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Dragon Ball Chapter 20: Just One Wish!! / Dragon Ball Manga Reading Club - At least Oolong is happy! Keywords: Manga, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, Manga Podcast, Manga Reviews, Dragon Ball Manga,Anime, Dragon Ball Anime, Dragon Ball Podcast, Pop Culture, Comics, Comic Books, Shonen Jump, Indie Comics, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, movies, television

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Dragon Ball Chapter 20: Just One Wish!! / Dragon Ball Manga Reading Club - At least Oolong is happy!

Keywords: Manga, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, Manga Podcast, Manga Reviews, Dragon Ball Manga,Anime, Dragon Ball Anime, Dragon Ball Podcast, Pop Culture, Comics, Comic Books, Shonen Jump, Indie Comics, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, movies, television

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What is Dragon Ball Manga Reading Club / Weird Science Manga?

The Dragon Ball Manga Reading Club is a Manga Podcast where we go through a chapter of the Dragon Ball Manga every Sunday. eywords: Manga, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, Manga Podcast, Manga Reviews, Dragon Ball Manga,Anime, Dragon Ball Anime, Dragon Ball Podcast, Pop Culture, Comics, Comic Books, Shonen Jump, Indie Comics, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, movies, television

Hello everybody and welcome back to the dragon ball manga reading club podcast part of the weird science family of manga podcast I'm Jim I'm your host and we're going to get into this yeah chapter this is a big one. Very important. Ah, by the end I was wondering going into this because pretty much by the end of chapter 19 the last chapter you end up having the dragon balls gathered you ended up having Lord pelov seemingly winning the day and will summon the dragon shenlong and say hey I want to rule the world. Kind of like Curtis Blow did back in the day if anybody likes early 80s rap but still you end up with all that going on and wonder how is this book going to continue. You can't possibly have this go on even though you could. In that, you have to remember that the rules of the game here are if you use the 7 dragon balls to gather up and summon shenlong. You do make your wish and then they're scattered. They still end up going away again. We'll get a little more of the rules in this issue or chapter. That end up making it even more head-scratching of what's going on but I kind of can look I read these right out of the shown and jump app and I see that this series goes on for a while it doesn't end here so something has to happen. There has to be some t twist or turn here and we do get it. But.

It is tail twenty just one wish and here is a little narration to start things and then we'll talk just really quickly about what led us to this point but it says the rei capiloff recipe for absolute power. Take 1 dragon ball of their own all right, you get the dragon ball you have it there. Mix with 6 stolen from our heroes. Okay, we got that and then summon the dragon shenlong and the world is cooked. That's the recipe I wish you'd actually set and call me in the morning. It reminds me I ended up watching a bunch of the super yummy Youtube channel videos. They're the worst. Recipes you've ever seen. They don't make sense but the comments section is solid ago I suggest going there but here we go Dragon Bob I'm a little scattered tonight. But when we end up starting this the lead into it was that unfortunately our heroes they got captured by Lord Peeloff they're in a cell he was able to get the dragon ball that was the last remaining one that it was Goku. He says the grandpa ball that was taken from him to allow them. Lord peafv to summon this now in the meantime you had goku use the Kama Hamaha and blow a hole. In the cell to the outsides they can peek and look to see what's going on. They kind of thought it would be bigger and they could escape but they couldn't but in the meantime po are and oolong they ended up shapeshifting into bats bats with you know, a cathead and ah and a pig head because that's how things work.

And they end up going out to try to stop this. The play was go grab the dragon balls try to stop this but they're too late. The dragon is summoned sheinlong is summoned looks awesome I mean so impressive and awesome and pretty much says all right I'm here. what's your wish what's going on what is the wish whatever you ask? That's what you get of course lord pelov is just giggling oh my god it's it's going to be great. He's going to end up. It. Well for him. It's going to end up where he's going to give the wish but you end up where sheinlong. Not giving a monkey paul type situation which I thought you might, but he says reflect upon your desires mortals for I shall grant any wish. But only one back in the cell you do have Goku Boma and yamcha they're looking and like oh man we didn't do it. We're stuck here. Already been summoned. It's over It's funny because what you need in a moment like this is somebody who thinks outside the box because in that yeah lord pilov has summoned shenlong but that doesn't mean that it necessarily has to be his wish. This isn't the idea of ownership he just comes and hey anybody who wants a wish I'm here one wish one wish only but whatever and so in that you have peel off and I can imagine the play of this is peel off is so happy with himself and and so.

