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Migrant women are at a higher risk of violence and abuse, often because of the State itself.

Show Notes

In this conversation, Zoe Gardner, policy advisor at the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, covers: 
  • How immigration exposes women to a higher risk of violence and abuse
  • Why policing and immigration enforcement must be decoupled
  • WTF “no recourse to public funds” and the “hostile environment” are
  • How legal migrants are pushed into undocumented status
  • Getting your COVID vaccine even if you’re undocumented
  • The exodus of European migrants from the UK & the post-Brexit settlement scheme
  • How US immigration activists inspire the British movement
  • What a safe and constructive immigration system would look like

Show notes
00:00 Intro
02:18 "All women understand how all women have felt over the last week"
03:28 "We have a deeply unfeminist immigration system"
06:21 "It's by dividing ourselves that we are doing the work of the oppressor for them"
08:09 "MPs must put their vote where their mouth is"
10:32 "We feed the business model of the worst criminals in our society"
16:38 "The hostile environment extends into our NHS"
21:55 "Tens and tens of thousands of new undocumented immigrants in our country just overnight"
26:27 "If you make a mistake, you are out"
29:38 "The movement in the US is a real inspiration to us in the UK"
33:52 "People move. People have always moved. People will always move."
37:43 Outro

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