Morning Motivation for Educators

Candace Nas discusses the importance of respecting boundaries when supporting loved ones during tough times. She emphasizes self-reflection and using two key questions to guide actions. Candace highlights serving, providing perspective, and offering love while recognizing individuals' autonomy in their choices. She advises against forceful intervention, suggesting that challenges can be transformative lessons. Understanding boundaries leads to more meaningful support and relationships.

Show Notes

In this conversation, I, Candace Nas, a physical therapist, wellness coach, a lifelong Christian, and a mother of six, discuss the theme of watching loved ones go through difficult times and the urge to fix things for them. I mention the temptation to intervene, play the savior, or control outcomes, whether on a personal or global level. I emphasize that individuals have the autonomy to make their own decisions and actions, which are not within our control. I express gratitude for two powerful questions that help keep us focused on our own role: "Do I have a part to play?" and "Is this mine to do?" These questions, when approached prayerfully, guide us to understand where our influence is needed and where we should respect boundaries. I stress the importance of self-reflection and seeking guidance from a higher power to discern the appropriate actions. We explore various ways to support others from our own lane, such as serving, offering advice, providing a different perspective, or simply holding space for them without judgment. I highlight the significance of believing in the resilience of our loved ones, offering prayers, and unconditional love during their trials. It's crucial to remember that while we can offer assistance, individuals ultimately control their path and choices. I encourage listeners to avoid the impulse to intervene forcefully or manipulate situations, as sometimes the challenges faced by loved ones could be transformative lessons necessary for their growth. By respecting boundaries and focusing on our own actions, we can better navigate how to support others effectively. Ultimately, understanding the distinction between our business, God's business, and other people's business can lead to more meaningful and supportive relationships.

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