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Local Raleigh band earther sits down with hermajesty, whippopatamus, and Eubanks to talk about their return to shows, their hiatus, their upcoming projects, life on the road, and fast food.

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Hermajesty 0:01
Welcome back to WKNC 88.1 FM HD one. I'm Hermajesty joined today by my lovely co hosts, Whippopotomas, Grant Eubanks for an episode of the local beat today during local lunch. Today we're here with Raleigh indie band, Earther. Earther, welcome back to KNC, yeah. How about y'all introduce yourselves?

Henry 0:23
Sure thing. So my name is Henry. I play guitar.

Ken 0:27
My name is Ken. I also play guitar.

Joel 0:29
Hey, I'm Joel. I sing and play bass.

Dan 0:32
I'm Dan, I play drums.

Henry 0:34
Thank you so much for having us.

Ken 0:35
Yeah, thank you.

Hermajesty 0:36
Of course, I was actually listening back to an old episode of the local beat. And it said, maybe we could have you guys back in here a year or two later. And it was June of 2019. Full Circle. Guys, are you guys follow the schedule?

Ken 0:54
That's amazing.

Hermajesty 0:55
Yeah, I was like, that's kind of insane.

Grant Eubanks 0:58
Why weren't y'all back here sooner? Why not come back here in like maybe March or April of 2020.

Henry 1:04
Fantastic question. I plead the fifth on that one. Pretty, pretty big reason. Yeah, we're very, very excited to be back. Just like clockwork.

Dan 1:18
Oh, yeah.

Grant Eubanks 1:19
I know, you always voicing your concerns and complaints a little bit with the music scene during COVID. And I'm glad to see all bouncing back from that.

Henry 1:29
Definitely. Yeah, I mean, it was certainly a pretty unknown time for a bit but you know, just kind of kept our heads down, you know, tried to play it safe, got back together, started practicing for the past few months. And we'll just keep on turning it out.

Hermajesty 1:46
So like, in that timeframe, like two years ago, you guys were working on an album. And I saw that you guys released two new singles a bit ago, but how what's the progress on the album?

Henry 1:58
Great question. So, you know, obviously, with you know, with the past year, things kind of got turned upside down in a lot of ways. So we sort of, kind of put the album on the back burner. Uh, we've got, you know, a fair amount of songs written on it, where I think we're going to be gonna be working more on it early next year, but we did uh, we did actually just get out of the studio recording a uh kind of like a middle middle of the road EP um, with a lot of those songs. So expect that probably sometime in October, I would say

Hermajesty 2:31
Okay, okay. Are you guys, are you guys recording stuff yourselves? I know the last project was recorded with Warrior Sound? How have you guys been doing that?

Joel 2:40
Yeah, so we we did like recording with Warrior Sound so much last time we've gone back, the guy Alex, or that works there is really great and really thorough and really just chill to work with.

Ken 2:56

Hermajesty 2:58
So is it a, is it a studio?

Joel 3:00
It is, yeah, he has his own uh, like full studio in uh, Chapel Hill.

Hermajesty 3:05

Joel 3:06
Yeah, he uh, I think he just built a new one.

Ken 3:09
It's incredible.

Hermajesty 3:09

Ken 3:10
Yes, the nicest studio I've ever recorded a record in. It's so nice.

Hermajesty 3:13
okay, so what are your favorite parts?

Ken 3:16
Of this other studio?

Hermajesty 3:17
Yeah, yeah, like,

Ken 3:18
Oh, man. I mean, Al himself is like just an incredible part of the studio. Like just working with him is-

Hermajesty 3:24
Does he produce with you guys?

Ken 3:25
Yeah, yeah. I mean, most. So when we were there, he mostly just engineered the record. But every now and again, he'll provide like some production advice. We'll be like, what about if we went this way with that instead? And it's just great to have somebody who's got that ear, but also somebody who creates an atmosphere where it like makes sense to do stuff.

Hermajesty 3:43
You can lend a lot of his like production style with this new record, though.

Ken 3:46
Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah.

Joel 3:50
Yeah, helps us or keep us from uh, making bad artistic decisions. Yeah.

Hermajesty 3:57
What is the, what's the worst one that you guys would have made?

Henry 4:03
Man, that's a-

Joel 4:03
I try not to think about it. I try to pretend that whatever we end up with was what we're gonna do.

Hermajesty 4:11
Are there s ome, like production shortfalls that he helps with though, you know, what I mean? That's kind of a tough question.

Henry 4:20
I mean, I definitely, I think, mixing. Yeah, I mean. Sorry, I just, the wheels are turning a little bit here in the head. Um, I think. I think I think the best part of working with him as far as like production shortfalls is that you know, I just I feel like I have a very strong ethos of, you know, like, we are, for the most part a DIY band, you know, we, we are an independent band, you know, we do all of our booking management, etc. Um, but in some instances, I feel like DIY, the important part of it is understanding what you know, maybe you can't do the best so we'll go, finding going and like finding the people that can do it better than you, while still, you know, kind of trying to stay in that, in that sort of DIY budget. And Al was perfect for that, you know, he's he's an incredible producer, his mixing is great. Something that I think is really cool about him in particular is that he kind of cut his teeth on a lot of heavier records. Like he did a lot of like, pretty big, like metal core and hardcore records throughout the 2000s. You know, and I think that adds a very interesting layer to our recorded stuff. Like I think it comes out a lot heavier than it would-

Ken 5:32

Henry 5:33
Especially if we had just done it ourselves.

Ken 5:35
Yeah, shout shout out to Al for that, for sure. And that's like the, the main thing I think, like, like Henry said, I mean, you have to find people who can who can who really excel at the things that you do not excel at and you know, like, we can do our own pre production at home but doing recording that's going to be worth putting out, not something that we're capable of, but Al is and like Henry said, he's recorded some legendary people and even some that are like, legendary to me shout out to uh, to Advent, North Carolina hardcore finds.

Hermajesty 6:05
Was that before or after the the one album you guys have out streaming?

Ken 6:09
That was before.

Hermajesty 6:10
Oh okay, so so he's all over that one, too.

Ken 6:13
Yeah, I think you guys recorded, you guys recorded uh, "The house always wins" with Al right?

Henry 6:18
Yeah, yeah. Our first EP was recorded with him. And as long as we live in North Carolina, he's probably who we're going to go to.

Ken 6:25
Yeah, he's the man.

Henry 6:26
If it ain't broke, don't fix it I guess, right?

Ken 6:27
Yeah, right.

Hermajesty 6:29
Did you guys record any of the your metal core stuff with him previously?

