The Bootstrapped Founder

Rob Fitzpatrick is a serial entrepreneur, a writer, a community leader, and a very curious human being. I talk to Rob about building an incredibly complicated business, the world of self-publishing, what AI tools can and will do for humanity, and how to build communities that can run by themselves.

00:00:00 Rob Fitzpatrick
00:03:38 The challenges of building the Useful Books business
00:10:01 A rare breed
00:14:47 The passion discount
00:21:12 What’s changed in self-publishing?
00:26:43 What’s your pet peeve of the publishing industry?
00:32:48 Knowledge production
00:39:06 Short-term wins are not going to be around for long
00:42:21 Different voices for the same content
00:47:39 Prose be gone
00:54:26 Staying accountable in an accountability community
00:57:45 Late-stage communities
01:02:26 Rob’s passion and the purpose of communities

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Rob Fitzpatrick 📚
14 years running little businesses and 3 books about my learnings along the way. Tweets about the career path of entrepreneurship & the business of indie books.

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