game one and

he's already making all

sorts of changes and, and, and,

and just being impatient.

And like we talked about resilience,

just kind of go out the next night, night,

let's just win the next game.

And, and,

maybe it's not because our

lines were all screwed up.

We just lost the game.

Now we can come in and just

try to win game two.

And I just hope that he

doesn't get too antsy

knowing that the pressure

is probably on him.

You know?


I mean, that certainly is a,

is a consideration and

something that maybe should

worry Bruins fans because

they also have a bunch of guys here,

you know, that,

people want to play, you know,

you have your water spoons

and your peaks and you know,

what's going to happen with Grizzly.

Like what's going to happen with low ride,

like who's going to

actually be in the lineup

originally to start with.

And then if they do lose a game,

does he make quick

decisions to take one of those guys out?

Does JVR come out?

I was like, oh,

come out when Maroon goes in.

Like, how is all that going to work out?

Is it going to be matchup based?

Is it going to be merit based?

Like who should be in there

should be should be in

because he can win face offs.

There's a bunch of different

things there in the bottom

six and maybe the bottom pair defense.

That will be interesting to

see how he handles that

once the playoffs start.

Does he have a quick trigger

if somebody makes a mistake

that they shouldn't have made?

Or does he stick with them

and let them kind of play

through it and grow?

So, you know,

there's definitely some

things there that he's

going to have to manage and

manage well if the Bruins are to advance.

Yeah, no question.

So it'll be interesting to

see how he does and what

the matchup is to begin with.

Like I've said before,

if they go in against Washington,

that's a series they should

have not much trouble with.

I mean, they shouldn't.

But if they go in against a

team that's better than Washington,


Then who knows?

I mean,

there's going to be some focus on

Montgomery and what he does,

and he may have to make

some changes and so forth.

So I think the matchup's

really important in this first round,

extremely important as we go forward.

Chirp three, and this was interesting.

The two wildcard spots per conference,

there was someone who tweeted out that

there would be four wildcard

teams that compete in an

NBA-like play-in tournament.

So two teams emerge from

each conference's play-in tournament,

which I like because if you

can add a single elimination game,

then I think that's good.

I mean, it's great in hockey.

It's like a built-in game

seven right off the bat.

So I like this, actually.


I don't mind expanding the playoffs

if you're going to do something like this,

like a couple games that

are essentially elimination

games to determine the last

two teams that make the playoffs.

I mean,

it would be a little bit of a

disadvantage for those

teams then having to play a

seven-game series against the top teams

you know, the top one or two seeds.

But I mean,

those teams should get an

advantage for finishing in that position.

So I think it would add some intrigue.

It would get some other teams, you know,

some playoff experience.

You know,

the league gets to televise

essentially in a couple of

extra game sevens.

And Friedman was mentioning

if you want the cap to go up and and,

you know, the league to grow,

this is something that you

probably have to entertain

as I'm expanding the playoffs.

So I don't have a problem

with it if they do something like this.

But I don't want to see, you know,

another seven game series.


On top of that, because, you know,

you're talking about an

already ridiculously grueling.

you know, two to three months of,

of playoffs and you're

adding another week to that.

Uh, it's just, uh, much punishment.

I think by the, by the end of it and, and,

you could be looking at more

guys getting hurt or worn

down and maybe the,

the product on the ice

suffers because of that,

because guys are just too beat up and,

and the skill and,

and speed of the game is,

is kind of diminished a

little bit because of that.

So a little tweak here and there,

I think could be,

could be something good.

And, and, and I always love, you know, uh,

elimination games.

So I think I would be all for that.

Yeah, I mean,

right now you look at like

Islanders at Lightning and

Red Wings at Capitals.

One game elimination.

Penguins are two points

behind the Islanders.

You might get the Penguins

and Lightning in that situation.

So, yeah, I think that would be fun.

You know, just a couple of,

I don't know what it is,

a couple of days after the

end of the season.

Let's go.

Let's play two elimination games.

I like the idea a lot, to be honest.


I hope they go to it,

to be honest with you,

because it gives another chance.

Like you said,

not another seven-game series,

but it gives two more teams

a chance to try to get one

win to get in the thing.

So I think that's pretty good.

Chirp four,

one Bruin who could really

surprise a first-round

opponent with his play.

That's an interesting one.