Henry 6:33
Great. Great question. I'm gonna throw this one to Dan, because he's, he's the other the other metal boy in the group.

Dan 6:39
Yeah, no, we, we never did. Um, we, we have like a lot of plans to like to record a lot of songs that just kind of never, never panned out with that band. And also, like, we just, I mean, I had never, I hadn't heard about um until, uh, until, until we started like booking with them. And so we just didn't know, at the time, but uh,

Henry 7:07
we kind of jumped all over the place uh, Dan and I were in this metal core band called "Friends Enemies Together" for about five years, I guess it was like 2012, or like, 2017, or something like that. And we kind of we kind of hopped all over the place. That was that was definitely a band, where we learned the hard way about a lot of different stuff. Yeah, it was kind of the cutting our teeth and learning how to like manage ourselves and whatnot. And part of that was, uh was was recording, we kind of went through a lot of different folks. I won't get into too much detail. But there were, there were definitely a lot of things that looking back now like the, that we definitely should have should have pushed a little harder on and just like, yeah, just a matter of like, you know, getting mixes back and getting back some other stuff that just never happened with a couple of the people we wanted. But it was fun for what it was. We had a good time, I think, I think you can, if you if you give our stuff a listen, you can kind of tell that we used to be in a heavy band. But I think I think it's I think it's kind of cool, it adds adds a little extra flavor.

Whippopotamus 8:14
It seems like y'all really learned through those experiences. I've been able to take that to what you're doing today.

Hermajesty 8:20
When you look back on it does it seem like it's almost for lack of a better word, like a throwaway project so that you can sort of start fresh with this stuff now? You know, I mean? Or do you do try to actively sort of promote that previous stuff and identify more with that previous stuff, too.

Henry 8:38
When you when you say previous stuff? Do you mean like our like, Earther's earlier stuff? Or like like, "Friends, Enemies"?

Hermajesty 8:44
Uh, "Friends, Enemies" and stuff really before you started Earther's project?

Henry 8:48
Okay. Um, yeah, I feel like I feel like the answer there is kind of somewhere in the middle. Um, as far as like promotion. Yeah, I mean, we certainly, you know, it's not something we talk about kinda on the Earther platform, I guess, because it's just it's, as far as I'm concerned, it's it's like kind of irrelevant in that scope. But I certainly wouldn't call it a throwaway. You know, like I said, we definitely, like I feel like I probably learned the most uh, about how not to do things. Through uh, through our time as "Friends, Enemies" and I mean that's especially in like the music business, like I feel like, those lessons are, are critical.

Hermajesty 9:23
It's cool, how you own everything, like all aspects of that project, though.

Henry 9:27
Yeah, for sure.

Hermajesty 9:29
What kind of what kind of led y'all's shift, you and Dan's shift away from the more metal core to the current aesthetic for Earther.

Henry 9:38
Imma throw that one to Dan.

Dan 9:40
I feel like there were a couple of reasons. Uh, I feel like I feel like one part of it was just that, uh, a lot of a lot of like friends of ours that would come to shows and stuff, were not particularly the most into metal music, and stuff like that. And we noticed that like immediately after, uh, after our first or third show, there was just like a major difference in like the amount of people that would go out. But like, it's interesting that like, we would mention the show to you, or whatever, um. It was also just, you know, we were kind of we had been, we had been playing, uh, like very similar shows for five years, you know, so, by the time, by the time that band kind of just, you know, we all kind of did our own thing. Um, you know, we weren't, we didn't really have too much interest in, going back, going back to that, you know. And I'll always be a metal drummer at heart. Like, I feel like that's even still, like, that's mostly what my drum style is. But yeah, we were all kind of just ready for something like drastically different.

Hermajesty 10:53
Yeah, it's hard to lose that base.

Dan 10:55

Whippopotamus 10:56
So you were talking about, like, the crowds that you were performing for? And I was curious, how has the scene in Raleigh evolved over time?

Dan 11:04
That's a very good question.

Whippopotamus 11:06
Like, towards towards your music, at least.

Dan 11:09
I feel like, uh, I feel like people were very immediately welcoming to the stuff that we were putting out.

Whippopotamus 11:19
And when was that?

Dan 11:21
I feel like like, right after, like, once we once we put out the EP, it was like, it was really immediate, like, people who like I had never met before. Who knew, like all of the words.

Whippopotamus 11:35
Yeah, oh yeah.

Dan 11:35
So that was a great feeling.

Whippopotamus 11:38
What year was that?

Dan 11:40

Whippopotamus 11:41
Yeah, okay.

Henry 11:41
Yeah. Yeah, building, building on that a little bit. Yeah, I got, I got nothing but nothing but great stuff to say about the Raleigh music scene.

Whippopotamus 11:41

Henry 11:49
Particularly like the indie scene.

Whippopotamus 11:51

Henry 11:51
I think i t's very, you know, I think it's a very strong sense of community. I feel like there's a lot of bands out there really grinding and like, kind of perfecting their craft. And nobody's really out to, like, get each other. I feel like there was a big, probably like probably like the early mid 2010s. It definitely like, especially kind of like when we were doing heavier stuff. Yeah, it definitely felt like a little bit more of like a competition. Like everybody's kind of like, you know, they felt like they had something to prove-

Whippopotamus 12:20
Okay. Yeah.

Henry 12:21
-pitting themselves against each other. Um, but that's not the case here. I think, I think people have really, they've gotten the idea that, you know, the rising tide lifts all ships, everybody, you know, everybody's at each other shows, you know, we're always going to see our buddies play, you know, discovering new bands and going to see them play and just, you know, just getting out there. I think it is it is. It's a very strong, really good community. And I'm excited to kind of see it.

Grant Eubanks 12:46
You got you got some favorite venues to perform or attend too?

Henry 12:51
Oh, yeah. Yeah, we might as well kinda just like, go down, go down, go down the list. We probably got a lot of, got a lot of crossover here. But uh, I think my favorite, favorite place I've played as Earther is definitely Kings.

Grant Eubanks 13:05
Oh, yeah. I've heard good things about them.

Henry 13:07
Yeah. Uh, very cool. I hope I, I missed them so much. And I hope, I hope we hope we get them back at some point. Um, but yeah, definitely. That's probably the best place with Earther. And then, I gotta, I gotta just kind of do a do a low key flex for me and Dan, when we were "Friends Enemies", we played uh, we played the main room at cat's cradle. And that's, that's probably the coolest.

Grant Eubanks 13:30

Joel 13:31
that's cool. Yeah, I was gonna say, Cat's Cradle is probably my favorite spot that we've played out at least. I think we just played the back, as Earth but it was still. Like just the sound, there's really nice. Like, every aspect of it seems very well put together.

