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[mikey_d]: It was really bad timing because I had just recorded
the believers yesterday, and minutes after I had posted the episode,

[mikey_d]: the news had come out and I'm like God, damn it.

[steph]: M,

[steph]: You called it

[mikey_d]: He's fine.

[mikey_d]: Oh, thanks for having me back. You guys are a bunch
of beauties. don't you know?

[steph]: M. M.

[steph]: Hm,

[mikey_d]: Uh,

[steph]: Yah

[steph]: Always.

[mikey_d]: Also, William Neylander was playing heart broken on
against Edmonton last week, So like, let's let's give him a pack.

[steph]: M.

[mikey_d]: Let's give him a hawke hug.

[steph]: M.

[steph]: Yeah. Oh my God, guys coming into tonight. Like what
do you expect? Really? last game. there was garbage and jerseys

[steph]: and ship all over the ice out of like a blow out of a
game, And the ruffs called that one completely. and tonight,

[steph]: man, the big bad New Jersey Devils, they have team O.
Mir. They are doing so well. I'm so glad we came back and stuck

[steph]: with our record, Sammy. Five, one and one against the
Devils. Leaves. What beat them? What did they say? the last?

[steph]: I don't even know eight of nine against the Devil, So
why are we so scared?

[mikey_d]: This one felt like

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: a playoff game.

[steph]: And I saw a comment.

[mikey_d]: You know, I don't think those two teams play

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: enough

[steph]: right, and I saw a comment saying. I think from one of
our pens affiliate writers there from inside the rank, they have

[steph]: a similar schedule they face. Who was it? I can't remember
the Rangers same thing three times in within a week and a half

[steph]: or whatever it is. like Wow,

[steph]: Oh, sorry, sorry, this looks a good issue. Yeah,

[steph]: Yes,

[mikey_d]: Well, Was the final because yeah, they weren't playing
today and I'm curious to see if they continued their losing skid

[steph]: Five,

[mikey_d]: there.

[steph]: two against Philly. Yeah, and

[mikey_d]: Oh,

[steph]: Carolina went to shoot out against the hubs. four, three,
I was watching the score of that game because you know there,

[steph]: they've been on fire the last two games after trade deadline,
and I picked up the Ghost and Fantasy, hoping that he would fan

[steph]: out tonight, but I don't think so. I think he's a minus

[mikey_d]: Their last couple of games. They've their last couple
of games. They've won by like multiple goals like it's crazy.

[mikey_d]: What's happening in Auto Wa,

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: Battle

[steph]: Oh,

[mikey_d]: of Ontario,

[steph]: battle Ontario, Magine, though, man, that would be epic.
an East Eastern Conference final.

[steph]: Yeah, exactly.

[mikey_d]: Tyle Davis said He trusted his goles and

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: look at that

[steph]: exactly. and a lot of people were surprised today that
Murray didn't get the start, But you want to keep them fresh.

[steph]: And do you give Murray the next game after a loss? Maybe,
but honestly I like Sammy a net tonight. I have more faith that

[steph]: in him at this point in the season may be more practice
time With Murray being healthy This week will be more beneficial,

[steph]: But tonight against the devil's it was Sammy's net and
I'm so glad Because Wow, at a first period to keep them in the

[steph]: game, the Devils pretty much controlled that period and
it could have easily been like for nothing for them. At one point,

[steph]: Oh

[steph]: Fifteen to five for the devil's. Yeah,

[mikey_d]: Clearly didn't

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: have their coffee.

[steph]: it was one of those things where you know the leaves
would break out and enter the zone, but they couldn't get off

[steph]: that second third pass to actually get the shot off or
the plate to get going. It seems like any little mistake the

[steph]: devils were on it, They turned the puck over in the least,
were on their heels. They were chasing and chasing, And you know

[steph]: I got to applaud the opening like minute there, the first
shift knee lander, With a nice chance, Matthew's entering the

[steph]: zone Marner to cur foot Or sorry, It was her foot or
got to give it to him. But this has been the back and forth game.

[steph]: Nice seeing a little graphic there off Mike D's phone.

[mikey_d]: Look out, sports

[steph]: uh,

[mikey_d]: net.

[mikey_d]: I like it. I like he looked good in the last game.
He had a shot that I actually thought went in, and I felt he

[mikey_d]: looked good in this game as well at first going into
the last game. I even said yesterday on on the Believer as I

[mikey_d]: like.

[steph]: M,

[mikey_d]: I like

[steph]: M.

[mikey_d]: it, but what are you doing, Buddy, Don't do this And
and I'm eating crow. So like, Yeah, he didn't get a goal. But

[mikey_d]: because it looks like he's like, it feels like If the
Like, if they get a little bit more puck, maybe it'll go in for

[mikey_d]: him. and like, I want to keep kerfoot on the first
line with how good he looked.

[mikey_d]: The monkey off his back.

[steph]: I think tonight they said he's over thirty shots now
without a goal. He definitely can't cash one in at this point

[steph]: in time, but it shows like when they cycle and such.
I totally agree with Mike Johnson on the broadcast there that

[steph]: the offense. it hurts a little, because you can tell
he's not as supportive to what Matthews and Marner would like

[steph]: to have, but that's what they need in bunting, as well.
they need to get his jump back, and for him to fight The pucks

[steph]: and win these battles, which clearly wasn't happening
recently. So totally agree, Kerfoot For now it works.

[steph]: You know, Kerfoot on this first

[mikey_d]: Yeah,

[steph]: line is definitely different. Also you know.

[steph]: Do you rotate camp or bunting and cur foot right? Or
do you maybe give another look to someone who earned their spot?

[steph]: Maybe do you want to break up this bottom six? though,
like, I think a char is permanent on that first fourth line.

[steph]: Who else do you really have to play with? Here you have
Laferte, Who as already moved up to the second line in that center

[steph]: role. do you put? Do you split Homeburg and Steve's,
where they play on the first line with the marls. They're used

[steph]: to playing with one another, And then there's Camp Chary
and zar like there's not many options any more, especially with

[steph]: Ingvall no longer with the team.

[steph]: He could. I'm sure I think he's all three position eligibility.
Oh, miss, you can. Yeah,

[mikey_d]: All right, Pete. it's one of my favorite means to

[steph]: I know

[mikey_d]: use.

[steph]: I missed the draft and draft noises, but

[steph]: Yeah, and I'm not mad at our call ups right like Steve's
tonight in Homeburg, I mean Hongburg, I don't know if he was

[steph]: more positively impact full than negatively just because
of the bad penalties tonight. I mean, there was a big block in

[steph]: the first, a couple big blocks. Some ended up, and you
know Pilot's face is all chopped up after that, but Steve's on

[steph]: the other hand, I thought he was so physical and he fought
for those battles, and you might as well call these guys up.

[steph]: I mean, since they got back down with the Marley's February
thirteenth, Steve's has five points and nine games, Holberg four

[steph]: points and seven games. You might as well bring these
top guys in who's been there. Done that with the leaves and bring

[steph]: them some jump. And I appreciated that from the bottom
six tonight,

[steph]: Fun fact to the marls have been running eleven forward
and seven D line up lately. Nice.

[steph]: Yeah,

[steph]: Yeah, but I got to say I'm so glad the leaves could kill
off this four minute penalty. I mean, starting the second or

[steph]: the third period, especially coming off a second. Where
was it tied up at that point? Right? and oh my God, it could

[steph]: have went downhill.

[steph]: Oh,

[mikey_d]: Oh,

[steph]: What happened to Mitch

[mikey_d]: Get a dog.

[steph]: in Austin? Did you wash them in the?

[steph]: Oh,

[steph]: I didn't realize they should

[mikey_d]: Sounds like Alaska.

[steph]: Weird.

[steph]: Then you're going to suck up the guinea pig.

[mikey_d]: He on?

[steph]: M

[mikey_d]: That sounds like something out of a comedy movie.

[steph]: Man.

[steph]: Well, you know, leaves and the first period on the power
play start on the second to finish this power play thirty nine

[steph]: seconds left. Twitter was pretty angry because it was
pretty much just passing along the perimeter. No shot shots.

[steph]: Really, At the end of the first, Just fifty five seconds
of passing and missing and opening up the second. You know nothing

[steph]: happens. There's one shot total and there's no goal on
the. And so it's even. And you know there's no doubt yet, but

[steph]: Yarn Croke comes through. Did you see the goal, Aunt
Johnny? I guess you missed that goal. Excuse me,

[mikey_d]: It was beautiful.

[steph]: Yeah, way to get this second line going. I mean, I believe
it was Hall with a long stretch pass up to Laferte, who speeds

[steph]: up the neutral ice back to Nee Lander, who back head
feeds this puck through four devils, just watching the Willy

[steph]: Show and Yourn Croke is right in front of the net, ready
to tap it home, wide open net, because everyone's star eyed Watching

[steph]: this will show.

[mikey_d]: I think it was from.

[steph]: Oh yes, the bunting goal.

[steph]: Oh man,

[mikey_d]: I think it was from life of a De man. He tweeted after
the yarn crone coal, Sam Lafrerdy, And it was a gift from super

[mikey_d]: Bad and it was Seth Rogan That's the fastest kid alive.

[steph]: Yeah, way to come through.

[mikey_d]: I mean, a guy looked like he used this

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: power

[steph]: seriously,

[mikey_d]: boost.

[steph]: so nice to see that speed you know, especially on the
second line and they were saying Mike Johnson was saying that

[steph]: Nee Lander is kind of getting the ship under the stick
here playing with two random people. He's not used to playing

[steph]: in this line up, and he's still making it work like.
I didn't think this second line really looked down tonight and

[steph]: yarn, croak, Laferte, man, we see this center death coming
through. I mean Laferdyis, fifty two, point four on the dot,

[steph]: and then Um, in general, but tonight he was fifty percent
Okay. Yeah, so camp? Oh,

[steph]: Yeah, who is that?

[steph]: Speaking of Neander, I'm jumping a little ahead, but
in the third period did you see the man Lander chop right out

[steph]: of Mario's hands? Just breaks his stick like it was nothing
at all.

[mikey_d]: Oh, that was.

[steph]: I'm like

[mikey_d]: it was

[steph]: Wow,

[mikey_d]: insane.

[steph]: that's a weak twig, or this guy is just just hit the
sweet spot super strong there. but

[mikey_d]: He's found another

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: gear.

[steph]: M,

[steph]: Yeah,

[steph]: M, M.

[mikey_d]: M. We'll do our jobs properly.

[steph]: Yeah, plot. plots, face is simply fucked. To put it simple,
and it was totally unnecessary. That shouldn't have happened

[steph]: to begin with. It should have been blown down like you
said, And you know it's It's unfortunate as well with the roughs,

[steph]: because this hall of goal Zare lets up on the play thinking
that it's an off side call. So you know a player beats him to

[steph]: the puck. It turns the other way like it just went to
ship, and um,

[mikey_d]: M.

