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In this second part episode with Dave Verwer, Leo talks with Dave about Swift Packages, SwiftPM Library (swiftpm.co), and how Dave uses open-source data and pull request for contributing. In the previous episode, we talked about the iOS Developer Survey and iOS Developer Community overall.

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Swift Packages

  • What's the future of Swift Packages
  • Cocoapods vs Carthage vs Packages vs Submodules
  • Limitations of Swift Packages

SwiftPM Library

  • How SwiftPM.co began?
  • What does it provide to the community?
  • Issues with older packages
  • Issues with other dependency management systems (NPM, RubyGems, etc...)

Open Source Data

  • How to use pull-requests for contributing information?
  • How iOS Dev Directory works
  • How it helps prevent spam 
  • Allowing for others to build on top of

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