Ken 13:49
I've not played any shows in the Raleigh area yet I only moved here a few years ago, okay. I joined Earther, like, almost two years ago now and have yet to play a show with them because I joined I started learning the songs. And then there was a pandemic. Yeah, I was gonna ask about that. So I read about that. But before the pandemic began, I was, you know, going to North Carolina hardcore shows and stuff. And, you know, I was familiar with Cat's Cradle already. My brother went to UNC so he was okay, so I would go there if I had come to visit him. So I really I want to play cat's cradle. I want to play the main room, a cat's cradle and putting it out. There manifesting matter time 506 is also like I just really like the vibe of Texas. I come from upstate New York hardcore. Yeah, that's like my kind of venue. So I'm trying to go to I'm trying to play five and six also, so

Grant Eubanks 14:44
Manifesting. I hear that y'all are playing at the poorhouse soon, right? Yes, yeah. When is that exactly?

Henry 14:52
Is uh, August

Dan 14:54

Henry 14:55
24th. Yeah.

I know. It's Tuesday. Yeah, it's Yeah. So, yeah, August 24. It'll be our first show in 22 months.

Grant Eubanks 15:08
Yeah. I was gonna ask about that because I remember it was kind of last time you were in here it was. It was almost like a spinoff episode. And you guys were ready to focus on the album. And so that that was the last show since.

Henry 15:22
Yeah, Ithink I think the last show we played because I think when, because we had just, I think it was just Dan and Joel were in here last time. So I was I was in New York for the summer. But the last show we had the last show we played was November 2019. At Slim's.

Grant Eubanks 15:38

Joel 15:40
We were supposed to play a show, March 14 2020. And, at like leading up to it, you know, the pandemic is ramping up and we're all just kind of like, maybe the show is not the best idea for us to play. But like, maybe we just play it. And we we go out with a bang right before the world down. And no lie. It was the day before the show got canceled and everything after that. day before

Grant Eubanks 16:06
we're talking about manifesting, right.

Henry 16:10
We had a couple rivers planned. We really did. We're gonna play with downhole are homies from Richmond. Oh, a man. Yeah. No, I love them down Hall. And then we had another one. I think we were playing with jail Sox the next month. So it was, man. Yeah, there's gonna be time it was gonna be a good summer. Yeah, yeah. How'd you get? How'd you linked up with the rest of the band?

Unknown Speaker 16:31
No, I so I moved to Raleigh. It's like sort of a convoluted story. But bottom line is, is my friend Allie introduced me to Henry because they work together at morning times. And that just like Henry and I hit it off, started hanging out. I went to the cover up to see earth or do their national set. And we were hanging out eating food beforehand. And I mentioned to Henry that I wanted to get into the local scene and try to start a band and he said, Well, why don't you just come play guitar for my band? And I said, Alright.

Unknown Speaker 17:04
Works for me.

Unknown Speaker 17:06
So I, I went, and I practice with them a couple of times, and they were like, yeah, this seems like a good fit. And that's that was it when we worked on writing the record. And here we are,

Henry 17:15
what made you so open to that? Um, well, I feel like I feel like kind of like the whole teacher each check my vibes.

Live check came back and it was immaculate? Yeah, no, I feel like I feel like kind of the the core thing is earther kind of started like it was it was a very incidental founding, you know, like, Dan, Joe and I all live together. And we were we were tight with Katie from naked naps, who was booking Slim's at the time. And Dan and I had this other band, it was kind of this like, post rocky jam little project, like it was this kind of something we just kind of did to like, let awesome creative juices or whatever. And she would always hit us up with show offers. But we weren't ever able to do them. Because we had some like, some flakiness throughout the band and whatnot. Eventually, I just like, we're kind of tired of saying no to the show offers and Joel was living with us. And we're just like, Why? Why don't we just, we'll just write some songs and try to do one of these shows. And like, we've all been, you know, really tight for, you know, 10 plus years at this point, like, I've known Joel for 14 years. And Dan for about 10. So we feel our friendship our friendship almost is almost old enough to drive. Yeah, I think that definitely. That's kind of the whole like, like, our whole thing was like starting out. Like it was just, you know, we're just bugs playing music, you know, and it's one of those things where like, the the day it stops being fun is probably the day that we'll stop doing it. But that's, you know, that's always kind of been like the the core thing is like, you know, we're friends first. We make music together. Yeah, we have a good time while we're doing it. It's such a great vibe. Yes. And we pass every time. Yeah. So we kind of, you know, I think with with, right, like, as we got more into, like actually writing stuff and like trying to, you know, explore different avenues of musicianship, we realized we were probably going to need more than one guitar player at some point. And so we were kind of hesitant about it, because it's like, how are we, you know, how are we going to meet this new person and get them, you know, in with a band that's already super tight. And, you know, there's always there's always that, you know, like, for lack of a better term, the vibe chat. Yeah. And so yeah, like Ken said, you know, we clicked super hard, you know, really good friends. And then you guys,

Unknown Speaker 19:42
you guys, were pals. Like, yeah, Henry Henry's been like my day one homie since I moved here. I met him very early on when I moved here and like, I basically hung out with him every day since Yeah, it's true.

Henry 19:56
And that, I mean, that fits like perfectly and, you know, he's he My friend who happens to also play guitar happens to like, you know, like, liked what we were doing, you know, kid had his own spin on it, you know? Also it's kind of funny comes from that heavy background. So, you know, we're just we're just bringing bringing the thunder and yeah, it's been. It's been great. It's been been a heck of a ride having him on. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 20:17
it's I, I'm, like very, very thankful to have met this group of dudes. They're really, really awesome. This is like my corporate group here since I moved and it is fantastic. It's one of the most fun fun times I've had in a band ever. And I've been in a lot of bands. What was that move like? Well, I'm used to upstate New York. New York. Exactly. So I'm originally from Binghamton. Shout out 607 hardcore. All my friends. Yeah. Shout out. JOHN goes he quit your government on the internet. So it's a cool scene. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. My friend Collin. book shows up there. He's in Syracuse now. But I saw I didn't move from upstate down here. I actually got a job in San Diego and I moved from upstate to San Diego. And then nine months later moved from San Diego to rob that's very convenient. Yeah, yeah. super convenient to drive across the country twice. In nine months. It's very convenient. I mean, it was great. Like the first time I got to do it by myself. The second time, my brother, my brother flew out and came back. So and I wanted to get to the Raleigh area. Anyway, my my brother and his wife live in North Carolina, and my uncle lives here, my parents retire here. So I was like, as soon as this, this opportunity came up, I made my way here. And I mean, it worked out for the best in like, every possible way.