[steph]: Oh yeah,

[mikey_d]: Yank er out.

[steph]: yeah, yeah. there was another play too, where I don't
know if you caught this in the second period. Mike Bunting stick

[steph]: goes flying straight up into the air because Doggie Hamilton,
just like lifts it right up and

[mikey_d]: No, I

[steph]: he

[mikey_d]: missed

[steph]: jumps

[mikey_d]: that.

[steph]: like a child trying to reach his stick, but it just like
Oh my God, I almost hit the faking screens. I was like

[mikey_d]: Yeah,

[steph]: it was funny to see And but there was no call and they
thought maybe it would be an interference call because it wasn't

[steph]: just a simple slash like he whipped it like like ten
feet up in the air.

[mikey_d]: Which one?

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: No, I swear they were on multiple.

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: Like going into the

[steph]: it

[mikey_d]: third

[steph]: started

[mikey_d]: period.

[steph]: at the end of the second and then three thirty two to
open the third.

[mikey_d]: Yeah,

[steph]: Luckily, systatistically, speaking, starting a power
play to open the period usually sucks for the team and we were

[steph]: right in this. this part leaf dominated on the P.

[steph]: Yeah, and I saw Chris Hurly tweet about a chop at Zare.
I think he got high sticked in the face. I completely missed

[steph]: it, but he said the difference between the two plays,
so it wasn't on the ground, you know, crying like a little baby.

[steph]: But then afterwards I saw his face plate and I was like
Okay, I would. I would cry and go home

[steph]: Toronto. Ending the second period. They're catching up
on the shot counter, twenty four nineteen to end the second in

[steph]: total, Terno, Fourteen shots, You know, Actually playing
completely differently from the first period like it looks like

[steph]: a real fifty fifty Battle Leafs are kind of controlling
the play. And yeah, the third. Wow, Lots going on.

[steph]: No no worries. leaves, kill off this, P. Q, strong strong,
P, and then immediately afterwards the Devils go back on the

[steph]: power play because Lander, a man, Lander, does his chop
right out of his hands, breaks the stick and we're like fun.

[mikey_d]: That's out of character for New Lander, Because like
the man is so chill, and to see him do something like that, it's

[mikey_d]: like who, buddy, like he was asked earlier this season
like Oh, do you know how

[steph]: M.

[mikey_d]: many goals you have and he's like, No, I don't know
how many goals I have, but I just know I have a lot of goals.

[mikey_d]: So to see him do something like that, It's like who.
buddy. Where

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: the hell did that

[steph]: seriously,

[mikey_d]: come from?

[steph]: and where the hell did Mitchy Marner come from? Because
honestly, in times like this against top ter teams, this is exactly

[steph]: when you want the power kill to come through. Because
just in the nick of time when you think things might be going

[steph]: downhill, note Marti, Mitch Marner comes back sweeping
through shorthanded baby, third of the year, League leading,

[steph]: I believe, or tied with someone else seventh of his career.
So nice,

[mikey_d]: It's nice that Mitch Marner is a Toronto May belief.

[steph]: So nice. We're so fortunate man. we've got Michie Marner,

[mikey_d]: I never said a bad thing

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: about him.

[steph]: an a char, I have to mention on this,

[mikey_d]: Hm,

[steph]: Uh, uh,

[mikey_d]: Nothing bad. Never,

[steph]: Yeah, and kudos to our Pkars. Though a char coming up
huge on the P. K. And you know Mabe tonight just with major blocks,

[steph]: and right after that we're celebrating. I'm not even
finishing my freak in tweet, and of course palotscoresso, the

[steph]: transition of messages and our discord is like who. Yeah,
Mitch Marner, and then it goes.

[mikey_d]: I was like that on Twitter, too

[steph]: Yeah, three seconds left.

[mikey_d]: Martyr, and then a fuck,

[steph]: Yea, even to Carrie was like. what the fuck? It kind
of seemed like Hall and a charrirlalong the boards, and kind

[steph]: of gave up the on the play thinking Hall had his man,
or I don't know what happened there. Mercer wins the board battle,

[steph]: feeds palate and Okay, we'll give it to him. His face
is all kinds of fucked up. Okay, and your favorite player is

[steph]: Mercer. Mike. D. I know that. so yeah,

[mikey_d]: My new free boy.

[steph]: Oh, Was it blurred out?

[mikey_d]: No, it was an extended look at Mercer.

[mikey_d]: Oh, la. no. I've seen. there was an extended look at
Mercer on the bench like near the end of the second,

[mikey_d]: Uh, uh,

[steph]: Yeah, police or what am I saying? Polite plot, absolutely
on fire three minutes later, Feeding Eric Halla, It's no longer

[steph]: an even score. This is when you know third goal goal
on seven shots against Sammy. At this point in the game. Of course,

[steph]: it's high lighted across the bar for us Leaf fans to
been more pain. and obviously I'm thinking to myself like whwhaishis

[steph]: Going. You know what I mean, but We came through. We
came back Michael Bunting.

[mikey_d]: Mike. B,

[steph]: Nice.

[mikey_d]: Uh huh,

[steph]: Yeah, but Michael bunting twentieth of the year. Guys
kudos to bunting, Like being this, he's really started.

[mikey_d]: Hopefully this is the start of a new

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: streak for him.

[steph]: hopefully right. Hopefully this guy can. Yeah,

[mikey_d]: Be good, but not that good.

[mikey_d]: Uh

[steph]: Yeah, Yeah, so we're like seven minutes left in the period
and then Michael Bunting ties it up five minutes left. and then

[steph]: Tim Myer just randomly thinks it's okay

[mikey_d]: Oh,

[steph]: to chop someone in the face with a stick, literally or
horizontal vertically,

[steph]: M,

[mikey_d]: Now imagine that to the Benny Hill theme

[steph]: M, M.

[mikey_d]: M. Hm.

[steph]: Yeah, and the second opportunity all night long. The
first opportunity kind of a fail and coming through Austin Matthews,

[steph]: after a whole night of complaints on Twitter Man, quick
shot in the slot, Marner to knee lander, entering the Zoe knee,

[steph]: Lander feeds Matthews all my God, twenty nine on the
year, Guys like he's not like. It's not like he's not scoring

[steph]: like he's still going to have over thirty goals to end
this year,

[mikey_d]: He scored two against Seattle. He looks fine, despite
everyone saying he looks off. No, he's fine. He's been through

[mikey_d]: colder streaks than this. He's going to be okay,

[steph]: Agreed

[steph]: Lafferty. right,

[steph]: Yeah, but laffed first point as Leaf tonight. So kudos
to him playing on the second line getting that apple. And you

[steph]: know the center death was good. The worst person tonight
was actually Austin Matthews, forty one percent. Char was perfect

[steph]: on the dog. We had camp at seventy one Homeburg, seventy
five Lafrdyfifty.

[steph]: That deservo deserved to win A meter is showing what,
Mike. What's the new merits on there

[mikey_d]: So it's showing. I thought this was hilarious that
it's showing the devil should have won seventy one point one

[mikey_d]: per cent and the laser at twenty nine per cent.

[steph]: Twentieth? come back winneth your baby.

[mikey_d]: Let's go.

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: Oh yeah, so It was funny because I brought it up yesterday
on the believers. I was going through the league standings because

[mikey_d]: I'm like All right. Let's see where the leaves are
A their fourth overall. Let's take a breather. Where Okay and

[mikey_d]: I see where At eight or sixty three games I'm like
Holy ship. The playoffs are coming up. My hockey superstition

[mikey_d]: is coming up, to which I posted about it on Twitter.
After with two images of me from Went twenty Now for me, my hanky

[mikey_d]: superstition has been a thing since twenty six Ten,
when the Leaf drafted Austin Matthews first overall before the

[mikey_d]: regular season begins, I get a full beard cut and hair
cut, and I let my flow grow until the regular season ends, and

[mikey_d]: just before the playoffs begin in twenty twenty, the
end of the world happened and

[steph]: M.

[mikey_d]: I basically look like grisly fucking Adams.

[steph]: Nice.

[mikey_d]: I genuinely hope whoever's taking in this episode,
I hope you're watching the video because

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: I'm animated tonight. So

[mikey_d]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: So that's from just before the bubble exhibition games
had begun, And this is the after.

[steph]: Who is that?

[mikey_d]: There was one time I went to one barber like I go to
different barbers. Every time there was one barber. I cannot

[mikey_d]: recall who it was, but he's like. You know, you should
have robbed a bank before

[steph]: Oh

[mikey_d]: doing this,

[steph]: Yeah, you like I saw those picks today and you completely
pumped me. I thought you

[mikey_d]: M

[steph]: made the cut and I was like An. I wouldn't have recognized
you on the street if I were to see you.

[mikey_d]: Two different

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: people, So if anything, my superstition has been altered
this year, which I feel it might be a good thing for the leaf.

[mikey_d]: Um, because so going into this season, I, because I
went through a move and finances were hard, so I'm like okay,

[mikey_d]: and also I couldn't find a barber, so I just gave myself
a beard cut and the bears come back. It's beautiful, but now

[mikey_d]: going into this Off I'm not cutting

[steph]: Uh,

[mikey_d]: my gorgeous flow.

[steph]: uh,

[mikey_d]: Um, but I am shaving off the beard. I am curious to
see what kind of Grizzly Adams

[steph]: M.

[mikey_d]: I look like come the end of the playoffs after the
Leafs get their names etched in the cup. Belief it? um, but yeah,

[mikey_d]: that's my superstition.

[steph]: You might be cousin. It from

[mikey_d]: No,

[steph]: S family.

[mikey_d]: I seriously don't think even my my hairy picture there
is hairy enough for

[steph]: I'm just

[mikey_d]: that.

[steph]: getting better.

[mikey_d]: I mean, close, maybe close.

[steph]: Yeah, a lot of people do that with the play off beards
and I don't know different little things. We had a ton of people

[steph]: respond today with their superstitions, whether they
are hockey players or fans from pumping up to get ready to celebrate

[steph]: the game. Watch the game. To you know, I don't know things
during playing a game. Got a wide variety of responses And yeah,

[steph]: thanks guys. Let's do it.

[mikey_d]: Yeah, what ave we got? What's everyone do?

[steph]: Okay,

[mikey_d]: If they lose less in it, then

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: wear that one more.

[steph]: Yeah,

[steph]: Vancouver, eight,

[steph]: Uh, uh, Love that I feel many people are in your boat.

[mikey_d]: M.

[steph]: That's sweet.

[steph]: Yeah, I love that, but speaking of clothing, I had Rick
at Padre Zero. four o nine say simply, They always wear blue

[steph]: on game day and I believe that's a lot. of that's what
Leaf Nation does Right, Some sort of blue clothing article, article

[steph]: of clothing or anything right?

