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Mystery Maniacs Episode! In Podcast 191, three dog related deaths are explained but where was Frank going? 

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Watch Like A Maniac
What village does the episode take place in?
A: We aren’t 100% sure. It could be Binwell Greater Canis, or Greater Cains.

What does Daniella believe in, besides ugly jeans?
A: Unicorns

What connects William Fleming and basket weavers?
A: The Anasazi

What music does Aden listen to?
A: The Best llof the 80s

Who has Christmas lights up in July?
A: Killer

What’s different about the cop shop?
A: Cop shop B

Who defend’s Tai’s camper?
The ferret soldiers

What is evidence number 9? And 12?
A: Record player and cooler

What insect has taken over the garden center?
A: Blue Beetles or Citrons

Who is an apple on an apple?
A:    Macintosh on her mac

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  • Fargo Season 5 -
  • Monsieur Spade -
  • True Detective: Night Country -
  • Miss Scarlet & The Duke -
  • All Creatures Great And Small -

Put A Bird On It

Military Ferret Dogs?

Nativity Movie Series

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Mark Bell
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Sarah Smith-Robbins
Co-host of Mystery Maniacs

What is Mystery Maniacs?

Mystery Maniacs Podcast is a comedy recap podcast dedicated to British Mystery Television. Formerly, Midsomer Maniacs podcast.

and breaks them.

That's how you're supposed to do Pop.

You have to do that.

Hey, Maniac.

Hey, Midsummer Maniac.

Yeah, Midsummer
Maniacs is a comedy recap podcast

dedicated the mystery TV show
Midsomer Murders.

Each week,
we dig into an episode of the show,

including the murders, the mayhem,
the loonies, and everything else we love.

This week, Midsomer Murders
Episode three Season 24 Claws Out.

I'm Mark.

We've been forgetting
to introduce ourselves.

I'm Sarah Claus out here.

This is another.

It's the pet episode.

Village that has, like,
a theme of stuff going on.

If you let your chat.
Should cause anybody to move away.

If you let your children
practice feline seduction,

I should not be listening to the boss.

No, because they've got other problems
that you should probably.

You shouldn't be listening.

Dealing with that child,
producing female felines.

The phrase feline.

Seduction, the.

Phrase feline seduction
should not be uttered anywhere.


You know, I looked it up
and that's what they call it in the UK.

Okay, they're wrong. Cat seduction.

That's what they call it.

Before we dive in, though.

Boy, there's a lot of good TV on
right now.

we've been watching some stuff this week

that we thought we would just give you
a little heads up about,

see if there's something you're interested
in. Maybe you should check it out.

We finished Fargo season five.

Fargo is not for everybody.

It's weird.

It's got some heavy points in it.

I'd really like to see.

But I really liked. It.

I really liked it also.

And I'd love to know what Europeans
think of that

because it is a very peculiar
lens of America.

Yeah, Yeah.

Kind of feeds into some stereotypes about,
well, that's what Americans are like.

They're Midwest Americans
with all their guns and stuff.

Well, it was.

Not all like that. Promise
It was fantastic.

The last episode just came on last week
and we enjoyed it immensely.

Yeah. So it was fun.

We also checked out
the first episode of Missus Spade.

Yes. So this is Sam Spade in France
in the sixties.

With Clive Owen. Yes.

And I'll say you got to stick with it.

The first episode, they feel like
you don't really have to explain anything

or who anybody is.

You'll just psychically figure it out.

And I'm about halfway through.

I'm like, I don't know. There's a lot.

But then it got jumped. It
got a lot better.

There's a lot of time jumping
that you have to pay attention to.


And the second thing is like when you read
Dashiell Hammett, Sam Spade books,

there's one book which is The Maltese
Falcon and several short stories.

And when you're reading
any Dashiell Hammett,

which I read a bunch of in college now
just after college,

you have that moment of
this is awfully purply, right?

You his.

Is prose is kind of corny, but then you
get into it and you're like, okay.

You get used to it.

You get used to it.

And his Clive Owen's dialogs are a bit

purply to begin with, but it grows on you.

My recommendation is stick with it
for the full episode.

If you make, you'll make it to the end.

If you stick with it
and you'll be glad you did.

When you get to the end of the episode,
then you're like, Then I was hooked.

Yeah, but I had to turn it.

It's is super good. Yeah.

If I turned it off in the middle of
the episode, I would have been like, Why?

Plus, if you're this kind of person,
you'd see Clive Owen.

But we also watched the first episode
of the new season of True

Detective, which has Jodie Foster in it.

Okay, so it's.

True Detective is another one.

It's a little weird.

Yeah, a little dark,
but it's it's really good.

But this is set in Alaska
during the period of time

when the sun doesn't come up,
So you never know what time it is.


And it's always dark
and it's always weird.

I'm like, it's it's the long dark,
which is the video game that I play.

That is a weird video game,
but it is a television show.

And I, I enjoyed it immensely.

I like dark, snowy things.

You're so Canadian. I know,

but I liked it.

I'm eager to see what happens.

It's very. It's intriguing.

It is.

It is off the beaten path.


And it's another one that if you make it
to the end of the first episode,

you're out. Yeah, I would. I would.

There's a lot of world building going on
in the first episode and a show like that.

They managed to put True Detective and
kind of the first 15 minutes of the thing.

Yeah, yeah.

Another show that's all in the dark.

Yeah, in the cold, in the snow.

Completely different.

We started watching season
four of Miss Scarlet and the Duke.

I saw somebody online said
they summed up this entire season

with If these two don't end up in bed
by the end, I'm out.

It's kind of that point.

Yeah. Yeah.

It's like, you know kiss her or be done.

But I thought this week's episode
with the Undertakers was very good.

I do like it.

And we started watching the most recent
season of All Creatures, Great and Small.

Which is. It's just so.

Good. It's a palate cleanser.

Yes, with animal bits.

If you can get over the occasional animal

Yeah, it's maybe not a dinner show.

To watch hiring dinner,

but otherwise it's a really feel good
show. But.

But it's like the Larkins
with a little more gravitas.

Yeah, because there's a war going on
and everything, but you don't see it.

It's elsewhere at this point. Yes, I try.

I try not to constantly compare myself
to the older brother.

my God. You're nothing like Christensen.

I'm not.

Kristen's the younger brother. I'm. I'm.

I've turned into that person.

No, he's an old.

Dog's around looking for my tobacco.

You're not like that.

Okay, so, Mr. Spade.

Fargo, True Detective. Miss Scarlet
and the Duke.

All creatures. Great and small.

All recommendations you should check out.

And if they're up your alley.

Thank you for tuning in to listen to us
talk about this episode,

because there's lots for you to watch
and listen to out there.

And we appreciate all of you
taking the time.

Thank you so much for listening.

We love you all.

So the original air date of this
was the 18th of December,

which is a month ago, 2023.

Before you go on with that.

Yeah. Spoiler.

Yeah, we're going to spoil it. Yes.

It's a brand new episode.

Season 24 Episode three
If you haven't seen it, stop right now.

We're going to ruin it.

We're going to say who the killer is.

Killers before go listen to the many.

Watch the episode,

then come back because you put out a mini
episode for this back in December.

