25 Years of Ed Tech

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Clint Lalonde & Laura Pasquini offer their thanks for such an honour! We appreciate the nomination, award, and kudos!

Show Notes

A huge thank you to the OE Global community for awarding our project a 2021 Open Education Award of Excellence for Reuse/ Remix/ Adaptation. for the 25 Years of EdTech: The Serialized Audio Version. From the OE Global Awards team: 
The award was given to the project in the “Open Reuse/Remix/Adaptation” category and, according to the adjudicators, the project is an outstanding example of the power of OER reuse for the following reasons;
  • Remixing the physical book into an audiobook has increased accessibility by providing the text in an alternate format.
  • Drawing together the open education community around the reading of the text sparked the companion “Between the Chapters” podcast, providing a deeper dive and critical analysis by experts into the topic of each chapter. This has added an additional layer of richness to the original book. 
  • The weekly podcast release schedule, and accompanying critical analysis created a fundamentally new way to experience the book – slower and in bitesize chunks. 
  • Each episode of the main recording or the companion podcast also now exists as an OER available for future use / reuse.

This was a project that could not have happened without an openly licensed book so thank you @mweller & @au_press -- thank you so much! This is just a quick thank you speech (in podcast format, of course) from Laura and Clint.

And a huge thank you to all the volunteers who voiced and/or guested as part of the project. We have listed everyone by name below (and we hope we did not miss anyone who contributed):

Bonni Stachowiak, Jeffery Saddoris, Tim Carson, Ken Bauer, Angela Gunder, Brian Lamb, Lorna M. Campbell & Phil Barker, Tom Farrelly, Lee Skallerup Bessette, Catherine Cronin, Chad Flinn, Sukaina Walji, Grant Potter, Julian Prior, Simon Horrocks, Terry Greene, Laura Czerniewicz, Rajiv Jhangiani, Brenna Clarke Gray, Deb Baff, Maha Bali , Caroline kuhn, Anne-Marie Scott, Alan Levine, Jim Groom, Mark Brown, Clare Thompson, Jessie Stommel Mark Guzdial, Kelvin Bentley Brian Lamb John Robertson D’Arcy Norman Laura Gibbs Bonnie Stewart, Maren Deepwell, Judith Pete, Virginia Rodés Bryan Alexander, Alexandra Pickett, Sara Frick, Orna Farrell, David Wicks, Sue Beckingham, Chrissi Nerantzi, Tanis Morgan Autumm Caines, Rebecca Hogue, Christian Frierich, Helen DeWaard, Dave Cormier, Rolin Moe, Amanda Coolidge, George Veletsianos Dragan Gasevic, Joyce Seitzinger, Chris Gilliard, David Kernohan, Audrey Watters, sava sahali singh

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What is 25 Years of Ed Tech?

25 Years of Ed Tech is a serialized audio version of the book 25 Years of Ed Tech, written by Martin Weller of the Open University and published by AU Press. The audio version of the book is a collaborative project with a global community of volunteers contributing their voices to narrate a chapter of the book. Bonus episodes are a series of conversations called "Between the Chapters" to chat about these topics and more!

"In this lively and approachable volume based on his popular blog series, Martin Weller demonstrates a rich history of innovation and effective implementation of ed tech across higher education. From Bulletin Board Systems to blockchain, Weller follows the trajectory of education by focusing each chapter on a technology, theory, or concept that has influenced each year since 1994. Calling for both caution and enthusiasm, Weller advocates for a critical and research-based approach to new technologies, particularly in light of disinformation, the impact of social media on politics, and data surveillance trends. A concise and necessary retrospective, this book will be valuable to educators, ed tech practitioners, and higher education administrators, as well as students."

Text in quotes from the book website published by Athabasca University Press CC-BY-NC-ND
BG music Abstract Corporate by Gribsound released under a CC-BY license. Track was edited for time.
Artwork X-Ray Specs by @visualthinkery is licenced under CC-BY-SA.
Audio book chapters produced by Clint Lalonde.
Between the Chapters bonus podcast episodes produced by Laura Pasquini.

Welcome to 25 Years of EdTech. The serialized audio version of the book 25 years of edtech, written by Martin Weller and published by Athabasca University Press. This community produced audio version of the book is narrated by a global cast of educators with a new chapter released each week. In addition to the book, there is also an accompanying podcast called between the chapters, which contains analysis and discussion of each chapter of the book. For more information on the audio version of the book and the accompanying podcast, where to subscribe, visit 25years.opened.ca

Hi, everyone, this is Clint LeLonde, one of the producers of the 25 years have been ed tech audio book project. I'm Laura Pasquini. Still here, 25 years of edtech, the serial serialized audio version, he believed that we did this thing, Clint, I can't believe we did this thing that all came together and I'm so happy that it has been recognized by Oh, he global and you know, we've we've, we've won an award.