Hermajesty 21:39
Was there anything unique or different about this area that you weren't used to? When you moved? Not really just because,

Unknown Speaker 21:47
like, I had been coming here since I was a kid. Right? Right. Right. My uncle has lived here for like 30 years. So we would spend summers or Christmas or whatever. But yeah, I mean, I guess the biggest thing is just like the oppressive humidity is a great word. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that's what it is like, I think, yeah, exactly. Big air. thick and oppressive. Yes. Something I just was not used to because like, it is not like that. Where we're at where I'm at in New York. I will always stand up for humidity. I love the way it feels. Yeah. Wow. It's a weird take. I've never heard that. It's a strange take.

Hermajesty 22:29
First time you walk outside in February, and it's like above 70% humidity. You're like, Oh,

Unknown Speaker 22:34
that's different than walking outside in August when it's 95. super light being suffocated from the inside. That's fair. That's fair. Yeah. I mean, that was like really the only hefty change but you get used to it fairly quick.

Hermajesty 22:54
Yeah. All right. Just one more thing before we take a quick little break here. Um, tooth and nail is a new is new song The US putting out Can you talk about that and which project is going to be a part of it. So

Unknown Speaker 23:05
we actually tooth and nail is actually and the other song. Or another song your ghost is actually one of two that we recorded back the first time when we recorded without where your sound. So we're actually we kind of released them a little bit ago, but we're going to go and fully released them. With this new EP that's coming up in October.

Henry 23:30
Yeah, we're getting them remixed and remastered, but to the nail is actually pretty, pretty fun story. That was a that was a song Joel had written for a while, I think through think through school, he had done a lot of like, just acoustic kind of self recording singer songwriter stuff. And so when we, when we first got together and started writing, I think what we wrote was kind of equal parts. Joel bringing some of those songs to the table when we kind of like deconstructed them and rebuilt them to be like a full band situation,

Unknown Speaker 23:59
rebuilt them faster, stronger, and build them back. stronger.

Henry 24:04
$6 million hit right there. That's right. Yeah, yeah. Nice. The these first two songs in particular, yeah, they've they've, they've seen a fair amount of airtime. Like you mentioned, we didn't we released them last year, exclusively on Bandcamp as kind of a way to help a lot of the venues that had just recently shut down and they you know, trying to support the workers because, you know, the live music industry is very, very important for bands and for you know, for, you know, just like an arts community in general, and a lot of those people are very near and dear to us. You know, we've worked with a lot of them throughout the years like the sound people, the booking people, you know, the show managers and whatnot. So that was kind of our, our way to try to help out in in the best way we could. So but we are we are excited to remix remaster and rerelease them as like kind of the front end of this new EP, but the bad And is all new material mature we're also very excited about

Hermajesty 25:04
awesome let's play it I'm rematch see it listen to WKNC the ban is good bye

Welcome back to WKNC 80.1 HD one rali I'm her majesty today I'm joined by Arthur and my lovely co hosts with eponymous and grant you max we just listened to tooth and nail that was released last year and then will be released on the upcoming EP around October. Yes, it will be good some guys super super excited about it. I really enjoyed hearing that. Thank you.

Okay, so you guys do you? Do you three not can all live together still? No? Okay, no longer good. riddens Wow.

Dan 29:29
Henry and I live together. So don't forget who you drove with. We're gonna use this for clickbait later.

Hermajesty 29:46
That is kind of where I was going with that or either way for you guys. You guys kind of live like brothers. Do you guys fight like brothers to like, how does? How do you guys like kind of resolve? Do you guys have disputes in the band ever or just creative differences or how does how did those scale with being so close fight it out

Henry 30:04
oh yeah we take it we take it to you we take it to the mat to the magic deck we got oh yeah we duke it out that way that's it any any magic fan knows there can be only one so do you guys have a favorite fast food parking lot interesting Mike my response

Hermajesty 30:34
we are talking about later like just before I came in here I'm so disappointed that I wasn't that I don't have that on right now.

Unknown Speaker 30:41
Are we talking about like favorite fast food parking lot just like hang out in after a show are we talking about like favorite fast food to eat? Like there's a lot of there's a lot of side questions that go along with it. I want you to interpret that question. Leaving you out the cookout definitely the rowdiest does yeah cooking is fun

Henry 31:06
all right I'm going with sheets then because you know we got the bonus of being a parking lot and also being placed I can get gas got that that that logic in practicality

Hermajesty 31:22
he does not endorse facts or logic facts don't matter. Either desert we're gonna have a creative this parking lot you can see does indoors. So in a lot of y'all is like social media. It says you guys are just four four sadboys from Raleigh.

I guess you're not from Raleigh, Ken. But that's all I mean, I am now you are in Raleigh. Yes. Um, was there anything in particular that happened? Or like do you guys just

Henry 32:04
I mean, have you have you? Have you lived life? Yeah. We can wax poetic about that for a while. Yeah.

Hermajesty 32:12
I mean, have you show canceled the big show the day before? You're supposed to go on? I'd be pretty sad too. Yeah, it's pretty. It's pretty.

Earth there was over a year too old at that point. So I was I was curious if there was anything bigger. That was just kind of the way you like to express things, especially.

Unknown Speaker 32:31
So I think we it's more of just trying to convey that we were an emo band and yeah, emo music and just expressing expressing our feelings. Is it a good emotional outlet? I think so. Yeah. Absolutely. consistently, for the past couple of years. I mean, not to not to, like make it this like big thing. But like, in my, in my experience, like playing music playing shows, being with the people who I enjoy to be with, through playing music and playing shows is like the only album.

Hermajesty 33:06
I completely agree. Have you guys ever listening to one of your own songs? or playing with your own song? cry?

Unknown Speaker 33:12
I have not on earth or song but one of my old band songs. I'm not above saying that.

Hermajesty 33:19
This just shredding tears streaming down. And it was our It was our final show. Yes, yes. The next song drops on my guitar. That's a good song title. I don't think I've ever heard that before. Yeah, maybe not. I mean, if y'all could cover that. I would. I would love that.

Unknown Speaker 33:38
I would cover album

Henry 33:41
I would on ironically love that. But I feel like there's that there's a pretty insurmountable hurdle regarding the rhythm section of our bands. get away with that. I've already dragged him through, we made him do a Jimmy world cover set. And I think I think that was since then I couldn't have really been able to muster up, asked him to do it. But back to your question about you know, sadness and an outlet with creativity. You know, I think speaking for myself, maybe the i get i get the most motivation to like write and create. When I'm when I'm sad. Like when I you know, yeah, and I'm going through a breakup or you know, life's getting me down a bit. You know, I wish it weren't that way sometimes, but I feel like I feel like that's like one of the most powerful creative catalysts Yeah, for myself and like need for resources. Yeah, absolutely. And and yeah, I would not be surprised if if I shed a tear to at the show Tuesday, just because that's gonna be a beautiful thing. I like that. Yeah, we definitely we got we got a couple rough mixes of our of our new new stuff back. I think we all got a little emotional kind of I've just been, it's been so long since we've recorded anything.