And once again, if you're in England,
we're sorry.

Yeah, we're going to spoil it.

And I'm I'm sorry if you haven't been able
to see it yet, but it's.

It's so tough.

I get people all the time
from all over the world message me

on social media saying,
When are we going to get this in there?

I wish we knew.

I wish I wish you all could have it today.


And I wish there was a reliable source
where we could actually find out

when it was going to air everywhere
because we'd tell you.

Yeah, but they don't actually
tell us anything we ask.

They don't tell us No.

And it's not like we are not ACORN.

No, we're not.

We're not affiliated with ACORN or ITV.

Yeah, Yeah. So this just came out.

This is a brand new.

Episode directed by Paul
Gibson, written by Helen Jenkins.

In the mini episode, we had ten watch

Like a Maniac Questions, Things
for You to Look for.

So as we talk about the episode,
we will point out the answers

to those questions.

Some of them may be controversial.

Yes, I would agree.

We've got some familiar faces. boy.

Josette Simon, who plays Madeline Saunders
in this one of the killers.

She was also in season
nine, episode eight of Midsummer.

Last year's model.

Yes. Charlie Kondo, who plays
Perry Fleming.

The other killer, was also in an episode

of Midsummer Season
eight, Episode four Battling Boy.

And last but not least, Duncan Preston,
who plays William Fleming,

the neighbor, was in season
two, Episode three Dead Men's 11

so we've got a few people
returning some similar faces.

Yeah, well, there's only six actors
in England, so somebody's got to return.

Well, and two thirds
of the returning actors are killers.

And Salena
Caddell shows up out of nowhere, dies,

doesn't be a dead body, and then leaves
apparently were quite funny last year.

This is

it's rare for there to be two killers
in a midsummer.

I think this episode is less
bonkers and more well written.

I think it's actually
a well-written story.

I'm not going to say
the last episode wasn't well-written.

Yeah, this is a well-written episode too,
and that is slightly less bonkers.

It's still very.

Much Last episode was bonkers.

Bonkers. Yeah.

All right.

We start right off the bat
with something bonkers.

A heat seeking drone.

Yes. This heat seeking drone.

Drone still working well in midsummer.

So looking for drop knives on your dog.


So but it's got heat vision.

I'm going to talk about something here.

That's what we do on podcast. Okay.

I need to talk about a character
who I constantly refer to as third Wheel.


Reese is a mixed up child.

So Reese is William Fleming's
grandson, Perry's son.

He has the heart of Madeline Son.

Addison. Yes.

In this chest transplant.

And he's the one stealing dogs. Yes.

He's also in the parties
searching for dogs.

Yes, he is horrific.

He is driven insane
by being a third wheel.

He has some mixed motives.

Every time
they mention the trip to Canada,

I just see him in the corner going,
I don't.


Can I go to Canada to carry through?

So he's part of the rescue party,
along with

Frank Bailey,
who is the pet detective. Yes.

And his wife, Kim.

You mean Ace Ventura now.

So he's last pet detective.

He's anything but Ace Ventura. Okay.

So they find the dog,
but they give out coordinates.

on the especially on the drone footage.

You see coordinates
at the top of the screen? Yes.

So someone on the read it this week

said, Hey, this show has Easter eggs.


To which I said, Boy,
do we have a podcast for you.


I don't even bother to write them down.

Yeah, we're watching the episode
because I know you're all over it.

So the coordinates are 51 degrees,

31 minutes north, 51

and zero degrees, 51 minutes west.

Where is that? That is located?

Let's see.

It is north west,

Well, almost completely west of London.

It's about 75 to 100 miles

west of London, near
a place called Rebecca as well.

So if you search for Rebecca as well,
you'll find it.

But it's near a road.

And I saw the name of this road and I'm
like, we need to speak about this road.

That's the road called Crazy Hill.

Now, it's not crazy is possessive.

Hill It's like multiple crazies.

These are A-Z.

Yes. So it's plural.

Crazy World, Crazy Hill.

If you
or someone you know live near crazies.

Hill please let us know.

I would relish putting that on my address.

I really.

Please petition Bloomington
to change the name of our road.

To Crazy said we live on. A hill.

It could be crazy.

How easy.

Is that? Not the best name place ever.

And so much easier
to spell than our street name.

Yeah, I'm not going to say what it is
in case people decide to stalk us, so

nobody would do that. But yeah, crazy.

It is a. Because.

It is a field.

It is near

where the other map shows
it's really near.

So they picked coordinates
that were approximately right.

Yeah. It's that's good.

It's near Wargrave and lower ship lake.


As opposed to Ship Lake
which is further down the River Thames.

So this is all absolutely midsummer
and it's near Henley.

There's a ton of filming that gets done
for the show in Henley on Thames.

Well, if I was a dog
and I was going to go run away

and get stuck in that culvert,
I would definitely head for Crazy.


That's where you start.


You know, you got to go up
near Rebecca as well on crazy to.

Turn left or you see that culvert
that has a dog trapped in it.

Then take a right at the heat
seeking drone.

You'll find it They.

Couldn't see in that culvert just saying.

now you're getting all technical.

You don't think a heat

seeking drone can see through concrete
or aluminum or whatever it is.

So I did also notice
there was an elevator there.

Do you know?
And an elevator. Is like a grain elevator.

No, I don't know.

It's the it's a hay elevator.

What? yeah, it's like a crane.

It's like a giant ramp
you put up to the top part of the hayloft.

And you load it, and it's like a big
conveyor belt that carries the

hay bales up. Yes,
it's run by the tractor.

Yeah. I've had to climb up them.

They're not safe

to get into the barn

to then spend hours moving
hay off of them.

I hate that you. Had to climb it.

You couldn't just ride up. Okay?

All it has
is like a chain with little teeth on.

that. Pulls the bale.


I thought it had, like, a belt on it. No,
but you just said.

It's not a belt, so it's a metal chair.

If you let those teeth dig into your ass,
you could have let it carry you up there.

But otherwise you have to climb.

It's a metal chain on a metal train, crane

platform type thing in our guest.

it's a little hot and it's a little loud.

I bad and plus so, like,
you're going up into the hay now

and unless it's secure on the hay
Mao opening, it wobbles.

It becomes a teeter totter.
that's awesome.

Yeah. So.

So unless you actually secure it
to the opening of the barn. Yes.

Like with some, like,
little l brackets or something.

No, no.

It just moves all over.

They just push it
until it goes in the hole.

And then you send your child up.

And our kids complain.

Come on. Voice of experience.

They got nothing to complain about.

So they find the dog.

There's a rescue party.

And of course, they mention
that there's a dinner that night

at the tender kitchen
where Frank is going to get a hero award

for all the dogs that he is, our cats
that he's found.

I have two problems
with the tender kitchen.

The first problem I have with the tender

is I'm not eating tender free and food,
and I want them now.

Yeah. So it made me very hungry.

The second thing I have is
did you notice on the sign

that it says,
Enjoy our dog friendly garden?

No. Okay. I didn't notice that.

Included in their dog friendly garden,
if you recall,

is a giant cage where they keep their dog.

That is not a dog friendly carpet.