[mikey_d]: What isn't

[steph]: What

[mikey_d]: blue?

[steph]: isn't blue? I feel like I'm always wearing some sort
of leaf thing, or my car Has leaf things like I have the gloves

[steph]: hanging from the rear view mirror and I don't know, just
little nuckles and stuff

[mikey_d]: What's funny is I wear so much leaf scare that at the
start of the pandemic where I work at, my boss was like Um, well,

[mikey_d]: because I got the Toronto Mate belief mask, so it's
got like a little leaf sticker on it. He was like. I'm actually

[mikey_d]: surprised you like Got something with a leaf low going.
He would have been more surprised if it didn't have

[steph]: Nice.

[mikey_d]: a leaf low. Go on it

[mikey_d]: Nice.

[mikey_d]: Oh, it'll come back.

[steph]: Yeah,

[steph]: Nice. uh, yeah, I have a couple, but go ahead

[steph]: No.

[steph]: Yeah.

[steph]: Well, I believe Southey, Um,

[mikey_d]: Hm.

[steph]: has mentioned many times before on this pod what he does,
or maybe in our group chat where he has to fold his jersey a

[steph]: specific way and top the crust or something and place.
I don't know, like a whole routine before watching a game before

[steph]: playing, and I know Ben sent us a very descriptive paragraph,
which we'll share in a little bit about what he does, But it's

[steph]: these in Game things that get me like one guy, for example,
responded, Thank you to sports Forever says saying the s h word

[steph]: before any goals is scored against you. I'm assuming
shorthanded shorthand right. That's interesting to note. And

[steph]: then for example, Curtis, wouldn't that be s H, o and
then s. shorthanded?

[steph]: Yeah, true. I don't know. I'm so used to fantasy terms
that I'm like I was double guessing myself.

[steph]: Yeah, yeah, but the

[mikey_d]: Bunch of hazers,

[steph]: Curtis and Tiro blue says. I know it's weird, but I never
skated over the blue lines when I went to the goal. I don't think

[steph]: that's weird. Yeah, feel like that's a more common than
not thing.

[mikey_d]: Something different,

[steph]: Maybe I don't know. Like step on to crack, break your
mother's back, or the thing

[mikey_d]: So

[steph]: I don't know,

[mikey_d]: that's a scene I haven't heard in many lifetimes.

[steph]: Right, Um, and also, thank you, Mike Ross, P. announcer
for the Leaves, who also recorded our intro said that when he

[steph]: works, when he walks past the large photo of Pat Burns
with Jack Adams trophy on the sixth floor of the Scotia Bank

[steph]: Arena, behind the suites, On route to the gondola, I
always double tap it as a way of saying hello to Pat like, Oh,

[steph]: that is so sweet. I love that

[mikey_d]: It's awesome.

[steph]: So many people had superstitions and you know some people
don't and that's completely okay. You don't have to believe in

[steph]: superstitions whatsoever. our friend Marty. Run it back
forever. A t, m l fan ad, Van says No, I cannot control the outcome

[steph]: regardless of what physics or string theory science says.
And then he linked a Forbes article that was written by Egensegl

[steph]: who's A, has a Ph D in astro physics and as an author,
And it was this whole study experiment. Thank you, Marty. If

[steph]: anyone wants the good read, I love that man, Mike.

[mikey_d]: That point. That point was for the mardi shout out
because it's not a least late night

[steph]: Yes,

[mikey_d]: episode without

[steph]: exactly,

[mikey_d]: a Mardi shout out. Hi, Marty,

[steph]: and it's very interesting. This professor goes on to
do an experience to prove that how observing the universe can

[steph]: change the outcome. Anyways. if you're bored, read that,

[mikey_d]: The universe works in mysterious

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: ways.

[steph]: I don't know like it's It's so different for everyone.
I don't really have a superstition if we're talking personally,

[steph]: like I didn't grow up playing hockey, so I can't really
relate there, but even I feel like every time I'm at the game

[steph]: they loseso. Maybe I should just stay home

[mikey_d]: Oh

[steph]: from

[mikey_d]: no,

[steph]: the games

[mikey_d]: I mean, if they win more when you're watching at home,
then do more

[steph]: Right?

[mikey_d]: of that.

[steph]: I don't know? It's so weird. I feel like I bring bad
luck going, or I'll do something something weird and be like

[steph]: Oh, it's my fault, or I said this.

[mikey_d]: Uh, You got to find something where it's like it will
bring you good karma. And then that good karma will come up when

[mikey_d]: the Leafs

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: play.

[steph]: or if I'm too cocky right, I'm like. Oh, leaves to

[mikey_d]: Let's

[steph]: Matthews are so great And then the other team scores
immediately after I finished my sentence.

[mikey_d]: Oh no, and that

[steph]: Yes,

[mikey_d]: is karma.

[steph]: Yes, so bad.

[steph]: Love it.

[mikey_d]: Great name.

[steph]: Oh my God, I love that. I feel like that's a lot of people
in their man cave, you know, drinking beer, doing whatever you

[steph]: love to do and watching the game in your favorite under

[mikey_d]: Another

[steph]: nolarbear.

[mikey_d]: beer, pulling a Curtis from Alberta,

[steph]: Yeah, no keyboard.

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: Always

[steph]: Always.

[mikey_d]: always belief, Always hold on to hope that something
good will happen. I, just for me, I'm an no tarnal optimist.

[mikey_d]: That's why I'm like. Like when you come to the believers,
it's like the most optimistic positive leaf podcast you'll get

[mikey_d]: to. And like, I just always hold on to hope.

[steph]: Oh, emotional damage.

[mikey_d]: I'm gonna give you a hockey

[steph]: Yes,

[mikey_d]: hug, buddy M.

[steph]: The regular routine.

[steph]: I do, got to say, though the injuries were leafy predictable
down to centers. You know, we're supposed to be jailing right

[steph]: now, but tonight's game could have been predictable.
Seven minutes left in the third, you know, Devils, one up in

[steph]: the game leaves need to tie and hopefully push it to
O. T, which I thought maybe that would happen, but not a son.

[steph]: We got those two goals really quickly and change that
narrative against one of the best teams in the league, so suck

[steph]: on That.

[mikey_d]: Austin, Austin Matthews remembered he was Austin Matthews
and scored a beauty.

[steph]: Yes,

[steph]: Yeah,

[steph]: Me either, Yeah, my phone will immediately ruin it on
every single app.

[steph]: Good,

[steph]: No,

[mikey_d]: M.

[steph]: No

[mikey_d]: That's another wholesome one.

[mikey_d]: M.

[steph]: Love that

[mikey_d]: Hope I don't wake the kids, honey,

[steph]: These fuckinglifs

[mikey_d]: You.

[mikey_d]: Oh no,

[mikey_d]: Oh

[steph]: People were asking on Twitter tonight. who has the vidudoll
of Alex Girfood and Justin Hall? So maybe this gay,

[steph]: The other guy, not you guy,

[steph]: That guy.

[mikey_d]: Wait. I got to Veris over there and I got on my leaf
shelf, Sundin Lander, Matthews and I got a couple of Funcos,

[mikey_d]: Matthews. I've been. I didn't know. until recently
there's a Neelanderfunco and he's got a mustache.

[steph]: Oh cute.

[mikey_d]: I've seen. There's been a Teveris one, but he's got
the A on it. I want to wait until they release Teveris with a

[mikey_d]: C on it.

[steph]: I love how there's different characters of New Lander

[mikey_d]: Beauty.

[steph]: Like you don't know if you're going to get the stash
or the young Prince Willie.

[mikey_d]: Which number

[steph]: Which number?

[mikey_d]: M?

[mikey_d]: He

[mikey_d]: Fucking beauty? bad,

[steph]: Yeah,

[steph]: We did have one on Discord. Actually, I believe it's
from our friend Pickles, Thank you so much. she says. I don't

[steph]: change my outfit during games because I think it's bad
luck like Oh, they're winning in these clothes. Better not change

[steph]: them. She's like it doesn't have to be a jersey

[mikey_d]: M,

[steph]: either.

[mikey_d]: Hm,

[steph]: I'm like Okay, similar to what other people have said,
and we also have been. Er. we have to say this one. Oh my God,

[steph]: Banner to say is that he. usually, if he's playing a
net. Yeah, if he's playing net, his gear always goes on in the

[steph]: exact same way, with no exceptions down to the strap
being done up the exact same way Every time. at some point I

[steph]: have to listen to strangle Hold by Ted Nugent Before
the game, I have to hit my stick on each post then my glove.

[steph]: I used to be Much worse, but I would recite like I would
recite a same before each game. If I'm playing out. not too much.

[steph]: Just have to get some speed in and one shot off of each
of my Goles pads and a couple jumps. minimal stretching. No stretching

[steph]: for banner as a fan, Typically just a shirt or jersey
and my major league socks. And as for the saying, watch the movie

[steph]: The gray by with Leam Nisan and I try to google Monologue.
This is. I don't know what the clip is. He has to share it with

[steph]: us later on, but damn Peter. wish you were here to go
into some depth with your response. Oh my god,

[mikey_d]: Mess, your body.

[mikey_d]: Uh,

[mikey_d]: There are a different breed of people.

[steph]: Fair,

[mikey_d]: Hell, yeah, let's go

[steph]: We should play this song next time he comes on before
he speaks. Just

[mikey_d]: Wait. Speaking of, speaking of music, I got a question
to ask here. So Marty released a beautiful banger, The passion.

[mikey_d]: When is he releasing? When is he releasing a hockey

[steph]: Pooh.

[mikey_d]: You, let's go. Let's go. I'm down five songs or six.

[steph]: He's like halfway there

[mikey_d]: Rattled the glass,

[steph]: right All the guys. a little thing you can download on
the next, An chill game that would be sick like a pack of songs.

[mikey_d]: Little spotified play list.

[steph]: Come on, come on, come on, do.

[mikey_d]: Oh, let's go. Bud,

[steph]: Oh man guys, what do we have next Though next game leaves
at Manton,

[mikey_d]: Is this Saturday for the watch party?

[steph]: Yes,

[mikey_d]: I mean, this is good time for them to rest up, and
like you know, they got to be feeling like hot ship on Saturday.

[steph]: Big bounce back. Yeah, bounce back. game for the buds.
Hyman returns to Toronto. Oh my God, Murray has been confirmed

[steph]: to start. Anyone who's in the G. T. A. Come on down to
the bottom line to Mike and myself will be down there. It's going

[steph]: to be a fun time.

[steph]: Yes,

[mikey_d]: That's a early. confirm.

[steph]: Yeah, splitting up the skirts and it's our last

[steph]: Right. Yeah, so hopefully Toronto can even up the season
series and it will be a good one.

[mikey_d]: Oh, the vibes will be led for sure.

[mikey_d]: I think he was only supposed to be out for this one
game with with an illness

[mikey_d]: Of.