Hermajesty 35:04
That's exciting. Oh, yes. Wait, how long has it been? Exactly?

Henry 35:07
So yeah, it's been, you know, three, three plus years because well recorded in the beginning of 2018. And then just, you know, different things popped up. You know, I was in school, I was away in New York for the summer. You were here, right? Let's say I was I was yes. I was at an undisclosed role here at WKNC. So, you know, it was just, it was just a busy time, hectic time. And then, you know, we, we lost a year. But I think I think now that we, you know, we're kind of getting the wheels turning again, it's really, it's really exciting. And we're not, we're not gonna, we're not gonna let that big of a time gap happen. Again. So pretty excited.

Hermajesty 35:47
Yeah. Nice. So what was what was Arthur doing during COVID? How is everybody worked out?

Unknown Speaker 35:54
We were practicing. We were working on a running, we were running our crap. I mean, that's, that's what we were doing. We were like when the pandemic was at its worst, we were getting together like once a month, the practice. And as the numbers went down, and we were able to get vaccinated, and it was safer for us to practice, we went back to a weekly practice schedule. And, you know, we didn't, we didn't let off the gas whatsoever through anaemic because we knew that other bands may let off the gas. But like, that was a prime opportunity to have all of this time to work on your craft that is going to be completely uninterrupted, because the world has shut down. So like, why, why not take advantage of that?

Hermajesty 36:32
Oh, completely. I understand that. And I think there's a lot of artists now that have that sort of shiny little curly, they've been working on polishing, you know, they're ready to show everybody I'm super excited to hear that stuff. Yeah, me too. Especially live.

Unknown Speaker 36:46
I'm excited to play our stuff live. I'm excited to show it to everybody. And like, I know that, for me, it's been a pleasure to see what people were releasing through the pandemic, like the folks who were still grinding it out and putting together albums or putting together content, that content I feel like was prime at this. It was better than most.

Hermajesty 37:06
I feel like, you know, since y'all didn't put stuff out, you know, during the pandemic, it was sort of, you know, in service of after right, yeah, sort of building for after I totally understand that, but uh, that's just gonna be amazing. I don't have anything beyond just pure hype for that thing. Thanks, man. Thank you.

Henry 37:24
Yeah, we're excited to hear thank you for the kind words Yeah, there's a lot of canon I would shoot little little iPhone voice memos back and forth with little like little Italy's guitar parts and stuff like that. And that was you know, I think at its worst, that's when we were doing a lot of like remote writing like that. It has been it has felt really good to you know, to to start getting back together and just have like that that routine, you know, really really hammered out

Hermajesty 37:56
yeah, that's awesome. I'm, I'm so excited to hear just like all the energy on least. Yeah, There sure is a lot on Tuesday on the 24th that'll be insane so you guys are you guys have gotten some rotation you can see for a little bit now and I'm not sure about other places but how is it hearing yourselves on the radio for the first time?

Unknown Speaker 38:22
I don't know I don't like hearing myself record seeing just perceiving myself at all but I don't know the opportunity. And just the fact that you guys like it's not to come back. tattoo is so sick but I appreciate the need describe that for me. Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 38:44
on my shoulder I have a little oval with a rabbit that's also an astronaut on my friend so Olivia and drew this are like for like my singer songwriter projects and i i got i got the the bond bond on my body and the inspiration behind it. I just liked the idea. Yeah, animals wearing spacing.

Henry 39:12
Oh, yeah. why don't why don't you tell them about the lyrics for? Yeah. A lot of

Unknown Speaker 39:22
the stuff from our first EP is based off of weird dreams that I have that I wrote down and stuff. So it's just very, like, abstract thing. Yeah. So I think one was about like, being in a space shuttle somebody smile but Tiger on my, a lot of my numerous just very like the far side. Some of that stuff trying to find a deeper meaning. It's there somewhere. It's just in your subconscious somewhere. It's gonna break his brain trying to fix You know like going back to the like the kind of expressing like negative emotions and stuff I feel like it's a bear for songwriting is a very good tool for me to like, try to process like abstract.

Hermajesty 40:18
course yes amazing to you are there any more dream sequences that are going to be on any of the upcoming projects? Oh there are off the rack my brain for so yeah.

Unknown Speaker 40:32
That's the percentage of the songs that a dream inspired to probably like to do any writing. Oh, Harry. Yeah. So like, boy does He say maybe like 50 ish percent of the inspired. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 40:56
I think it's cool because I don't have to, like, write very specific things I can kind of I can kind of put some things together that feel and sound good. Yeah. That's that's the lyricism that I like. Like, think about, think about like rappers who who rap like that in like a more. Not necessarily like nonsensical style, but like rappers like mF do recipes. Who rap just kind of like weird, you know, they Yeah, definitely. Their word plays different. It doesn't make 100% sense. But you can pull stuff out of it. Yeah. metaphor. On the line to kind on straight. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, it's great. I love that. I never heard it put in that perspective before. I know exactly what you're talking about. Yeah, there's, that's like, the kind of lyricism I enjoy for sure. So yeah, that's why I was drawn to earth or like, in that regard, as well.

Hermajesty 41:50
I don't know if we're talking about this the same, or I'm thinking of the same thing that you're talking about, but like, I like the acts that are a lot like a Rorschach test, sort of those inkblot tests, you know, to get out of it. What you what you see. Yeah, was that worth? You know, that's, I think that's the way it should be. Yeah, I mean, I've done I've done a lot of songwriting over the pandemic, and that's that's a huge Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Henry 42:12
I've done a lot of work back tests. Well done. Read. I got pause button. I was trying to get a horn. Good little clown horn. Someone does a good. Does a good Yeah. I'm glad to see somebody is keeping that fight alive. The clown horn fight. Oh, yeah. The horn fight was about the air horn in the train. Yeah, the air horn is very important. Yeah, that's a dream right there.

But yeah, but yeah, going back to the lyrics as a Rorschach test is is a great way to put it too. And I feel like, man, I feel like that's just something the nature of art is like, it's it's subjective. You know, we, you know, we have we're putting this thing together. That's kind of like a snapshot of what we're going through and like, who we are at that certain time. And then it's out there. And it's, you know, you listen to it, and you get whatever meaning that you derive out of it. And I didn't I mean, that's the thing. Like it's like this communal thing that everybody gets something different.