I mean, there's a couple of...

candidates I would say uh

and and geeky would

certainly be on my list I

think um peak has played

pretty well since he's been

here and I don't think

would surprise anybody I

mean if if he's playing

like he can play he's a

he's a top forward in the

league he's a 25 30 goal

scorer um so I don't know

if he would necessarily be

a surprise I think geeky maybe would be

Um, and,

and peak has certainly played well.

Will he get in?

I think he'll get in over Shattenkirk,

but I mean, I guess you never know.

Um, so I would say,

I would say geeky and I

would say maybe a guy like

Freddie or a guy like, um, you know, uh,

maybe Lindholm could

surprise people cause he's had kind of an,


a mediocre season.

And if you can get back to

the way he was playing at

the beginning of last year, you know,

that would be a huge lift

to the Bruins and,

and could surprise some

people because he hasn't

been that guy for a little

bit of time now.


that's some excellent foreshadowing

as we continue on here in the church.

But yes, I would have said Brazzo,

but he's hurt now.

And it doesn't seem like

he'll be back anytime soon.


it looked like a shoulder or a wrist

or something like that.

And you look at a guy like Pat Maroon.

I mean, Maroon has a playoff pedigree.


He's on winning teams all the time,

it seems.

He's just one of those guys

that plays on a Stanley Cup

run type team every single year,

it seems.

So he could be a guy, I guess, Beecher.

Could be a guy in the fourth

line that could do some things.

He has game-breaking speed.

He does.

That could be a game-changing type of guy.

He wins face-offs and such.

You may see an added role for him.

In that regard,

chirp five since Don

Sweeney became general

manager of the Bruins in 2015.

They hold the best record of

any team since then.

Boston's 421,

191 and 81 ahead of Tampa Bay, Washington,

the Golden Knights in Pittsburgh.

I mean, it's a pretty good run.

And seasons.

Yeah, it's a pretty good run.

I mean, it is.

And they've had a lot of

good players during that time.

I mean,

the Bruins have had a lot of good

players during that time.

And the culture's been good.

And they've had good goaltending.

And that's a huge part of it.

You know,

you go from Tuka Rask to Swayman

and Allmark.

And, you know,

you just... With the goaltending,

it's hard to have...

really bad dips where you, you know,

your team sucks for a long

period of time because, you know,

if you have a good

defensive structure and good goaltending,

you're going to be in most games,

whether you win them two to

one or four to three, I mean,

you're going to be in most games.

So I think, you know,

that's probably a big part of it is, uh,

is the goaltending and

defensive structure.

And how about this?

The, the best players, uh,

have been fairly injury-free.

They've played pretty much full seasons,


So you're not losing guys

for extended periods of time.

I mean, Pasternak played 82.

You know, Coyle played 82.

I mean, guys have played, you know,

Bergeron would play, you know, many,

many games.

So their best players play

pretty much full seasons,

which is another key.

Well, probably playing through injury,

especially in Bergeron's case,

showing tremendous

toughness and leadership to

be able to play through

some of the stuff he played through.

It certainly is all good.


Chirp six.

Here's your whoa.

Nelly Bruins sign,

Minnesota captain Jackson Nelson,

a big center, six foot four, 220 pounds,

24 years old,

played five seasons at Minnesota,

11 goals in his last eight games,

a late blooming offensive player.

Uh, you know, the compete level,

was it always there?

That type of thing.

Didn't put a lot of great

offensive numbers up until

the last season, really.

Um, and then what happens,

what happened to graph and

Quillen Quillen goes and

signs with Toronto of all

teams and graph now up in

the air and people,

people I've seen talk about him,

say maybe the Rangers could be there.

and that the Bruins haven't

been in it at all, really.

So it looks like Nelson is

the guy that they land on

as their third college free agent.


I don't mind the siding because he's

a big guy.

He's a center, and he can score goals.

So some size down the middle

is never a bad thing.

I don't know how he is on face-offs.

I can honestly say I've seen

him play maybe twice, maybe.


So I don't really have a

very good scouting report on the guy,

but I hope, I hope he works out.

I hope he works out.

Cause you know, as we've touched on many,

many times on here without,

with the lack of draft

capital that the Bruins

have and lack of draft picks,

they really need to hit on

some of these undrafted free agent guys.

So hopefully Mr. Nelson here

can turn into something for the bees and,

and you know,

he's a part of their future

going forward.


Here's the thing that they like about him,

I'm sure.