Open Education global, we are so honored. So I got this email from you last week, Clint, and I was just like, Wow, what a way to start a Friday. We won an award. Tell them about it.

Yeah, so Open Ed Global is obviously a global organization that works on open education around the world. And every year they do these awards for exemplary projects around open education. So this one is in the specific category around remix and adaptation because we took some source material that was openly licensed, and we of course made a podcast out of it. And then you came up with a great idea to expand it by including the between the chapters piece to have like kind of a book club piece to it. And boom, here we are, you know, award winners now and very grateful for it. You know, I think it's just going back to our heart of open remix, reuse adaptation. We're just about like repurposing here. It's like the good old recycling and the reinvention. So I'm happy to be on the reread with you. re mixing the audio and the book. And this has been such a fun and rewarding project. But bonus for this award. Thank you OE global! Well, you know, when I think I'm really happy that a week, global has an award for remix and adaptation, because I think in open education, we don't take advantage of the open licenses, and the affordances of those open licenses enough to be able to do remix and adaptation. So to be able to have a specific award and to be recognized for an adaptation is really nice. So thank you, we should probably think a whole bunch of other people too, right? Yeah, absolutely. We didn't do this alone. It came with a community of folks and voices and listeners, and all of you all, thank you so much. First off to the person who nominated us Anne-Marie Scott, that was so generous of you, and so kind and sweet. Not only did she contribute to the project, being on the podcast, contributing to some book banter, but she also nominated us. So that took some effort. So we appreciate that. Yeah. And in fact, there were a lot of people it was a community volunteer driven efforts to 25 chapters of the book and we crowdsource it found 25 different voices from the global ed tech and open education community to contribute a voice and everybody contributed.

Everybody that I had asked, and I had like a waiting list at the end to people who wanted to be involved in the project, which you know, Martin, we're coming for your next book, because I have people standing by so

Is that a threat or a promise? And I also want to say thank you to the generosity for those that I shoulder tapped virtually, during the pandemic to say, "Do you want to come talk about a thing like the web or LMS, or open books?" It was just delightful to connect the community to a broader topic and dig in about what their perspective was, what they're thinking at the time where in the world they are. And so people at different time zones in different parts of the world, jumped on a call and we're able to record the book club version is called it the podcast version of between the chapters. So I was so grateful for your time and generosity in that and I want to thank a couple of specific people to first off we did use other open pieces to put this together. So Brian Mathers who did the the artwork for not only Martin's book, but we repurpose that. To create some podcast graphics, we used some audio from an artist called grib sound on Soundcloud that was openly licensed to use it for the bumpers, and the Open Ed Tech collaborative here in British Columbia provided a website for us to do the hosting. So really grateful to all of those people. Yeah, and I just want to say thank you to my former team I work at outside of hire these days, but they were really appreciative and allowed me time to take time out of my schedule to record and meet and remix some things and I really appreciate the support and the kudos for my my team that I have learning designers that I work with are really generous with how and where, and when I was spending my time that was beyond my own work days. So I'm grateful for that.

And then my final Thank you is to, to Karen at AU Press, and, of course, to Martin Weller himself for authoring the book and for both of them for making the decision to openly license it to provide us with the source material to be able to do a project like this, because we couldn't have done it without some great source material. This is true, and everyone else who's participating, you will be in the show notes because this is where the music cues us to come off the stage. And I guess we have to stop flapping our chins as Clint would say. So thank you so much, Clint. It's been fun to work with you. It's been great working with you. And thank you for all the all that you did and really added to the project way beyond what I had originally envisioned. So thank you, Laura. Hey, this all started with a simple dm on Twitter and who knows where you can end up when asked to join in some fun projects with Clint so glad to be part of it.

Thank you for listening to 25 years of Ed Tech, this serialized audio book version of Martin Weller's 25 years of Ed Tech published by Athabasca University Press, and narrated by a global cast of volunteers. Intro Music for the podcast is abstract corporate by grip sound and released under a Creative Commons Attribution license to subscribe to the weekly audio series and the accompanying podcast between the chapters visit 25years.opened.ca