[steph]: His direct quote from today said Obviously physical game
the other night from myself and felt good completing the game

[steph]: and the rest of the evening, but woke up Sunday morning
feeling a little tired and just not like myself.

[steph]: Don't will that into the universe. Don't say that.

[mikey_d]: If you say it, you're going to will it into the universe.
You know what you should will into the universe. The leaf doing

[mikey_d]: the thing,

[steph]: Yeah, well, me too well, our great, a medical stuff will
be there and get his butt off the ice. If anything, any signs.

[steph]: Um, maybe it's good. Saturday is kind of far away from
now just to monitor how he's feeling throughout the week and

[steph]: getting some skates in in between. And yeah, it will
be good.

[mikey_d]: The boys will be ready. the boys will be ready.

[steph]: Oh yes, I wasn't sure if we will have some time for that,
Mike. Mike, the fanatic says, Who are you willing to toss overboard

[steph]: to sign knee lander to an extension?

[steph]: It's hard. What are you thinking, Mike?

[mikey_d]: Shit. I got to choose. I don't know. I love all of
them like that's a hard one. That's that's a kileduvis problem

[mikey_d]: and

[steph]: M,

[mikey_d]: also

[steph]: hm,

[mikey_d]: I have great mem for this. Actually, everyone's worried
about money issues and all that. No, no, no, no, no, no, the

[mikey_d]: least are the rich bitch.

[steph]: M,

[mikey_d]: We're going to be fine guys. We're going to be absolutely
for the listeners. I'm showing a Homer Simpson mem, And it's

[mikey_d]: the leaf logo over his head, and his t shirt says Rich

[steph]: Uh,

[mikey_d]: The leaf will be fine. The leaf will be fine,

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: Kids a stud,

[steph]: Yeah, and if you look at the roster now right, we have
way too many D. So obviously I don't think we're going to be

[steph]: keeping both Lukshin and Eric Gust of Sin. They're both
unrestricted free agents After this year Justin,

[steph]: Justin Hall is

[mikey_d]: Take

[steph]: up.

[mikey_d]: it or leave it.

[steph]: M.

[steph]: Uh, uh,

[steph]: Nice. I don't think Zach Aston re stays. He's also an
unrestricted free agent After this season. Um in, Val was clearly

[steph]: going to walk in my opinion, so that was a great move.
Get rid of him. Get the third hopeful. Too bad it wasn't a second.

[steph]: but whatever,

[steph]: Right

[steph]: At least a second.

[mikey_d]: Oh, I'm really going to miss Sandy.

[steph]: Well, at least a second for the draft noise like, come
on like at least a second for his long neck and everything involved

[steph]: guys like it comes with the publicity thing as well.

[steph]: They beat the savers tonight three

[mikey_d]: Wait,

[steph]: to two.

[mikey_d]: what was his thoughts from his Islanders? They bud.

[steph]: I don't think he's registered a point yet. Actually,
unfortunately, let me see real quick. Don't think so.

[mikey_d]: I'm going to book it now, Angvellis, getting a goal
against the leaves, because I swear the Islanders play the least

[mikey_d]: like later this month, or maybe early early in April.
I'm booking it now that Ngvellis getting a goal and Rosco, You

[mikey_d]: gotta do bring back the sound for that episode. If
he scores

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: Right,

[steph]: So next question, Burgo at Burg G, ninety eight says,
Do you think that they went a series with Hall playing twenty

[steph]: minutes a game? Also, if they're going to use lack of
experience for Lily as to why he was scratched, how is he supposed

[steph]: to gain experience in the press box?

[mikey_d]: Brought in a whole new team

[steph]: It's kind of weird because they change the narrative
to like. Seem at first, you know, Lily got banked up the first

[steph]: night he was scratched, so okay, take a seat. Let the
new boys have some ice time, But then after the second game Keith

[steph]: comes out with, You know, the comments about the depth
on the D now, and how he's kind of suggesting he's getting pushed

[steph]: down. I, I don't know. I feel like Lily has to be playing
top for Or minutes, at least be in the line up every single night.

[steph]: It is his second full year. You're right.

[mikey_d]: Out of the out of the remaining games left. Sorry for
interrupting you, Buddy. Out of the remaining games left, How

[mikey_d]: many games would you want to see Lily Be a partin?

[steph]: Tonight was game

[mikey_d]: Not many.

[steph]: sixty four. So yeah, yeah, um, how many left man like
with the Rianoriley thing? He's only going to get nine. Seems

[steph]: after being re activated ten games, Uh, lily, though
It's hard because they're always juggling deep partners, so I

[steph]: feel like more the better just to jell with everyone.
It seems like every every game it's a different set of partners.

[steph]: Don't know.

[steph]: I think the seventh will be rotating between or timmons,
Gus and Shen, but it's hard.

[steph]: Hm.

[mikey_d]: Hopefully, everyone,

[steph]: Yeah, We know we have Tampa, and we know that they're
going to be bullies right

[steph]: Fair, but it's nice to have

[mikey_d]: Let

[steph]: the

[mikey_d]: it be

[steph]: options.

[mikey_d]: Tampa,

[steph]: Yeah, Hard

[mikey_d]: Tampa

[steph]: hitting.

[mikey_d]: Bay brokens.

[steph]: Yeah, you

[mikey_d]: M,

[steph]: know there,

[mikey_d]: hm,

[steph]: you know, And the less they have the puck, the more they're
going to be hitting this fourth line is danger. Now they have

[steph]: Gene on the third line man. I'm so happy to have ship
now and we have the options option of Simmons and carry. like

[steph]: all of these names, who are leader and hit leaders and
hits. it's we just have to outplay them. I think my worry though,

[steph]: is this bruise Our attitude, and picking up more penalties
than needed like we don't need Jake Mckabe sitting in the box

[steph]: for seventeen minutes. We like we don't need it like

[mikey_d]: O. No,

[steph]: going on, Especially if the leaves are going to decide,
running a Leven forward and seven D line up. Because what if

[steph]: Forging Zar starts fighting and gets the seventeen minute
penalty and then now we're down to ten forwards like, Just have

[steph]: to be careful and smart about things like don't Let tempers
fly, and it kind of works out for bunting right now To right.

[steph]: Bunting is not under the radar for these purposes, and
it was to the point where the commentator s almost every game

[steph]: was like, Oh, he's trying it again. He's trying to do
this and it was microscopic to a point and he literally had to

[steph]: lay low and stop that right now. look at him. now, he's
back on the fourth third line and totally different style of

[steph]: game play, right,

[steph]: Pel Mar and Maroon,

[steph]: No

[mikey_d]: You know they did their job.

[mikey_d]: Believe for the best, believe for the best

[steph]: Last question, Kind of ties into what we were talking
about. It is Where are you? Sorry? I lost my page one second,

[steph]: Michael Aldred at Hawke under scare Rocky Fortin, Why
the funk does keep favorite hall over Lily Shin, et Cetera, So

[steph]: simply put, Hall is forever leaf. In my opinion, I don't
think you can't count Hall out. Honestly like he's one of the

[steph]: most reliable Pkaers. at the moment. He's

[mikey_d]: Management adores them.

[steph]: Yes, He's the third pair boss man like he should only
be on the third pair Right, but he's being overplayed. It's nice

[steph]: to see you know Mckabes stepping up tonight, especially
with huge blocks ending the period. You know, just keeping the

[steph]: game solid and not taking stupid penalties is only two
tonight for the leaves. And yeah, that was all over the place,

[steph]: but you can't count. haul out. simply put,

[mikey_d]: M, Hm.

[mikey_d]: I mean Marner on defense was fun. Let's try this.

[mikey_d]: Okay. See if

[steph]: M.

[mikey_d]: Say

[steph]: Hm.

[mikey_d]: if Riley gets like a three point night, Would you want
to keep him on the wing? After that?

[steph]: I immediately thought of buffalin.

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: It's not the fifties.

[steph]: Uh,

[steph]: M.

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: Now you know what the least won?

[steph]: It's never going to happen. It's never going to happen.
Sorry. Yeah,

[steph]: M.

[mikey_d]: That's always fun.

[mikey_d]: I'll usually send you guys like fun questions after
a loss, because it's like after a loss. Just laugh it off.

[steph]: Yeah, and we

[mikey_d]: Love

[steph]: didn't

[mikey_d]: you guys.

[steph]: cover one. Did you want to do it quickly? Favorite kind
of coke?

[mikey_d]: Ah, Coke, cherry or coke. vanilla? Fuck, yeah, cherry.
all the way I have given vanilla chances. Don't get me wrong.

[mikey_d]: I just that is just on my cup of tea. I've tried the
two of them together. that cherry vanilla. I just can't when

[mikey_d]: I go to Wendy's and they have that free style like
multiple fucking flavors, lemon and lime.

[steph]: M.

[mikey_d]: fucking chefs kiss

[steph]: You can't go wrong with Leven or lime flavors and a soda
pop, but I'm

[steph]: Nice. I'm a light pop liker. I don't like the dark pops,
but I will whenever. if I'm drinking dark pop, it's because I'm

[steph]: drinking spiced rum. I love spiced

[mikey_d]: Nice.

[steph]: rum in coke or whatever. I'm pepsy. more. So that's a
vanilla vanilla flavor right so I honestly haven't had vanilla

[steph]: coke or cherry coke since I was probably like fifteen.
It's been so long.

[mikey_d]: They brought it back.

[steph]: Yeah, or maybe even younger than you see it at Wonderland,
where you can construct your own and there's like a hundred different

[steph]: flavors right out of this huge machine

[mikey_d]: M. Hm.

[steph]: There is. Yes, there's dark pop and light pop. Very different

[steph]: Mountain. Do seven up. Of course, Yeah,

[mikey_d]: They're

[steph]: Okay,

[mikey_d]: all good though,

[steph]: you can get different flavors for light pops like if
you do,

[steph]: Um, white freezy, I don't

[mikey_d]: Yeah,

[steph]: know. Okay. I just not a fan of the dark pop. Okay,

[steph]: No, Like Coke root beer. That kind of ship Dr pepper

[mikey_d]: That's good.

[steph]: No, my teeth feel like they're rotting and going to fall
out of my mouth like I don't like it.

[mikey_d]: Going to look like a hockey player.

[steph]: Eh, Try and fix these babies.

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: Not going to finish it.

[steph]: We. I always do that whenever we get. If we eat out,
we always get one combo. Share the pump and price.

[mikey_d]: M. M.

[steph]: Yeah, I can't finish it anymore,

[mikey_d]: Oh, the fun pack.

[steph]: For like triple the price, Uh third of the amount.

[steph]: Yeah,

[steph]: You know, to be fair, I only drink pop when I'm like
eating pizza or wings or like greasy food during, like I never

[steph]: drink pump. Otherwise like just casually drinking pop.
I don't know. I just don't crave it, but I like beer.