Same as John Farinacci with Harvard,

is that he was a captain

and has leadership qualities.

The Bruins have really focused on,

in the last several years

since Chara arrived, really,

on the room and the

leadership and character

and things of that nature.

And by all accounts, Jackson is a,

you know,

as a leader for that team and a

captain and, uh, he's mature at 24.

I mean,

he's the similarities to Farinacci

when he came over from Harvard.

So that's another,

that's another part of it.

I think too is, um, and he's, he's big,

like you said, he's a center,

which they need, you know,

sort of desperately.

Um, so I don't know.

I mean,

he had a good end of the season and again,

ended up with 19 goals,

I think this year.


19, 11 in his last eight,

like really caught fire at

the end of the year.

But he was a guy, 24 years old,

playing against 19, 20-year-olds too.

So that's the other part of it too.

But it'll be interesting to

see how he does in Providence.

I think we'll see how he does.

He's going to do an ATO

there and see if he gets some time,

see how he does.

I think it's still a long

shot for him to be anything

but a fill-in bottom player.

fourth line guy, bottom six kind of guy,

just because his offensive

production has not been great.

When he was in high school, I look back,

he had like 260 points in

high school or something.

Yeah, I mean,

I think he has a lot of skill

and maybe it's just...

you know, it's,

he's either a late bloomer

or like you said,

the commitment hasn't been there.

So, you know,

we'll see maybe as he's

becoming a professional now, he's kind of,

and he's, you know,

a little older than the

normal kids coming out of

the draft and so forth that

he's figured it out.

And if he has, that's great.

And the Bruins have got to steal,

but if he hasn't, you know, he'll be a,

you know,

a triple a guy or a ECHL guy

going forward.

If he, if he, you know,

doesn't put in the work and,

and consistently play with

the effort that the Bruins

demand from their guys.

And here's a quick little tidbit.

Golfers were 8-1 when he scored a goal.

How's that?

So there you go.

When he scores,

his hockey club is pretty much dominant.


Except for one time.

They have.

Chirp 7,

Hampus Lindholm and Charlie McEvoy

were paired together to

start the Nashville game.

Does this solve any issues

on the defense if those two

are your top pair?

And I believe they had 27

and 26 minutes respectively.

Yeah, I mean,

that's kind of like putting

Shire and Seidenberg

together back in the day, right?

Right, yeah.

I don't know.

So people have asked about

the Lindholm-Carlo pair and

if there was anything they

could do because both of them were soft.

So is this the Bruins' way

of kind of trying to fix that?

Split them up so that

Lindholm is with the McAvoy

now and Carlo is with...

I don't know whomever,

I don't know who he always

paired with low rise.

So that probably won't

happen in the playoffs, but yeah,

it'll be interesting to see.

I'm not sure if this is

really the solution because I just,

I've always felt like their

chemistry between McAvoy

and Lindholm has always

been just slightly off.


So I'm not sure if that's the answer and,

and maybe it's just cause I

haven't played together a bunch.


McAvoy seems to be better with Grizzly

for some reason, uh,

probably cause they play

together a bunch going back to BU.

Um, but, uh,

I'm not sure if this is the answer.

I, I think it could be, but,

and now's the time to try it out.

But, uh, yeah,

chemistry to me still seems

like it needs to develop a

little bit more before I'm

going to be satisfied that this is your,

you know, shutdown pair going forward.

Now, are you just like,

let's just play Carlo Loray?

Let's just play Loray and

let's just see what happens?

Or do you have to put in Gryzlik again?

Or do you go Shattenkirk?

Do you go like Wotherspoon

there and Shattenkirk and peak?

Like what happens there?

I see I, to me, Watherspoon is in,

and I think,

I think Grizzly is going to be in.

I do.


I think it's going to be, you know,

Are you going to go Grizzly, Carlo?


I think because their chemistry is

worse than Carlo.

So I think you got to go

McAvoy and Grizzly and Lindholm, Carlo.

I would go Watherspoon and

peak personally.

That's, that's what I would do.

I would do that.



but I would almost bite the bullet and

go and go low Ryan Carlo.

I don't want to see grizzly

in there and I don't want

to see him in the top pair.

Like that's just unbelievable.


I mean, to me, I would,

I would almost go low ride

McAvoy and leave Lindholm and Carlo.