Hermajesty 43:23
Are you entirely sure what it means yourself? You know, not for

Henry 43:29
No, not at all. Especially the bar the tiger on the Space Shuttle? have dreams.

Unknown Speaker 43:37
It's gonna mean something different entirely to me, then it does the job.

Hermajesty 43:41
Have you guys looked up any of those things that are like trying to interpret your dreams? No. No. That's about it. And like, it'll be like, oh, like if this this or whatever happened. Like it'll tell you what it's supposed to mean or something I got Yes. There's like one person's interpretation of it. Or you

Unknown Speaker 44:02
saw a lot of dreams about my teeth falling out apparently. That's like a self self image issue. My dreams were always that my teeth would be falling out. I'd be saving them and putting them in my pocket. Specifically, is apparently that your self image is bad but you're working. Your subconscious is like we get it man. It's hard but you're doing a good job. Get it? Put them in your pocket. That's right. These are for lead. You'll put these back in when you need them.

Hermajesty 44:39
You guys are just getting back into shows. Do you guys have any more shows or plans kind of tour tours planned and your future tour was

Henry 44:48
you know we're still we're still kind of holding off. You know, we want I think we want to get to a place where number one you know the world is a little bit of a safer spot. You know, we want when we do want to be like full force like, you know, doing it as with as much energy as we possibly can. And I, you know, I feel like that's just impossible right now for a band that like at our level, like where we're at, like, I just, I don't want to I don't want to like, you know, risk anything or put up at us, you know, put us out like that. So we're kind of that's one one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is I think we want to you know, we're trying to divert a lot of energy into like finishing this album, you know, this LP. And I think that's going to be coming out, you know, sometime towards the middle mid late next year, probably not to put like a definite timeline on it, because we still got to show that on there. I guess. Yeah, I guess. But that's probably the earliest timetable. I can see for us going on like a tour tour. As far as playing locally. Yeah, we've got we've got a few lined up coming up throughout the end of the year. Obviously, you've got this show the 24th I think, next month. Oh, yeah, we're doing we're doing a hopscotch Day party at school kids Records, which is Oh, and Barbara. I know the one in Raleigh. Oh, wow. Nice. Yeah. Which I guess honorable mentioned. When you asked us earlier about some of our favorite shows. We did a set at school kids wants and it was one of the tightest like one of the tightest coolest funnest shows funnest, most fun

Hermajesty 46:22
shows we've ever played. And it seems like they're Raleigh's version of gravity records and Wilmington, just just quick shout out to them. They're, they're one of the best places, and that's where I'm from, but like, oh, it wasn't sort of a more intimate sort of smaller vibe them.

Henry 46:35
It was it was, it was it was super intimate. It was packed to the brim. And like, at our core, like, I feel like you know, regardless of where we go, there's all there's always gonna be something to be said, for doing just a killer floor show or a house show. That energy is just like irreplaceable. When we live together, we actually we ran a little bit of like a house of venue out of them. And we did a lot of did a lot of insane shows down there. And that's so cool. Yeah, that energy is just like, especially, you know, unmatched. It is truly unmatched. I feel like especially like, you know, as as smaller venues haven't quite opened back up yet. I feel like there's gonna be a big push towards, towards more how shows coming over. Yeah. So yeah, we actually speaking of we were doing a house show at the end of September, I think it's gonna be the 25th with the it's through the Tom woods. bars. I'm not sure who else is on the bill. Austin from Tom Woods hit me up about about a week or two ago. So very excited about that. And then we've got another show, I think the end of October we're going to be doing at the nightrider that has been announced. That's going to be it's gonna be a Halloween party. Oh, yeah. Was it lunchbox hero and condado. So we're going to be doing some split cover sets and originals. I'm going to keep the keep the cover sets under wraps, but it's gonna be it's gonna be a blast. I hope to drops on my guitar. I hope so too, man to your dressing up. Oh, yeah, we're doing that. We're doing that we're doing a Seinfeld group costume. Talk about it. So

Hermajesty 48:23
assuming I I'm thinking of the right Seinfeld group costume. So Kramer has four limbs. Which which limb Are you guys have Kramer's?

Henry 48:34
Whoa. Get I'm gonna I'm gonna get I'm gonna get right arm. Okay, I'm right arm. Kramer Voltron. Voltron. Oh, we're doing that now. It is

Unknown Speaker 48:51
what we're doing now, girl. Yeah, I guess you said with one arm, right arm. Oh, your right arm. Left arm. All right. Let's take left leg. I'm the like the Zodiac. The Zodiac. Just one legged Kramer's? It's beautiful, though. Yeah. I wanted more attack points, right? Yeah. Yeah,

Hermajesty 49:19
I mean, your options are either Voltron Kramer or zodia. So yeah, I don't know if and he was able to muscle mass to be zodia Yeah, I don't think so. Yeah. I had to pick it. So you guys, you're saying you're gonna keep the covers the cover under wraps, but who's playing monster mash?

Unknown Speaker 49:36
Who's playing monster mash? I think I think you are. Oh, you better be ready. I do a mean monster move and set right before ours.

Hermajesty 49:47
I actually I don't I ever see myself as a one man, but I only have a harmonica harmonica version for it. So you were saying that you You learn a lot in your other band and you guys went on a big tour a little bit like a few years ago you guys in New York the other places up and down the East Coast. So what did you guys like learn on that tour and like what was what were kind of the the highlights and like most fun parts of that

Henry 50:15
I'm gonna I'm gonna start with the thing I learned on the last word went on which is getting the flu on tour. It was like the absolute worst thing ever happened to you? Yeah, that happened.

Hermajesty 50:29
Like Like, like what's what makes it the worst?

Henry 50:32
Because we I mean, we slumming when we were on tour. Yeah, we were on that like parking in a truck. Stop and sleeping in the van. parking lot. sheets parking lot.

Yeah, like parking lots. Yeah, we're, we gotta ask where our favorite truck stop parking. Ta was like, shout out. Was this good? Also, you know, while we're at it, you know, we haven't been to Texas, but buches baby. Yo, yeah, shout out. buches

Lucky's is incredible if you ever get a chance. Okay, that's parking lot to sleep in ever. Yeah, so yeah, it's not it's not it's not necessarily for the faint of heart. Or for those that have the flu? You all got it?