[mikey_d]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: What the hell?

[steph]: M

[steph]: Half water, half pop. I actually like Macdonald spray,

[mikey_d]: Also a

[steph]: M

[mikey_d]: bummer When the flurry machine is out, come on, guys
got those fixed already?

[steph]: Ice cream machine. There was a whole documentary about
it. Yeah, it's a conspiracy theory,

[mikey_d]: Oh no.

[steph]: M.

[steph]: Wow,

[mikey_d]: It's like the eighties where floppy dust would always
be like. it's the end of the sucking world.

[steph]: And last thought about Pop just came to me, Johnny. I've
seen you during cans of club soda while filming this podcast.

[steph]: And what the fuck is wrong with you? First of all, you
might as well drink tonic water as well. like what? Who does

[steph]: this? No one. and

[steph]: Yeah, why nothing.

[mikey_d]: Not a fan.

[steph]: It just tastes like like static. No, it tastes like static

[mikey_d]: M. M.

[steph]: With no flavor just gas.

[steph]: I

[mikey_d]: Wait,

[steph]: do

[mikey_d]: what

[steph]: have

[mikey_d]: do you

[steph]: a

[mikey_d]: guys

[steph]: soda

[mikey_d]: consider

[steph]: stream.

[mikey_d]: bubbly?

[steph]: Kak,

[mikey_d]: No, the bubble or bugle,

[steph]: Yeah, that's gross.

[mikey_d]: The cherry one is good, the cherry one is good. That's
like the only good one.

[steph]: Yes, bubble is horrible.

[steph]: It tastes like the flavor screaming from another province
And it's like what I can't taste or hear you because it's so

[steph]: fucking far from me. Because literally it's nothing just
as like Ship Hole, but Johnny likes flavorless. Nothing. Apparently,

[mikey_d]: Life shouldn't be expensive,

[steph]: Oh, and I have a soda stream. I can make that ship at

[mikey_d]: Guys. you know, it's fun though,

[steph]: Wow,

[mikey_d]: I want a coffee over tonight's Leafs. When my devil's
buddy and I, we put a coffee bed on it and we were messaging

[mikey_d]: back and forth. We're like, oh, oh funk, and coming
out with the wind.

[steph]: Nice,

[mikey_d]: Ah, if the devils had won, I would have gone in a large
double double, but the leaf had won, so I can already taste that

[mikey_d]: large double level. I can already smell it,

[steph]: I can go.

[mikey_d]: So basically you turned a corner. You're going to see
a reason to believe. I just recorded a new episode yesterday.

[mikey_d]: I went on this whole like two minute rant that it took
me days to record because I was originally going to record on

[mikey_d]: Friday with an old friend of mine, but we had thunder
snow down down here in Toronto, and it looked like the fucking

[mikey_d]: apocalypse.

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: Um, yeah, that was absurd. I thought I was going to
die. Um, the power went out and I lost that whole interview with

[mikey_d]: them, So I didn't record Saturday.

[steph]: M.

[mikey_d]: I'm trying to record every Saturday, but after that
leave lost. I like. No, I got to go to sleep

[steph]: No,

[mikey_d]: to wake up at unholy hours for work, so I was going
to record Sunday after work. I was pretty fucking pumped to do

[mikey_d]: it, but my internet was like now, Fuck you, buddy.
I'm going to crash, so

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: fuck you buddy.

[steph]: Not today,

[mikey_d]: so

[steph]: son,

[mikey_d]: so oh no, So Monday about after Midnight Monday mid
afternoon, everything was fine. The internet was fine like everything

[mikey_d]: was hunky dory and I got it recorded. So there's a
new believers that came up Yester the other day.

[steph]: Whoo,

[mikey_d]: Um, doing this with you, bunch of beautiful people.
love you guys,

[steph]: Love you. Yeah,

[mikey_d]: And you can follow my shenanigans on Twitter and Instagram,
a mik d underscore three ninety two and the believers on Twitter

[mikey_d]: and Instagram at Believers, Pod, And yeah, don't stop

[mikey_d]: Weird. Less got to do that or Marty.

[steph]: Yeah,

[mikey_d]: I'm giving him all the ideas,

[steph]: Hm,

[steph]: M.

[mikey_d]: So this is a Austin Matthews.

[roscoe]: Broken finger. Are you kidding me? Four weeks we finally
get the news, Will Riley get successful surgery today? I mean,

[roscoe]: I guess that's a good thing in four weeks isn't the
end of the world, but oh my God, can we please catch a break

[roscoe]: like one of these days any day?

[roscoe]: Course, of course, that's always what happens to the
podcast world. So I mean, obviously good things happened tonight,

[roscoe]: Leaves when and I just want to before we start the show.
Just want to say one thing. on the last episode. I had this huge

[roscoe]: tangent about how Matthews doesn't have to score three
goals in a game. He only needs to score the important ones and

[roscoe]: I'm sorry, but look what happens. This is exactly what
we need, so I'm joined tonight By a special guest. Uh, mike.

[roscoe]: D. hello, Hello, thank you for joining us.

[roscoe]: Appreciate having you here and this actually came at
your suggestion. The topic tonight is superstitions, So we were

[roscoe]: English. We asked you all to send us your pre game superstitions
and whether that's for watching the game or playing. So we're

[roscoe]: gonna go through all those time. It's could be a fun
time. Strap in. Let's go.

[roscoe]: All right. We're back. we're back and we've got a win
to talk about. It's fantastic flip in the script, almost scoring

[roscoe]: two power shorthanded goals after letting two of them
and scoring one. That's a good thing looking like a different

[roscoe]: team. even though they are depleted. Unfortunately,
we're going to call it under the weather. I guess for now with

[roscoe]: J. T. and like I mentioned earlier, Riley is now with
a broken finger for four weeks. Welcome back to least late night

[roscoe]: presented by Inside Rank. Where's never too late for
the leaves? Let's do it.

[roscoe]: Great big griping vides, hug for William N Lander,

[roscoe]: I mean, usually they make the devils look a little silly
and it's kind of a blow out game. This was. This was a close

[roscoe]: one. I got to give it to him. but man, oh, hell yeah,
and before we get into the game, they mentioned on the U S. broadcast

[roscoe]: because black out the the New Jersey Devils in. It's
not their next week, but I think it's in middle of March. Coming

[roscoe]: up here, they played the Tampa Bay Lightning three times
in four Ames over five days, So they play Tampa back to back.

[roscoe]: Then they play the Panthers. Ten. They play Tampa again
between like Tuesday and Sunday or something That is insane.

[roscoe]: It was the Rangers right.

[roscoe]: Just just to shout out, you had that flipped. It was
our Rangers writers saying they're facing Pittsburgh three times.

[roscoe]: That's okay. It's okay. it's okay. Shout it to Mark
Pander. So the other thing, I think it was Scott and our discord

[roscoe]: who mentioned, and it was the Devils could help the
leaps out here in securing home ice. So if they can take advantage

[roscoe]: of Tampa being on a bit of a skid, I mean, I think they
won today, but you know, Gvehma. little bit of a challenge. It

[roscoe]: might be nice.

[roscoe]: I think. the yeah, they, five two. Yeah, over the fliers.

[roscoe]: Ye, what. I'm interested. Just being here in Autwa,
Is that the censor making a push for that wild cards? but you

[roscoe]: know chickrenhas been immediately effective for them.
They. re. They're making a push for it. I like it. The town's

[roscoe]: getting excited. Everybody was talking about it at work.

[roscoe]: I love to see it that could be facing Boston.

[roscoe]: Oh, my gosh, H, So into the game right off the bat leaps
slow start, to say the least, Sammy, though standing on his head

[roscoe]: in the first minute of the game, making two fantastic
saves back to back, Twitter erupt and man, he just is right back

[roscoe]: on track. You know, he had a couple of rough games.
They give him the night off. Let Murray come in and then Sammy

[roscoe]: is right back on again and this is exactly what you
need when both goals are healthy. Is just flip them out When

[roscoe]: everyone's not feeling it.

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: Yeah, so like I mentioned, I was watching the American
broadcast so there's no shot counter because apparently they

[roscoe]: just don't care about that. I don't know. I remember.
this wasn't always a thing like it was added fairly, you know,

[roscoe]: not super recently within the last ten, ten or fifteen
years, though, but yeah, the American broadcast don't usually

[roscoe]: have a shot counter, so I know the devils were having
him in. But what was the account at the end of the first? there?

[roscoe]: Ouch,

[roscoe]: Yeah, And uh, I mean, we talked about this. The leaves
haven't been overly fast, but they rely on winning a ton of face

[roscoe]: off to be able to always be in control of the puck.
Not having Riley and Tovaras, That's a huge hit to your face

[roscoe]: off. Like I know, Matthews is good, but it falls off
pretty quick. after that. I mean camp is good, but you're getting

[roscoe]: the same depth, so I mean, that's obviously reflected
in how much possession the devil's got, and they're a young fast

[roscoe]: team right, So people adjusting their new spots in the
line up, Alex, cur foot on the first line.

[roscoe]: Ye look. The idea isn't that he's the best fit there.
The idea is to get him some production so that he finds his game

[roscoe]: again. And what was the? I don't remember the exact
quote, But it was kind of a double edged thing where Bunting

[roscoe]: needed to kind of take a head on the third line and
Kerfoot just needed to get a goal just to find himself again.

[roscoe]: So you know, I think it worked out. Bunting played really
well with Camp picking up a goal there. and I mean, I don't love

[roscoe]: cure foot on the first line, but I don't. It's awful
given the circumstance there in. It's just I hope he gets one

[roscoe]: so he can get back to normal. Alex. Currfoot. that he
was, because, I mean, I know last year people were still like,

[roscoe]: not super high on him, but his point production was
a lot better last year than it is this year.

[roscoe]: Oh

[roscoe]: So if you had to put somebody else out there because
I know a lot of people are commenting on this, Um, and don't

[roscoe]: agree with Keith, And this is. let's really starting
to turn everybody's favorite with him, which I don't really agree

[roscoe]: with, because I think there's a lot of revision Is history
going on where people re like? Oh, he's never made good decisions

[roscoe]: and he's not the right coach for this team. It's like
they have their best record in franchise history for two straight

[roscoe]: years, so let's give the guy a little bit of credit
May be. I know he's got a good team. but like we talk about,

[roscoe]: it's not easy to Och super Stars either. So where did
I start with this again?

[roscoe]: Her foot? Who are you putting there instead?

[roscoe]: That's a good point. I mean yarn Croke. can't he play
on the left

[roscoe]: Chatting roll?

[roscoe]: Yeah, I think if it makes the most sense to put kerfoot
there, just giving the circumstance right like you got two of

[roscoe]: your big guys out. Like it's just and you are trying
to send a message to bunting. Get it the only other one I would

[roscoe]: maybe throw in his yarn croak, but I agree that they
have to give kerfoot something like he's got to find it. They're

[roscoe]: heading into the playoffs. It's not as much like we're
past the dead line and heading into playoffs. This is the time

[roscoe]: for him to find it or I don't know what we do with you.