As, as they are,

as the shutdown supposed shutdown pair,

even though it really

hasn't been that way of late.

And you hope Lindholm kind

of finds his game and,

Um, but yeah, I mean, there's,

there's some issues there with that.

I mean,

I wouldn't mind seeing Wotherspoon

move up and maybe one of

those other guys moved down.

Like I would,

I would try out Wotherspoon and McAvoy,



And put Grizzly at the peak.


But, uh, I don't think they will,

but that's probably what I would do.

I would rather see

Wotherspoon play 20 a night than Grizzly.


Especially in playoffs where

he gets kind of worn down a

little easier.


that's why I would start,

start with low Ryan.

If he shits his pants,

then go back to grizzly.

And at least you tried it.

You know what I mean?

I just, I just see let's,

let's go with as long with

low rise as we can.

And if he doesn't do well, fine.

But if he does well and he

starts to gain confidence

and he's contributing and

he's playing okay and not killing you,

then maybe you have something there.

Maybe he has his first real

postseason experience and

then it's just no looking back.

Yeah, I'm with you.

I wouldn't, I wouldn't mind that.

I just, I just don't think they will that.

And that's what I was

talking about with Monty kind of,

you know,

how's that all going to play out

with his decision-making as

far as who gets into the lineup, you know,

is it going to be matchup based?

Like if they play Florida, uh,

I don't think you can put

grizzly in the lineup

because he's just going to,

he's going to be meant to

the boards or he's going to be, you know,

afraid going into the corners.

Like you just can't have

that against a team like that.

You have to have a guy going back there.

That's willing to take a hit

to get the puck out of the zone.

And Grizzlick isn't.

You watch him go back in the

corners against Florida,

and he's ole-ing guys

coming in to smash them and

basically giving up the puck.

You can't have that in playoffs.

You can't do it.

You can't.

Take the hit to make the play.


How much do you think Bonte

is the final say in the lineup?

I think he has a final say.

You think he does?

I think he does.

I think he does.

I don't... I think...

I think once they get down,

I don't know if he does.

What I'm saying is to start with, he does.

And then if they get down like 2-0 or 2-1,

then Neely's banging on the door saying,

why is Grizzlick in the lineup?

Or Neely's telling Sweeney, hey,

go tell Monty,

why is Grizzlick in the lineup?

Or why is Lil' Ry in the

lineup when he's turning it over?

So I think he does initially have.

But, you know,

I'm sure they would say it's

a collaborative fucking

thing because the analytics

nerds probably get a say.

And, you know,

the coach gets a say and

goalie Bob gets a say on the goalies.

And I think they would

probably say the whole

thing is collaborative.

Like Sweeney gets a say and

everybody gets a say.

But at the end of the day,

somebody has got to

determine who goes out on the ice.

So I would say Monty does

get to say until he doesn't.

There you go.

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All right, the beauty this week.

How about Hampus Lindholm?

This will teach those filthy

bastards who's lovable.

Lindholm hasn't been a beauty for a while,

and he had a fight recently.

He scored his second goal of

the season recently,

and he's played heavy

minutes and back with

McAvoy against against the

Nashville and seems to be

finding his game a little bit.

His offensive numbers are

way down this year at 23 points or so,

whatever it is.

But he is playing better as of late,

playing a little bit more conviction,

and hopefully that

translates into the playoffs.

One can only hope.

He's such a big part of it.

He has to be Seidenberg.

He has to be playing at that

kind of level.

He won't play the same way as Seidenberg,

but I'm just saying he has

to be as good as Seidenberg

was to really help this defensive core.

Yeah, we can't have him be like a two.

We need him to be a one B.

We need him to be like a

minutes-eating stud back there.


1A, 1B with him and McAvoy.

If he can get back to Norris

Lindholm as he was at the

beginning of last year,

that would really go a long

way to them being a really

tough out come the playoffs.

Because if that pair can

shut down and he can

provide some offense from

that second pair,

which they really haven't gotten much of,

uh this season at all it

would go a long way uh

towards helping the team

win games sure and our

bender this week is our

producer mr connor green

I'm a bender do you want to

do you want to speak up for

yourself here at all or are

we just going to bury you

with your microphone and

computer issues yeah I'll

just take it on the chin this time

Connor's having microphone

and computer problems,

delayed the start of the podcast,

just really creating a

horrible work environment for all of us.

And just creating all kinds

of problems that are

completely unnecessary.