Ah, not beside himself. But so proud of his sussness of how he ended up getting this to play out that he's being very dramatic with it and like ok right? The wish and he's about to say it and in that the one person. Who thinks outside the box. Of course it has to be my favorite character o long who ends up while he's watching. He's like oh man this isn't good. We should just disappear and you end up him in powar and po is like yeah I think so we should get out of here I mean there's problems but all of a sudden olong has maybe. 1 of the greatest epiphanies any character in anything has ever had because he's about to Skida we've set it up. Great toryama has pretty much throughout this whole series up and they now so showed you that not only will oolong run at the drop of a dime but he knows exactly. How to do it and where to go I mean he knows the exit strategy no matter where he is but instead of running he ends up thinking. He's like whoa hang on there. What if I say something first like I said he's thinking outside the box. Everybody's given up as if it's a given that it's already done. Um, man lord pelov summoned shenlong. It's done. He's going to get his wish but what does happen if you yell out a wish before I mean it only seems to be that Xianlong has to hear the wish and there you go so in that it's it's a weird combo wish because you end up where and I wish that it played out somewhat.

Different than this almost in the idea. Maybe it would be fun to have this weird wonky you know amalgam of a wish and at the end you're like I don't know what happened did it work and maybe there could be some play there but we're not doing that and I'm not writing the manga. So I don't know why I'm going that route. But. You end up where Lord pelov says ok I wish to rule and then olong in a really really good drawn panel of him just yelling you know pretty much stepping on the toes or stealing the thunder of Lord Peeoff the panny's off a hot babe. There. It is boom. And I love the idea because you have that deal and in that may looks around like what you have peel off. He's all like what the heck just happened. Everybody's upset and I think that shenlong the dragon here is like what did what did you say? That's your wish. Like the amount of time and effort to get these dragon balls I think shenlong himself and probably has gone through a lot of these wishes up until this point it's probably just sitting like all right then that's that's about the oddest one that I've heard so far but hey a wish is a wish rules are rules. And as everybody's just like what you end up having oolong still in a stance because when he yelled it he like punched his one fist forward. He's still in the stance and from the cosmos ends up coming down fluttering going 1 pair.

Of undies presumably from a hot babe. So and and then land right on the face of ulongng as if it's Stephen Tyler in concert with aerosmith that's what happens he's got to dodge this stuff constantly. The guy. That's why he keeps in shape dodging the panties. But. Yeah, and then you end up having Sheng Wongs goes all right? Your wishes granted fare thee well I'm out of here sinanar suckers and as he disappears the big boom and a ah light flash and the dragon balls are once again scattered to the wind. To the far corners of the earth and so is this the idea of all right? Well Olan got panties but are we going to start this whole thing again. That's you know, right away when you see this you I laughed I'm not going to say you have to laugh but I laughed just because of this. Huge idea of wishes and olong maybe with the purest of wishes of them all panties from a hot baby gets them. He actually gets them so all that going on peel off is freaking out. You end up having olong look at the panty smiling you do at this point think yamsha. And Boma and even Goku Gokus is just again, just a simple wholesome kid. At 1 point. He's like wow a dragon look at that. Ah, they're actually happy enough here. The idea of this is oh man, you know the dragon most which that stinks you even have the idea.

You know that they were a little upset but when oolong saves the day you have averted. Maybe you know? ah a huge disaster you know a cataclysmic disaster. So yeah, hey we could still get the dragon balls right? at least Lord pelov is not ruling the world now i. Not read ahead I have not watched the anime at all and I don't really look things up because I want this to be fresh, but at the point in this I did hear There's some wackiness coming up so I'm waiting for that. But boy I wish we had a side story right now of what or maybe a vision of what. The world would have looked like under the rule under the iron fist of Lord Peloff because if you remember Lord Peloff almost plays off like Goku a lot in a wholesomeness deal. Yeah, he wants to rule the world. He wants to do that stuff. But. He's not suss like the others he thought blowing a kiss to Boma was like oh my god I'm going to shame her with that can can you imagine I blow a kiss to her. Oh my goodness. So I would have liked to have seen the idea of what he thought the world I get the idea it might have been cool. It might have been very nice but. In that they end up saying ok and here's the thing remember Boma was lying all the time to go co and the idea. Yeah, you'll get your dragon ball at the end she knew this would happen and actually says here this is what happens they always scatter. That's the rules. Go co is not putting 1 and 2 together here.