Dan 51:18
No, no, yeah, it was just yeah, it was great. Well, y'all are stuck together though. Y'all. Y'all survived it. We made him right in the back. For a school. Yeah. Social media. Do you think of it happened now? You'd make them wear a mask? I wouldn't even have to make me. Oh, yeah, I guess that's gonna change now. But yeah, yeah. I'm all about if you're feeling if you're feeling yucky, like I'm throwing a mask on for sure, man. Masks are the best. accessory. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 51:54
Joel and I, we, you know, don't necessarily like to be perceived. So really helpful, like really, really helpful. You're gonna feel that perception check every time. But not the vibe check.

Henry 52:11
But I think one of the most fun parts of that tour. So we did that with this band, they were called glow at the time, but now they're called water culture. And they're, they're great. They're, they were a joy to be around. So we did it with them. And then we actually also linked up with this band from Jersey called heaven sake that did a couple of different different dates with us. And I remember we played this was a VFW Hall in Hamilton, New Jersey, which was a ton of fun. cool spot. But, you know, we kind of we got burned a little bit on the payout. We, I think we got maybe like $20. But, but one of the you know, which, which is you know, that's fine. You know, we it happens. Yeah, it was it was money in the gas tank. It was cool. One of the $20 in the gas tank. Yeah, it was one of the I can't remember if it was one of the bands or if it was a sound guy that had a band, but they had all these fidget spinners. And they were so they weren't but they weren't the same regular fidget spinners. They were windup fidget spinners that were also Bluetooth speakers. And they gave us like 30 was incredible. $20 and like 30 bluetooth speaker pages with Absolutely. Your clothes on eBay. Those are all for personal use baby. Crap. They all broke really fast. You broke them all. Lost pretty good.

Dan 53:55
I'll never forget like right after that show, everyone from all the bands, it's kind of hanging out in the parking lot. Like it was just like, like 1520 people who plays with fidget spinners and they're like, trying to play music and then like the music would stop and the whole thing would just break and they'd be like, Oh, they just throw it away.

Unknown Speaker 54:15
What songs were popping up you know? playing it was it like evanescent or like that's a very good question. I can't say I can't say remember

Henry 54:24
there's a lot of a lot of work towards the very distinctly remember and escape the fate song. fidgets spinners from hell, just low quality Warped Tour. It was great. Yeah, we I did a I did a nice little Celine Dion coming through on the fidget spinner. We'll go on that's a classy choice. Yeah, love came from Titanic baby.

Hermajesty 54:48
Love it. Absolutely. pennywhistle cover or straight up. Do pennywhistle cover straight out. Hey, listen. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 54:57

Unknown Speaker 54:57
that's like God tier meme stuff. I can't Believe you haven't seen that, that in the the recorder cover of the of the fox, the 21st Century Fox. Oh my god, dude, as soon as we're done here, I'll show it to you there.

Hermajesty 55:16
All right on that note, we're gonna take another quick break this up next is going to be wanted off of their 2018 Ep. The house always wins. Ben sir. And her majesty with abundance and great events taking out my clothes. Bye guys.

Welcome back to WKNC 88.1 FM HD on Raleigh. I'm your man Steve. Welcome back to the local beat during local lunch with earther and whoever potamus and grant Eubanks thank you guys for still being here that was wanted. So I just have a few short questions I read through some reveals Twitter's and I and I just had, I was I was intrigued, frankly. That's a good way of putting it nicely for sure. So the first thing I want to bring out which honestly, frankly offended me and is not going to be allowed to comment on this because he probably has a bad take. Wow, Joe, why do you drink unsweetened tea?

Unknown Speaker 59:04
Oh, yeah, I do. So I just like other and the real reason is mostly just like growing up as a teenager. We are like we went to apex High School in North Carolina. We it's right next to like Taco Bell and Bojangles a lot of sweet tea eventually realized we made me break out like yeah, like the oily teenager I was. I tried to cut that out. helped that. But now I just like dirt water, and it's more for me and don't worry about it. Yeah, that's what you call it. I'll drink like black coffee and Yeah, same. Yeah, I don't like so good.

Henry 59:50
I feel somewhat of a pioneer as far as like culinary food choices. I will say there was one time we came out on top. We we went we went to White Castle tour. And, you know, we roasted him so hard because he got like, breakfast things like

Unknown Speaker 1:00:09
breakfast sliders. The sliders are a fan of breakfast all day. All day breakfast and that's why I didn't even I didn't know they had a breakfast menu by the way Yeah. No, no, the second half is the only one that enjoyed his meal. And anyway Dan and I were having a we have a rough time.

Dan 1:00:39
You know, like, being super like super poor on tour, you know, like, you kind of value every meal a bit. But like I am like, you know, I didn't have much money to spend I spent it on White Castle and I remember just looking at it and just being like, I will never financially recover.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:01
That was when you had the flu to so many valuable calories on the flu too. Yeah. You were on the up enough like you were starting to feel some

Unknown Speaker 1:01:18
weight castle is not a smart choice if you're on them. And

Henry 1:01:21
I've never I've never said I make smart choices. I've never I've never stood by that. Alright, so Joel, what's your favorite soil type? I seek clays and it's not allowed to say clay whatever kind is a non sweet tea. love a good loan? Oh yeah. Pete that's a motto. So do you guys all wear diapers? Actually, it's just can these days Yep. I'm the oldest member of the band I have to work okay, he's the last free Ranger over here with very curious what to eat.

Hermajesty 1:02:16
There was actually two Well, there was one asking for funds for the earther diaper fund called the flu or no no, this was this was well before

this. This was a completely completely separate so completely not sick healthy. diaper fund healthy physically healthy

mentally another one that said diaper diapers are a lifestyle. You're absolutely lifestyle.

Dan 1:02:47
You know, Henry Henry, Joe and I we just got together and we just said guys, we gotta we gotta we gotta move on. It's time to stop Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:57
We're 26 year old man. upgraded to he's like Lightning McQueen. I'll show with the band on here cuz he's like, wait, this is what they tweet about.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:18
I'm not on social media at all. So I have no idea what they post. They can literally be telling the world like lies about me on the internet. Apparently they are wearing a really stupid shirt of the show. Oh, that's sure it's not stupid. That's a lie. I know exactly what shirt shirt it's not this one. This shirt is really funny though is not what it says. This is a shirt and on the front of it it has an egg with a bunch of sperm going into it and says rarest plague.