Well, that's just where Storm stays
when she's put up.

I guess. What?

I don't like about the tender kitchen is
the person who karate chops the poppadoms.

Did you see that?
That's how you're supposed to do pop.

The hand that comes out

and breaks them.

That's how you're supposed to do pop.
You have to do that.

You can just take one
and break it on your plate.

You know, you do the karate chop.

I've never seen anybody do that.

I looked it up.

People say that it's done.

I've never seen it. wow.

The next time we get Poppadoms,
which should be tonight, but

we have a do to go to.

You're going to karate chop them.

Maybe we can have Indian tomorrow night.

Yeah, maybe. Yeah.

Sarah's needlessly
trying to train Patti to do dog agility.

All he wants to do is run away.

Yeah, this is one of the things.

So they have a platform that he's
supposed to run up and a dog tunnel.

Did you see what else they had?

But don't mention one of those sets of
poles that you're supposed to go through.

yeah, back and forth. But,
but they don't have the.

Pole data on the. Whole thing.

So they've used other things, including
a pitchfork from a Satan costume.

You use what you got.

Use what you got.

Then we see a sign about missing cat,
and we are launched into our first

watch like a maniac question
in which we really don't have an answer.

Well, there's a couple of things.

So the question is what village
does this take place in? Yes.

And this is controversial now.

Yeah, because there's three
it could be the flier

for the dog Agility contest and fundraiser
for bowel cancer.

So literally says it's.

Going to happen on the Village
Green of Benwell.

Yeah. Okay.

However, these are all day
appropriate dates by the way for 2023.

I checked them. All nerd



On the missing cat poster
it says Greater Canis.


And later when we see the arbitration
paperwork for William Fleming

and Frank about their five foot deviation
in their fence, it says greater canes.


So we don't really know where.

We don't know where we are.

I think they tried to be clever

with the name of the town and calling it
Great Canis.

Like dog.

Like cane is like canine.

Yes. And the producer went,
no, it's been well.

We see a village sign for Panama
at one point.

Yeah, we see a village.
Maybe they're really close together.

So, I don't know.

Maybe Greater Canes is the Hardy

type part of village,
because William and Frank share

a fantastic Tudor revival house
that is gorgeous

compared to the little semi-detached
that Madeleine lives in.

He was supposed to get a whole bunch
of money for selling his tech company.

And they live on the river too.

Why did they not have a detachable house?

A detachable house?

They do.

It's a trailer in the backyard,
detached house.

I think even half of that house
would probably cost

you many millions of dollars.

It fronts right on to the river.

But they don't have a long boat.

Yes, they do.

Know the next door neighbor Frank.

Doesn't. Frank doesn't.

So can I just say that
I think Frank is a bad pet detective.

Okay, Because.

We get this montage
of all of the missing posters

of the cats, the dogs,
gerbils, the parrots, the ferrets.

Everybody's pets are being stolen.

Lorna is a cat seducer
and resells purebreds on the dark web.

All of the red ribbons should go right
to those two people.

And Frank hasn't figured it out.

And I have a problem
with Frank's character.

Frank cheated on his first wife,
did homophobic slurs.

I do.

I missed that the first time
on his employees. Yep.

And basically forced people out
and bullied.


In the first 5 minutes of this episode.

And this is a show that is good at this.

Good about it. Yeah. Okay.

We don't get Frank bad enough.

No, all.

He does is make a kind of offhand remark.

Which about a dead brother.

A dead brother that she freaks out about.

Like, that's not enough.

He should be shown
as more of a horrible person.

One of his neighbors is one
of the thieves, and he doesn't know it.

He's a bad pet detective.

He's a very bad, bad detective
with a beautiful house.

So the missing pet montage
that you mentioned before

has some interesting names on it.

Sleepy, Sleepy, The cat Storm.

Yeah. Ben Cat.

Ben Cat. Yes. Did you see Ben? Cat?

yes. The cat's name is Ben.

God, Big cat.

That's like trash cat. By and Katie.

Ben Cat.

It's like Ben.

Man and Lola.

Lola. That's not a bad name.

So let's do this year.

Pet names.



We can agree
that Bin Cat is a bad pet name, though.

It's kind of. Funny, though.

It might be like the most Indian name.

Or maybe they rescued the cat
from a trash can.

Could be. It's better than trashy and.

We're not making fun of.

The garbage care.

Of you or your naming of your. Pet.

Mercer, You are all brilliant people
who have wonderful names for your pet.

If we happened to mention as a bad name,
one of the names that you've named

your pet,
you probably did it for good reason.

And we have a dog named Olive.

Co-Sponsor of this episode.

And we have the dog we had before.

It was Fanny, too, which everybody does.

In third grade.


And our cat's name is Lucy,
which is short for mousy fur. Yes.

If you don't know, Fanny in England
is the.

Lady part lady parts.

Here it's more of a tush.

Yeah, more of your. But it's a fanny.

So what criteria can we come up with
for not naming pets correctly?

I have never thought
that it's a good idea to name pets.

People names like Fred.


David. David.

The dog would be so my my friend
Vince, the

A his grandparents would always
mix up his name and the dog's.

What was the dog's name? Toby.

Which was funny
because we had another friend named Toby,

but Toby's a really common
dog name in England.

Yeah, and it's not a bad person name.

I can understand
now if their dog's name was Spy

and they called him Spy,
that would be worth right.

They're both boy names, so it's okay.

But yeah, people, common people names for

I don't like that.

I also don't.

Mary Sue Edna of.


Here are too many syllables
like Elizabeth.

You can't name a dog. Elizabeth.

I also don't think it's clever
when people name their animal

after some overly obvious
physical characteristic like Spock,

or like you've got a black and white cat
and you name it Oreo or Domino

or something. B More creative than that.

I also think you should not name your cat.

You're your animal anyhow.

Animal something you can't yell and.

Something you can't. Yeah.

Ben got.

Or a name that would confuse the animal
like go away.

Yeah. Give here, go away.

You obviously can't do that.

But like this, sir,

which may be a completely appropriate name
for that animal.

But stay.

That would be the worst dog name ever.

Stay. Come here.

All right.

You're just talking about names
to torture an animal.

That's how to poorly train your animal.

I don't know about sleepy, Sleepy

storm Doesn't strike me as a is a Lola.

I don't like.

Lola's. Okay.

It's okay. Well,
how do we feel about Patty.

Patty's great name?

I don't mind Patty at all.

It's kind of a slur.

Yeah, that's my problem with it.

Does every house in this episode
have a murder board in it

or some sort of crime board? Most okay.

Most of them do, Frank.

Really bothers me.

It's got three big labels on it.

One says missing, one says found
and one says evidence.

And they're just spaced around
with a bunch of pictures

with red ribbon, red yarn
leading to various places on a map.

They should all be pointing to two places
Lorna's and Reece's.

That's it.

That's all.

So you can clearly see on his map Ashton
Ferry Lane, which I found,

which is north of Henley on Thames,
like this is all.

Is crazy Hill is.

Ten feet away from each other.

Mount crazy.

I tell you what kind of geek I am.

I'll tell you I'm like,
Those are canal boats, not river parks.

That's that's nerdy.

