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And here’s today’s news from Public Sector Executive – on Friday the 9th February 2024.

A report from the Public Accounts Committee has found that mixed progress has been made when it comes to government efforts to reduce the harm from illegal drugs.
Whilst finding that achievements have been made, including in the recruitment of drug workers and disruption of supplies, there are concerns around the funding being committed towards this for local authorities.
The report has warranted a response from the Local Government Association, asking for more long-term funding for councils to deliver benefits for communities.

Sheffield City Council has announced that it has launched a new partnership to make progress on eradicating racism in the city, with this coming during Race Equality Week.
The partnership has been established by a group of partners, including public sector organisations, local businesses, and community groups in the aftermath of the publication of the Race Equality Commission report in July 2022.
Some of the organisations involved in the formation of the partnership include the city council, South Yorkshire Police and NHS South Yorkshire.

Social value in Greater Manchester is benefitting from investment and opportunities thanks to technology companies.
This is being done as partners of the Greater Manchester One Network are providing initiatives, mentoring opportunities and apprenticeships for local people.
The Network is also looking to build on the Local Full Fibre Network to give communities faster and more resilient data connections.

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