This is really all in jest.

Here's the good news.

Only one way to go, and that is out there.

That's true, Connor.

You're going to take this on the chin,

but you're going to learn from it.


And, uh,

and you're going to be a better

producer going forward.

So you appreciate all your work and, uh,

but you know, you gotta,

you gotta take this one to the team.

You can't wait for the growth.

The growth is going to be

special for sure.

Um, but yes,

we appreciate all that Connor

does a centennial season spotlight.

How about this one?

Don Sweeney, Don Sweeney, the player.


Wait, what?


the player who's like top 10

all time and games played

yes he is for your boston

bruins played over a

thousand games with the

bruins um you know look it

was obviously solid play it

played you know over a

thousand games it was on

some cup cup uh cup runs a

couple of cup runs in 88

90. um you know was it was

a solid player undersized


Do you think that's why he

has a soft spot for Grizzly?


I mean, absolutely.

That's why he went on that

run of like just undersized defenseman.

Grizzly probably grabbed him

by the back of the neck.

All those guys.

Fucking five, seven guys.


Give me some size.


Um, but yeah, Sweeney was a,

Sweeney was a pretty good

player for them and he's

been a good executive for them.

I mean, he has.


And he was a tougher,

he was a tougher guy.

He was, uh, even though he's undersized,

he, you know,

he would stick his nose in there and,

and battle you.

And, and, uh, he did,

he played a lot of games

for the Bruins and was a

pretty good player for them

for a long time.

He was, you know, cerebral from habit,

you know, absolutely.


Providence Bruins, beauty of the week.

34-year-old Jason Megna.

He's had a terrific week.

Four goals and seven assists

in the last 10 games.

He's been terrific as the

Providence Bruins are in

second place in the

Atlantic and headed to a

playoff run here.

He signed as an undrafted

free agent with the Penguins in 2012,

so he's been around a while.

62 games played he has.

48 points this year,

17 goals and 31 assists.

And it's been a good veteran

presence for the Providence Bruins.


You know, he has been,

that's exactly what I was

going to say is he's been a

good veteran presence for them and,

and probably a good locker room guy.

He's been around, has a lot of experience.

So, you know,

hopefully he can help that

team do a little damage in

the Calder Cup playoffs.

And, you know,

maybe he gets an opportunity

to go somewhere and crack a

lineup at the NHL level.

So good for him for having a good year.

And hopefully him and the

Providence Bruins can do

something good in the

playoffs down there.


it was a good little add-on for them

in the offseason to pick

him up as some guys left

the organization and they

filled in with Magna,

and he's done pretty well.

And then prospect spotlight,

how about this?

Reed Dick, the...

the goaltender for the Swift

Current Broncos of the WHL.

They lead their first-round

series three games to none,

and Reed has been terrific in that series,

and he has been the star on that team.

He had 62 out of 65 saves in

these three games and one shutout,

and he continues to really

progress as a guy who was a raw talent.

and is now really becoming a

legitimate goalie prospect for them.

I think that's great news,

especially with some of the, you know,

goaltending issues that

could be creeping up here for the Bruins.

So, as we've always said, you know,

nothing wrong with having a

bunch of good goalies in your system.

You know, there's no bad things there.

So it's good to see him

having a really good season

and a good playoffs and

hopefully he can continue that on.

And then, you know,

he turns pro here coming up

soon and can do some damage

with the Providence Bruins

and hopefully eventually

the Bruins Bruins.

You know, the goalie, Bob,

we talk about him a lot,

but Mike Dunham works for them too,

works for the goalies too.

And they have a really good system there.

The Bruins do when it comes

to goalie development.

And like you said, you know, with,

with Swayman's contract and

with Allmark maybe being traded and.

with Kaiser probably moving

on and Bussy's still in the air.

I mean, you have some,

there's going to be some movement there.

You have a lot of depth,

but that depth could kind

of thin out quickly.

So you had Ryan Bishel,

you brought him in from Notre Dame,

but you know, it's,

it's good to have someone like Reed Dick,

who was a six round pick.

I mean, a low round pick,

they kind of took a stab at

and he's done nothing but

improve each year.

So good for him and good for

the Bruins a week ahead.

Tomorrow night on April the 4th,

it'll be at Carolina.

And then a big one on April

the 6th versus Florida.

And then April the 9th versus Carolina.