And yes,
I realize a canal boat can go on a river,

but from every canal boat blogger

that I watch,
they really don't like being on rivers.

And I would say a riverboat is probably
too deep to be in a canal.

Yeah, they need to be shallow.

You could call them both long boats.

So if you wanted to be really nerdy.

So they do two transitions in this episode
that are really nice.

I wish they only did one of.

The dog tag. The storm.

The storm transition is.

From the poster to the dog kennel.

which is nice. And then they do it again.

I forget where it's in my notes,
but they do a transition like that again.

It's like the editor was like,
I can do that.

I learned a new trick.

I can do it again.

So Madeline
Sanders owns the dog training facility,

which I assume is in Benwell,

where they're going to have,
yes, the agility contest.

And she has a daughter, Danielle.

Daniella, is it Daniella? Yes.

Sorry. Daniella.

Who has the worst taste in jeans
I've ever seen.

But what else does she love?

Which is another one of our watch.

Like a maniac.

Well, when she's hanging out in her room
with her boyfriend and third wheel

dreaming about their trip to Canada
that they're not taking third wheel

on, she has a poster on the wall
that says unicorns are real. Yes.

So the answer to the question. What.

Does she have other than horrible
genes and drugs apparently.

Is unicorn.


Yeah, I wish she
I don't like the drug part of this episode

because it's not in the end,
it's not needed. No.

And it's needlessly like it's big city.

It's true crime,

you know,

like, why can't
they be selling birds eggs or something?

If it was something like Adderall
or something, I could see it.

Yeah, but like, she's a heart.

Like she's dealing hardcore drugs.

Like she owes a debt to a drug dealer.

That she's going to big lengths to go.

Mom, I'm bad.


Look how bad I am. I'm really bad. Yes.

And deals drugs, too.

Like her friend's dad. I mean, it's just.

No, it's not her friend's dad.

The husband of her boss.

Yeah. Yeah. And what?

I think they missed a trick here.

So Madeleine is an overbearing mother,
to say the least. Yes.

Very controlling.


In response to the fact that her son died,
Addison died.

And so she wants Daniella
to live up to all of her hopes.

Now, wait a minute.

This is Midsummer.

So his previous death must be actually
a murder that we have yet to solve.

No, no, He just fell off a hill.

That wasn't the trick.
I think they missed. The trick.

I think they missed
is that he died because he was trying

to take a selfie
and tripped and fell off a cliff. Yes.

So really, Madeleine
shouldn't let Daniella even have a phone?

Yeah, I think so.
Because she might fall off a cliff.

She might fall off a cliff.

Or do something else
while taking a selfie.

If you're really over controlling,
you'd be like, no phone.

You might.

You might die taking a picture.

Now, I can imagine. Danielle.

A selfies of her
trying to sniff cocaine off the mirror.

While standing on a ledge Looks Mom.

Well, Dad, with a peace sign. Yeah.

Two finger salute.

And third wheel in the background.

Looking sad.

Look, I got a scar on my hairy chest.

I want to listen.

He just wears a stethoscope.

His scars are pretty good. Yeah.

Skin and the scabs on Perry's parents
arms are really good.

Yeah, they're good.

They're super. Good.
I think they actually scratched them.

And I think they actually gave the actor
who plays Reese a scar.

No, they cut him.

They couldn't do that.

No, Sarah, they couldn't do.

Applying a prosthetic on a hairy
chest is really difficult to do. Wow.

So they did a great job.

All right,
So Shani and Aiden own the tender kitchen.

Their two.

Two children
who really want a dog. Do they?

That is their entire situation.

Their reason for existing.

Yes, I the whole episode,
I'm like these kids

even exist that they keep talking about
our kids are so heartbroken.

They're heartbroken. They're heartbroken.
Where are they?

We hear we hear their daughter
say something from another room to Aiden.

And then at the very end, when the dog
is returned, suddenly they appear blue.

Children run through the through the shot
and that's it.

But their house and the dog trainers
house are the epitome of Put a dog on it.


Everywhere you look, it's dog stuff.

Madeleine's got a picture of her dog
above her fireplace

instead of one of her children.

And then Lorna's house is put a cat on it.

Yeah, well, morning, Scott.

Reasons to have a house like that,
we haven't even gotten to launch yet.

And then so.

So the main people, Right.

You've got Frank and Kim

and their nephew Ty,
who lives in their neighbors backyard.

Who is William Fleming,
his son Perry, and his son Rhys

Perry, who works at the gardening center
that's named after the dead kid Edison.

Yes. Why? I don't.

So we talked about this earlier.

We need to name for this.

What was the name that I came up with?

strange bedfellows.


Well, you probably want to get
this completely connected.


I'm your nephew,
and I'm living in the trailer

of your mortal enemies next door neighbor.

Yeah. House like white.

He's supposedly super rich.

Why is he in that house?

Yeah, and I have the heart of that lady's
son who died,

and my best friend moved here
just to be with her daughter.

Yeah, it's all forced.

Everybody connected in all these weird


I'm guessing that Perry started
the gardening center, Named it

Allison Addison's after the boy who died
because his son has his heart.

And so the governor of him,

I guess it's a nice tribute to a kid
who saved your kid's life.

I guess.

I guess the best thing about Lorena

is the picture of her that Frank takes

when she's in her kitchen window
threatening him with a knife.

Which is

the proper resolution, as opposed to
the picture she looks at online,

which even though was ten years
ago, is potato is she.

Super zooms in on Frank
at that corporate event picture

and he's just like some pixels
I hate those pixels I.

Hate it inside.

Why can't that be like a real photo?

Like it's only ten years ago?

It's not 110 years ago.

It doesn't mean that people didn't email
a bad resolution.

Fluor is fantastic.

In this episode. She is so funny.

The first time we see her in the cop shop,
she practically throws a file at some

no name cop.

The next.

Desk she.

Cleans and he has to. Catch it.

And we need to get this straight.


She is so mean to winter
because she completely loves.

yeah. yeah. That she's razzing. It.

There's been people online
who is like, She's so mean to winter.

Okay, Winter is little brother.

Yes, she. Is older sister. Yes.

And this is the how it's supposed to be.

It wouldn't
surprise me that in the next season

he doesn't razz her back
a little bit more. Yes.

Because when she's behind him and pretends
that he's a puppy and then hikes

her leg up on the trash can,
I just think it's so funny.

And cop shop
B, we're in cop shop. Yeah, that's right.

We are. That's
what's new about the cop shop.

What's different about it
is that it's completely new.

Yes, it's brand new.

Nobody mentions that.

Nobody acknowledges that.

They're just in a completely new space.

They have two maps that are the same ones,
a satellite

image of the same map
that is on Frank's board.


Frank owed Fleming his neighbor, $500

because of a fine that Frank was charged
for encroaching on Fleming's space.

Now, this is the 17th of May 2023.

And Frank pays the fine in pennies in a.

Wheelbarrow. No wheelbarrow.

You think he's not bad enough?

He's bad. Well.

There's lots of bad stuff
that come out later.


What I'm saying is, in the first 5 minutes
that Frank is alive,

he saves the dog, receives
an award and says a slight.