[roscoe]: Yeah, that's not going to look great when it heals.

[roscoe]: Yeah, Steve's right out of the gate. just absolutely
ran Segentoller against the boards. That was awesome.

[roscoe]: Well, yeah, they, also, a couple of the guys moved,
haven't they? and Like and Anderson, and basically everybody

[roscoe]: we traded besides Sanding and Val were Marley, so I
think they're a little shorthanded right now.

[roscoe]: Yeah, I mean, I'm going to have to let you guys take
the second because my, my washing machine flooded. so the there's

[roscoe]: a bit of a background to this, so I have, Don't get
guinea pigs. just don't they. They're cute. they eat a lot. They're

[roscoe]: totally fine. Don't worry. we put the no. No. I mean
I washed. I mean, Emeline washed enough For in a blanket to make

[roscoe]: a couple of guinea pigs. Though, because they shed like
crazy, and as much as you shake these blankets out, this happens

[roscoe]: every time it's insane like they shed so much. so. Yeah,
exactly. I didn't know either, but you don't even see it until

[roscoe]: you go to clean it out and it's just everywhere Like
next time, I literally have to get one of those pet vacuums and

[roscoe]: it's insane. Anyway, The no, like take the thing out
and vacuum it out before putting it in the washing machine, Because

[roscoe]: basically what happened was it clogged up. The water
wouldn't drain and I opened the thing in the bottom and it just

[roscoe]: went all over the floor In the kitchen. It was the worst,
So that's what I was doing for the second period was trying to

[roscoe]: fix the faking washing machine and clean it.

[roscoe]: No, I will. I. So the re play of it though,

[roscoe]: So Hal sent that one and Hall also sent the pass down
to camp to. or Yeah, the. Oh, my gosh, the last goal there. Yeah,

[roscoe]: bunting,

[roscoe]: Uh h.

[roscoe]: Not at all.

[roscoe]: That's pretty good.

[roscoe]: Okay, Newlander's a one man show this year. Like honestly,
it doesn't matter who he's with. Like when he's got the buck,

[roscoe]: he's just been so good. Like, just absolutely evolved
into a different player this year last year. it was like Turn

[roscoe]: the buck over. I'm not. Yeah. That kid in that picture
was like I'm not going to get it. He was very Jtmileresk.

[roscoe]: That's right.

[roscoe]: Oh, So I did come in for like the last three minutes
of the second period, which was enough to see that Homburg obviously

[roscoe]: waked pilot in the face with a stick. It wasn't on purpose,
but that was greasy, but the ruffs missed it. The ones who saw

[roscoe]: it or the one who saw it was one of the lions men who
called them over and they reviewed it like. I get that. this

[roscoe]: is how things are Supposed to go. In a perfect scenario.
This happens, maybe one out of twenty five to thirty times like

[roscoe]: I just, I'm not frustrated that everything worked properly
and frustrated that it never does any other time like it's just.

[roscoe]: Oh, we're going to. We're going to do it properly this
time. Okay, cool, cool market market down, Tuesday March seventh,

[roscoe]: they properly executed the rule book,

[roscoe]: But even they didn't even completely properly do it,
because as Mike the fanatic pointed out, the play was off side

[roscoe]: to begin with. So this linesman who was so studious
that they caught this high sticking call and missed the offside

[roscoe]: never should have happened in the first place, So it's
just it's just a ridiculous series of events that. obviously

[roscoe]: every leaf fan was frustrating because we never get
these kinds of reviews, Specifically zacasinres.

[roscoe]: Oh yeah,

[roscoe]: No,

[roscoe]: Real quick on the unpolotnot. to get too graphic, but
it definitely looks like they had to. Um, just you can skip fifteen

[roscoe]: seconds. If you don't want to hear this. It definitely
looks like they had to pull his teeth out of his lip like it

[roscoe]: looks like. From the inside the where it was swelled
up. Yeah, it definitely looks like they had to. Yeah. Oh yeah.

[roscoe]: What about when the leaves were trying to kill that
four minute power play and um, wasn't it just the one for? Yeah,

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: What, But towards the end of it, just because you mentioned
a bunting stick that he slashed out yarn croaks, he had to go

[roscoe]: chase that. so it was they had about. I don't know.
five seconds of a five on three Well yarn cro had to go get a

[roscoe]: stick back because it's just like chopped that of his
hand. It's like come on a bull.

[roscoe]: Oh yeah, Okay, so

[roscoe]: Yeah, third, so sorry, take it away for a second. Just
have to deal it a quick work thing. Give me like a minute.

[roscoe]: We definitely didn't say anything about Mitch Marner
in the first, like I don't know. two weeks of the season when

[roscoe]: everything was in shambles. No, I never ever ever did.

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: Okay, here's what I think happened Is, Plate had just
come back from the dressing room and was all like, I don't know

[roscoe]: if they did on the Us. broadcast. They sat looking at
him on the camera for like thirty seconds that, just like Yeah,

[roscoe]: here it is, looks pretty gruesome. Oh no. they were
just like looking at his face on it. It was extended plots, face

[roscoe]: there, just like.

[roscoe]: Oh, maybe, but when Palo got whacked they were. they.
When he came back to the bench, they just sat on him. Just yep,

[roscoe]: there it is. there's the injury. Have a good look at
it and I'm like, holy, like just a close up on his face For a

[roscoe]: while looking at how gruesome it was. He definitely
came up. Sammy looked up and was like, Oh my God and was thrown

[roscoe]: off. That's my. My fun theory

[roscoe]: Came through and Michael Bunting burying it on almost
a wide open net. There you love to see when you take advantage

[roscoe]: of those because nothing hurts more than getting that
perfect pass the wide open net and you just can't get to stick

[roscoe]: down on it. But Bunting manages to do it with his new
line mate, David Camp, and I have to say it came out for stretch

[roscoe]: pass from Justin Hall, again, who might not have had
a awesome defensive game, but his his offensive upsides. It's

[roscoe]: been pretty good with these stretch passes This year
his patient looks at, reads the play. When he's got the puck.

[roscoe]: He's not bad.

[roscoe]: I think I think that's where I've landed with Justin
Hall, Justin Hall, with the pack, I like Justin Hole without

[roscoe]: the puck. I don't always like

[roscoe]: Diamond in the desert,

[roscoe]: But not too much because we do have to resign him.

[roscoe]: It's just like you know. Give me like I said. You just
score when it's important like right now, I'm just like win games.

[roscoe]: But like the guys that are already signed again, score
all the goals. Let everybody have like a. Let's things on Nathan

[roscoe]: Mckindan signing in here where we can like steal somebody
for way less than they're worth, Because the have a bad year.

[roscoe]: you know,

[roscoe]: M. M.

[roscoe]: Okay. To be fair, the puck was up and the book was up
in the air and he was. He was looking up at it and he had a stick

[roscoe]: up, and Kerfoot was looking up at it and he kind of
jumped into it and he didn't see Myers stick. This is what I

[roscoe]: saw. At least was Kurt was looking up at it. Myer was
looking up at it and it just kind of collided, But kerfoot collided

[roscoe]: with Myers stick. So that's how sticking in the high

[roscoe]: So you know what? Well, I, I'll take a power play off
that. it's silly, but it's you know. you got to be in control

[roscoe]: of your stick If you're gonna go waving it around like
that, Mir.

[roscoe]: Huge,

[roscoe]: We're all going to be okay, You know it's It's a win
against a team that matters instead of a loss against a team

[roscoe]: that doesn't. That's that's how I'm looking at this.
You know, fucking cares about Vancouver. Vancouver doesn't care

[roscoe]: about Vancouver. They chafe coaches out of town every
other month.

[roscoe]: O ship.

[roscoe]: Okay, Well then I take back my comment about not controlling
the face off, because that's my walk it back. I'm going to walk

[roscoe]: back my comment. They didn't control the because they
lost face off because I mean, unless they were bad at them in

[roscoe]: the first period and I didn't notice.

[roscoe]: Oh, take, Take that meter and shut it.

[roscoe]: Okay, so we should get into some superstitions because
that's what we're all here to talk about right Here. Let me pull

[roscoe]: it.

[roscoe]: He. He looks like he comes to your school to tell you
about how not to start forest fires.

[roscoe]: Let's go through him.

[roscoe]: So first up comes from Alex and Alex Mcneill. Have to
wear the military appreciation Marner jersey. Yeah, they lose

[roscoe]: sometimes in it, but every other jersey they lose automatically
if I wear it. So you know what you win some, you lose some. That's

[roscoe]: a good way to go If they always lose. Don't wear it.
So that really, the superstition isn't necessarily wearing the

[roscoe]: Marner jersey. It's that all the other ones are bad
luck. Is that a good way to put, Because it's not like they're

[roscoe]: always winning When you wear that one. It's just they're
not always losing

[roscoe]: Exactly Next up comes from Fun guy South Park cow, Front
of the show, My coffee breaks until four P. M, So I can watch

[roscoe]: Puck drop. I love this one. zero productivity at three
thirty for pre game and warm up.

[roscoe]: That's so good. I love that. Any job where you, Any
job where you can just like bank your coffee breaks, and just

[roscoe]: a gotta use them back to back here so I can watch some
of the first period. I love it.

[roscoe]: So for me today I had the new leaps yet that I got my
leafslatyeti with my water bottle That I have like a blue cantigo

[roscoe]: that I stuck one of my fun stickers from. Oh my gosh.
I need to find who it is because I haven't showed the out in

[roscoe]: a while. I have a bunch of their art and I feel like
an ass for not remembering the name right now. Um, then it'll

[roscoe]: come back and then I've got leave Boxers on. I was like
Damn, I'm not wearing anything today. Oh, oh, I'm wearing my

[roscoe]: leave. I have one pair of leaf boxers and I'm wearing
them today and everything else is gray. So I was like Don't were

[roscoe]: in blue today. But that was it. It was hidden Next one
or you got some one else Okay. Next one Up was from C J. at coaching

[roscoe]: C. J, different sport, But when I played football, it
was always the same song before the game. Same food. One time

[roscoe]: I injured my wrist and we won eight games in a row,
so I kept my wrist tape on all season long. I think yeah, this

[roscoe]: is. This is like the most common one for people that
play is routines right, Like if you do the same thing before

[roscoe]: the game, you always do the same thing before the game.
and Obviously people playing are more serious about their superstitions

[roscoe]: and their routines than people just watching. I don't
find myself really like doing too much on game days, like sometimes

[roscoe]: I do if we're like all getting into it from going out
or something. But like just passive things like my bottle.