Henry 1:03:51
That is spicy. What else? What else you got? What else you got? Um, I

Hermajesty 1:03:57
want the team what was the best burger king promo in the 90s

Dan 1:04:01
that's that's gotta be that's a damn sweet I think I'd say the I don't know if it was Burger King and that the Pokemon balls? Oh that was that was it with the gold with the gold? Oh yeah. Yeah with the gold what the gold trading cards are so dope plastic card and it was like you felt so cool when you got it but then like literally everybody had it like everyone's house you went to they had that they had that golden year. Things were like straight up gold plated. Yeah, they were saying like you got that out of a happy meal. Yeah, whatever the Burger

Unknown Speaker 1:04:40
King and they were legitimately like 18 karat gold plated bars. Yeah, there we have it. I just gave those to children. Yeah, yeah, I wish I wish I still had the value on that now. lately. Certainly my parents still talk about cryptocurrency now. No, we got we got Yeah, that's okay. Apparently you can like first edition Pokemon cards or some of them are worth a lot. Yeah, like, on sites or whatever. Like, yeah, a 10th of a first edition class. Okay, or you can buy like fractions of that or something.

Hermajesty 1:05:15
Like kryptos Yeah. Wow. What are we gonna get cryptocurrency form of Beanie Babies? You know? Like they're gonna come back Beanie Baby NF T's just crazy enough for this reality. I'm ahead of my time, but don't don't tell people your secrets. Yeah. You have to show me one. You could have just straight up.

All right. All right. Next question. What is everybody's favorite? crayon color? Purple. Green. anything creative? I'm

Henry 1:05:56
gonna go burnt sienna. Okay, the solid, solid, solid, solid shade of brown.

Hermajesty 1:06:02
That is a good solid shape. We'll go with Okay, I'm gonna throw my hat in for mac and cheese. Oh, yeah. Well, I named them food. People someday, or do you have an issue with kids eating? whatever they want.

Henry 1:06:22
They'll ever remember the the crayon boxes that would have the sharpener in the back? No, I want to have one in the station.

Hermajesty 1:06:30
Yeah, we just did a thing where we named like 96 crayons in a box that has a sharpener in some of these names are absolutely bananas. We were gonna do it but someone forgot the crayon box zero walked in Jamie's office. She knew it was gonna get in there by the way. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna do that though. For sake of quality of interview. She's a little credit card. All right, so

So what are some things that we haven't touched on that you guys want the listeners and viewers have can see.

Henry 1:07:15
So great question. Let's start down the line. We'll start with start with with Dan the man is anything else. It's very open ended up

Unknown Speaker 1:07:30
talking about the show we talked about can join and talked about new EP. I don't know, I'm really excited for the new new songs that we've got on. Coming up on this EP,

Hermajesty 1:07:43
let's what's different about those vibes by the way? What's different in the vibes of the new new songs versus the old new songs? Who doesn't? And the old old songs Yeah, old songs.

Henry 1:07:52
Yeah, yeah, so we have not had a very standard linear timeline of writing stuff like at all. Like it's been hard stuff that's been you know, kind of in the in the tubes for two or three years like in our in our ditching rough draft drives. Versus stuff that we just kind of like, wrote on the spot. It's been cool having Ken in here, because he definitely breathed a lot of fresh air into into some of these, like the older songs we had. The stuff that we have just recorded that has not been released yet. is a great deal heavier than anything we have currently, which is super cool. It's also a lot more like I guess the best word I would use is probably like cinematic. Yeah, there's a lot of there's a lot of really cool like big spacey atmospheric hard hitting stuff. A lot of years. Yeah, a lot of layers. We fully dived in. We've done a lot of stuff with like since and a little bit more like kind of like sounds like my stuff. And I gotta I gotta I gotta through I gotta throw my hat down. Hand hat out to Joel, for he really he blew me he blew me away on the on the on the end of one of our like on the last song of our upcoming EP. Definitely. He delivered the vocal performance of a lifetime. Yep. You're talking so good. Yeah, so I guess I guess to be good. It's your job to officially perceive get away without Yeah, no, Tiger. Sorry. I'm sorry. Yes, to kind of, you know, to bring it down to two ahead. We're just we're super excited to have been here to you know, take the time to speak with everybody. We're excited to be doing stuff again. We're excited that we're writing new stuff. We are big time range stuff. super exciting. And yeah, if you are if you are around we will be playing next year. Tuesday August 24, at the poorhouse with our friends in the Bronze Age and dododo is going to be the best possible thing that one might be able to do on their Tuesday night. So that's that's all I got. Anybody else?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:19
Um, I just want to shout out a couple of bands are super very banned from Syracuse, New York called deal with God. Word stop streams.

Hermajesty 1:10:29
Where can they find Earth? They're on social media.

Henry 1:10:33
pretty much everywhere except tik tok. We're working on tik tok. We're Oh, we're old. We're middle aged millennials. So we're trying to get figured out some ideas for years old. As far as like within the generation, we were getting all that figured out. But yeah, besides that, you know, we're on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. And we're actually we're on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, pretty much I mean, anywhere anywhere, anywhere that is to be found really

Hermajesty 1:11:07
stuff that only fans they've you know that they're shifting away from that.

Henry 1:11:12
We're actually we're gonna be putting nothing we got we got a lot of cats. Yeah, it's just gonna be just beautiful, immaculate pictures of our of our little little four legged furry angels. You are a cat person. Earth. There's the band for you. Okay, yeah. And that's actually gonna be on a website called home Wi Fi winds is money. Yeah, we can be found anywhere. Our handle, I think across everything is just for her band. So yeah, I'm trying to think on this modified asset spot. Okay.

Hermajesty 1:11:47
Good. Deezer presence. Do you have good Deezer presence? These are crickets streaming. Tim in politics? I mean, like the cricket phones? Yeah, I think so. It's, it's like, you know, a district kid or whatever aggregator Yeah, they have an option to upload it to Deezer that costs extra. No, no, no, I think in my

Henry 1:12:16
district, it is funny because we, we got an account for them. And we were gonna self release our first EP, but then we had a label, Garson interest, and they put it out for us. So we created the account, paid for one year of it. And then I think I got a new credit card or something and like the old one expired, and so I get emails from them, like three times a week. They're like, all of your music will be deleted off of everything. I'm like, cool, I guess. I mean, it's as far as I know, it's still there. He's

Hermajesty 1:12:48
gonna kill her there. Okay. So, maybe so good. So you are for them? Incredible. I thought they were good. I thought they were I thought they passed my bug check. But if they're gonna kill you, that's gonna be a little sad. It's onsite with me. We can't be district kid beef. I won't put I will. I will say it's on site on the timeline. That is good to know. We got a new channel. So thanks for having us back.

It's always a pleasure. You guys can see earther live August 24. At the poorhouse in Raleigh with the Bronze Age and go to do I'm her majesty, with my lovely co hosts with propellers. And grant uns Ben is earther you're listening to WKNC 88.1 FM HD one Raleigh.

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