And then he gets killed.

He needs. To be worse in the first.

Five, But we find out how bad he is
after he's dead.


And all these people already know
how bad it is.

We just don't know yet. It just.

It's not one of those where you're like,
That character's so annoying.

I hope they're the one who gets killed.

Do you know what the greatest movie
of 1977 was?

No. And why are you bringing it up?

It was dog poo war.

It was what?

Dog poo wars?

Like Star Wars, but with dog poo.

that was out of nowhere. Okay.

They talk about they talk about
there was a great dog poo war.

Fleming does say that he that Frank
trained his dog to poop in his yard.

Yeah. He goes he trained them to.

In my poop in my yard. Yeah.

And that,
that is definitely not a dirty dirty.

But the next episode. Next.

we have the big controversy.

Have the F-bomb.

I am a liar. I'm
a drug addict. I'm a horrible person.

I take selfies.

I've mountaintops
while standing on one foot.

There's no reason that Ashanti
needs to be the first wife of Frank.

No, really. Not. And it's not.

It's more strange bedfellows

and just an excuse for her
to look at pictures and have a knife.

Yeah, and it's a cake cutting knife.

It's not even sharp.

You couldn't hurt anybody with that knife.

Flemings yard.

Well, first of all, Fleming and Frank
both live in an amazingly beautiful house.

Yes, it's gorgeous. They did it.

Did you know the picture behind
Frank's murder board?

The boat? Yeah, the ship.

This gorgeous seascape, put up a murder
board right in front of it.

Even the murder board is amazing.

Yeah, It's like this big oak, like the two

best movable classroom chalkboard
kind of frame.

We need one of them.

It's gorgeous. Yes, I do.

But, you know, they only show, like,
one room of Frank's house,

and it's really the foyer. Yes, that's it.

That's all they show.

I don't know what else is in there,
but they walk.

Into our office foyer.

Go no further.

We some thank you notes that proves
that we've got we found some dogs.

We have two desks.

But Fleming has a longboat,
a riverboat, a canal boat.

And there's a name on that boat.

It's called the Anasazi. The Anasazi.

Which was one of the things we asked about
in our watch like a maniac.

It was.

How is Fleming connected to Basket

And honestly,
the tribe are famous for their baskets.


You have to.

If you have a second,
just Google Anasazi basket.

They're incredible. They're amazing.


They made baskets
that were so tightly woven

they could carry water in them. Wow.

That's incredible.

And I know they're beautiful.

We've referenced this before.

I watch a lot of long boat
content on YouTube.

You do?

I do.

They it seems to be not a trend to name

your boat a stupid name like Americans.

Name their boat.

Yeah. Americans
like punny names for. Yeah.

But only sassy.

That's a good name for a classy. Yeah.

And it's a beautiful boat.

Too bad it's a dog prison.

They they also though, rent it out.

So you're the person
who rented this boat out.

You come to this super classy house
and they're like, the boat is out back.

Come, we'll show it to you.

It's a beautiful boat.

You get in, It's just covered in panic
dog hair.

It had to be because Reese

keeps putting the dogs
that he steals in there to keep them.

You know what they're going to do?

They're going to freak out, panic, bark
like maniacs,

pee everywhere and shoot,
shedding air off of themselves.

He must be good at cleaning.

I don't know, because there's just no way.

Lorna, what is the cat
seductress that we've talked about?


She's everything about cats
because she's a broken person.

She okay?

She used to be a professor
of digital encryption.

She helped Frank found this company
that was really technologically advanced.

Now her husband is gone.

So people think
because she gets mail for Professor

Lorna McIntyre,
she gets mail for Professor Macintosh.

They think she had a husband.

They think she has a
She never had got you.

I must I missed that. The first time.

That's sexist.

Yeah, Well, yeah.


So she didn't feed her husband to the cat.


The sexist.
Like in 1977, James Bond movies.

Which you've been watching lately.

But she's fabulous.

I like her so much,
even though she's so broken.

And she her house is Put a cat on it.

Yeah, right.

She's got she's even got kitty
barrettes in her hair. She has keys.

And she has kitty. Mugs. She has

she has no encryption stuff everywhere.

No, she's not any of that anymore.

And she isn't Mac, which a real programmer
doesn't use, but I'm just saying.

Well, it didn't mean to one of our watch
like a maniac.

Yeah, because she's learned a macintosh.

On her Mac. Using a mac?

Yes, she's an apple on an apple.

Because Macintosh is a kind of apple. Yes.

They're very good apples.

They are.

She's emotionally broken.

Kind of agoraphobic.

Sort of.


Not very friendly to other people.

She's not mean.

And she's just wants to be left alone.

She's running out of money.

Well, you would. She doesn't work.

And, you know, Frank owes her and isn't
ever going to give her what he owes her.

Second episode grower.

Older ladies have bills on their table.

If you were going to seduce
a cat, how would you do it?

With witty banter.

would you like a cat?


I was thinking that, like,

if I was Lorna and I wanted to lure
all the cats to my yard.

Yeah. the milkshake.
Put it out. Milkshakes.

I think I would have, like,
some lasers in the backyard.

Like a little laser light show.

Cats can't resist.

Yes. Or, like, balls of.

String or, like, top my fence

with broken bowl breakable stuff
that can just be knocked off of it.

Cats can't resist that.

They could climb up there
and just knock it off,

and then you could grab them
and bring them inside and be like,

You're making this different.

The cats choose the people.

That's right. You don't choose a cat.

Lots of comfy beds
and cardboard boxes in the yard.

Cats love those. Things.

the garden center man has consumption.

No, it's just hay fever with blood.

Maybe he's part of the drug dealing.

So they go to the church yard.

With Father Hinton, Father Hinton
and the motor bikes in the graveyard.

Before that.

Before that Frank Sacks,
wife, Frank's ex-wife and his wife.

Go shiny and.

And they actually have a nice scene
where Shaunie wants her dog back.

Yeah, but they go to the cemetery. Okay.

The cemetery has a note board.

Why do all of the animals are missing?

Mark, you have to put the posters up
anywhere you can.

And he's everywhere.

Over the poster that you're putting it up?

Yes. Okay.

Did you notice any of the other
signs on the. No.

No, I didn't pay any attention, Mark,
because I knew that you would.

Well, this is a theme
name for a church in this town.

Whatever the name of this town
is, they have a new name for church

because they have a sign that says Join us
for our Sunday book club.

Is that not church?

That's one.

Book. It says 2 to 3 p.m.

and then it has the best word ever.


But it's free to be in the book club.

It's free to be in the book club,
which is church anyway.

Church is a giant book club.

I'm not making fun, but that's what it is.

You go to church to talk about a book.

I just think
if I wandered into this village,

whether it's Greater
Cain's or Benwell or Ben Cat or whatever,

if I wander in and the first thing I see
is that every flat surface is absolute

lightly covered
with missing animal posters, I'm leaving.

Well, what it is, is the beginning.

In the Lost Boys, with all of the.

Lost. Children.

Do you think the milk cartons here
have animals?

Are the vampires stealing cats now?

Have you seen me? My name is Whiskers.

That person. That's strange. Yes, they do.

