Frog of the Week

This week's froggy friend i-- *ahem* -- sorry sorry... This week's *cough* oh my goodnes-- *HACK COUGH AHEM*

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This week's froggy friend i-- *ahem* -- sorry sorry... This week's *cough* oh my goodnes-- *HACK COUGH AHEM*
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What is Frog of the Week?

Every week we'll choose and highlight one frog to be the frog of the week! Doesn't that sound fun?

Episode Fifty Four: Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog | Week of May 23rd



Ding dong! It's May 23rd, 2022, I’m Kim, and the frog of the week is the Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog.

This frog is endemic to the Eastern seaboard of the United States, stretching from Connecticut to North Carolina. It makes its home in wetland areas, such as marshes or wet meadows, and generally prefers clear, shallow water.

The coloring of the Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog ranges from a grayish to olive green, and it has brown spots on its back and legs, hence its name. It is believed that this coloring may vary slightly between the seasons, and even within a single day, with darker tones being observed at night and lighter tones during the day.

There are actually several species of Leopard Frogs in the Eastern United States, but it was only in 2014 that the Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog was recognized as a distinct species.

It looks quite similar to the Northern and Southern Leopard Frogs, but one of the things that distinguishes it from these other species is its unique mating call, which has been compared to groaning, coughing, or chuckling. And for good reason.



Talk about having a frog in your throat.

I like this frog because I make similar noises when I stand up after sitting for a long time. Listeners over the age of 30 probably know what I’m talking about.

And that’s the frog of the week. Thanks to Tara for recommending the Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog. Find us on the world-wide web at, or on Twitter, @WeeklyFrogPod. Thanks for joining us; see you next week.