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Daily Boost - 24 Teves

24 Teves: Eternal Life, Part II: Essential Life

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Topic for Teves: Celebrating Miracles

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Life is the union of body and soul. The soul is essentially alive—it is spiritual and G-dly; yet, by itself, the body is essentially lifeless, dust and dirt. Therefore, life is a constant struggle between the body and the soul; the soul wishes to leave the body and return to Heaven. The body wishes to be rid of the soul and return to dust.

When Moshiach comes and G-d’s essence is revealed in the physical world, this will change. The soul will no longer seek to escape the body, for it will see how G-d is to be found in the physical world even more than in Heaven. As a result, the soul’s very essence will cleave to the body, giving it eternal life.

When we find the G-dliness in everything that we do, we infuse even the most mundane act with essential, eternal life.

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