Okay, now

I have a problem with this, she says.

Lorna says she looked out her window
and saw somebody strange

taking pictures of her.


And then she threatened them with a knife.

Would she not recognize Frank as non.

This helmet. Yeah, the helmet on. Yeah.

And then why would she keep the paper
that she ripped up of the lost cat sign.

Why would she keep it.

Why would she crumple it up
and put it on the windowsill. Yeah.

So she got distracted by a crazy person
in the yard with a motorcycle helmet on.

I'm father had.

I have a name, but no, I. Know

you'll refer to me
in the third person. Yes.

So Ty
is going to get half of Frank's estate.

Which is going to make the trip to Canada
completely different.

So now the house has already split in

It's going to have to be split into two.

Half is going to be quarters because Ty
is going to get half of the half.

I realize maybe he'll get everything
but the foyer.

I realize that Frank's wife,
Kim Kim, is under stress.

Yes. Okay.

And I realized that
Frank was a bad dude. Yes.

But she makes out like a bandit.

She does.

She even gets the pet detective.

She gets the pet detective.

Puts her own name on the door.

But she has an absolute, absolute point
when she says,

Frank said to me
that he was going to help his nephew out

and it ends up that he gives him
50% of the estate, Would you not be livid?

That's a little bit more than helping out.


Like, wow.

That's more than I would expect
if that's what you told me.

And then you die like that.
That person got half.

She has every reason to be upset.

She probably killed him. Yes. No. No.

So they receive a ransom note at 1609

on the 26th of July.

From Sleeper Train.

At electronic mail.

I use proton mail. Neutron mail.

You use neutron mail.

So Lorna's email address is sleeper train.

Well no, because it's, it's all encrypted.

So it's not that.

Because you know her
emails Cat lady. Yeah.

Crazy cat like. Crazy cat.

Or crypto cat

That's her new name.

What form of
do you think she's going to demand.

It's got to be. Doge, got to be dough.

Just don't use it
if you don't know it's a little dog.

It's got to be doge
but you, you skipped an important thing.

Jump in there though.

damn it.

Well, two things.

One winter
completely betrays his entire age group

by taking a photo of Barbie's phone
with his phone.

But I think we're right.

I think it would take longer to explain
to Barnaby how to send it to it.

Maybe the other thing that you skipped
is the drug deal.

And Aiden's car. Yes.

Where Daniela goes running in her awful
pink jeans in the car

and getting money from Aiden, and Aiden
opens his glovebox and.

We see the music that Aiden.

which is one of our watch Like a Maniacs.

It's a best of the eighties
CD in his glove compartment.

Absolutely. That CD has my AM on it.

You know it does humanly.

That CD has human.

Culture. Club.

Maybe Queen is on that Maybe.

Yeah it depends.

They get the licensing.
Frankie goes to Hollywood.

He goes to Hollywood. Adamant.

Got it. Man.

Got to have got. To matter, man.

No, no, it, baby.

So yeah.

So he's he's paying Daniela for some.

Drinks yet again that
the tone of the whole drug thing is weird.

And well and let's be fair here, Danny

So Reese says that he's been stealing dogs
and selling them to breeders to get

money to help Daniela pay off a drug debt
because she had a big bunch of drugs

to sell, and Madeleine
found them and flush them. So.

So Daniela couldn't sell them and pay back
the dealer, Right.

So she owes the dealer
a bunch of money. Yep.

But I guess this deal.

Which is like a 1980s surf punk song.


But I guess this dealer
is pretty forgiving because he or

she gives her more supply to sell
or she wouldn't have anything to sell.

The aid.

Is just like,
give the money back to me eventually.

You know,
whenever one dog at a time. Yeah.

So Tye gets killed with a shock collar?

Yes. So there's two parts to this.

We have to deal with the murder itself,

and we have to deal
with the Barnaby's house.

So what do you want to do?

First, the crime scene.

Okay, so we do in the crime scene.

So Aiden wakes up with somebody
in his trailer, have a nap.


Ty wakes up with someone in his trailer.

Have you never been in a trailer
in your entire life?

So they stepped in the trailer.

He would. Know. Yeah.

Unless he's a really, really deep sleeper.

Never mind
the fact that that is the most, like,

bad electronic
guy on the internet kidnaped.

They say that

the collar gets plugged into the mains
instead of the battery.

And I'm like,
this is a trailer have mains.

Like I guess if they run it.

An extension cord.

You got an end to it.

But like the wires
look like he took his fingers between his.

And twisted and.

Twisted them together.

Like, well, he's not trying to make
something safety conscious here.

But it is a murder weapon.

I'll give you that.

He might not have woken up
when because it's Perry.

When Perry comes into the trailer,
if Perry was light on his feet.

Yeah. And Ty's a deep sleeper.

But I'm sorry.

I would definitely wake up
when you put a collar around my neck.

There's no way, because he's under.

Losing the collar.

So he's already got it.

Around underneath his neck.

How did he do that?

And have you ever tried
to adjust the sizing of a collar?

When when we have to get of a new collar,
it takes like a half an hour to get it

the right size of her neck.

And then it it's like last week
putting him in the hole and taking him out


And a shock collar.

It has little contacts on the inside
that have to be in contact with your neck

or it won't work.

So it has to fit.

it can't be loose. And he can't cough.

He can't do his consumption thing.

No, no, it can't have a hay fever attack.

But we're missing the important part
about the murder,

which is Ty
has somebody watching over him.

Yes, He has the weirdest knickknack

and trailer decorations ever.

When Flora is looking at the body and.

We have to put a dog on it. Yes.

And we have one.
Put a cat on it. House. Yes.

And this is put a ferret on it.

Or I think they're dog.

Military ferret dogs,

which is now the name of the.

Episode when Poor is inspecting the body
and Winter

and Barnaby
are standing over her behind them.

You see way in the back.

No, they're like three feet
away. It's a trailer.

They can't be too far,

but they're like up on little shelves
on either side of their heads.

Yeah, there are two dog ferrets dressed

in military uniform,
like there's no, like, ceramic.

And there's a. Soldier.

One's a. Soldier one.

Meanwhile, by the way, we'll put it,
we have a picture.

Yes, we'll put it in the show notes.

If you have these,
please send us big pictures.

If you know if they're dogs or ferret.

Yes. No, please let us know.

Meanwhile, outside.

Everything is. Numbered.

The crime scene
investigators have gone. Ha ha.

I mean, they've numbered
every blade of grass.

Yes, every chair has a number.

Yes, every cooler has a number. Yes.

And so does a red record player
sitting on the table.

It is number nine.

This. Yep.
And that was one of our clients.

This is the season of record players.

Yeah. Two out of four episodes.

We have at least two episodes
with record player and.

Multiple ones in the last episode. Yeah.

And number 12 is the cooler.

The cooler that's on the ground? Yes.

The retro cooler. Yes, the yellow one.

I love how they completely go
well or somebody

a set of keys or tied in lock the door
like they give a good explanation.

And that reminds me winter here
gives an exceptionally good explanation

of why Daniella could be the killer.

Yeah, it makes complete sense.

Yeah, it fits with everything.

Yeah. And Barnaby goes,
No, it's not weird enough for me. It's.