[roscoe]: Uh, uh,

[roscoe]: A, shut out. You mean

[roscoe]: I mean an s. H word is shut out that you're not trying
to say. I don't think anyone tries to not say short handed,

[roscoe]: And no way nobody uses the terms that a company that
barely survived the nineties that somehow running fantasy sports

[roscoe]: runs by.

[roscoe]: Okay,

[roscoe]: Okay, can you take one more? I just got to finish something
up and then I'm back to mine.

[roscoe]: M. hm.

[roscoe]: Okay, I'm goin to pull one back up from here. Um, next
one is from Tony Jenkins at Bony Stankins, Love it clean, main

[roscoe]: pajama pants, sick beer, dirty jersey and wife and kids
out of the room. I think you meant players. I stand by my statement,

[roscoe]: joking about wife and kids.

[roscoe]: That's fantastic. The clue.

[roscoe]: So I,

[roscoe]: This is where I record, but until recently it wasn't
where I watched the game. But now that Hog Worts Legacy has overtaken

[roscoe]: my house, I do surrender the T. v, so that I'll watch
the game in here. It's also easier to stream from my laptop than

[roscoe]: the reason I was always frustrated with trying to stream
it is because I'm doing it from like the browser on my smart

[roscoe]: T. V, which is extra frustrating because you to use
a stupid remote and it's like. So this is much better.

[roscoe]: Yeah, okay. Okay, next next one here is from what is
this at Steve's Steel twenty three, Steve Steel, twenty three

[roscoe]: optimism question mark. in this day n age, Yeah, that's
their handles are funny on Twitter. Um,

[roscoe]: Always

[roscoe]: I'm a ginger, Um emotional and I don't hold back. I'm
a cancer to super fun. So optimism in this day and age I long

[roscoe]: on a Twitter to check the temperature. Is it playing
the parade, or is it we are in hell, Because Curfootslash Hall

[roscoe]: moved up in our line up. I laugh hysterically, then
watched the game and sleep peacefully, because I don't care until

[roscoe]: came one against Tampa. You know, because honestly that
is, I hate how predictable it's become, but that's it. it's either

[roscoe]: Holy Ship were the best. Look how bad our old teams
were. I did this. look how bad this team was compared to what

[roscoe]: we got. Now this is cool Racy. Then everybody gets hurt
and it's like Oh my God, halls, the worst. let's trade Morgan

[roscoe]: Riley. It's like Yeah, I get it

[roscoe]: All right. Next one's from Prigariaat, Prigaria, M.
D, record the game and start watching after about forty fifty

[roscoe]: minutes To avoid commercials and intermission interviews.
I get it, but I just I can't not watch sports live, especially

[roscoe]: when you're on Twitter and you get up dates from like
four different and you're checking Fantasy. It's like I know

[roscoe]: what the score is. I can't. I can't. any more. the internet
ruined that.

[roscoe]: It's bad enough being like fifteen seconds behind on
a stream where you look at it like Oh Bunting score, and you

[roscoe]: look up and it's like things going. It was tonight.
It was actually good, Eliot Hall at Hall Elliot. I wait until

[roscoe]: my wife has gone to bed and sneak suitable leaf shirt
stown stairs, blue white for home and away. Yeah, I know it's

[roscoe]: stupid. Get food and drink ready so that less likely
to disturb her after midnight and later, not waking her until.

[roscoe]: Oh, not waking her is vital. Yeah, I love that getting
getting everything ready. Well, your significant other is still

[roscoe]: awake and just collecting it all in a space and being
like I'm going, I'm going to be quiet. Except for one they score.

[roscoe]: Then this all goes out the window.

[roscoe]: Next one comes from. This one comes from Nick from inside
the rank, pickin's writer at Nick, it at it and I, k. S. I used

[roscoe]: to wear a jersey on game day, but we ended up losing
so I stopped. See this. This goes back to our first one where

[roscoe]: it's like you can try something, but if it's not working,
it becomes cursed and you're like I tried to have a superstition

[roscoe]: and it became

[roscoe]: Instead. So Simon, at leaf, Simon says, I have a Leifsvdushrine.
This is the most leaf nation thing possible. I'm sure it's well,

[roscoe]: you know, I say that while I have play mobile set up
reanacting on cadre, getting suspended for high sticking in Ostonbron,

[roscoe]: so I can't really talk. That's this is. this is kind
of a lefvudushrine right here behind me.

[roscoe]: No, I've got Sundin and Tavaras and Matthews and New
Lander, Oh, this guy Simon,

[roscoe]: M. M.

[roscoe]: Yeah, I have. I have both of those actually have the
Taveras with the A and I have landed with a sash.

[roscoe]: Which number I have So many different Nee landers in
different numbers. That's crazy. All right. Last one that I have

[roscoe]: here on Twitter comes from the one and only Curtis from
Alberta. At least guy four o, three. Uh, who can? who can guess

[roscoe]: what this one is? Everybody knows. Put on a bucket and
submits and slam a beer because of course he does, because he's

[roscoe]: Curtis from Alberta. We love it. That's all them on

[roscoe]: Love it.

[roscoe]: Oh yeah, our very own.

[roscoe]: This is before playing. I assume. Yeah, Okay,

[roscoe]: All I can take away from that is that goals are insane
because his goal Y one is like

[roscoe]: I can't. even. It's like the writer with the you know
No brown, M n Ms. It's you know. It's every crazy list.

[roscoe]: Yeah, I don't get it, dude. that's crazy. It's like
I'm playing out. Just warm up a little bit and playing a net.

[roscoe]: I need to burn incense and do four circles this way
and listen to the bee side of Dark side of the Moon, and

[roscoe]: Like you're fucking goles, man,

[roscoe]: I can't play. Strangle Hold on here. We're gonna get
taken down.

[roscoe]: Oh hell yeah,

[roscoe]: Just entirely Hawke music. I mean like theme and everything.
I mean. Boom Chick is pretty pretty, pretty hack all around.

[roscoe]: But yeah, yeah,

[roscoe]: Yeah, We love that, Marty. come on.

[roscoe]: Do it. do it. Do it.

[roscoe]: They don't play until Saturday.

[roscoe]: I hope so. fact, I can't lose to Edmonton again, man.

[roscoe]: I'm sorry. they've confirmed Murray's playing and it's
Tuesday for Saturday And there are games where we don't know

[roscoe]: and like what. That's insane. Whatever, I'm not complaining
again. I'm not complaining about a good thing. I'm complaining

[roscoe]: about every other time that that doesn't happen.

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: I mean, I hope J. T is back. That's what. I'm kind of
fingers crossed for. I hope it's not a conk.

[roscoe]: Yeah, but with an illness after he took two massive
shots to the head, so I just hope it's not like. Yeah, he's He's

[roscoe]: sick. while we evaluate how bad this concussion is

[roscoe]: And that is a concession. Ladies and gentlemen, that's
what happens.

[roscoe]: I'm not willing it into the universe. I'm like I'm hard,
ding it, but that's Symptoms of a concussion, guys, come on,

[roscoe]: I'm just saying I'm not wishing for it. I'm just that's
the symptom. Um. I hope it's not, but that's what it sounds like.

[roscoe]: Yeah, hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, Um, Any, you
had questions with two questions Where we go. Yeah, we got a

[roscoe]: bit

[roscoe]: Michael bunting,

[roscoe]: Yeah, buddy,

[roscoe]: I think if you're going to cut resigning somebody, I
would say I would resign Newland er over like you know, giving

[roscoe]: Bunting four and a half million or five and a half Like
you know what I mean. I just I don't want to have him stuck at

[roscoe]: some cur footlight contract that we're going to hate
in a couple of years if he has like a down year like they're

[roscoe]: going to pay him for the years that he's been here where
he's been as productive as he has. If he slips by like ten or

[roscoe]: fifteen points, it's going to be the Foot treatment
where it's like, Oh my God, we're paying this guy like it's the

[roscoe]: middle of the pack. It's the movable contract. It's
not league men and it's not the top end. It's the person that

[roscoe]: yo're gonna look at and say that's what's eating up
our salary. And I don't want one thing to become that we can

[roscoe]: find somebody else that's on league men. We've got Steve's
and and all these guys that can come up. I don't think it's necessary

[roscoe]: to keep him to a crazy middle deal like that when you
can resign New Lander, who's really shown that he's a complete

[roscoe]: player this year and has been an offensive and defensive
threat. Oh, that's my pitch.

[roscoe]: That's where Dupes puts a league men contract on the
table and says there's one of these. It's like the Joker. It's

[roscoe]: like the joker. when he breaks the pool, Q and half
and goes, We're going to have dry out and it's it's dupe is just

[roscoe]: coming out and he has, he looks at gustopsonand shed,
and he's like, If you want to stick around on the team, we're

[roscoe]: going have dry out. Here's a League men contract. I'm
going put it right here on the table and see whose name is When

[roscoe]: I come back.

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: Yeah, that was the only thing I was held up on. I'm
like, really, only a third, Because like, especially if you get

[roscoe]: a first for Sanden, it's like he's that much less valuable
like I feel like a second for an valbutwicwith his eyes.

[roscoe]: What?

[roscoe]: And I think if it's if you're bringing in somebody to
put on the first line like the Islanders did right away, Like

[roscoe]: even if it's like, if you're bringing a top six player
in, I think the ask should be at least the second. Like a third

[roscoe]: to me is is like a middle six forward. But if you're
going top six with anvil, which it seems like the islanders want

[roscoe]: to do it, and I guess maybe just with injuries that
are going on, But like that's that to me, says second. I don't

[roscoe]: know. I think we might have lost one around there.

[roscoe]: Hey, Islanders with scoring is dangerous. Yeah, how
is an ball doing with them so far?

[roscoe]: Oh, well at socks.

[roscoe]: Oh, we'll have to it. The only time I'm goin to get
to do it is men. He scores on the leaves Now,

[roscoe]: I think the thing with Lily. I know they said it was
like a lack of experience, but I think it really means is that

[roscoe]: all the other guys have the experience and they want
to put them together to make sure that they all click like they

[roscoe]: know. Lidegran fits with a couple of these guys, But
you just brought in a bunch of new defense men and you know if

[roscoe]: anyone gets hurt, they're going to jump in. So you got
to see what you got like. I get it. You know it's right after

[roscoe]: the deadline. You want to see what you just brought
in. We brought in Gustafson and Shen and Mackay. Like you, You

[roscoe]: want to make sure that in in any scenario like you,
have a solid line up right like look at tonight with the four

[roscoe]: words. You never know when you could lose both, you
know Riley and Brodie again, like we were in a crazy situation

[roscoe]: with defense all the year, So I just I think it's best
to know what you have, and I just hope that in the long run it

[roscoe]: doesn't turn into. You know a lasting thing where Lilegrin
seems to be. You know. it becomes like a free Lilagrin thing.

[roscoe]: I get it. but the difference is heading into the playoffs.
It's It's the experience right Like Lilegrans still really young

[roscoe]: And you know Gustipsonhas been there before with Washington
multiple times Like you know. She S been there is one. You know.