He's just like oh man like we got to go get it and in that even yamcha is still down with the idea of oh we'll just go and get the other dragon balls that'll be fine, but it changes because we find out a rule now in the meantime pewa freaks out and he yells to may and soba to go and grab. Who are and olong and throw them in the prison and even then he puts them in a more tight. Ah you know prison here with metal walls. It does have glass on the top. It has a glass roof. And they think that well goku thinks he can bust through with his head and he ends up hurting himself. He's in concussion protocol. You got to watch that. Yeah, so he ends up doing. It's just to show that he can't break through but they're stuck here and then they find out the rules boma knows the rules. She's the dragon ball kind of expert here. And says we can't go look for them now takes at least a year for them to kind of materialize back in the dragon balls right now when they go off, they're just rocks and there's no way to track them. No way to find them so this whole idea of going forward with that. Is that you got to wait a year at one point it's funny too because when she says this and she's like yeah we're going to have to just sit around for a year and wait olong breaks the fourth wall now and goes man this is gonna be a real boring comic book and that was pretty funny I got a chuckle out of that because ok, something's got to happen and again I heard.

Wackiness ensues I don't know what that is but in this, you end up pretty much having like a reiteration of what they wanted or what some of them wanted for these wishes because remember yamcha he just wanted to not be nervous in front of the ladies. And then he's like well yes, but but another year being nervous with the ladies Goku just wants grandpa ball back you end up having this where one of the things that is funny though. Oo long. He's content. He's now wearing the pannies like they're a hat. So. That's always cool boma's gonna have to wait. For her boyfriend for a year as well and as they're sitting in this prison you end up having lord pilav who's still mad again. I said the least suss up them though. He ends up telling them like an evil like a doctor evil even would tell you know the chapter James Bond villain what exactly he has planned for them. And what he has planned for him get this I mean this is evil it gets hot around. You know, mid-afternoon and the the sun's going to come through that glass up there and it's going to get you all hot and bothered That's it. That's this plan now of course in a book like this this that has. Huge repercussions for Boma who starts yelling. Oh no, my skin I'm going to end up being a mummy and I don't have my you know skin routine going right now. It's real trouble again. You end up where yo just yelling you fiendish devil you.

Olong's just sitting there and he's like and whatever and then even that you end up having peel off talking about like you're going to die a bo is freaking out and there is olong with pennies on head like hat and says oh, you're not going to go quiet Aria yeah chatter box. And so you have all that going down. They're all freaking out more freaking out about the concept of it than it actually happening and so you go down the line where boma yells oh no I'm too young to be a mummy you end up having all long. It seems the penties have left his head says I'm too young to be pork groast you end up having. But yam just the best he' bit of a ah jam all my dreams of marriage you end up are poor are he is got to take a leak and then you have Goku says I'm hungry and there's a little out here now maybe or may not I don't know but remember goku when he's hungry. He's not as powerful and yeah, he tried to leap and smash the shadowtterproof glass. But maybe that's the out if he does get something to eat. He is you know a lot more strong and things like that. So maybe the case will be but you end up with a narration that the other says just when all seems lost That's when the miracles occur but what could possibly happen here I just keep remembering being told of the shenanigans and you know all that when you hear mirror I'm like okay, let's see and I hear it gets wacky. Ah, but it says next my ape is up so we'll have to see how this is.

This is a good chapter but for a deal of oh my god the dragon balls we waited this long and not even that long actually and got them. It. It doesn't get me upset how this plays out because you you want to continue the book. But even so it's it's very quick. Olong's parts are are funny but. The rest of them are just yelling stuff in a cell so I can't go so high in this Ah so I'm going to go eight point Eight Eight point eight out of 10 for this and I'm going to see obviously the big play is okay, let's see. What the you know mission statement is to continue in this year of no dragon balls. What are we going to do so I hope we start seeing that right away next chapter. So thanks everybody for listening I hope you enjoyed it and I see I'm I'm pretty happy with the idea that it. Looks like some people are listening to this podcast I was worried when Clay couldn't continue on with me I was worried that me doing it by myself would end up turning some people off. That's just me I'm very sensitive fella I get worried ah like that. So thanks. Everybody I really mean it. Thanks for listening I really do appreciate that now if you would like to say talk to mir Luke or see what we're up to whatever you can go to Twitter and follow us at weird manga and if you do we'll follow you right on back and also.

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