But she's his girlfriend.

Na, na. Na.

Now I get really tired of the scenes

with Daniella and Madeline arguing
before that.

We have to finish part two of that night,
which is the part of this house.


So what happened in the start
of that scene in the Barnaby House?

Barnaby is sitting at the table,
supposedly eating dinner.

And Sarah and they were our floor.

Yeah, They're drunk. They're drunk?


Now, did you see what's on the table? No.

This man has a weird situation
because he has a shark to report

that he's he's
sitting there reading some document.

Eating charcuterie, eating.

while his wife and her friend are out.

that's nice, because stereotypically,

he'd be eating like Beany
when he's out of Cannes.

I'm glad.

He takes care of himself, but there are.

More than four. Types of cheese on. There.

Sara left him
a very nice charcuterie board for maybe.

Maybe for cheese.

While Schumer are totally out
drinking too much or as absolutely drunk

when she comes in. Too much for one man.

Man, more cheese is always better.

We're overdraft £495
with a limit of £4,000.

you got a limit of £4,000 buying drugs.

Overdraft is a foreign concept to us.

U.S. banks don't have overdrafts.

Now you have a savings account?

Yes. That is also your money
that you can dip into if you

if you go over in your checking,
they might take you out of your savings

or you have a loan that you go
and apply for.

That is separate.

There's no like, well,

if you overspend your checking account,
you just owe us a little bit.

It just does not happen here. Yeah.

Madeleine and Danielle's
arguments get really old really fast.

I'm going to go with Canada. Really?

Because that Canada guidebook
I could not find anywhere.

But of course, I'm searching for a book
called Canada with a QR code

on the back and red lettering
and suddenly difficult to find.

Someone little difficult to find.

And why is she going to go to Canada now?

Ty's dad, she's going to go on her own.

I guess her in her pink jeans and unicorns
are going to go to Canada

to not be a medical student
and deal drugs there.

I guess pot legal in Canada.

You're going to make any money.

That's the biggest problem with her.

With her plan.

We find out that Perry and Lorena
tried to sue Frank. Yes.

For the business with the business.

And they find that out from some person
who emails them from the newspaper.


Like they couldn't just check the archives
and read that

they had to get it
from a reporter at the Gazette.

But they go to confront
Perry at the Garden Center. Yes.

Which has cars.

I think they're planters.

But you can buy and put a flower in.

Maybe. So.

They're having a discussion there
In a greenhouse?


Walking down either
side of a big table that has plants on it.

And we're.

Not paying attention to any. Of this

Between them are 3 to 5 blue little cute

Yes. That I think are planters.

They are either Volkswagen bugs,
which is or citroens.

Which which so are watch like a miniature
question was what bugs are in the door?

What insect is taking over the garden?

Yes, because we were sure

they were VW bugs at first,
but now I think they're probably Citroen.

But we could also say
then which fruit has taken over

starting center
because Citroen is French for lemon.

There you go.

Lemons have taken over. Yes. That's dumb.

Did they not know what lemon meant
when applied to a car?

I think it's the other way around.

so Citroens were so bad
that Lemon became a name for a bad car.

I think mostly they were French.

And so people in North America were like.

They just assumed they were bad.

The face you're making is almost as good
as the face

that flower makes when Barnaby confronts
her about getting off dating app.



We find out that Aiden has been fired

and is pretending to go to work,
which I'm just not.

I'm not into that story.

I just think it's like you're trying
to give Aiden a motive to kill Frank

because Frank knew
that he was pretending to go to work

and that he had a drug problem. I just.

I don't really care about it.

And to me, it
minimizes his drug addiction.

Yeah, because he trivializes.

Some days I do. And some days I don't.

That's not addiction.

You're keeping it
in the ten in your closet

and buying it from a teenager in town.

I think he is addicted.

Yeah, he's playing it off. Yeah.

Thank you again.

Winters goes to
the island is the simplest way again.

She's a drug dealer in town and had some
problems with everybody who's died so far.

Well, she wasn't mad at Ty, but she could
sneak in there without him getting upset.

So now we have completely Kim
Bailey, pet Detective.

Why is the room smoky?

To make it mysterious.

Why is the room mysterious.

To pet Detective Agency?

They're hardboiled detectives
looking for sleeping.

Lola Okay.

Kim's serious about.


Aiden also gives up everything instantly.

Of course he does.

And his wife is like.
Don't touch me. Yeah.

As she should be.

They get the dog back and they're like,

yeah, Look,
our kids are visible again, too.

And he's like, Yeah, but she's like,
storms off systematic.

So. Fleur, find the dog

napping kid
because somebody tried to steal paddy.

Aiden, not Reece tried to steal Paddy.

Rule one of being bad dude is don't
leave your I.D.

in your bad do kid.

when bow legged fleur is coming at you

through the woods,
I would drop everything and run.

But still, it was just.

Going to catch you. Yeah.

Drop the dog, drop the backpack. Go.

And they find the key
ring with the cork on it.

It's got a floater.

They go find the dog
that just runs out of the boat.

The boat that is entirely trash.

Now that a giant Czechoslovakian wolfhound
has been in it for like months, he's

had the dog for a while, long enough
for them to put up posters multiple times.

He is the world's worst dog
that I having my.

Nose. Yes, but then want to get killed.

Do you think it's kind of wrapping up?

You're like,
okay, things are kind of tied together

and Frank and Ty are connected.

But then Lauren of the cat lady gets
killed, she gets strangled by a dog snare.

This is an it. Through the window.

Improbable bull death.

I think that would be really hard
to do to loop that thing around her head.

Yeah. The snare poles exist.

Yes, they they are not usually fatal.

And I have in my notes that these

floors, as these

cats are all over the forensic,
I'm like, that house has.

A bag

and Lorna's
hand is in the automatic cat feeder.


So, you know, if it had been a day later

when they found her,
they'd probably would have eaten her hand.


Or gone out the window
that's left open where.

And put the snare. And so.

They find out that
what's his name had been there.


They find out Perry's been there
so they go talk to Perry.

Well, and Perry's blood is under Ty's

Yeah, well,
at first they think it's Reece's.

Yeah, but then they realize, no,
now it's Perry's.

And we have the saddest scene of the
episode where he's filling out cards. He's

writing birthday cards for Reece because
he knows he's not going to be around.

Yeah, because he has terminal cancer and.

He's gone to the pokey.

But not until he takes Madelyn down
with him. Yes.

Which? Right on.

If he'd gone to prison without

letting them know that she was part of it,
that would have been really sad.

So they go to the pub and then they
figure out that Madeline's involved

and they go in and find the knife,
and then they go confront.

Madeleine Perry.

And then they go back to the pub
and it's like, been 5 minutes.

They're still

sitting there with the dog at the table.

And then Sarah is like,
I ordered another round.

She'd be sloshed by then.

I drink all of your drinks, they're gone.

And Patty,

Jake, all the drink, Flora.

And then got to Paris and came back.

She's so tired

from chasing
Patty Scuttle got work out then.

So Piers Perry killed Frank on accident.

Yeah. Perry's target was tie
the whole time.