[roscoe]: There's There's a lot of experience that you want to
have in there. And you know you've brought in Mccabe to have

[roscoe]: a pretty big role, so I think it's just about making
that happen.

[roscoe]: How many are left Like eighteen?

[roscoe]: Oh eighteen. Good guest.

[roscoe]: Yeah, I think it's really just going to rotate. depending
on the team they're playing against. You'd probably see. I guess

[roscoe]: she come out. Like who do you take out? Though Of that

[roscoe]: Then, and like, like, Really, it's Riley Mc Cabe, Go
Brodie Hall, And then who's your sixth and then it's like you

[roscoe]: have five names to pick from. Like it's just I don't
really care how many games Little Grin plays in the next sixteen,

[roscoe]: because I know he's going to be fine. I don't think
he's going to lose it like that's not long enough stretch if

[roscoe]: he plays like you know, half of those two to get on
His game, him and go work really well together. so I just I don't

[roscoe]: know. I think they'll be fine. It's just going to depend
on who's healthy by the time they get to the play off back.

[roscoe]: Oh, I hope so.

[roscoe]: Actually, just real quick. I hope that somebody is injured
going into the first game because if everyone's healthy, somebody's

[roscoe]: getting hurt in the first game. We can't go into the
playoffs That re healthy. That is bad judo.

[roscoe]: Just say

[roscoe]: So, Tampa hard hitting team. You're saying That's it?

[roscoe]: No.

[roscoe]: I think the biggest thing with Tampa is going to be
not falling into their play like I mean Perry, and and is a bel

[roscoe]: Mar, No, and maroon. Yeah, so just falling into getting
bullied and retaliating is. I think Tampa strategy that works

[roscoe]: well against the leaves is like You know you push them
around because at least they've brought in guys that can hit.

[roscoe]: But it's it's like you talked about. Don't take stupid
penalties because they're They're starting to pass you off. and

[roscoe]: I hope the leaves just Do what they tried to do against
Vancouver in the first period there the other night where it's

[roscoe]: just you know, let them chase you around and tire them
out instead of you know, immediately jumping back. but I mean

[roscoe]: when they needed to, they answered all of it like the
defense. When came to the defense of all the stars? Yeah, so

[roscoe]: as long as that happens, and you don't see you know
Matthews getting into something with somebody or like, I don't

[roscoe]: want to see King go getting in a fight or something.
Like some of these new guys. Really new guys really have to step

[roscoe]: up. We'll definitely see it from Shen, so I don't know.
I like what I'm going to see from this team. It's just health

[roscoe]: man. That's the big question mark. Next question Were
running at a time.

[roscoe]: I thought we got a couple of questions since we started

[roscoe]: Um. Progaria sent about five questions in here, so I'm
going to pick one of them. M. It's the one that has been brought

[roscoe]: up a lot more Gan Riley at left wing. Why not? Why not?
Because he's a defense man.

[roscoe]: Water on defense is a situational thing. But like okay,
Here's how you try it out. Say the Leafs line up on a power play.

[roscoe]: Well, currently you've got Riley and to Varas hurt you
throw like Gust of Sin and Liligrin. I don't know on like the

[roscoe]: second pair or something with like Riley at left wing,
and I don't know. Do something stupid on your second power play

[roscoe]: to like try him out on the wing, But like any other
opportunity of not doing that or like, put him on the wing with

[roscoe]: somebody in overtime or something in the regular season
when the extra point isn't going to make the difference against

[roscoe]: Tampa. Like here, fuit Willy and Riley with Brodie.
let's go and Riley just plays wing.

[roscoe]: If he gets a three point night, it's because he's in
a better spot to feed the guys for passes, But like I don't know,

[roscoe]: it's going to depend on, depend on how they play defensively.
I think this is a ridiculous situation like I don't think it's

[roscoe]: the only time this has ever happened Is like Brent Burns
and Buff Lin, like In you know the modern era, I can't think

[roscoe]: of another one. I know, there's some of the. I know
it's happened in the past, but this is a different game hat we're

[roscoe]: talking about. You know, guys are actually working out
and not taking smoke breaks. I don't count that ship. I'm not

[roscoe]: saying it. Yeah, Yeah, so you can, some guy could play
net one night. It's like Yeah, because he's a step above Beer

[roscoe]: league. Just, I'm not trying to discredit any players
of the past, I'm saying, like the rastic differences between

[roscoe]: some of them anyway, Yeah, I, just whatever He's not,
he's not a winger. I don't think I don't think he's

[roscoe]: Like he's so far into his career. Like if he was twenty
one and we're like. You know, maybe there's an opportunity to

[roscoe]: develop a a two sided play here. But like the guy's
been a defense been for ten years with the leaves. I don't see

[roscoe]: it happening now like it's something that I always wanted
with Thomas Caverlay, but it never happened so I'm just now okay,

[roscoe]: right Way out will be back Saturday, back to back episodes.
Remember to catch up on our last one. It was fun. We talked about

[roscoe]: Ice cream and chips and you know, any time the well,
any time the leaves have a stupid loss. You know, we try to end

[roscoe]: with something that's complete, completely unrelated.

[roscoe]: Yeah, you and Chris are great for that.

[roscoe]: Which one?

[roscoe]: Oh yeah,

[roscoe]: Cherry.

[roscoe]: Yeah, buddy

[roscoe]: With those mixes I do the sprite with Like Utopia. That's

[roscoe]: I'm sorry if you're saying, Dark and light pops as though
it's fucking liquor is my favorite thing. I've heard this entire

[roscoe]: podcast as though there's like there's like two different
kinds of. There's like two. there aren't there Is not You. Okay?

[roscoe]: What is on the light pop side besides sprite and ginger
ale, And don't say seven up.

[roscoe]: Those are basically lemon lime, lemon lime and ginger.
So you like lemon Lime

[roscoe]: Can name and name one that's not lemon lime.

[roscoe]: Okay, do you put? Do you put like grape soda and cream
soda, and like and like orange like Crush? Are those are those

[roscoe]: dark pops?

[roscoe]: Dr Pepper

[roscoe]: Wasn't a good ones. man.

[roscoe]: Oh, I like. I mean. In my, it's funny. I twitted this
out once, and it's like you know you're getting old when you

[roscoe]: ask somebody if they want to share a can of pop, Because
I definitely can't like drink a whole. One way that I used to

[roscoe]: do

[roscoe]: Right. That's that is being like in your late twenties.
It's yeah. yeah, it's just a different different metabolism.

[roscoe]: Now I used to. When those many cans came out, you didn't
get the six pack of like the there, like the slim cans, or like,

[roscoe]: Who are these four? Now? I'm like those are for me.

[roscoe]: I know it's like. Why is why? is this more expensive
for smaller cans? Well, there's more more more can and less drink.

[roscoe]: So you pay the can.

[roscoe]: Macdonald.

[roscoe]: I saw that Mc. Donald chemically engineered the sprite
machines to like the. So, I think it was like a tiktok, but somebody

[roscoe]: who it's like uncovered fast food secrets and they apparently
had somebody like a scientmilecular. You know taste scientist

[roscoe]: person. I don't know what the term is. developed. The
perfect combination and you know structure of the spray For their

[roscoe]: machines. That it would make the fries and everything
tastes better, and like the sprit tastes better because of the

[roscoe]: salt and the fries and everything. So it's like the
sprit at Mc. Donald's is different than like the sprite. You

[roscoe]: can get anywhere else. Say they made it themselves.

[roscoe]: So so what all those names are? like The Macdonalds
You get at home when it's like we have Mc Donalds at home. Yeah,

[roscoe]: it's not the same sprit.

[roscoe]: It's a whole thing.

[roscoe]: It's not a conspiracy theory. It's a conspiracy. Is
that the company that makes the ice cream machines is like the

[roscoe]: since day one been like hand in hand with Mc. Donalds
and the company. Just to sum this up really quick case we have

[roscoe]: to get out of here. Basically the company that makes
the ice cream machines, charges the franchises to do repairs

[roscoe]: on them, and the money basically just ends up going,
getting a kick back to Mc. Donald's like Mc. Donalds gets a kick

[roscoe]: back for this company just going out and standing like
You know, when Ight hundred dollar bill to your local Macdonalds

[roscoe]: for fixing their ice cream machine Every like three
weeks, So they purposely have made these ones that break themselves.

[roscoe]: I don't care if the ship gets their podcast taken off.
And so somebody, this all came out because a guy came up with

[roscoe]: a. It was like a little us be drive that you could plug
into the ice cream machine. That would override all of the back

[roscoe]: end bullshit that was making it break on purpose and
everybody, everyone were all of a sudden working fine and they

[roscoe]: weren't breaking down And you got a season desist. And
so that's what blew this whole thing open. Becase they're like.

[roscoe]: Oh, so you are purposely doing this or else you wouldn't
stop somebody who's making your machines work better. Crazy

[roscoe]: End of the world, baby,

[roscoe]: Uh, yeah,

[roscoe]: He, Tonic water has a taste and it's not good. Club
soda is just carbonated water.

[roscoe]: Um,

[roscoe]: Okay, peasants, enjoy your. Enjoy your still water,
you uncultured swines while they drink sparkling

[roscoe]: As as though Canada Dry club soda is somehow sparkling
mineral water. Now I have a. What's that Bubble is gross. The

[roscoe]: flavoring and bubbly There are. There's so many. like
really good flavored sparkly waters out there. We could do a

[roscoe]: ranking at these one day, but like bubbly tastes, bubbly
tastes like jolly rancher flavoring dropped into a can of soda

[roscoe]: water.

[roscoe]: It's

[roscoe]: I would rather drink flavorless club soda or I put like
lemon or something in it. Then like a lime bubbly. Those things

[roscoe]: are fucking nasty man, Like the lime ones or grows.
It tastes like metal like it's not real lime flavor. It's like

[roscoe]: why is this fake, but on the other hand, I'm not going
to name the brand because I kind of want them as a sponsor, but

[roscoe]: they have really expensive sparkling waters, but they're
really good, but they're crazy expensive. It's stupid.

[roscoe]: No, I have one too, and I find myself not using it that
much. I have like a bunch of mixes for them.

[roscoe]: How nice.

[roscoe]: Nice.

[roscoe]: Hell, Yeah, all right, we gotta get out of here. I rambled
about food and pop too long. You get me going about stuff, man,

[roscoe]: so check out. check out Mike on the Believers pod. Where
can they find it?

[roscoe]: M.

[roscoe]: Yeah, what the hell is that about?

[roscoe]: Oh no,

[roscoe]: No funk you, buddy.

[roscoe]: Hell, yeah, buddy. thanks for coming on.

[roscoe]: Don. stop. now. I can't do that taken down. so

[roscoe]: Oh, Marty, we're writing your album for you.