The Bruins are four points

ahead of Florida,

but they do play... Florida plays Ottawa,

I believe, next,

which should be a win for them.

The Bruins play Carolina.

So that could be back to a

two-point advantage with

Florida coming up.

So that could be the game

that determines...

Who wins the division, really?


I think first place in the Atlantic

could very well be on the

line in that game.

So, you know,

a couple of big games coming

up here for the Bruins.

If they could get past Carolina,

they can kind of hold that cushion,

hold that lead before they face Florida.

But, you know, some tough games here.

I don't know, Carolina, Florida,

and then Carolina at home is certainly,

you know, no easy wins there.

So the Bruins will have

their week work cut out for

them this week.

they certainly will.

And we had a question this

week on X as we sent out a little, little,

uh, what do you call that?

A post now, or what do you call it?

You don't call it tweet anymore, right?

I don't know.

An X out.

I don't know.

I'll call it a tweet.

Cause of the whole thing.


Um, all right.

So from Bruins fan 71, uh,

Is this the bottom six rotation?

And what he has is he has Maroon, Boquist,

Brazo, which it won't be Brazo anymore.

He has Beecher, Geeky, Frederick,

which I think will be the third line.

I think that's going to be the third line.

And then Maroon, Boquist, and Brazo,

which will probably turn into Lauco,

I would assume, now that Brazo is out.

I think that JVR will be in there.

You think so?


I just think they'll go

with... I think that it's

like the coaches rely on

the guys with experience.

I think...

Lauco will probably be the

one sitting like he always is.

So you're going to have JBR

and Maroon on the same line.

I think, no, I think it's going to be,

I think it's going to be,

he'll be on the third line.

So I think it's going to be JBR,

geeky Frederick.

And I think it's going to be beach air,

bull quest and Maroon on the fourth line.

See, I really liked,

I really liked the idea of

beach or geeky Frederick.

I really, I really liked that idea.

I do too.

I'm not opposed to it.


But I do think it will be Boquist, Beecher,

and Maroon on the fourth line.

Okay, so Boquist, Beecher, Maroon.

Beecher with speed.

Boquist has been okay.

Boquist has speed,

and then Maroon gives you

the physicality.

In front of the net.

I just don't think they'll sit JBR.

He hasn't done anything for

the longest time, but I can't see them...

sitting him for, you know, especially,

you know, he,

is he going to be like net

front and power play too,

or is that going to be Maroon now?


So it'll be interesting to see.

Um, but like, it's not going to be Laoco.

And what does Laoco really offer you?

Um, I think JVR has experience and,

you know, he's been in playoffs.

Um, you know, obviously scored goals,

scored a bunch of goals in his career.

So I feel like he's probably

the better option.

than Lauco is at this time.


I mean, I'm not a local guy.

I mean,

I think Lauco is just kind of a guy

that skates around.

It's guys like they've had

Carson Coleman and guys that, uh,

Oscar Steen.

And, you know,

they've had these types of

guys over and over again, year after year,

that just kind of take up space.

And Lauco is one of those guys with me.

Um, that's why I liked Brazil in there.

He has size at least.

I mean, give me something that you offer,


beyond average guy if brazzo

was healthy I would sit jbr

and I would I would yeah

and I would go with your

your uh your lineup but I

might put brazzo on the

third line um just because

I don't want brazzo maroon

on the same line because

that's two guys that can't

skate on the same line so

I'm not doing that

I'll do it with one guy,

but I won't do it with two guys.

So, you know, I would probably put Beecher,

Brazzo and Boquist back

together and then have a

maroon skate with Geeky and Frederick.


And that's always healthy, but I don't,

I don't think he's going to be for,

for a bit.


Marty said today that was

probably he's week to week, right?

Week to week essentially.

And, uh, it didn't sound great.

Um, so hopefully, hopefully he is,

but I don't think so.

And that's a tough break for Brazzo.

Cause he was right there.


He was right there to get playoff time.

He really was.

And that was too bad.

But if you want to reach out

to us and we'll answer your questions,

just go to at BruinsBenders

on X and reach out to us.

And also subscribe on

YouTube on the Inside the

Rink YouTube page.

And is

your place to go and get

some BruinsBenders

merchandise there on our page.

And we have some shirts and

hoodies and hugs and all sorts of stuff.

And we appreciate you listening.

We'll see you next time.

Go Bruins.

Thanks a lot.