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In this episode, Leo talks with Adam Fowler the lead developer of SOTO, the leading Swift library for Amazon Web Services on the Server. We talk about using SOTO for S3, DynamoDB, as well as Cognito. We also discuss the power of AWS Lambdas and Adam's new project Hummingbird.

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Youtube Video - https://youtu.be/X5XOnyysMWo

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What is SOTO and how does it work with S3?

  • How SOTO Works?
  • How SOTO sets up its code?
  • Why use S3 for storage?
  • How S3 compares with other services?

What Devs Should Know About AWS

  • What is the best way to serve your website from AWS?
  • How to setup authentication with AWS?
  • How does Amplify fit in with other services?
  • How to use DynamoDB with SOTO?

How SOTO works with Lambda?

  • How SOTO works with your Lambda?
  • Dealing with Authentication, SOTO, and Lambda?
  • How to avoid high costs with AWS?
  • What is Hummingbird?

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