Yeah, but some guy on a motorcycle
with a black helmet could be tie,

could be Perry, it could be Frank Berry.

Just stabs whoever that is in the throat
with a knife.

That his dad stabbed.

I got the kids are consumption.

Like, make sure it's him.

Like he would know that Frank wears

Why is Frank going outside?

He's leaving his own party
to go spy on Lorna.

No, no.

There's. No.

He picks up his backpack, his helmet,
everything you drive.

Is he leaving the party? I don't know.

I don't know.

Especially so that he can get killed.

Good Indian food.

Well, most of it's on his wife's dress.

Ruddy chopped puppet

I okay.

So then Perry kills Ty
because that's who he wanted to kill him.

Yeah. Second time's a charm.

But then they have to kill Lorna
as law to figure it out.


So Madeline has to kill Lorna.

That is the most improbable death.

Because someone would see her.

Yeah, Like,
is it a collapsible snare pole?

Can she put it in her pocket? No.

She's walking down the road
with this great.

Big pole with a. Loop on. It. Yeah.

And I don't care that she's a dog trainer,
there's no reason for her

to be carrying that.

There's also the fact that Perry didn't
know who he killed at the restaurant.

But then when he finds out that he killed
Frank, he kind of goes, I hated him.

Anyway, I guess I'll try again. well.


you know, might make you really sad,

but he doesn't seem like he's
a callous person.

He goes, You told me it would be painless.

but the knife into the throat, you keep.


And what part of being electrocuted
by your neck

sounds painless,
but that doesn't remotely sound painless.

And then the best part is

wheel and Daniella show up at the end,

and they essentially go, Mom,
you're a murderer, Dad, you're a murderer.

Is everyone prepared to murder


Let's go to Canada together. Okay.

Worst parenting session ever.

My dad's going to prison.

My mom's going to prison.
Let's be friends.

look, Fleur got a bird.

New net went.

I like that.

She got a bird.
I don't think she'll keep the bird.

I don't like the drug stuff,
but I like the motivational stuff.

Yeah, it makes I.

Perry is dying.

He knows it.

And his son is only alive
because Madeline's

son died, and he has his heart transplant.

I absolutely believe that Perry could feel

like he owes Madeline something. But.

He's dying,
so he doesn't have anything to lose.

But I can't.

The part I can't connect
is her saying I want you

to kill my daughter's boyfriend.

Because I think he's a bad influence.

When she could have had a conversation
with Ty.


Which we only see
and meet Ty very briefly.

He seems fine.

He seems like a fine guy. Yeah.

He moved there to be with Daniella,
and he's not.

He clearly really guards stuff at all.

No, he has a job.

But not a.

Place to live
that's protected by the fair.

A dollars.

But see,
Madeline thinks he likes the drug dealer.

Yes, I know.

But only because she doesn't believe
her own daughter.

Have a five conversation with. Them.

Yeah. Yeah.

I don't think that Perry would say,
okay, I'll kill him for you.

Yeah, that's. It's.

I think she.

I think he would say
I'll have a talk with him.

You scare him off.

Maybe I could see Perry doing that.

But not sure.

I'll slit his throat outside a busy
restaurant where they're having a party.

No problem. Never mind.
Perry would be going.

No, I don't think he's a drug dealer.

He was in my backyard.

I think I would notice that. Yeah.

I think your daughter's a drug dealer.

Strange bedfellows again.


That's the only part of it I don't buy.

Yeah, Is that
that willingness of him to do that?

He doesn't seem like that. That's.

I got to kill Lorna to show


If she wasn't caught, who would be next?

I like Perry's rage to her.

Yes, that's the best part of that. Yeah.

Because he's like you.

You took advantage of me.

Yeah, and he's right.

He is. He's ab. He.

He doesn't say
he didn't do anything wrong.

No, but he says she manipulated him
and took advantage of him.

Yeah, absolutely.

And Madeline is not sorry.

She's justified in herself to the end.

my. Daughter
is going to need so much therapy.

So much therapy. It's okay.

So it's not in it.

I had therapy when Addison died.

None of this would have had.

Yes, If Lorna had had therapy after her

abusive work situation,
she would have been better off.

Daniella is certainly going to need
therapy now.

Even just talking to friend.

Reece is going to need some help.

Yeah. Okay.

So after that, After the credits.

Once again, I want to state that Kim.

Makes out like a bandit. Yeah.

She gets the whole house now.

The pet Detective Agency? Yep.

She doesn't have a bad husband anymore.

No, she. She she loses her dress.

That's the extent of what happens to her,

because she doesn't seem all that upset
that Frank's dead.

No, because he cheated on his first wife
to be with her and then cheated on her

with his first wife.

And she's another one who she says

possibilities of the crime to Barnaby.

And Barnaby's like,
No, it's not weird enough for Midsomer.

Kim's big problem.

What makes her unlikable
is that she's too glamorous for Midsomer.

Yeah, it makes somebody.
Yeah, I'd say that.

But she doesn't drink.

You know, she's not because she wears
big sunglasses, so.


You think a shiny
and in Aidan are going to make up?

No, I think Aidan's on the.

Run the way. Out on the road.

He's on Crazy Sail out of town.

He'll get partial custody
of their invisible children.

Yeah, they're mostly invisible children.
The dog, Reece.

Maybe Reece gets in the boat and just goes
before they can arrest him for dog.

No, he's down. He's been booked already.

But William's got money.

He'll get him out of that. Yeah.

We've barely talked about William.

Just a tiny little part.

The one thing you need to know about
William is that he's played by Duncan

Preston. Yes.

Who was in a movie
that I am not making up.

It's not even horrible movie about Mark
Seen it

because I know you haven't seen it,
but I am not making up this movie.

Okay. Are you ready?

It is called Nativity three.

Dude, where's my donkey?

What is Nativity. Two?

Nativity two is danger in the manger.

He's not in that one.

These movies exist. Wow.

They were funded.

People were excited
about this new project.

They were embarking on the.

Activity three as there are four, I.

Don't know. Frankly, I don't want to know.

It's their Wikipedia page
for the Nativity movie saga. yes.

and IMDB page.

I will put links in.

Who is the best corpse?

Okay, we have Frank.

Frank dead in the dog kennel time.

Did you notice
there's like 30 balls in the dog kennel?

Yes, the scout
eat that much. Storm. Storms.

Or storms, Big dog.

I guess.

Frank stunned the dog kennel
in his leathers, tied dead in his bed

with the shock collar on or Lorna
dead on floor, choked by the dog, snare

another hand in the cat food.

I'm going to give best corpse
to mourn his hand in the cat food.

Me too. Yeah, me too.

I'm going to.

Put some cat food. On it.

It's mostly B just because I like her.

And I like Josie Lawrence who played her.

God, that house stink.

You're obsessed with it.

There are cat patterns everywhere.

which might mean that it doesn't smell

because she's fastidious about it,
but maybe it does.

And that is claws out.

Season 24 Episode three Next

we have the last season 24 Episode one.

Which is.

Sad. That's climate of death.

Climate of death.

it's environmental,

eco warrior and influencers.

Yes. Yep.

That's next week. Yes.

All right.

Until then, maniacs.

Bye, Maniacs.

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