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Daily Boost - 21 Kislev

21 Kislev: Removing Restrictions

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Topic for Kislev: Chassidus and Moshiach

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The Arizal says, “In these later generations, it is an obligation to publicize the Torah’s secrets.”
(Tanya, Igeres HaKodesh 26, pg. 142b)

In the past, there were restrictions on learning the Torah’s secrets. These restrictions, however, were not applied because the knowledge itself was forbidden. The concern was that, since most people would not able to understand these matters, this study could cause them harm.

In the era of Moshiach, the main study will be the Torah’s secrets. At that time, this wisdom will be accessible to everyone, enabling everyone to study the Torah’s secrets properly. As we approach this time, we are now able—and we are obligated—to begin this study and to make it as widely available as possible.

Likkutei Sichos, vol. 30, pg. 171