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Daily Boost - 25 Cheshvan

25 Cheshvan: Spiritual Birth

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Show Notes

Topic for Cheshvan: Working Toward Moshiach.

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Zion experienced birth pangs and gave birth to her children.
(Yeshayah 66:8)

Our sages compare exile to gestation and the redemption to birth. The Talmud describes a fetus, saying, “Its head is between its knees, its mouth is closed, and it is fed through the umbilical cord.” (Niddah 30b) The unborn child’s mind is not fully functioning, and its eyes are closed and unused. The child is fed directly to the stomach, feeding only the physical needs of the body, but not the spiritual needs of the head and heart.

Spiritually, the state of exile is similar. We don’t understand or see G-dliness. Our spiritual minds and eyes are largely dormant. Additionally, our good deeds and mitzvos, which are spiritual food for the soul, are cold and by rote. They do not affect our minds and hearts, helping us to know G-d and love Him.

Moshiach reflects a state of birth where we understand and feel G-dliness deeply in our minds and hearts. Increasing our understanding, awareness, and sensitivity to G-dliness helps us go from exile to the final redemption.

Torah Or, Vaeira, 55a